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"What would you like to do?" she asked. A question I could have only dreamed of. I told her I would very much like to take her leg brace off myself and make mad, passionate love to her.

Michael smiled at me. He put his forehead against mine, our noses touched and eventually our lips. The feeling in the pit of my stomach returned and for a minute we both sat there, not moving, lips touching, eyes closed. Then my door swung open. I jumped up and scrambled to the other edge of the bed as fast as I could. I looked up to see my roommate, Carol standing there with a puzzled look on her face. It struck me as odd. She wasn't shocked or disturbed and she made no effort to close the door. She was merely confused as if she had just seen a powered up TV which she had only just turned off.

After supper, she redressed in the same clothes she had worn to Niko's and pulled into Kyle's' drive at five to seven. She undressed as required and after a few minutes of standing bare-assed again in the open, was ushered in by Joanna. Kyle was sitting with a drink in his hand. She knelt as gracefully as she could and took up Position #1.

The elevator was almost completely dark, excluding one tiny red light flashing high upon its control panel, illuminating what would be total blackness, with a faint, intermittent red tint.

To tease me even further, as she got to the enlarged head, she quickly licked it and shoved it in her mouth and out in one swift move before moving back up my body. As she laid prone on top of me, my arms went around her waist and we kissed once again.

Now we do other things to the men too. In addition to touching, we like to bounce and slap them too. It is inevitable that one of the girls will eventually try to bounce one of them by pulling down and then letting go, or maybe she will just slap his big dick with her hand and watch it bounce. We bounce their hard cocks up and down and then back and forth, getting a rhythm going to it. Sometimes we make the men do it all by themselves by swaying their hips, although I've always found it more entertaining to participate myself. There's nothing like the sight of an eight-inch erection bouncing up and down or swaying back and forth.

The dates that appear at the beginning of each chapter correspond to a meeting with the couple's (fictitious) marriage counselor, a Dr. Jessica Newton, and the commentary in each part reflects the couple's situation, plus their thoughts and attitudes, at that particular time.

‘Penis!’, Barbara thundered, ‘Your cock, your balls. Ooh yes they can, and you will let them’. To add emphasis her hand which had been stroking his thighs and grabbed his shaft. She gave it a few tugs then fondled his balls. Rolling them in her fingers. She admired their weightiness. Eyes still glued on his cock, she smiled and started stroking his cock very slowly. ‘Now if it is some really ugly old lady doing this to you, give her a second or two of fondling, before you pleasantly make up some excuse and have to get back to work or something. But if you like them you can show some more leniency.’

We proceeded to talk endlessly about my career, the magazine, and a bounty of other topics for over an hour. We did pause for a while to admire Natalie again when she returned with our coffees. I had to fight the urge to drool when I watched her seductive hips sway as she walked and her bright, beaming, brown eyes.

She giggled at this. "I'd like that, Steven. Something tells me I should run from you while I can, but it's a little too late, isn't it?"

"Lord, what a mess you've made," I said. "I don't suppose either one of you gentlemen would like to help me clean up?" Jon stripped off his tank and handed it to me. I mopped my face and hair. Stretching luxuriously between the two cinematographers, I looked at the one to my right. Jon lay sprawled naked next to me. His tanned torso was overlaid by a thin layer of fine, straight hair, the kind that was almost invisible in some lights but would glitter like gold mesh in sunlight. "Mm, nice," I said, approvingly. I turned and looked at Mario. He had not bothered to button himself back up, but lay there partially out of his jeans. I reached over and started unbuttoning his shirt, and found him to be covered with a darker, thicker overlay of body hair. A small gold cross nestled in the fur that covered his chest. While I watched, he got out of the rest of his clothes.

"Thank you, I do like to look after my customers" she said as she sat down next to me on the settee.

“You. New kid. What’s your name?” she demanded

A short silence. A sipping of drinks. Jayne said. "How do you know me?"

My niece, Wendy is her name, just turned 18. She's suddenly blossomed into a beautiful young lady and I'm very proud of her. She's a bit taller than her mother and I already and has developed a body that just doesn't quit. If she has a fault, it's that she likes to wear all these clothes girls her age are wearing these days. Low rise jeans, crop tops, etc... I'm sure you get the picture, and that's really not a fault but she drives all the young boys crazy.

Then she screams, a scream so loud, I look up to see her standing over me, yelling, her face red and swollen with tears and rage, the large candlestick held high over her head, and I raise my arm. The candlestick crashes into my arm and falls to the floor. I stand up and she rushes at me, grabbing me, pushing at me, her fists glancing off of my chest and stomach. I grab her shoulders, and she twists in my hold, and I look at her face, twisted and red, filled with anger and disgust, and I like it, it's what I wanted to see, that pure hatred for me that I know she'll never want me, that there's no hope, and all is lost.

A black eyebrow raised as he gaze fell upon the Alverdian. The man's face was impassive, his eyes never rising from the ground before Jolie.

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"What about the film?"

Roxy still has a bit of baby fat, so she's got some thick curves and waistband bulges that most guys in my neighborhood would be turned off by. Me, I've never been into the skinny lolita types and I think Roxy's full figure is positively bodacious. She's still wearing the tight belly shirt uniform with a generic restaurant name glittering across her double-dees. Her arms are folded on the back of the chair, generous bust hanging over them. There's a sparkle of silver at her throat. Roxy's favorite necklace pendant--a 'male' symbol sold as a promotional item for a certain spy movie spoof--points down into her cleavage like a signpost to paradise.

I watched as she reeled backwards from the slap He delivered her, the crack resounding through the room. "Slut, you do what I say when I say it. Do not question me."

You could start to feel the sexual tension building and upon Pam’s remark it let out a collective laugh to relieve a little of the pressure.

"You want to do your front and then call me and I'll do your back?"

She must have had no lack of dates. But did she go after guys or did she still prefer girls?

My head slightly dizzy from the wine and his touch, I didn't care as his hand pushed the fabric of my dress up my thighs. The thong left my arse cheeks free to the air, and a hand cupped and pulled at the soft flesh, kneading it as his other hand pushed the front of my dress down and massaged my covered breast. I almost didn't notice as he picked me up and laid me on the table in front of our seats. Laying me back so gently, I gazed into his eyes and looked at him hungrily. A noise from the right of me caused me to awaken from my lust and realise that I had just been about to allow my lover fuck me on that table. Trying to sit up, I felt his hand on my chest pushing me back down.

"Yeah, I do."

"You had better not let your dad catch you at the little game you're playing in the mornings." It wasn't exactly the words she meant to say.

"Really, Julie," I said. "You shouldn't let him treat you like that."

She had refused canceling the trip altogether, just had returned John's ticked and swapped her reservation to a single room, from the difference buying some new lingerie and shoes she didn't really need.

You speak slowly and carefully. "If – you – don't – get over here right now and undo these cuffs.." But you know before you've finished speaking that I'm not going to move. And then something surges up inside you, an anger you didn't know you had and suddenly you're thrashing about on the floor determined by the sheer force of your rage to break free. You don't care if you hurt yourself, you don't care what happens just so long as you can get out of this and start inflicting pain on me.

I whispered to him quietly so he could barely hear me. "There now, love, didn't that feel good. Did you have a nice spurt?" He moaned in the affirmative as I allowed the tips of my fingers to trace up the underside of his shaft. They found his glans, still swollen but so sensitive to my touch. I rested my fingers on the spot and I felt him tense. "It's ok boy, you're going to shoot again. Just leave yourself in my hands." He whined a little, not yet ready to be touched after such a heavy come but I shushed him.

She blinked and looked at him and smiled. She watched him sit up partially beside her. He dragged the scarf across her breasts and raised his eyebrows as he watched her intake of breath and her nipples stiffen again. He then dragged it down her tummy, with it just barely touching her skin. He let it rest just above her pussy, letting the end brush her hair. She whimpered his name, and shifted her hips.

Meanwhile I sat on the edge of my pool and watched the 'orgy' develop.

"I think it's your turn." She hissed. Kara put her hand against Glen's shoulder and pushed him to the floor. Straddling his taught stomach, Kara began to tweak her nipples as she crooned to him.

He says "I want you to ask for it, tell me you need me to feed you with your own special fruit salad – be very descriptive and say it like you mean it."

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I got the reactions I expected from a couple of my mates. Both started off saying that they wished they were me and then said that I should go for it, and then they reasoned that if I didn’t, some other lucky guy would do it anyway.

Astonished, I subsided. I looked at him. His face was grim in concentration and ugly in its ferocity. Unconsciously, I eased away from him. I wasn't sure I knew this new Dave. I wasn't sure I wanted to know him.

Wearing the white bikini always makes me feel sexy, and I was in a sexy mood that day. We had been for a swim in the Caribbean; I had just taken my top off to dry my body and was sitting on the end of the lounger drying my legs, with my legs apart to excite Barry, when the resort photographer suddenly appeared. He asked Barry to kneel down beside me and before I knew it the photo had been taken and he was on his way.

"Well, since I'm sleeping on the fold out bed here on the sofa, I guess it'll be ok to watch it, if your mom doesn't mind." I said, as I was setting her up for a long night. My vision of Babita’s sexy mouth wrapped around my cock was soon interrupted by the ringing of the phone. I couldn't here Bhavna, but could see her shaking her head, and looked a little upset, but as soon as she hung up the phone, she beamed at me.

“She replied, I didn’t mean to become a whore Nick”. I know, Don’t worry! you won’t be a whore any more after I’ve finished with you. “Get up” I shouted, lay over my lap, she quickly followed my instructions as I guided her over me. I then went back into my bag of tricks and took out a paddle and started rubbing it all over her ass.

"That's what I want." He said.

"I was taking a long bath... I heard the phone ring but I didn't think it would be her... I don't know why she worries about me...I just spoke to her this morning"

We all laughed at her. She would try to turn anything to her advantage.

I feel your legs wrapped around me, your nipples rubbing on mine, your nails digging into my back.

The ropes bite into my wrists as I try to grab your head and pull you even closer. The ropes keep my hands out to the sides and my frustration makes me cry out. Your mouth leaves my nipples and moves up my chest, nibbling and nuzzling the curve of my neck, driving me insane. The tip of your tongue traces my lips before pushing inside my mouth. I feel your clothed body pressing against my naked skin as we kiss wildly, nipping at each others lips, your hands balled up in my hair, pulling my head back.

Betty was relieved; "Oh I'm so glad. OK, let me tell you. The mans name is Walt. He owns the only garage in town; he has a gorgeous home. His farm is the prettiest place I've ever seen. It's huge 4 bedroom, I think four bathrooms, and he has a swimming pool. And he wants someone to help him around the house, most of all, I think he's lonely."

Needless to say, I was incredibly turned on. Of course there was no way I was going to call her tomorrow, but it was one hell of a fantasy. I turned on some straight porn and proceeded to rub myself. Somehow, though, I just couldn't get Miss K out of my head. I don't know why, but I went to sleep without finishing.

“Not at all do want to continue like this or shell we take a shower!”

"Follow me," Kate said softly as she turned and walked across her office to another door that I never even noticed before.

"Pleasure. Gotta get to my post now. Maybe we can talk later?"

"Oooh, yes, that feels good," Marti closed her eyes and sighed.

Katherine opened the bedroom door and called down the hall, "Ready." As I entered the bedroom, Katherine presented her friend to me. My hand slid between Sandy's warm thighs and I raised my fingers to her moist pussy lips. I slid one finger into her tight love hole and then removing my hand momentarily, I slid my thumb into her pussy as I forced my finger into her tight asshole. Sandy bit her lip as she felt her tight asshole invaded. Soon she felt both of her holes being fucked by my fingers as she eased her legs a bit further apart. She was so tight.

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Day 48

With that he pulled his zipper down and snaked out a very decent sized cock. I tried to be impartial, but I had to admit he had an inch or two, maybe three, on me. I waited to see how Ann would react. She remained quiet and seemed to stare at the guy’s flaccid dick.

At around 1 in the morning the girls had started to feel quite tired and decided to go to bed. They were staying in Hannah's room. Most nights at uni I went to sleep quite late except when I was working. So when they went to bed I wasn't very tired. I was also feeling rather horny so I decided to give a friend of mine Sam a ring. Sam was a friend at university, who I had meet in very interesting circumstances (which I will tell in a later story.) Sam was essentially a fuckbuddy luckily for me he was also staying over the summer.

"Harry is really into it, and by the way, he can't wait to fuck Jane."

My son came into the room with a duffle bag full of his belongings. He looked at his mom and me.

"All this time I've thought we were trying to have a baby and you've been on the pill. It hasn't been enough to deceive me with Alan; you had to deceive me over that as well. Why?"

"Okay... here we go... it starts with...."

“Stand on the bed and let me see you” she said. I somewhat self-consciously mounted the bed and stood with my arms on my hips, first facing away from her. She rose to her knees and, coming up behind me, placed one hand between my legs on my balls and played with them as she kissed all over my ass. I turned and she took a long breath and said “oh my.” Taking my cock in her hand, she rubbed her parted lips back and forth on my member. She licked the precum from the head, which caused my whole body to jerk as she hit the sensitive tip. I knelt in front of her and kissed her long and hard.

She was standing squarely behind me now and cradling my head between her breasts. "Show me some more pictures."

"Sit down slave." Katrina said while pushing me backwards into the lounge.

“You have lovely tits mother”, he said, “I have wanted to suck on them since I was 13.”

"Good, you better get use to it! Now follow me."

"Are you going to come for me?" you asked me, your breath soft on my ear.

"You know, your eyes are slanted."

"Faith, he doesn't know what he's talking..."

From the Chronicles of Darius Flesher:

Richard stood in the doorway, while I couldn't help but be envious over what he'd be getting, thinking fried chicken was to be the entree.

“Wait till you see the ladies at the lounge.” She replies.

Heath watched as her shaven labia swelled out, forced apart by the head of the dildo. He watched in fascinating as her clit was stretched out by encompassing the width of the dildo. He brought out her favorite vibrator and pressed it against her clit on a low vibration. As she slowly rocked her body up and down on the dildo, the action of the vibrator and thickness of the dildo were starting to work their magic. Her eyes began to glaze over as the pleasure began to take over.

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sarah : please remove your shirt

Monica was always very sexy around me. In fact, it was practically all we did. You jammed your fork into the sausage, raised it and slid it down between your huge tits! You lodged it into your cleavage, then, re- moved the fork. My hand, under the table, was rubbing my cock as it got harder and harder! You smiled, then, with your arms at your side, you clenched and unclenched, over and over, the muscles of your arms, which, in turn, pressed against the sides of your big breasts! In so doing, I watched, in awe, as your tits bunched up and squeezed and un- squeezed around the big sausage.

Chelsea recalled how my thrusting cock had been deep inside her for hours it seemed. It had been transformed from the soft cuddly thing that she had caught sight of a few times, as I came out of the shower, forgetting that she was there in the house.


“I’m done Tonya…you’ve sucked me dry!”

“You want us to suck on your nipples don’t you?”

"Oh, she always thinks she's pregnant,"

"No...I swear Kendra you look good... and let me tell you if I wasn't your cousin I would be trying my best to get into your panties right now."

After we nervously giggled at the prospect we stared into each other’s eyes for support. “Well Ms. Pimp, shall we?” Kim asked. “Ok, you whore” I replied while finishing my fifth drink since arriving. The booze had really clouded my judgment, but what would you expect from a panty-less nineteen year old student on a Friday night!

Her laughter was like a million stars bursting into his senses, creating havoc in him that made him want to drown so he wouldn't have to deal with the pain. She was laughing at him, her breathe warm upon his ear as she hunched down toward him.

She smiled, took her hand from beneath his suit, and pulled it down, fully exposing him. She resumed her grasp and gently pumped him. He was beautiful! Ann's hand barely made it around its girth. It was quite long, perfectly straight and completely hairless. Ann's caresses kept causing crystal clear syrupy precum to ooze out with each stroke.

"Hell," Jack responded, "if you can guarantee me getting through this class I'd even set you up with Sherry for the weekend."

"Yes your already learning. Its time we start loosening up that cunt. Spread your lips again."

"Give me the phone." Without losing any rhythm she took the phone in her left hand and answered it. "... um... uh... hello." Trying to regain her composure.

“Yeah, you know, licked each other’s pussies until we came. I don’t usually, but Nadia really knows how to tweak my clit and so for 2000 euros I had to lick a guy’s cock for 30 seconds, and then get the most lovely pussy-lapping I have ever had.”

When I finally came back to earth, with a sigh I opened my eyes. There before me were two raging hard-ons.

"I think that's about everything. Naturally the same rules apply to everybody. Do you have any questions? No? OK, I just need you to sign this agreement specifying that I have explained the rules as listed here, and you understand them."

She felt the men move closer. Someone was already standing between her open thighs. She felt a stiff cock poised at her moist entrance, rubbing gently over her moist swollen lips; then, with one long slow and deliberate thrust she felt it push completely inside her. The feeling almost took her breath away but was exquisite; in reality she had been yearning to be fucked all day and especially all evening. Whoever it was, was a nice size, just enough to stretch her a little as he started to thrust purposefully back and forth. She felt him grab her suspender straps and use them as handles as he thrust his stiff swollen cock urgently in and out of her. Whoever it was had obviously been very aroused all evening and soon she felt him thrust even harder and then tense as his hot spunk fill her insides. Suddenly she felt empty, the cock was gone, but the disappointment was short lived. Another stiff cock soon took his place. Mary could feel that it was not as thick as the last one but much longer. Soon it was fucking her hard.

This went on for minutes and I needed more, saying the hell with any kind of propriety I just yanked off my shirt, tossed it towards my open doorway with my shorts following less than a few seconds later. Have you ever stood nude in your roommates door and masturbated in clear view while they were fucking? While they were being fucked in the ass by a hot brunette with big tits and a seven inch strap-on buckled around her small waist? It was unreal and incredibly hot to be doing this.

Keith looked up with a blush. Did Scott simply have no tact naturally, or did he just like unbalancing people? Probably the latter. His voice going curt, he said, "Is there anything else you wanted?"

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"You're too beautiful to keep to myself," I whispered, reaching for the clasp between her breasts that would undo her bra. "I'm going to show you off now."

Just a beer, just a beer, just a beer, just a beer. If this kept up he was going to have to either get drunk or got hit his pipe out in the parking lot and either of those courses of action had its risks.

"Will you be watching me?"

Carol also touched his arm whenever she laughed hard, as well as when she reached for popcorn that she had insisted they share. Donald kept telling himself that the signs were all there that she liked him. Donald also kept telling himself that she had a boyfriend and they were only out as friends and that's why she was so comfortable with him. Which statement was true remained a mystery through the movie. Carol's actions were affectionate but not sexual and could be those of a close friend or a girlfriend. By the end of the movie, he wanted to just get up and scream at her "Do you want me or not?!"

"Well, I suppose that not all the raises would have to be 'remove an article of clothing.' They could be any kind of dare. Or, for that matter, any truth!" I had to admit, Scott was on to something here.

"You may address me as Mistress Karen.... Sasha... or simply Mistress. You chose to come here. Final chance, back out or open to me, to us. If you choose to stay you will be changed. If you leave, don't ask to come back."

"Only what I overheard the doctor and nurses talking about. How Bill needed fifteen stitches? How you were found with your clothes all messed up, but not by the accident? How big his cock is? Around eight inches soft or so I heard."

Looking at them on the computer, she made no comment. She was very down, and wouldn't share her feelings with me. I only realized what she was thinking when she said "Was it you?"

Clutching at his arms, she moaned with real emotion. Shockingly, she felt her orgasm start to build. "No way," she told herself. She had become a master of faking it, rarely being able to come during sex. She rolled her head from side to side, "No, no, no," she moaned.

"No that's too much like your English pal's stories, I'm not Jessica the Asian Slut and never will be, if it happens and it’s a big if, it will be on MY terms with the guy I select and WHEN IM ready not used over a pool table like that Taurents guy would have happen "

It was humiliating enough to be forced to masturbate him all the while he slapped her tender inner thighs, the burning increasing as he continued to slap the same spots over and over. Now he wanted her to uncover her naked ass so he could spank her. The thought of him seeing her naked body, afraid of where it would go from there. Afraid of where she might allow him to go. Her pussy was drenched, his hard cock bringing such a delightful sensation as she rode her slit up and down the throbbing member.

Without warning she ran her tongue over my panties, from the bottom up to the top of my womanhood. I almost passed out from the sensation.

A narrow fellow in the grass Occasionally rides; You may have met him, -did you not? His notice sudden is.

David didn't know where he wanted to start. Luckily, the choice was going to be made for him.

'Sometime today – while still in your office – you are to remove your suit jacket, blouse and skirt. Then you will remove your bra and panties, placing them both in the bag. You are to leave your nylons and shoes on. While in this state of undress, you will take several pictures of yourself. The pictures must completely reveal all of your intimate parts without concealing your identity. To accomplish this, you may wish to use the cameras delayed timer. Instructions for its use are also in the bag. After you have finished you are to get dressed – without the bra and panties. Please note that the pictures must demonstrate to me that they were indeed taken in your office.

He looked at the clock. 3:38. If Charmaine left immediately after her phone call and traffic was clear, she would walk through that door in 1 minute.

"Unnnnnhhhhh!!!! Unnnhhhh!!!" Milt grunted as his thrusts became more and more urgent.

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"Doesn't matter, we would have lost it anyway. He was really fishing for a payoff, not a lower cost. Let's head back to the hotel and try to forget about this."

"Stop it." She pulled away and held out her hand to keep me away.

And was she ever tight. She was incredibly tight, almost painfully tight, to the point that I was afraid I was going to hurt her or myself. I moved very slowly to allow her to adjust. She called my name with each stroke at first, then started to move faster emitting deep, short groans and began greedily hunching my cock, obviously able and ready to take more.

“I’m damn good, aren’t I?” She winked, giving her a small peck before standing and languidly stretching, her body so magnificent to behold.

“OK, Candy, if you won’t do that, here’s my proposal.” “If I asked you to show me your panties and you refuse, then the price goes up.” “Now the price for the film is that you must hold up your skirt and let me take off your panties.”

"Really?" I asked, intrigued.

"Why don't we finish what we started?" He took her hand and led her out of the kitchen and down the hall to his bedroom. What am I doing? She thought to herself as she let him slip off her dress. She had only met him this morning, but this felt so right. She had had one night stands in the past but this was different she knew that once she was with him she knew there would never be anyone else.

There was a short discussion but Daniel took the initiative while others were debating and whipped all his clothes off and dived between Anne's legs. There was no messing with Daniel his cock hit the spot first time and he was soon pumping away between Anne's legs. While he was fucking Anne all the other guys thought it would be a good idea to get undressed ready to give her one as soon as Daniel had finished. Daniel didn't last long obviously the scene before him was too much and he couldn't control himself. One after the other they took Anne who was having orgasm after orgasm as each cock exploded within her. As the last guy finished fucking her Anne didn't move the sixty-minute fucking had taken its toll, she was exhausted.

"Your Uncle Max is coming over after dinner, we have some business to discuss."

He lay between my legs and coaxed me to raise my knees. I did so nervously, already feeling like I was past the point of no return.

I looked from side to side and saw two smiling freckled-face teenage girls wearing little crop top shirts and teeny tiny denim shorts with two sets of eyes of light green. I just smiled and said, "Why not, they have everything under control in there, let's see what we can take care of out here." Both girls jumped up and down and then grabbed an arm and we walked on to the shed.

The feelings had again arisen as she attempted to counsel La Forge. Although, he was blind and could only see with aid of his visor, Deanna knew he had always been attracted to her. This had not been an issue before, but she was now unable to concentrate on his words as his sexual desires were transmitted to her. The counsellor hoped she could get these feelings under control soon.

Zoot's mother gently pushed her daughter off her. "It's true that I've waited so many years for the pleasure of your body, but not now. You have a party to go to and a virginity to lose. Come now. The guests are all waiting for you."

"So if he was here now you'd let him fuck you." It was a statement more than a question and she replied by grabbing my arse cheeks, pulling me in hard and coming all over my prick while moaning, "yessssssss," in my ear. Of course the next morning she denied all knowledge of the conversation blaming it on the drink.

After the accident I had been determined to change my choice of university and attend one close to home so that I could be with my father and brother. However the men in my family had other ideas and felt that as the remaining female member, I should follow through with my plans as originally intended. I had tried to argue my point, but truth be told my heart was not really in it. I had been looking forward to spreading my wings and although the accident had knocked my confidence, I still felt that the going away to study was the best thing for me.

Darlene opened another bottle and we settled in each others arms. I do not know how much time I spent studying the results of my nights work. It was the first fully shaved pussy I had seen. I studied its many facets. I stroked it; I ran my fingers up and down playing in our juices.

This story is dedicated to CAE. She knows who she is and why this is for her. Thanks for understanding and more importantly, for not being weird about it.

Somehow Sally got roped into organizing the thing and it was a humongous job. Some gals would be flying into a small private airfield and they needed to be picked up. Others would be taking a train almost all the way out the Island and would then need transportation to the houses. The rest were driving themselves. The pantries had to be stocked as well as the liquor cabinets. The houses came with all the bedding/towels paraphernalia we would need and we quickly took advantage of the maid service available to clean up after us at the end of our rental. It was a small price to pay for not having to worry about that crap. I chipped in with as much as I could help her and she was able to get one of the other gals to also pitch in so one way or the other we got the thing arranged.

"Well yes, if you don't mind, I was just getting ready to call a cab."

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I saw a twinkle in her eye. "Why am I not surprised? Follow me."

The Captain waited silently as Mayhew reached in his cape pocket and handed him a packet of papers. The Captain stared at him as if he were from some as yet undiscovered land, and handed the packet back, waving at a seaman to take them to their quarters.

"Ah, my sweet," he smiled, "your cigarettes are already out there and I do want to be able to look at all of you whenever I want to. You don't need a robe."

Looking in the mirror I saw Helen point a finger at me, then rub a finger over it from the other hand. Damned if she wasn't giving me the old grade school 'Naughty, Naughty' sign!

Anyway, one day during a sleep-over, our usual pillow talk commenced, with special emphasis on a new boy she'd went to the drive-in with the night before. A real bad-boy. A total octopus. Practically ripped all her clothes off while she giggled and fought half-heartedly against him. And THIS guy, a senior in college, no less, wasn't gonna settle for a hand-job. But when it came time to blow him and get it over with, there was a problem: It wouldn't fit! His pecker was too big! Her mouth was too small. She tried to open wide enough, but simply couldn't! It wasn't her fault!

The scene in front of me was so hot that I knew it wouldn't be long before I came myself. Watching as Lizzy raced towards orgasm, the sound of Dawn's slurping mixing with the squelch of our juices as I pounded into her, I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to come over both sisters.

About this time I looked over to where you were and found Steve's face still buried in your lap. You had hold of both sides of his head and were thrusting your hips into his mouth, saying some of the dirtiest words I have ever heard you speak. All at once, he pulled away from your grasp and lunged up to feed you his cock. There was no way you could take it all in as Steve's normal length cock had grown to nearly 8 inches. Your lips could barely fit around its circumference. Pulling back from your mouth, Steve moved back down between your legs. He pushed them apart as far as they would go and leaned in to wipe the end of his dripping cock up and down your slit. Two swipes and it was coated with your gooey cream. On the third pass he lodged the end into your opening and heaved forward with all his might. The air burst from your lungs in a cry, and your legs shot up into the air and locked around his back. In that position you began to ride his thrusting hips towards that place you both sought. As his hips socked against your pelvis, your pussy clung to his thick cock like a glove. Each time he would pull out, your pussy would look like it was going to be turned inside out. Your orgasm hit like a fountain being turned on and your juices spilled out around his thrusting cock as if a faucet had been turned on. Your moan turned into a panting, shrill cry of completion as Steve's cock thrust in for the last time and erupted, spewing blast after blast of hot cum into your clutching pussy.

“Yeah, baby, love that cock, feel my balls with your other hand,” he whispered into her ear. She complied, hefting his big nuts, then massaging them gently while she slid her hand up and down his shaft.

Huge contractions run through her insides.

"Uhm, hey, isn't this a little one sided?" I wanted to help undress Mike as well, but he seemed in no hurry to free my hands as he leisurely acquainted himself with my breasts.

Amber sat in her mustang in front of the Never place watching the clock. Nearly 11:30. She could drive home, go to bed, forget all about August. Well, no. She could never forget all about August. No matter what.

The usual small talk and catching up over a cup of morning tea, then to work.

I bring up "Egotistical Asshole" only to make the point that the vast majority of men are not this guy. We are, however, fully capable of the occasional "only pretending to care" relationship.

He heard a banging at the front door. Guess the girls came home and found out that their keys no longer fit.

No way, you’ll just want to fuck me and you’ll have to wait.

He reached under her waist and could feel where the pubic hairs started. He slid his hand lower and felt something far different than he was expecting; "she has a cock!" He screamed in his head as he pulled out of her.

Fascinated by what she was seeing, and as if to confirm its reality, she reached out to touch it. Her fingers could not completely embrace its girth as she stroked along his hard rod. It was hot and she thought she could feel the beat of his heart throbbing under her hand. She moved her other hand to gently touch his testicles. They matched the size of his penis, large and swollen with the banked up store of his semen.

"They do huh, ok I'll wait," he responded reluctantly. They weren't thinking of quite the same good things as George was even more convinced she meant he would hit a homerun while Vickie was speaking of letting him do stuff she had only let him do on rare occasions or had never done before but not fucking.

"You've heard of families kidnapping a member from a cult and deprogramming them. It's the same concept except that de-programming consists of showing Song Lee there are better options available than Sammy. Lionel will do that job nicely."

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"I'm sor..." she started to say, but he cut her off with a sharp smack to her left buttock.

"Well, I found out he was cheating on me. I've had a lot of boyfriends like that. So I moved out and crashed on a friend's couch. She's totally hot, she's a stripper. That's actually how I met Kevin, your boss. Through her, I mean."

"I didn't think I would do that, I didn't set my alarm." She slides out of my chair and moves next to Izac. "I am really sorry about that,"

I looked in the direction Holmes had pointed, and noticed a pretty girl of about the minimum age for sexual activity in Literotica.

"Yeah!" Tommy roared, unleashing a torrent of hot juices into her.

"I feel so bad, kicking you out of your bed, Johnny," Aunt Rita said.

Dave placed butterfly kisses right down my spine as he withdrew from me.

Giving me a light slap on my ass that is up in the air while I am bending over to lick his cock before he starts to shove my jeans back and down forcing me to stand and remove them while he watches me expose my smooth shaven pussy.

"Please, oh please, Master, I am begging you. Please let me cum," I cried out. He must have heard the desperation in my voice.

Kate’s response to this statement was to bury her head in Luke’s chest and spread her legs wider. She felt the swell and then the initial surge of sperm, as her insides were drenched.

They stayed in that position for what seemed like a long time; the naked man over her lap, spanked and turned into a crying, vulnerable little boy and the loving woman, half naked and filled equally with love and desire for the male she consoled with her hand caressing his tender bare bottom. His cries slowed to soft whimpers and when he felt her hand on his shoulder, he turned to look up at her with teary, reddened eyes. No words were said, not even a sound, but volumes passed between them. As if sharing his thoughts, she removed her touch from his prone body and opened her arms to take him to her bosom.

"Is this what you want?"

"Right, so I went and ate my burgers. Then when I went back up the counter to have her give me more fries I whispered in her ear, 'That's too long, I'll give you a hundred more to fake sick and meet me at my van outside in fifteen minutes.' Her eyes went wide. She nodded. I don't think that she'd ever had her hands on that much money in her life. I opened my wallet to show her that I had the money on me. Then I went outside and waited in my van. Just me, I'd left the other girls waiting in the hotel room. She was outside in ten minutes." His hamburger was almost gone. And I was using all my strength of will not to eat the one in front of me. "Take a great big whiff of your burger, slave." I did. "Now bring it over here to my side of the table and sit on my lap, then maybe I'll let you eat it." I walked uncertainly over to him. I set down the burger and then sat on his lap facing the table. "No, straddle me. Face me." I turned around. "Now kiss me girl." I did. He held my hair tight, and forced his tongue along mine. Loosened his grip and I nibbled at his lips. I really focused on giving him a good kiss. Then I started going after the taste of ketchup on his lips. When I pulled away, he spoke again, "You could taste the food. I know you could."

The three fingers of each hand operated with precise efficiency, cleaning and tuning a compact bowgun that was splattered with blood. It was arranged vertically with a pulley and gear system the likes of which Tynian had never before seen.

I continued to lick up and down each lip, taking in Kris' tasty cum juice. Her breathing became labored as I picked up the pace. Sensing the building orgasm, I started nibbling on her pussy. Taking little nibbles from her lips and driving my tongue into wet hole.

My innocence ended during the summer of 1982. Mrs. Mullens, our next door neighbor died in early spring of the previous year, leaving her husband, Mr. Jonas Mullen alone. Mother took it upon herself to help Mr. Mullen in his housework, even doing his laundry on laundry day. Then, in late spring, early summer, Mr. Mullen's niece, Gertrude, moved into the house. She had lived in Chicago until a divorce from her husband, and having nowhere to go, came to live with her uncle. .

It seems that he took a chance and kissed me anyway, fearing rejection. Impetuous youth!... thank you, Dionysos. I laughed, took hold of him and gave him a sexual kiss, sucking on his lower lip before moving away. A look of relief swept over his handsome face. He asked what time I got off from work, and I told him that I usually have the store closed down by 9:30.

Well, that's what I told myself right up until he unbuttoned the top button of my blouse... then the second... and then all of them. He kissed his way down my chest, and then kissed my stomach. Oh God, that feels good, my mind told me. I had to agree.

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Martin smiled. "Well, if anyone gives you too much crap," he said, "come out and get me, and come in and I'll whup 'em for you."

She moaned aloud, her body a traitoress. She was a virgin, the product of a strict Catholic upbringing and consequent insular lifestyle; Kate had theorised that this was a big factor in explaining the strength of Samantha's power. But Samantha did masturbate, frequently, and more than once her fantasies had involved huge dogs, taking her, giving her no recourse but to give in to their desires, and her own.

"You're here to tell me off then, honey? Is that it? I've been a big bad nigger and the little white girl is gonna put me straight about a few things?"

A pause, then a cry. "Oh, yes! Kurt!" The creaking increased. Jubilee frowned.

It was then that Savannah felt the man behind her pound wildly into her, his "oh damn" echoing through the room. He jerked wildly, his cock going even deeper and deeper into her tight channel.

"You know I'm not like that."

"Hey Mike, here's your bean."

Master slides two fingers into her cunt, his cunt. She is very wet. He can smell her excitement.

I pulled out the wallet and opened it. I proceeded to take out the crisp notes. I suppose that there was at least a thousand bucks.

"W-who are you?" Tiffany asked nervously.


"Good evening," His curled lips broke to a smile.

I was feeling much more comfortable as I showed each outfit to the men under the approving looks of my husband. The store clerk busied herself with locking the front door and disappeared into the back room.

Saturday night came; I met my friends and their girlfriends (Mattie’s friends) and was led away to meet my blind date. Mattie opened the door in response to my knock. I thought I saw a perplexed look cross her face, one which seemed to suggest, that she wondered what the heck I was doing at her door. I knew then, that my reputation had preceded me.

Pat's hips bucked against him, quivering, thrusting her steaming cunt tighter against the wonderful mouth which was pleasuring her. Her muscular thighs clenched and unclenched around Cartwright's head, trapping him, forcing him to service her lustful needs. The pressure in her loins, the sparks flying through her vibrant frame evoked by her hands wildly caressing her tits, built swiftly before suddenly exploding.

After Faith had a little time to savor her "jump off the mountaintop", I slid up her body between her legs and guided my turgid member into her slick vagina. With neither of us in a hurry to end the activities, we took time to appreciate the pleasure each bestowed on the other. To keep the sensations changing, we moved from one position to another every few minutes, reveling in how our nerves picked up completely different feelings based on the angle and depth of my penetration into her body. Her soft words of "oh, yes, daddy, that feels so good" and "yes, daddy, fuck me" made sure I kept going. At last I felt her approaching an orgasm and concentrated on getting myself off so that we both climaxed within seconds of each other.

"That's correct Joan, and may I wish you the best fantasy of your life," he replied, taking her money.


His mouth pressed against hers. She was trembling slightly as he lowered her back onto the bed. Heath's strong fingers closed around her wrists, pinning her hands against the pillow beneath her head. His knees nudged her thighs apart gently. Fern shivered as she felt him press against her. It had been so long...

There were tears in her voice when Wendy told me what her mom had confided to her while trying to treat the damage that Cliff had inflicted. It seemed that when her dad was fifteen, he'd served time for putting his older sister's mulatto boyfriend into a four-month coma using nothing but his fists. He'd also put his own sister in intensive care. He'd kicked down her apartment door, catching the couple on the couch. He'd beaten them nonstop until the police arrived. It was only due to the fact that he was so young that he'd gotten a short sentence and a clean record when he turned eighteen.

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I completed my walk and went back to my car, immensely saddened by what was happening. I watched and waited but it was more than an hour later before the door opened and the four of them walked out. When the two younger managers checked to make sure no one was watching they grabbed DD's tits in public and lewdly began to manipulate them, the receiving manager going to far as to enclose one in his mouth and leave an obvious wet spot on her dress. DD just laughed at him and rubbed his crotch. The RM came out with his camera equipment and I knew that he had recorded the whole thing for their subsequent viewing pleasure. I wondered how many of these sessions had occurred and how many tapes had been made before today.

"Hey man." Jerome the bartender said as I came up to the bar area.

The four women were each in their own way very beautiful and it was not easy to see why they had attracted so many virile young men to their neighbourhood. Teri was in her mid-thirties and could easily have been a movie star, with raven hair that came to her shoulders and deep, smouldering dark eyes she was a very sexual woman. She had been divorced twice and was living off the vast sums that had earned her.

I backed off just a bit, just enough to remove his cock from the depths of my throat. I sucked on his cock, nursed it, moved my mouth up and down on it. He squirted in my mouth. I tasted his first blast of cum, felt the sliminess of it, the thickness of the white wad, the next string of jism, another, another, another. Swallowing as fast as I could I took his cum down my throat and into my stomach. His cock throbbed in my mouth. It was thicker, longer and harder than before. I backed off and looked at it. A clear string was running out of the slit. I took it and swallowed, another, another, another.


The large black pillow he set on the floor a couple of feet away from the black stand.

"Well, you passed it right at the front entrance when you came in. There are about ten enclosed booths inside it," she explained "each with a small couch and candle light so you can get very comfortable. It's very private and nobody can see what's going on. I think you'd like it" she smiled.

"No problem," he said. "You looked rather... cold." He grinned at me. "Remind me never to piss you off, Shawn. You're one dangerous little lady!"

Picture yourself facing down a long corridor

She thought this over once more although she'd already gone over it in her mind a thousand times, looking for some loophole, some scam. Unless he were simply lying to her outright, she could find no way she might be conned.

"Hop in the shower, do your hair, and then you get your surprise!" Rob said, showing Mary a white box that looked like it contained some new clothes for the evening.

"You know what I've always wanted to try Peter?"

With the intensity they devoted to their tasks, it didn't take long for them to reach the peak of ecstasy again. Arching, straining, writhing, they exploded once again into a cataclysm of pleasure, their groans of joy muffled in each other's sexual organs.

"Come on now Suzie," Buck teased, "that pussy wouldn't be wet if the thought of three guys using your hot little body didn't turn you on. Hell, Jim would probably love to watch if he were here."

I said, "No way Kelli. I'm embarrassed enough as it is."

For the rest of the party we stayed in the room and enjoyed exploring each other bodies. I can't wait for the next opportunity we have to be together.

Charlotte blasts, "Tony what are doing?"

The sensations thundered through his body. She was going down on him for the first time since their relationship began. To try and describe the exact thoughts going through his mind is almost impossible. The best this author can do is to say it felt like the first orgasm he ever had during his first successful masturbation attempt. Except it kept going on and on much longer than that first ejaculation took.

"I… uh, I think I know what you're talking about," Jacen said sheepishly. "Liana and I had sex in the locker room after one of my training classes. I didn't even want to have sex with her at first, but it was like she completely forced her will onto me. She even managed to make me come when I wasn't ready to. I totally blacked out for awhile after I came. At first I thought I'd just overworked myself, but it seems to be fitting the pattern. When I woke up, Liana still wanted more – she even tried to convince me to have sex with her again, but I couldn't even get it up again with her lying there naked in front of me."

"Come on in... Its safe I promise... Ummmm I'm sorry I didn't expect you to come here after our not-a-date-date"

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I took a moment to go to the bathroom. As I pissed, I wondered how much it would cost me to piss in her mouth.

Shelly told me to close my eyes said, "She had a special treat for me." I then could smell the poop and I felt it land on my chest it was wonderful she then put her pussy on it and smeared it around into my chest and pubic hairs I never would have believed that Shelly would do anything like this.

Bobby looked down at her and said,

“Where do you want to go?” Ethan asked. He glanced down at her hand between her legs.

He rushes outside then runs back in with a traffic cone, one of the short thick ones they use to cordon off the parked bikes. Before you know what's gong on, the last guy has the point of the traffic cone against the wrecked ring of my slutty asshole. He gets a few inches in, spreading me even wider than before. Trying to get a better angle, he picks me up and bends me over the edge of the pool table, just like how I was when the night began. He starts to push again, but my legs can no longer hold me, and I crumble to the floor on my back. He tries to push more of the cone up my ass in that position, but can't stretch my slut hole any further.

"How about....Sharon," I said trying to think on the spot.

Nearer to home something was up that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

The incense stand was only two stalls away, so Ciara and Dierdre quickly bought the sticks and returned with them to Maeve, who was still sifting through pictures. Dierdre and Ciara then walked the other direction. They didn’t make it far.

"I'm gonna cum! Take it Julie! Take my cum!" Abel growled as he cum shot out inside of Julie's pussy.

I was spent. I pulled out of her, leaving a very sticky trail of cum and sat back on the seat. She pulled her knees up to her chin and looked at me, her huge breasts on either side of her raised knees.

I pour more oil into my hands and rub them together to warm it. I kneel before you and take your cock in my hands, covering it with the oil. I stroke it gently but firmly…. up and down…. up and down. I need to taste you…. to feel you in my mouth…but first…

He sat at the bar and ordered a _Bud Ultralight_ with a redhead. The barkeep said, "You lucked out, dude! That was our last redhead."

Robert arrived on the set wearing a mesh vest heavily loaded with lenses and film. With a slight look of annoyance he said, "Are you two ready to work? Let's get started. Nancy, I'd like to get a few shots of you alone first. Stand up please, and look into the camera."

"Did mom get that too?"

I was seated next to Fran, who had nonchalantly reached over and was rolling my penis between her thumb and forefinger as she chatted with the others. No one seemed to take notice. It all happened so very normal and natural…just the thing to be doing. Fran idly playing with my penis…chatting with friends…kind of like an executive pacifier.

"Yes Mike."

Personal questions always rattle me, compelling me to lie. But this here is different as Gerald is a great buddy. So I palm my stubble and as the three-day growth on my chin drives into the skin of my hand, stimulating blood flow, I'm prompted to answer profoundly:

"Sure," Christian replied, taking his shirt off.

She released his still throbbing cock from the warmth of her mouth and used her fingers to scoop his cum off her tits and face. My wife then licked the still hot jizz off them with her tongue. She sucked one finger at a time into her mouth until not a single drop remained. A cum sucking performance of epic proportions. Amazing!

For most of the morning, Frankie and Kay remained on the porch of the cabin Kay was buying, talking about a lot of things and learning far more about each other than they ever thought they would know.

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"I'm in the tub." I warned her.

The sight of the two of them in the mirror was one of the most erotic things he'd ever seen. He loved the play of their skin against each other. He loved having her and the way she gave herself over to him without reservation.

"No, not God, but you'll think I am by the time I'm through with you."

"Well you should all set, Mr. Wilson," said the nurse waving to me. "And so are you Miss Newman. You both have a good evening!"

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I kiss your shoulder, and cup the base of your beautiful orbs, as I feel you move yours hands to my fly, and hear the telltale zip. I nibble just above your collarbone, as my khakis fall to my ankles. As my palms stroke and tickle the base of your breasts, I feel you pull my boxers down my thighs, until they fall to my ankles. Your hands move to cup my balls, gently. I lower my hips, and rest the head of my cock against your inner thigh, my fingers stroking your areoles, your fingers caressing and teasing the base of my cock.

Listening to her hot exclamations and feeling her sweet body gripping his with every dip of his hard dick, Derrick was right on the edge. Holding firm to the strong bones of her hips, Derrick pounded her with a fierceness that was written all over his face as his breath exploded from his lungs and he cried out as his cock jumped within her, shooting hot jets of cum deep within her.

"Heck," whispered Dougherty, "she's a dead ringer for the actress Kim Delaney plays on the TV show! Add a little makeup, a business suit and the right camera angle and that girl could be her double."

Diane grabbed another collar one with black leather and rounded studs, two inches wide with a snap attachment in the back.

"What did you say?" asked Gretchen.

Naturally I was upset at being separated from Henry after only a few months of marriage, so on the day Henry left I was quite emotional when they arrived at the apartment to pick me up. His mother, Mary, immediately wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug, holding me for an absolute age as I wept a little on her shoulder, and when she let go and went to make a cup of coffee I was surprised to find his father, Jack, take her place and wrap his arms around me and hold me tight. But it felt so good having strong arms around me and for a moment I actually forgot it wasn't Henry and started to respond, pressing my body against him and squirming, I was even in the process of lifting my face to receive his kiss when I realized who I was with and pulled back very red faced and flustered. Jack didn't seem to notice, or didn't seem to mind, as he smiled at me and took my hands and led me to the kitchen. His smile was amazingly similar to Henry's and my heart actually leapt as he beamed at me.

"You are kidding me, this is it?"

I released Phil’s cock from the PVC cage of my fingers and quickly moved my lips down to take the tip of his cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head before quickly engulfing the whole of Phil’s member. I repeated this before letting his cock fall free. I softly kissed the tip before moving away, standing up off the bed.

Over dinner that night, Christine's husband, Vince, asked "How was your course today?"

Following Diane's instructions and Julia's encouragement, as Diane clicked off the exposures, James opened the robe showing more of his chest and legs. Julia couldn't help but think that James's exercise regimen over the summer and fall had done a nice job of firming him up. With much pride and a hint of annoyance she noticed that Diane also was admiring her husband's physique. For his part, James was thoroughly enjoying the experience of having the ladies sip wine and coax him to pose more suggestively with each exposure.

"I love it" Betsy cried. She produced the piece of paper they had been working on. "Look we have paced out some areas in the barn and we think we could have four or five bedrooms."

"Oh no you don' still have to take care of me", I replied.

"No," laughed Susan, "no frustration - I . . ." She stopped. "Oh never mind, let's talk about something else."

It was.

"You know I have always believed that to get ahead in this business is to give a little head in the right place. Am I making myself clear?"

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'You're not ready for that yet... We'll do it another way...'

She hysterically cried, "Yes, yes, yes!"

I was settled into the closet when the doorbell rang. "How's my little white whore tonight?"

You obviously saw my desire, because I felt you pull me closer to you. I could feel your cock, half hard, brushing against my pelvis. It was almost involuntary the way I pushed into you.

"Don’t worry about them Cassie, you get on and mow the lawns and I’ll tidy them up." Grandad then pulled the mower out of the shed and helped me to start it. But I couldn’t help notice he was flushed, and looked kind of embarrassed.

Movie Night III: It Continues!

The guests were gathered around the pool, mostly conversing in small groups. Kelly noticed that Geri was not the only woman wearing a sheer blouse.

"Part of the deal is that the staff stays on to work and I manage the store. I told her that the Brown name must stay on the store. Grandpa would want it that way."

"Bye my little sexkitten, this is your penance for teasing me. I will be back in a couple of hours" I knew that she would know, that I could not be away from her naked body for more than fifteen minutes never mind two hours but I replaced the cotton wool back into her ear anyway.

I wasn't a great basketball player being a short six feet, but I had learned to shoot. Our team made it to the state semis with me as mostly an outside shooter. Coach kept me out there, because I had never figured out how to get past the six-foot-ten guys. But give me a couple inches of free space and the odds were it was going in.

Minutes passed, how many it was impossible to know. I entertained myself by watching the traffic and people on the street below. We were on our second visit to San Antonio, and our hotel room, as he had specifically requested, looked out over the River Walk. Standing there, I realized why he had wanted the room- not to view the River walk, as I had previously thought, but so that the River walk could view me. I didn't know whether I was more embarrassed or aroused, and I suspected that had been his intention.

"I'm so embarrassed, In should go" he said and he started to get up. As I was still seated, I ended up with his bulging cock right at eye level. My eyes could not tear themselves away from it. I grabbed his hand and looked up at him.

Then he was sliding up my body, his lips seeking out my incredibly sensitive nipples, and his hard cock rubbing slowly against my pussy, and I wanted him inside, wanted him so badly. I reached down between us and gripped his cock lightly and he lifted his body slightly, allowing me to stroke my hand up and down his cock, drawing a moan from deep in his throat. Then I was guiding his cock to my pussy, rubbing the head up and down my pussy lips before sliding it’s head inside. “Oh god, yes” I moaned, thrusting upwards, “Fill me Rick, fill my pussy with your lovely cock”


"UH Hi..thanks" I managed to stutter in return.

I hadn’t completely ignored her statement; I was just thinking that we could perhaps save it for another time…

Becky laughed, "Hell I don't know, all I know is he begs me every night for mercy when I want sex. He would be happy not to have to do his duty. Would you mind letting me use your rubber dick? I really am worked up right now and I need to feel something inside of me and since you like to watch. I'll tell you a little story that you might like." Becky never stopped moving her fingers in me; she just knelt there looking up at me waiting. I opened my drawer, reached in my purse and pulled out my rubber dick.

I looked up frightened at her, tears in my eyes fearing the paddle at home. I tried to ignore the staring people outside and several inside who had been so curious as to walk into the store."I am sorry Miss Silvia", I sobbed. "I am sorry. Yes, I mean no, oh my god, I don't know, it all happened so quick." She smiled at me as if caring. "Just tell me little sissy, just let it all out. Mommy Silvia will listen to you." She patted my head. Why did they do that all the time with me? I wasn't a dog.

"Well, you're timing is good. I have just bought a new footie game and was going to call you later today to come over. And here you are."

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“Just think of what it would feel like to be touched in other more sensitive areas,” Jackie said looking down between Karen’s legs.

"Morning, sleepyhead," he murmured.

Mandie and I had been playing this dangerous teasing game for several months. It started one night when she told me that Mike, her boss, had commented that he liked it that she didn’t wear hose everyday. She worked for a 7 person publishing company that produced a number of adult oriented “letters’ magazines. Her job was receptionist and general clerk. Along with greeting guests, mostly aspiring authors and photographers, she set up appointments, ordered office supplies and covered for her boss when he decided to take the day off.

*Story will be continued on what happened in the morning.

hy growled softly as hys eyes drifted shut. "Aye, my heart's Desire, and fondest of nights." hys mind began to drift, hys body relaxing against Hers as Her fingers slipped through hys hair in a slow, steady rhythm. A few moments later, hys breathing evened out as hy fell into a deep, contented sleep.

"Despite its undeniable olde worlde charm, the Clifton Inn was something less than a five-star hotel. Aside from the double bed, a television, two chairs and a table that may or may not have supported the weight of a three-year old, the room was rather spartan in terms of furnishings.

"Do you think THIS might do the job?" she coyly inquired. Greg turned flush with humiliation. He realized that she intended to fuck his ass.

Ben practically purred. "I want you to...inside her. I want to lick you off her. Taste you on her, Joel."

"Hi," she said smiling and locking the door. She walked over to me and sat on my lap. "I missed you."

It was about time I got lucky, and I did. Just as I was about to enter the diner, a couple came out. The guy and I recognised each other instantly.

I sat down and she fell on me kissing me and feeling me all over where ever she could touch bare skin on me. She climbed up and sat on my lap, her crotch rubbing along my hard on. I reached around her back and unsnapped her Bra, It fell away exposing her round breasts and the dark nipples that topped them like small buttons, standing out like eraser tips.

"Your turn baby," she said licking her red lips. Still working her hand up and down Bob's thick shaft, I felt her soft heavily painted lips circle the head of my cock, her mouth felt warm and wet as I began to move my hips back and forth fucking her mouth.

"You do?" Was Kimberly's breathy question.

I'm a freshman at state. Played guard for Kennedy High School's basketball team. Now, I'm hoping to make the team at the State Teacher's college, which is located about twenty minutes away, out in the sticks. Coach Brown said that if I do, that he would award me a tuition scholarship.

"Fuck me, fuck me now. Fill me with cum," my mom pleaded. "Oh yes, that's it," she murmured as I pushed, sinking my cock deeper and deeper into her.

A dark eyebrow shoots up. "You always surprise me, you know that?"

"I want you to be completely naked for me,baby." she cooed, circling Faith's body with her eyes. Faith became completely turned on by Amy's reaction. She could feel her pussy start to swell up as her clit pressed against her panties. She slowly slid off her bra and her panties, tossing them to the ground. Amy grabbed Faith's waist and slid her tiny fingers up and down. "Do you like what you see, Tyler?" she asked him. Tyler nodded his head, wanting desperately to stroke his hard cock. He began to buck his hips against the bed. "Would you like to shove your hard cock up her wet and tight cunt?" she asked, teasing him more.

There are moments in our life when we come to a line. Later, we may claim not to have seen the line, but we know it's there. I now came to one, and given the circumstances, I should have slowed down and thought about things, but in all honesty, I never even hesitated. I crossed it so fast I can't even recall what it looked like.

“Hey shut up, ya nerd!” Johnny yelled at him across the room as he threw a pencil, hitting Frank square in the head.

‘Just getting some food.; I explained, adding sarcastically ‘If that’s okay...’

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“No one ever talks to me that way. Most guys just notice my boobs.”

You remain helplessly covered by the body of this woman; your hands are still at work beating the cocks at your side. Your face is still shrouded by the wet flesh of those fucking above you; and now, a huge cock is embedded in your ass. I am lost in this erotic scene......I am floating!

Feeling weary, Deanna obeyed. She stood inches from him, looking down. Riker caressed her cheek, running his fingers through her hair.

But today she beckoned them inside.

The shifting seemed to slow to a halt as I stood puzzled at the reflection in front of me. Surely they couldn't believe this was some kind of fantasy of mine?

I first saw her in the bar off the lobby of my hotel but couldn’t believe my eyes, thinking that it had to be a mistake, I mean here I was in a beautiful boutique hotel on the Left Bank in Paris and what was my ex-wife Anne doing here, of all places? I had just finished a week of business meetings in Germany and had a connecting flight through Paris so I decided to spend the weekend there and return Monday. Here it was Friday night and Anne was in the bar, alone. It had been at least 10 years since we spoke, although we both lived in the same city, in the same Upper West Side neighborhood and we never ran into each other. Was she re-married, was she still at the University, what was she doing here? I went up to the bar and sat down next to her and spoke as she turned around, Anne, long time.

Natalie positioned herself over Linda's face and started to rub herself on her lips. Linda's tongue darted out to lick and suck the juicy pussy above her. Marla had risen from the bed and was not wearing a strap-on as she opened Linda's legs and pressed the tip against her slit.

Cindy lay back and moaned as she neared orgasm, she trembled a bit and then she cried out with joy as her body convulsed and the fluids started to flow out of her into his mouth. This surprised him, he had never met a "squirter" before, although he had heard of them and the liquid poured out of her body into his mouth and covering his face and he pushed his tongue deep into her pussy again.

Due to popular demand, here's the sequel to "Oh Papa, No!" Thanks to all you guys who supplied me with the ideas. You know who you are. Enjoy *_~

I finished dressing her just in time to leave for dinner. I led my beautiful wife to the car and opened the door. She slowly slid onto the leather seat, thus allowing the short hem of her minidress to slide up. She teased me as I stared at her stocking tops and garter straps, laughing as a small tent formed in the front of my pants. It was very rare that I was allowed to go out with her when she was this dressed up, usually this was saved for a date with her lover and I guess it still is as that is who we were going to see. we said very little on the ride to her lovers house, I guess she had other things on her mind.

Her whole body was filled with waves of extreme pleasure; she arched her back so her center rose up to meet Kate's thrusting fingers and tongue. A final exultant scream of ecstasy and she was finished. She lay there exhausted in Kate's arms as they kissed and cuddled and laughed.

Taylor was about to purr from the anticipation of Laurie again applying her tongue to her pussy, when the reality that they were out in the middle of a common area hit her. She was also consumed by the thought that it was dangerously approaching time zero for her needing to arrive home. She gently pushed Laurie away, pulled her jeans back up, and said, "Jesus, Laurie. Not out here so we can get caught again. Besides, I really have to get home."

Julie looked embarrassed that I was hearing this.

Then something happened. The door was thrown open and I could hear shouts, a fight going on and then something hard hit the ground.

'Are you sure you don't like watching? I can always button my uniform up again, you know.'

I watched her with mischievous eyes as I buried my nose in her dark pubic hair, and my tongue slid over her already moist clitoris, in slow circles, causing her body to twist and turn, and it wasn't long after I began to move my fingers in and out of her, stopping for a moment each time she came close to orgasm. She finally begged me to release her, saying she could take no more.

Of course, I couldn't actually enjoy this cheesy pop music song, I assured myself, I was a serious guitar music lover. It wasn't until a couple of years later, by that time I was quite obsessed with Britney's gorgeous look realised I was almost as keen on her music and that Baby One More Time was much more my kind of thing than what I'd been listening to before. For once, my thirteen year-old sister Becky had been smarter than I was. She'd been into Britney's music from day one and had bought most of her singles and albums. One day, not long after I had graduated from High School and was taking some time off between school and college, Becky came home with a copy of Britney's new album, Oops, I Did It Again. As I created reasons to hang around in the living room where Becky was playing the album, I realised how much I was enjoying it without even having Britney herself to look at. The album was great fun catchy pop and I realised what I'd been missing all this time of not getting into the music that really appealed to me and instead liking what I was supposed to.

One of my arms was all that was needed to support her athletic body, so I released the other to come around to caress her boobs in turn, then run all across her flat and stretched tummy, pausing to take a delicate exploration of her navel piercing. I couldn’t contain a smile as I let my hand run further down her body to find the top of her pussy, exploring the engorged lips and excited clit as I slowly stroked in and out of her. “God, I can’t believe how good that feels.” Abbi raised her head to look into my eyes again.

"Ohhhhhhh", she squealed, "You fuckin' pervert, you've ruined my new dress."

Emily obviously liked that idea a lot, because she started to scream, "Oh yes, Daddy! Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohfuckohfuckohfuck!" as she came all over my cock.

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Well I know what you're thinking! Fine for her, but I must have been left as frustrated as hell, right? Well, wrong! By this point, we had been going for at least three hours and my little gentleman, pardon the phrase, was only too glad of a break! But he rarely got too much of one! When she had recovered from her orgasm, Angel was all too ready for phase III! So just as the pressure in my balls was beginning to convert to an ache, she would grab me by the hand and in we would go to where the big bed was liberally sprinkled with dildos, vibrators and what have you, and where the big screen TV was already primed to show the latest ‘hit’ from the San Fernando valley!

Your breathing increased and your legs began to tremble and jerk. I heard a muffled gasp, saw your legs quivering for a minute, and then finally you were very still. My cock had gotten hard and pressed against my jeans. I watched the pilot light a second and crept back to the kitchen before you returned.

“How did you know I would say yes, how did you know I wouldn’t freak out and call for security, how did you know I didn’t have a boyfriend or a husband, or a girlfriend even, how did know I…” I blurted, then choked, biting my lip. My voice cracked a bit and I felt waves of heat radiating through my body from between my thighs. “How did you know I needed you to do this?”

“We’ve never included anyone else in our games before, but this is already different. Exhibition is what this place is about, and you know the idea of exhibition has always excited me. As we saw all the subs on the tour, I could see you in all those positions.”

Jeff climbed out of the shower, drying himself before wrapping the towel around his waist. He combed his wet, dark hair as he filled the sink ready to shave. He rubbed the shaving gel between his hands, covering his face with the thick foam. He started shaving the stubble from his cheeks and chin. As the sharp razor scraped the hair from his face, he saw his new wife approaching from behind him in the mirror.

"Let me give you a hand, Marlow."

Laughing, I say, "No you do not feel like a pussy, but it feels nice kissing you though." I kiss him again, caressing his nipples with my fingers. I kiss his nipples, flicking my tongue quickly across them, feeling them harden. I gently bite his nipples.

Kate began to move sensously in the car seat, moving her hips from side to side and lifting them slightly in the process. The hand caressing her breasts started to tease the nipples into tautness, caressing them lightly, pinching first one then the other. At the same time, her other hand began to delve into her shorts, just barely touching the nest of pubic hair before withdrawing, only to enter again.

"What are you talking about, Steven?" I said, almost tripping over my words. "Of course I know you'll miss me."

Her legs weakened as my husband's hands slid up Sharon's thighs disappearing under her garment.

"Good," she purred. "Leave the week after next free. I'm sending you to be trained. Of course, I'll be giving you the week free from work….call it a paid holiday." She smiled at him, and he felt warmth beam through his body. He fell to his knees again, his arm cupping one of her gorgeous legs, his lips pressed to the knee in reverence. Ms. O'Connor gave a chuckle and swatted his hands away. She returned to her chair again, and gave him a wicked smile.

"I would love to stay the night with you." Her lover's voice was smooth and pleasant and she almost consented.

“Can I try that?” I asked the girl who was getting dressed.

The two men shared a nasty laugh and exchanged high-fives. Their attention was suddenly wrenched back to the scene before them by a loud "Boom" of something hitting sheet metal. Their mouths dropped open.

Even thought I had jacked off last night I didn’t last long with her expert oral talent. I let her know I was close to Cumming just in case she didn’t want it in her mouth like my wife, but she only got more into sucking me when I told her that. Her face was bouncing in a blur as she sucked my cock. I shot a heavy load in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat as it shot spurt after spurt while she swallowed it, moaning as her hand had went to her pussy rubbing it furiously. She sucked me until I was soft, then got up and lay beside me on the couch.

"Oh god, yes, please, you have no idea what sexual fantasies I've been having since I met you," I blurted out.

"How am I suppose to pee with my hands tied behind my back?" Larry asked.

"How will I live with myself if she looks at me with the same accusations in her eyes that I feel in my own heart?"

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His fingertips touched her moist pubic hair from behind, and Sally whimpered softly, rolling her hips against his fingers. Tom felt dampness beneath his touch and Tom's hands moved outwards as he brought his palms under her buttocks. Sally ground herself against his erection. He pulled her closer into him and her breath came faster as her gyrations more frenzied. Sally's lips pressed against his, her mouth open, her tongue seeking his. Tom felt the hand down the front of his boxer grasp his hard cock more firmly and squeeze. Releasing his hold on her buttocks, Tom slid his middle finger down the cleft in Sally's bottom, over her tight anus and down between her thighs to reach the lower edge of her pussy. He felt warmth and wetness, and at the touch of his finger, a sudden weakness in her knees.

Mr. Michaels had of course planned it all. He wanted Jimmy to lower his defenses. Their first time was Mr. Michaels satisfying his immediate need for release. He wanted their next time to special. And since Jimmy would be living with him he thought it would be good timing to make him more submissive to his need to dominate young Jimmy. The whole gay experience was new to him as well as Jimmy. But, he knew once Jimmy was living with him things would be much better.

And she wasn’t sure why. Was it because he was a writer, a profession she herself had aspired for in her younger days? Was it because he was young, 26 if she remembered correctly? What was it her daughter called men who were so good looking? Eye candy?

"Well, there is your cousin Chelsea, who visited me last summer and was very accommodating. In fact, we had such a lovely time that I was tempted to leave her everything, but I am willing to give you this evening to persuade me that I've made the right choice. Do you want to claim what is rightfully yours?"

A moment passed before she muttered 'Nineteen ' adding 'but no-one ever believes me ' She went on to promise all kinds of personal favours, trilling with delight as she nibbled my earlobes, if I coached her for drama school. But matters didn't often go much further than fumbles and feels at these parties. From time to time these fumbles would be put on hold whilst the men went to refill their glass and that of their partner of the moment.

“Oh, you feel great.” Groaned Steve. I, having a mouth full of cock, could only moan in reply. He began to pick up the tempo. I had to moan again, pulling away from LC’s cock.

"Okay, what are you going to do?" she asked.

I think it necessary to describe myself, I am 27 years old, 5’6” tall I weight 118 pounds, have shoulder length blonde hair and measure 34d – 24 – 34, and hazel green eyes.

It was Shanna, of course, but her voice was different somehow. Deeper and more determined.

Before I could respond I heard Julie quietly say, "Bruce, Jen ... go for that. It ... lot of talking for ... get her to agree to ... tonight. Besides ... cock ... myself. My present is that ... you bareback."

He looked over and smiled at Emma, who smiled back. Her beauty always managed to take his breath away, causing his heart to thump in his chest. She had long brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a smile that Mike just couldn't help but fall in love with.

"I think I'll go inside and make some coffee," she said lightly and stood up, fluffing back her honey-blonde hair that had fallen loosely across her breasts. "I'll let you love-birds stay out here until it gets too chilly. The coffee will be perking on the stove when you come in."

"Yes I am, though I still feel shaky because I was not close to you."

"No," he was quick to answer. "No, I'm fine."

Xanthe heard the two girls talking about masturbation and then heard their muffled moans as they played with each other. Xanthe imagined the scene in her mind and felt her own desire begin to rise as she slipped her finger under her swimsuit and pulled it away from her aching pussy.

He shrugs slight biting His lip letting it go then turning around, his eyes taking her in as he hands her a towel.

While there captive was distracted by the sensation of being suckled by another woman, Gwen slipped into her mind to plant the command not to scream for help or try to escape. "Don't move, honey" Gwen whispered in her ear as she released her.

The feeling was so overwhelming, that I grabbed my mother, bent her over again, and began fucking her furiously, until I pulled out and shot my load right down my mother’s hot cocksucking throat.

"Yes honey, everything will be alright now"

Smiling he said, “I know, but can we wait a few minutes.”

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"I was tempted to let you sleep forever, pumpkin, you look just like a little angel when you sleep," he told me as he mussed my short hair.

"Pretty much. So are you going to stay, or are you going home alone?"

Mike sat on the couch and Stacy sat on the love seat facing him. Her eyes sparkled like cut glass and the deep vee front of her dress barely covered the swell of her full breasts. When she crossed her legs her dress slid up and she made no move to tug it back down. His mind wandered and suddenly he was imagining her naked.

I craved her wet pussy and I slid myself down her body toward her melting pot. Pushing her legs apart gently, I spread her lips to find that special spot. I've never been this close to a clit before. All that pleasure from that little bud and I'm this close to it. I asked myself quickly, "What do I do". I didn't know but I wasn't gonna waste anymore time. I positioned myself so that I could see her face. I slid 2 fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit with the little finger of my other had. The waves of pleasure hit her face and I knew I was pleasing her.

"I don’t know why you care one way or another, Nurse Sterning," Dillon replied, a note of bitterness in his voice. "You get paid even if I don’t get better. In fact, it’s probably better for you if I never recover use of anything. At least you’ll have job security."

Monica slid her skirt over her slim hips and dropped it to the floor. She began pulling off her shirt, and saw Chandler looking at her, stroking as Rachel sucked him. She decided to tease him a bit.

"Katia? Are you there? Answer me girl."

Melinda could barely stand up as the lifeguard pulled his hand from between her legs. In her ear, she heard him whisper, "I'll find you again later."

Dave placed his arms behind her knees and raised her hips up. He placed a pillow under her hips, lowered his mouth to her pussy and kissed it as though it were her mouth. She groaned with delight as she waited, trembling, for his next advance. He drew his tongue along her outer cuntlips, up one side and down the other without touching her clit. "Suck it…lick it…please!" she moaned lustfully. Dave flicked his tongue across the edges of her closed cuntlips as she quivered and seeped her juices from between them. He licked the juices from the edges and swallowed, telling her she tasted delicious. Joyce was nearly mad with desire as she begged him to pleasure her with his tongue or she would die.

“Now,” she yelled. “Fuck me now!”

I slapped out some fast licks to the left cheek then repeated them on the right one. I could have sworn they gave off different sounds. When she tensed her muscles, the tone changed. When I slowed, she urged me on. Soon the color, even under a deep tan became a nice shade of pink.

"It means everything without the conscious knowing. I think you want me and you don't even know it."

Letting her have her fun I decided to stand as close as possible without attracting the men's attention. I was so close I could smell her perfume, but was afraid to say anything as she appeared to be having a good time tormenting me. Kate looked incredibly sexy as her milky white breasts heaved and jiggled in the tight dress every time she laughed at one of their jokes. The taller guy made no attempt to disguise the fact that he was stroking her suspender belt strap. In fact he tugged at it a couple of times, which actually made Kate squirm; a sure sign that she was getting turned on.

I coaxed Rachel into finally confiding one of her fantasies to me. I was surprised but delighted.

"And at least we'll get to say we tried." He felt her rest her head on his shoulder.

Willow flushed as her body began to respond to his caress. "Yes, I want you to let me go." She said threw clenched teeth.

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"Yes, I did. It's not easy for girls like me, who never did that well in school. I can't be a doctor or a lawyer. Your boss is sweet, he's charming when he wants to be, and he's really not that demanding. I know I can't do this forever and he'll get tired of me eventually, but for now he's paying the bills. But enough about me, let's talk about you," she said.

“Ashley Fox pleased to meet you.”

He took a quick glance at the white sheet of paper where he'd written down Lucinda's address. The bold black print stared back at him as if it was trying to warn him not to go look for her. She might have abandoned me, but she is still my mother. I need to find her so I can move on with my life, Jake said in his mind.

“No. Really. I am interested.”

Clawtips traced lightly down the lines of her nightgown, tipping at the hem for a second. Withdrawing, Brandon scanned the darkened chamber, spying silken scarves on the dresser. Smirking anew, he rose with caution, careful to not waken her.. yet, and fetched five scarves, returning soon to her sleeping grace.

"To be honest, I really don't want to go out of the hotel." She glanced out towards the main doors off the lobby and the street that lay beyond. I got her drift. There were paparazzi everywhere in her world. It was fortunate one hadn't jumped out of the fireplace in the corner yet but it was pretty late on a weeknight and the staff at this particular hotel was pretty good. Jesus, now I was worried about paparazzi. What the hell is going on. Someone pinch me. "How about my suite? We could call in room service?" She said innocently.

Time was passing and I was getting more and more desperate to fuck her. When I cleared my ICWA entrance recently and that was come to know me on 1st Jan. 03 - that day CA and ICWA results were declared- I hugged her deeply on the pretext of joy and as if I am doing it unintentionally I keep her in my embrace for almost a minute. When I released her, she was blushed and was shying. Because this time I touched my full erection to her body. Later I was thinking that she might surely complain this to our parents so in evening when our mom came home I hugged her in the same manner -as I hold my sister in noon- but obviously this time my penis was not erected! She didn’t said anything but matter was not progressing at all. I was searching for all possible chances. I started to withdraw underwear while sleeping and was sleeping on merely a pyjama or bermuda or on shorts so that she should view my erection like a tent and should make further move.

No, Allison thought. I’m too smart for that obvious trick.

I told him about my divorce and breakup with my girl friend earlier. I also told him about the earlier drinking, my curiosity and just taking the chance opportunity to take the turn off to the park that I had heard about to see what it was really like. Obviously he knew then that I wasn’t a queer looking for a serious male relationship.

Jeff reached for the clasp on the side of her skirt and opened it. She froze as she felt him grip the zipper and slowly draw it down her thigh, her smooth flesh being revealed inch by inch. When he finished she made no move to stop him, only felt it as he slid past her bare legs to drop them around her ankles. His fingers traced up her thighs, both examining and adoring. She felt on display, open to him. The thought made her wet.

"I won't tell you John. It's really none of your business. That's what the Navy wants to know and I won't tell them anything. So don't ask. OK?" she said

Mary turned to Isobel “That’s what men always do, isn’t it. They’re afraid to really talk about stuff.” She turned back to Jim, who was sinking a little lower in the water and feeling his balls retracting into his stomach.

While I was holding her down, she started to shout insult after insult at me. Some were a bit racist (she being Hispanic, me being white, when we did this, we both used racial insults, but they were just hollow, adding to the mood).

"I don't know; what have you been doing since you've been here?"

"See what you made me do! You ungrateful…"

After sitting with my parent for half an hour, I went to my room took a shower and waited for my Bhabi's call. Ultimately She knocked at my door after 45 minutes and asked me to follow her. I saw she was wearing her black silk gown.

“She needs to stop. I’m about to cum,” I told Charlotte.

"Fuck me." I screamed.

"I want to fuck you, Bret, but not tonight," Sara said. "Josh might come by here if I'm not home when he gets home. But promise me we'll make love."

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The girls watched a movie and I sat in my room watching them how ironic. Anyway around 8:00 p.m. or so Tina showed up with a cast on her ankle and in crutches. The girls ordered Chinese tonight, and we started to drink more heavily and decided that we would play dare again. This time there was no truth. Just DARE!

"Hi I'm Mrs. Kelly, I'm here to see my husband," she mumbled.

It was at that moment the door to the sauna opened. Nobody inside noticed as they were all making far too much noise. Jane's hubby slipped into the steam, the low visibility in the sauna masking his arrival. Without realising that there was now another extra person in the room, Will continued to selfishly abuse Jane's tight rectum. After a few moments Shirl was the first to become aware of the fact that they were all being watched. First she saw his face emerge from out of the steam as he watched his wife being pleasured at both ends. Shirl noticed that his cock was fully erect and sticking out from under the towel that he was wearing around his waist. Before she could protest, he shed the towel and slowly began to massage his prick. He stood very close to her in a dominating gesture, and Shirl quickly realised just how excited he was and that he fully intended to squirt his load of cum all over his wife's face.

"Nurse Fiona, prepare the subject for an enema!" Making sure her breasts were pushed as close to my face as possible Fiona gently released a catch on the table and swung it at a slight angle so my head was above my feat, then she removed a small piece of the table, a semi-circle between my legs, and attached a stand to the side of the table.

I just stand there getting colder and colder. I don't know what to do. One of my interviews might actually hire me I think. But I don't even have the bus fare to get there.

Kouzaris leaned forwards, and Melissa's pretty green eyes flickered with shameful pleasure as he began to gently caress her supple breasts again... but this time his hands quickly began to work higher, smoothing the warm ropes of semen across her shoulders.

"Now, that was nice," Professor Edwards said from somewhere close behind me. I was beyond worrying about being shy or self-conscious. It was the first thing he'd said since I'd arrived, and I noticed his voice was almost unbelievably deep and husky from watching us. "You've got a hot little devil on your hands," he commented.

He soon learned that there was more to her than just her looks. The astonishing body hid a mind like a steel trap and a dry wit that left him in stitches. As the two became closer friends, the sexual tension rose like floodwaters, threatening to drown them both.

I grinned at her before looking back up at the stage as a leggy brunette walked up the small stairs. My curiosity was piqued as she had a red cape held tight around her, covering her from neck to mid-thigh. Suddenly all of the lights near the stage went dark and the music went silent. I looked around to see if it was a malfunction or something and the music started up again. I was surprised at the quiet, slow pace of what sounded like a classical piece of music, but not one I was familiar with.

Dave was so aroused by this he started to stiffen again.

I received a call from Cindy, and she invited me over to her house. I accepted immediately, and ran to my room. I found a white tank top, and put it on. It didn't look very good on me. So I took off my bra and teased my nipples until they were erect. I looked in the mirror and saw my nipples through my shirt. That was the look I was going for. I put on some small shorts, that would show some cheek when I bent over, and ran to Cindy's house.

Peterson nodded. "The club has been having some problems. I'll let Mrs Janisi explain."

I took a moment to think really hard on how to start the whole thing. It was hard to think with her staring at me with such anger though. I wanted so hard to make it better but I wasn't sure I would be able to. "I'm sorry for what I said to you that night..."

"But Bhaiya, you do enjoy taking my bra off, don't you?" Kajal asked cheekily.

She responded. "I love veal; my husband doesn't. I often order it when we're out, but I've never prepared it at home. How are you going to cook it?"

"Do you want to unwrap me too?" he smiled at her.

He starts moving the latex cock faster on my throbbing bud. Rubbing it over and over until my legs start to quiver as I near orgasm. Ohh I hope he's going to let me cum I think to myself just as he pulls it away.

At Chris' suggestion I gave up wearing bras and I wear see through tops and I don't wear panties, even under micro-mini skirts . It is a lovely to feel the breeze under my tiny skirt wafting around my smooth naked sex lips. When going to the beach it is always quite clear to others that I have no knickers on to cover me as I wear my shortest skirt which frequently blows up to show my bare pussy and my bum. If it doesn't do it on it's own Chris delights in lifting it up to show my naked state.

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