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February 7th

I said “God””

“Mark! I’m Cumming darling!” I yelped.

"Check your email," I instruct you, finding it difficult to keep the excitement out of my voice. "Talk to you later. Bye!"

"What??" he asked perplexed.

We glance at each other, then back at her. You say, "It's not what you think. We're just friends."

"Don't ... hurt me, please, Mark?" she said in a weak voice. Her tears gave her eyes a dreamy, far-away quality.

"Wait," I told her. "You need to be taught some manners," I said grabbing her and laying her face down over my knee as I knelt down. I yanked up the back of her skirt to find that she had on black silk bikini panties and I started to spank her ass. I continued to spank her as she started to cry and beg me to stop. Finally, I released her and grabbed the microphone again and said, "If you or the Ladies mess with me again I

I missed my man and making love was at the top of the list of things to do when I got back home. Now I would just have to settle for my hand. I was thinking about my man so deeply that by the time I realized it I was grinding against my hand, feeling a wetness that wasn't from the shower. I could feel myself sliding down to the floor as I neared climax, my legs began to quiver and I could feel the tingle permeate my body. I lay in the aftermath and decided it was time to go get dressed. I dried off and headed to my room in my towel and flip-flops.

You will love, too, her long black hair which reaches well down her back. And then her body! Well, Tiffany is a true woman. Her body is deliciously curvaceous. Her breasts are full and large and rounded off by sexy erect nipples. Her arse, too, is well proportioned, offering much for a man to lust after and squeeze and caress. You will imagine that she looks great in tight jeans or short skirts! A soft stomach gives way to a delightful pussy. She usually keeps it smooth and shaven so her cunt lips are clearly visible and accessible to her fingers or my tongue. I love every inch of her - down to her slender, feminine and manicured fingers. She is, quite simply, an exotic and erotic beauty of the first order.

Several of the girls began kissing each other and spreading my cum amongst them and all of them were moaning and groaning about how good it was to taste some cum after all this time. The face rider began shaking now and closed her thighs around my head so hard I thought my eyes would pop out of my skull. She came wave after wave on my face and slowly slid off of me. The blondie leaned down and kissed me passionately and told me she was next.

He had looked for Elijah on the transport, but didn't see him. He sat next to Billy and he had told him that Lij had left earlier than usual and come to the set with P.J.. Sean took this information in and felt his heart sink. He felt like he was losing two of the most important people in his life, three if you counted Alexandra and four if he counted himself. He sighed and sank into a funk that not even the jovial Scot could rouse him out of. All Sean could think of were the words Christine had spoken to him.

Mike started out playing his best to get ahead. But before anyone went broke, he started losing hands. He was even able to affect who won some hands. Then he acted desperate, taking risks as if he was trying to win his money back. They even let him buy more chips, but he lost most of them. The guys all felt like they were finally beating Mike and they teased him.

The atmosphere was a little odd for a while after the crew arrived at the FI booth for Saturday's session. Susan looked a bit fearfully at Jack, but relaxed at his cheerful good morning, given with only a slightly knowing smile. Jamie received the same thing from Jennifer. Nick was cheerfully oblivious, simply happy that his second marathon sex session in as many nights somehow hadn't left him completely spent, but actually feeling great.

Emma needed a treat, and decided to make her way to her favourite designer lingerie store. She hadn't been for a while, as buying her flat had left her managing essentials only, and she was beginning to get fed up of cotton and cheap lace. As she sat on the bus, the image of Stephanie seemed to be burned onto her retina, and the quiet sensations continued. She wondered on how men coped, having to nurse a hard-on in a constantly public situation.

Business was good, so good that most of us were needed in the field. Kathryn and I soon found ourselves on the road at various customer sites. While we were rarely in the same state, we usually called each other once or twice a week.

"Well...yes, Mr. Edwards. But why...?" Suddenly, I understood what the "extra credit" work was. Glancing downward, I could see that slight bulge in his khakis had grown.

"Just don't say that anymore, okay?"

"Hello, Jerry, what's up?" I said in my sexiest voice.

"Damn that girl's like lightening," laughed Todd Kife, the county sheriff.

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I was shining on a gas tank I had just waxed when I saw the bike go by. I didn't recognize the bike or it's rider but I did know by the sound it made right after it passed that it threw a rod. Ten minutes later it was pushed to my shop door. My heart almost stopped when he walked in. He was gorgeous, a real hunk. He walked up to me and smiled, "I see you guys work on Harleys. I think mine is very sick."

Our conversation with Jeanette and Len got increasingly sexual. She asked me if I like to suck cock, and I said of course I did. She asked me if I like anal and said she and her husband did it often. I said I loved anal and that David loved fucking my ass hard. She asked me if I'd ever licked another woman's pussy. I admitted I hadn't. Then she asked if she could kiss me. I almost fainted, and whispered "yes, please."

"Home," Sierra said quietly.

But he had other ideas. Instead, he dropped to his knees in front of her and pushed her thighs open. Salaciously, Nikki dropped back on her elbows to further expose the underside of her crotch to her excited parent. His strong hands gripped her hips above her legs and pulled her lap to the edge of the bed. Nikki knew what was coming.

"I took you're advice and got her good and drunk..." I began. Anne looked shocked while Dawn laughed and hit my arm.

Alone once again with my husband, I slip back down into the still warm water. I can see that my recent display of lust has left him in an extremely excited state; the bulge in the front of his jeans is large and obvious. I suggest that he take his cock out so that I can help relieve the tension for him, but he quickly assures me that I am going to be far too busy for that. My bathtime is far from over!

As Alan approached him Geoff began to back away, but Alan told him to get on his knees. "Please don't hurt me. Please."

"Oh," Nick grinned, "no, even at this type of show, that wouldn't be allowed. At the booth, we could show the simulator in action on a demo cock, just like you did when demonstrating it for us. We could also show the demo video you shot for the website. A demo of the 3D glasses would also be great at the booth.

Suddenly I felt Kala on the bed behind me. She came up, molding her tiny exquisite body against my back, looking over my shoulder at her friend, lying spread out and helpless, about to take my cock.

Caden grabbed the open bag of potato chips between them and placed it into his lap to disguise the fact that his eyes had been wandering where they shouldn't have been in the first place. He munched away at the chips and pretended that nothing was going on in his pants.

The truth of the matter is that I didn't feel good. I had taken advantage of somebody. It wasn't right. It had been more fun to masturbate after having her twisting body rub against me while I tickled her during a bad movie. Fuck! Fuck! I felt guilty as hell. How soon could I slink back to the room and sneak into bed?

“Owee! Please, not so hard.”

Craig needing no further encouragement and took his cock in his hand and fed the tip to her puckered arse hole. With a smooth single stroke the head of his cock eased into her arse hole with a pop. Resting a moment Craig waited until my wife eased back onto his tool pushing him into her arse. Mike had slowed his fucking pace as Craig and my wife accommodated each other. Inch by inch my wife slid further onto his cock. Her heads hung low and she groaned in a low animal tone. Finally almost all the stud’s entire long shaft was inside her.

Inside the dressing room I almost lost my nerve but I couldn't very well hide out in there so I stripped out of my jeans and Baby Phat t-shirt and donned the dress. The woman had been right the dress showed of my figure and looked damn sexy but I doubted I would purchase it. Just the thought of walking out of the dressing room sent a shot of self-consciousness through me. If I had occasion to wear the garment chances are I'd be a nervous wreck. I was about to take the dress off when there was a knock on the fitting room door. "Aren't you going to let me see?" The woman asked. I shook my head and realized that she couldn't see the motion. Before I could say anything at all she opened the door. I know I should have been mad or at least a little put out that she would just invite herself into a space that should have been private but rational thought left my head as her eyes swept over me. She made me feel sexy without so much as a word. When she looked into my eyes I wondered if I'd been struck mute. I couldn't have said a word if my life depended on it. I was so caught up in the intensity of her eyes I almost missed it when she whispered "Damn." I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks as I blushed yet again. She entered the dressing room fully and shut the door without even turning around.

* * * * *

“I know I’m new to this, but I promise that I will try to do better to control you. I understand now just how much you seem to enjoy it,” my son says to me letting his hand run from my ass down between my legs.

“Oh God how I want you right now!” I whisper, kissing you while my hands reach down and unzip your pants, releasing your cock from them. One of your hands is caressing and squeezing my breast, you can feel my nipple hardening with your touch. Your other hand has slipped inside my panties, your hand rubbing against my pussy and your fingers slipping inside my moisture.

I slipped the key quietly in the lock and deftly opened the door. The entrance passage of the hallway was already suffused with the first rays of the morning sun. The sounds of the Indian morning were rising from the street below. Not that I needed any reminding that I’d been out all night. What had begun as a dinner party thrown by my American boss Belinda had developed into rather more than that.

"So," Ali instructed, "I can't really see down there, so just scoop up whatever you want with your finger. Is there enough there?"

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I noticed that he was angry with me, and just after few seconds his mother stepped inside and hugged me tightly and told me to sit.

L- No.

Lydia was talking right now, "I mean, he was a good fuck and all but it's not like I wanted him to stick around afterwards! If I hadn't been so horny I would've chased him off in the first place."

“ Shannon, you are really too much. ” I said to her.

He tried to stand, his legs shook and he plumped back down on the hard stone floor. Holding his heads in his hands, he wondered what was going to happen next.

Chan meanwhile stepped into the bathtub and mixed the water, taking hold of the showerhead. Directing the spray onto his pubic area, the throbbing water felt good on his tired skin that he spent a few minutes indulging in this pleasure.

She didn't resist as his hands roughly parted her thighs. His weight shifted, and he moved to kneel between them. She felt his hands fumbling with the rest of her buttons, and her hand covered his shyly where the rested just above her belly button.

"Thanks ever so much" she said with gratitude.

I took her over and introduced her. The guys didn't let me down, they may have had a couple of pints inside them, but they managed to be polite when the boss's wife was with them. Except for Drew, who whispered in my ear "I don't blame Tim. I'd have gone back for a pair of tits like that."

"I love you," I softly whisper.

His erection was immediately enormous. It would do him good to wait!

"Thank you, Master," she whispered, her eyes held captive by His gaze as her heart soared at His kind words. "i only wished to ensure your happiness, Sir."

Kim had lived with Dave for twenty years, and knew how he thought. To herself she mused, "I know that Dink. He would not miss this." In a loud stage voice, she announced, "You know, this has been fun. Let's you and I open up the Best little Whore house West of the Ohio River?"

“No. No problem.”

Ren pulled her finger from her cunt and said "Her mom will this do." Peggy was unable to do anything about it. Daughter or not she wanted to eat a cunt.

'So' Clea said through a mouthful of wine 'what's he got you writing about?' I briefly described the outline of the article to her. 'Sounds like fun, but you can't use me, eh?' I nodded. 'Who do you plan on using?'

After a few seconds, he broke the kiss abruptly and forced the leash, and me in turn, down to the floor on my knees and elbows. He directed Sue to get her pussy in my face, as he walked around behind me and yanked the thong right off me, tearing it easily. He dropped to his knees and pushed his fingers roughly into my cunt, stirring my juices and causing more to flow. I groaned but was cut off from it by Sue's cunt, as she shoved it into my face immediately. I licked and slurped her pussy and clit like there was no tomorrow, egged on further by her moans and gasps.

Her head is flopping from side to side, her hips are undulating, her cunt dripping wet as multiple orgasms ripple through her body. She screams her pleasure and then relents as her climax subsides.

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As had become her habit since she arrived at Fran's house, she took a walk after finishing the breakfast dishes. While she walked along the road behind the cabins, she found herself thinking about Larry. The more she thought about him, the more she realized she was thinking about the young man as if they might have a future together.

That night after dinner the boat was motoring to the next days dive site, the wind having slackened to a slight breeze. The rumble of the motors would mask the sounds of their lovemaking, Dinah thought, as Mark rubbed the lotion into her lower back. She had a pillow under her stomach and her cute little butt was raised, fully naked. Every few strokes Mark would slide his fingers along her pussy. "You're really wet already, you thinking about last night?" he said, still wearing a pair of shorts.

I turned off the machine and took his throbbing cock inside of my mouth and began to give him a blowjob that he would not soon forget. I deep throated him time and time again.

“I’m already soaking wet watching this,” Lisa said as Ray began stroking in and out of Mary’s pussy, forcing her head to buck into Lisa’s crotch. Lisa’s legs were wrapped around Mary Beth’s head as her orgasm began.

"Shut up!" I screamed. "You all just don't get it!"

"Quiet now, don't distract me or else," she replied.

“I…I’m not sure,” he replied. His broad shoulders slumped a little. Suddenly, he leaned his head back against the wall. “I’m not even sure why I’m here,” he muttered.

‘Would you cross your legs please, Barbara,’ asked Mario. She did so without hesitation, and this made the dress even more revealing, and I could just see a hint of stocking top as the dress rode up her thighs. This didn’t seem to bother Barbara in the slightest, and she stubbed the cigarette out and took another swig from her wine glass.

Come on now Candace, what did you expect me to think? You just met me and invited me to your house in the middle of the night, you answer the door wearing hardly nothing and we've been touching each other quite a bit. Yes!! she exclaimed, just touching. I'm not ready to have sex with you. Well, he said, as I see it, you really don't have a choice in the matter, now do you? What do you mean? she asked. You're gonna get fucked tonight Candace, I didn't come all the way over here in the middle of the night to talk in front of a fireplace. I want you to leave, she said, beginning to cry.

As the huge outline of my hard cock is revealed, Jake looks into my eyes and smiles. "Are the pants too tight? I think maybe I misjudged your size!".

Jane gave a crooked smile back and nodded, "Yeah, I was trying to figure out what to do next. I can't believe it's so slow."

She looks at the decor. The house is indeed beautiful, filled with Chinese and European antiques. Li Wu is evidently a man of refined tastes, a collector of art objects, a person of sensibilities.

Diane's hands reached around him, clawing at his back as her feet bounced off his ass. Her mouth ran across his cheek, searching. Her lips found his and they kissed for the very first time. Her tongue darted into his mouth as his manhood shot up into her tunnel over and over. They kissed sloppily, moaning into each other's mouth as he took her right there on her couch. The couch was squeaking a little as his thrusts became more violent.

"It got me out of a speeding ticket. The cop was pretty yucky, but he wanted a BJ."

"Ross, oh, oh, oh, Unnnggghhh," a long moan came from her, her body stiffening as the first waves of the orgasm started crashing through her. She jerked several times, her back arching hard, her legs tightening up, clenching against his sides. She was embedded on his cock, her pussy alive as she felt each twitch and jerk of his cock. The orgasm continued, pulsing deep inside of her. She moaned hard several times, slowly becoming less rigid as the orgasm slowly subsided. She finally collapsed on top of him, her pussy clenching and relaxing on his cock. Her face was buried into his neck, soft kisses coming from her lips, covering his neck and face.

All these month's I knew he was sad, but I thought he was getting better. I was wrong. his grief was still fresh in him. He had kept the worst of it hidden from me. But it was still there. In fact it had gotten worse. He was sitting on a blanket next to my mom's plot. As I walked up I could hear him talking to...her.


Steve stopped fucking me for a moment to watch me suck Greg's cock. Oh fuck, I love to have someone watch me suck cock an to me its no fun it you do not swallow their sweet nectar. He then resumed fucking my cunt.

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She opened her eyes again, looked out the window at Rob and Sam, and then at me. Her lips were so red.

As Katy said this, Sheila was busy taking care of the shaving of her other body parts. She kept herself neatly shaven so maintenance was not difficult. She found herself becoming excited by the thought of Katy shaving her.

I don’t hear from my mother much these days but I don’t care. With my sister I’ve found love that’s real; I know I’m way ahead of the game.

"Hello Beth. Take us to your room."

Diane reached underneath her with her small hand, even before she got into position, and grabbed his thick member. She raised his manhood straight up into the air and moved her pussy over it. He could feel her wet slit pressing against the tip of his cock as she ran him quickly to her entrance. She let go of his cock when it was in position, and pressed down.

Steve's colleagues all said "Oh go on we insist you have to."

Then I moved back and just stared at her. "What?" She asked.

She sighed as she leaned against the wall spreading her legs and humping her pussy on my fingers, while I sucked her nipples.

I gave her my best smile, and said, "Hi, Melissa, Nice to see you here!" She beamed at me remembering her name, we chatted a bit about bowling. Then she mentioned that she got one of my flyers. I told her I was running a promotion for new clients. She gave me a sweet look and said she was thinking about giving it a try.

“Don’t patronize me Desdemona. I want you, but I want you willing, I want you mine, completely mine. I’m not interested in your professional self, your phone self. I want YOU Desdemona, do you understand that?”

"You have one chance, now, to take them and put them on yourself."

The wildest idea that crossed Allison's mind was to simply go out and pick up a guy, perhaps closer to her own age, and bring him home when she knew Tony would stumble upon the two, hoping it would not so subtly tell her barely legal teenage lover she had moved on. Still, with all the pain Tony had been through, Allison just couldn't bring herself to be that cruel.

"I have to go. I have a delivery."

"You like that man?"

" I could move down the bed and pleasure him with my mouth." she added with a grin, then continued, "I started at the tip of his cock and licked to the base. Long, slow licks. I heard Jax moan when I sucked on his balls then moved back up his shaft. When I reached the top again, I took his cock between my lips and sucked it into my mouth. He groaned louder when it touched the back of my throat." Gayle smiled, thinking of Jax's pleasure.

I collapsed onto her back pushing her to the ground pulling my self out of her. I moved off of her turning her to me. I pulled her face to mine my lips touched hers and I began kissing her deeply feeling her lips part for my tongue as I mashed her to me.

She looked at me with amazement as I helped her off the counter, and I said, "Questions?" She was a little lightheaded and I caught her before she fell and sat her down.

Lori was a quiet and faithful wife. Until her friend, April, introduced her to R.D. and was quickly introduced to black sexing. Faithful no more, Lori began her transformation into a lustful woman with only sex on her mind ...

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"I like the way you look in my shirt," I said,but I sensed a hint of tension as we stood now, face to face, in the early morning light with full view of each other's body. She smiled, looking down a bit as she sipped on her coffee, but said nothing...

"No! Please. I want you."

She tries so hard to hold back, feeling the betrayal of her body, knowing she should fight this. He, relentless on her and soon she can’t control the screams that come from her.

* * * * *

A smooth, dark black face in a sea of white, the 18 year old boy took four steps inside the room before Lydia and her welcoming party met him in the center aisle.

"You're an engineer? They didn't grow engineers like that when I was in college. They were all guys who walked around with a pocket full of pencils and had slide rules hanging from their belts."

I found myself becoming increasing bolder and making up excuses to rub my crotch against her ass. I guess it was because she hadn't complained that I had been continuing down the same path.

I think I must have passed out at some point but when I awoke I was in chains on the floor. I was covered in cum so Mistress ordered me to the shower to clean up.

The next morning, despite the fact I'd had too much fucking beer the night before, I got up at a reasonable hour because I was really keen to set eyes on Gina again. I was disappointed. I'd made breakfast - flapjacks washed down with lashings of hot coffee - and she didn't show.

"Better hurry or you'll be stripping for the whole PE class," he said motioning me to get a move on.

"Come in," she said.

She showed up about 15 minutes later, and after knocking on the door, I let her in. She looked as beautiful as ever, but tired, as though she hadn't been getting a lot of sleep. We sat down on the sofa and she looked at the notice. "Well, obviously I'm no lawyer," she said. "But it looks like Ted is serious. Have you heard from him at all?"

"Oh baby! It's never been this good with Ron. NEVER!!! Pump me! Gawd, keep pu-umping!"

We lay back down together and my hand returned to caressing her bum and as we kissed again I slowly moved it around to the front of her crotch to lightly trace the groove of her sex through the material of her pretty little knickers. My cock was by now rock hard and straining inside my jeans. I slipped my hand down inside the front of her little knickers brushing my fingers over the short trimmed hair of her mound to seek out her soft wet slit. I ran my finger up and down it a couple of times before gently pushing against her pussy to find, and then slide into her hot and wet little hole. Jane gasped softly in my ear.

"What do you think it is?" he replied and cupped her breasts in his hands.

JFINN next concentrating on illustrating the facts:

And the poor girl had reason to feel that way. All her life, she had suffered from poor vision and had to wear glasses. Even as a child, before she entered kindergarten, she had to wear large, heavy-framed glasses because the optician had convinced her parents that children shouldn't be trusted with the more stylish, more fragile frames available. With Robert, her older brother, already a playground bruiser, her parents were easily convinced.

"Okay," Debbie sighed, getting up. "You're such a good friend."

"My God, Stacey!" Carol murmured, "I never thought it was possible to want anyone as much as I want you!" She was so intent on what the young man was doing to her, she had no idea someone else was in the room with them.

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess who was kept locked in a walled enchanted garden by a wicked Witch…”

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"Just you, and how beautiful you looked while sleeping." Kenny said as his hands played across her breasts, making her nipples hard. She was growing excited again, but was still wondering where they were at. Moments before she asked again where they were, her foggy brain finally figured out they were home.

Looking them over as they watched her, she was a little surprised at the differences in their dicks. Hank's was the longest, but it was also the skinniest - but the length was such that if it hadn't been skinny it would have been rather frightening, he looked to be 10 or 11 inches long, the head bobbing way out away from his body. Jake's didn't look very long at all, but that might have been because he was as thick around as a coke can… she hoped that he wouldn't be the first in her ass, she'd much rather have length than thickness when it came to stretching her hole. Both Brett and Ned were somewhere in the middle, with Ned's being more long and slender (although not as long as Hank's) and Brett's being less long and more thick (although not as thick as Jake's.).


(Mistress Calista is twenty-six, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty five pounds, has barely thirty two B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

His back was to me as I reentered the living room. He too was wearing black slacks, with a charcoal/gray sweater, with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows. ‘Hmm, his ass looks awfully nice in those pants.’ I blushed at my thoughts.

"Stop being an idiot Pierre," Marie responded, "Let's get our bags and get out of here."

I shifted my left leg a little higher on the seat and this opened me up a little more. It also made me look like I was really asleep. I'm sure he thought he'd hit the jackpot. I stayed like in this position for a while until it got uncomfortable and eventually decided to turn face up. I wasn't sure how to do this without going through the dress adjustment routine, so without putting my legs down I turned face up. I then dropped my legs to the floor and I could feel the Air Conditioning vent on my pussy so I was sure that I was quite exposed. I actually dozed off at this point, and the next thing I know, the seat belt bell was going off, so I woke up, woke hubby up, and we put on our seat belts.

He grabbed the sunscreen and started to lube himself up, paying special attention to the areas that had never been exposed to the sun.

I ran my hand down between my wife s legs. My fingers slid easily across her. Her pussy was wet with excitement.

“Who says I can’t?” I questioned him.

"You bastard! You know I want a good, hard ass-fucking, don't you? I'll give my ass to you. I'll bend over and spread my ass cheeks nice and wide, and you'll see my pretty little hand slipping back and forth between my pussy lips, getting all covered in my cunt cream."

After my accident changed the make-up of my brain function and allowed me to control other peoples minds and listen to their thoughts. I had my first encounter with how it worked using my sister-in-law as a guinea pig. Sandra was staying over at our house when my wife was called away to work out of town for a few days. Well what we did with each other still makes my dick hard.

My name is Tom, I’m writing this to kill some time until my wife gets back from wherever she is tonight. She never tells me in advance about what she does when she’s out, or when I’m out for that matter, but she does seem to take great pleasure in sharing the details with me when she’s ready. Let me start at the beginning, so that you can understand how our marriage ended up in the erotic state that it’s in.

I also asked her to ensure that she had removed all body hair.

'We'll take that one' Sally pointed at the pink beaded rabbit exactly the same as her own. 'And we need some batteries and lube too, please.'

Coach walked over and looked them over, “Let’s clean those floor burns. The rest of you might as well hit the showers. We’ll call it an early evening.”

I'm taking a shower enjoying the warmth of the water on my skin as I totally immerse my face under the heavy flow. I'm humming some random song as I think of the evening ahead. Once my shower is over, I get out of the shower and prepare myself. Lotion, scented oil, powder, the outfit purchased in anticipation of this exact occasion.

"Yes, I do whatever you say," Mariko said.

“Hey guys,” Shannon said making her way outside carrying two glasses of lemonade. “I thought I’d take a swim, no sense letting you have all the fun,” she said handing John a glass.

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“I know! I’ve narrowed it down to either my older brother or my little brother, but how would my little brother get his hands on this?” Scott asked in a puzzled manner.

"Okay, Miss," he began to say but she cut him off and told him to call her "Cassandra."

"Let's go find a room someplace," I suggested, "I want to eat that pussy of yours."

"I am going to throw a party for a few of my girlfriends, a lingerie and sex aid party, and you are going to be the guest of honour.'

"Errr, I think so." He said as he disappeared into another room.

Her pussy felt amazing, between her being so wet and slippery and me being so engorged. Each time her ass smacked down on my upper thighs, it was as if an additional wave of pleasure shot through me. I could tell as she rode me harder and faster that she was trying to suppress the noises that wanted to escape. As her pace continued to increase, I suspected she was closing in on an orgasm. I hoped that my stimulating her clit was increasing the overall satisfaction she was feeling. I knew for myself that the feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock was outstanding, so I hoped she was experiencing the level of pleasure that I was.

"I guess." I replied, and went back to pulling the trouble codes off the Beamer I was working on.

The crowd all cheered in agreement.

"I told you he was good, darling." Dawn said.

"What other elements?" I asked. I had a cold sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"There's NO way I'm going to fuck you Donny. You're my brother-in-law, for God sakes!" She stated, seriously.

He sighed as Nada began to bounce up and down on him and his cock throbbed inside her. Gameela had come up on her knees and was twirling Nada’s dark nipple in her mouth. Gameela fondled Mohammed’s balls in her one hand, and in the other she fingered Nada’s tight little asshole.

"Where's Dylan?" asked her best friend, Libby, as she walked up holding a cup of punch.

You realize straight away that it is not a question. It is a demand. They move slowly apart from each other revealing the satisfaction that I seek. From only a few metres away I can see how wet you have already become as the soft light reflects off the juices spread all over your swollen pink lips. You lay there with your legs spread in front of me, wanting me to hurry up and to take my time all at once. You arch your back in a shock reaction as I walk up and bite your hard nipple. It aches for more as I suck it in and I look up to see your mouth open as you breath deeply. You lick your lips and it makes me even harder. My cock brushes past your leg and you can feel how much I want to fuck you. How much I want to use you for pure and wholesome pleasure and nothing more. I leave your nipple and give your soaking pussy one hard and wide lick. Your juices are thick and sweet as I run my tongue around the inside of my mouth to swallow every tasty drip of you. I move around and slide my hard cock inside you when you least expect it. Our bodies don't meet and I pull away again quickly.

Persisting with the change she replied. "Yes a few, I'm going to have some bacon with my toast, do you want some?"

Allison was a petite brunette, her thirty-four C’s strained against the thin tee she wore, her hair fell like a warm dark wave to her butt and her dark eyes were currently locked on the TV in front of her. Her hand slowly moved under the blankets. She moaned suddenly, leaning back and arching upward. She gasped and reach for the remote to flick the TV off.

"Yes, of course," I replied. "I'm sure she'll be glad to have a friend to talk to. Maybe she'll want to give you the true version of the whole nasty story—she certainly didn't want to tell it to me."

Well, when I came in Monday morning, Liza gave me an odd look and asked if we could talk. "Sure, grab me a Diet Coke and we can visit in my office."

So we became close friends that summer, and there were few topics we didn't discuss. Men, sex, hopes and dreams, fashion, politics—we talked about all of these. But, by far, music was our favourite subject.

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“Okay, Ice Queen. But if we lose this game let it be on your head or lack of giving same that it rests,” Sandy replied slipping into shoes with three inch heels that completed her ‘fuck me’ look.

"Oh, this looks so good!" exclaimed Shelly twirling spaghetti on her fork.

"Yes, sir," she smiled back.

Opening her eyes she found him looking intensely at her, and she smiled wickedly back. Moving her body hard and fast, she fucked him again, making his balls ache with pent up cum, he wanted so badly just to be able to take her and throw her down on the bed, fuck her hard while her legs waved in the air. As she continued to torture him she turned the vibrator up to full blast, making his hips jerk underneath her and push his raging dick deeper into her pussy. When she began her third orgasm of the evening he screamed his frustration, and then screamed again in pleasurable pain as she ripped the suckers from his nipples. They felt raw and throbbing in the air and he twisted, pulling at the ropes.

Henderson grunted and pushed, the head of his cock against the teen's anus. He had dropped his shorts one handed while he had probed the girls asshole. His scrawny uncircumcised cock was small but still more then the poor girl had ever experienced.

He had quickly fast-forwarded initially, because he didn't really want to see his mother naked. But then she had gotten out of the shower and put one foot up on the sink to finish shaving around her pussy. The angle of the camera meant that when she lifted her leg it was pointing straight at it. Curiosity had got the better of him and he'd slowed the camera back to normal speed and watched as his mother finished shaving. He assumed that she must have been trimming her bikini line but found himself with an instant hard on when she'd washed off and he'd seen that her pussy was completely bald.

She was about 5'3", shoulder length brown hair that was clipped "up" on the back of her head. Her clothes were the most unusual thing about her - starched white blouse, tight tan riding pants, high black boots.

As Brenda dressed then walked out of the room, George turned to Pam and asked her to stay for a few moments.

I closed my eyes and let my hand travel under the water to the spot I wanted so badly to touch. Then I heard something close by. I opened my eyes and looked around. All four guys were standing there next to the jacuzzi. Hands touched my shoulders and slowly moved down to my upper arms. I was lifted out of the water in one smooth motion and steadied on my feet. No one said a word. My bikini top was untied and I was so glad to feel it come off. The bottom was taken off too. The five of us stood there naked, brushing up against each other with tentative little touches. I looked at each of them in turn. It was just such a huge turn on I felt my knees tremble.

"Damn, Kate, you were always the one the guys on the team wanted to nail. More than the cheerleaders, more than the teachers,"

Oliver sighed. Did he come here to make a confession or to apologize to her?

As a virgin I still feared the experience and wondered constantly what it would be like the first time, how would it feel, would it hurt would I enjoy it? And most importantly, would I be able to have an orgasm. Then there was a question of whether or not I should I let the guy cum inside. What would that feel like when he did? And lastly birth control, which should I use?

She held her wine glass out to me and said, " Let's split one more glass of wine before we go. I could use it."

Danny abruptly broke their embrace and moved away from his sister, but she pulled him back.

"Impressed, aren't you? Feel like sucking it?"

Arriving at the Denon's home, Dan and Denise had to park a block from the house and walk back due to the number of people that had accepted invitations to the party.

Mary is arguably the sweetest girl I have ever met. She is thirty years younger than me and is an absolute ball or fire and energy. We first met in a bar in Holland and then again, quite accidentally two weeks later at a party being hosted by a friend of mine. We were formally introduced and just took it from there. By the end of the evening it was clear that we were going to be spending the night together. Mary took me back to her apartment and showed me what real Dutch hospitality was like. She was just, quite simply, outstanding. Tall, slightly overweight, ginger haired and with large breasts, it was hard to avoid not seeing her.

"Button hook?" you rasp.

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“Um…a little, Sir.”

Bobby says: Hmmmm... sounds ideal

"Yup. Then press the green button when it starts flashing," Ricky said.

Trude was to my right on the sofa next to me and Anna was on my left sitting in the chair.

Julie walked over to him and unbuckled his belt. "It's easier if you kneel," he said. Julie knelt, looking up at him as she pulled his belt off. His shirt was open. He had a lean muscular build much nicer then her husbands body, but then Hank was much younger, closer to her age.

Moving around to her front, he stepped over the bench and roughly grabbed her head thrusting in his rampant cock deep into he mouth. "Suck it," he shouted, as he began to thrust the whole of his cock down his wife's throat. It was not long before he neared orgasm, so taking his cock out of her mouth, he switched places with the dildo, which Lorna had continued to fuck.

This is the second chapter in the series. I thank you all for the positive feedbacks. This series does 'open up' relatively more 'gently' than the other series I have written. As usual I look forward to your comments. Do not hesitate to email me.

Debbie and I also turned onto our sides, and so we were in a delicious triangle, each sucking and pleasuring another. I pillowed my head on Debbie's smooth thigh and licked and kissed and sucked everything I could reach. And I teased gently inside her cunt with two fingers. Angie's mouth was really working fervently now on my iron-hard prick. She was crooning constantly, mostly because I'm sure Debbie was giving her cunt and clit a super workout.

I gasped at the size of his penis. It was 10 inches long and as think as a Coke bottle. “Don’t worry,” I told him. “I’m not offended. You shouldn’t be ashamed of something like that, as impressive as it is. To tell you the truth, it kind of turns me on.”

So there was dad with his tongue up mom's ass, and me with my dick in her mouth, face fucking her. This was great!

We sat on the floor of the mountain cave, my sister Temara and I, with our faces buried in the dusty sweat-and-lanolin smelling folds of our father's robe. Even so, we could see the throbbing, flashing glare of light behind us. Every now and then one of us would risk a look upward. All we saw was the continuous play of fiery light on the walls of the cave, on the planes of Pa's face, and reflected in the darkness of his eyes. In the distance, we heard thunder. Occasionally, a slight tremor ran through the ground, as far away from the destruction as we were.

As I got ready Monday morning to go to the dreaded English class I was still a little scared but I was also a little turned on now. I had never really paid that much attention to my own body. I went to the school's gym three times a week but I had never noticed exactly how good I looked.

He slid a finger inside my pussy, still tight despite it's earlier pounding at the mercy of his good-sized dick. I grinned, arching my back a little in the way I knew he liked. A second finger followed the first, curving up inside me, pumping....and then...

I stood in the closet enjoying my little show waiting until the time was right for me to release myself from these cuffs and to go join in on the action. "God girls I can't take any more," I pleaded from my position. "Please let me join in. I promise I will be a good boy from now on. No more perverted actions from this guy, I promise." But my pleads went unheard as all three became engrossed in what they were doing.

We talked in a desultory way, then five minutes later, Chelsea rejoined me, all flushed, but smiling happily. Paul immediately opened the car door, waiting for us.

Abdul and Kevin came over to help him, but he shrugged them away. He held me tightly in his arms, and carried me out of the room. Somewhere in my scrambled brain, a memory stirred.

He took her hard and fast, leaving his cum deep inside her asshole. Pulling close they fell asleep. When he woke a few hours later, felt his cock still inside her. {the -phone rings] Reaching for the phone he slipped out. "Hello, yes Mr. Billiards, just fucking a beautiful young lady. Don't know, let me ask. " he said. "Hey baby, Mr. Billiards would like to know if you'd be interested in having him here with us?" he asks. Getting her mouth real close to the phone. "Sure would love having two cocks, Come over and I'll suck, lick, kiss your cock till you cum all over my face. " she whispers into the phone. moving she climb over him and stands up. "Tell him he has 10 minutes to get here if he wants to fuck me. " she said, then walks out of the room.

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"Beth, not one of those guys knows who you are. Who cares?"

The man finished his piss, but not once did he stop pounding her succulent ass. The woman grabbed both sides of the table and began to push herself back at him, meeting his every thrust. She loved it in her ass and was thrilled at the idea that the first time he took her in it was also done so in front of her best friends. She would tighten her ass together and would try and milk his cock for all it was worth.

"You will be there, right?"

Stacey nodded at me and led the way back to the 'BDSM Corner'.

La screamed at him. "How dare you? I am your Queen and your priestess! I will call down the wrath of the Flaming God upon you! You and all who stand by and watch this desecration." But the beast men were not moved. They pressed forward to watch their Queen ravaged and raped, their small minds awash with thoughts of vengeance. La's fingernails dug into her palms and she ground her teeth, waiting for the terrible plunge of that massive cock into her virgin cunt.

"Well Phil, it's been a long time," Mr. Addemly replied, quietly. He seemed to be handling being caught with his dick in his partner's daughter's mouth pretty well. "But, as best I remember, she's every bit as good as Anne was."


It was still so amazing to realize I was doing these "dirty" things with my brothers. I was so turned on by the entire incest concept. I loved feeling so uninhibited with my brothers. I enjoyed them looking at my naked body with lust in their eyes. It was such a turn on, knowing that my tits and my puss excited them and made their dicks hard!

Posing still with unassailable innocence on the lounge, she pulled the straps down to the point of both nipples teasing the viewer with their seeming imminent disclosure. He found himself seriously challenged to keep his mind on the photography. She had a definite aptitude for this he decided...probably all girls did!

"Go to the lingerie section and pick out a red Basque, panties and stockings. Take them to the men's changing rooms then call me when you have then on" Master hung up the phone.

"Yeah, yeah. How often did you give her the benefit of your little finger?"

Andy went on to add times when he felt like having sex and what triggered his appetite. Yet, what shocked me the most was how he often mentioned that he would like to see me have sex with other men. Often there was simply a date listed with a location, his note would say that he noticed a certain man noticing me and he would have like to see me have sex with that man. He would include in his notes how he would picture the scene. He would say, “I wish Jenny would have just gone over to the blond guy at the other table and given him a blowjob. We both knew he was staring at her legs.”

He watched those hands as they finally made their way to his cock. He was rock hard as both of her hands started to stroke him. Her thumbs moving over his head while her hands moved up down forced him to utter a small moan. So many times he had touched himself imagining this, it was almost surreal to have her here. Her hands were small but warm and he was quickly finding himself wanting more.

"Is something wrong, Jimmy? You seem to be very quiet. I haven't seen you for over a week and I expected you to talk my head off. What's up?"

Your knuckles go white as you clutch her hip, pulling her onto your cock, and I know you're coming too.

Anne said, “I know, I don’t think Eric has a problem with you doing this to him.”

"Jack? Kathy? Anybody home?"

She got the idea, and held it at the base while planting kisses first on the tip, then wide, then all the way down near her hand. I smiled as I watched the woman lovingly smooch the hardening missile all over, bathing it in kisses and spit. She looked up and me and I nodded, giving her approval and encouragement. She raised her eyes, as if to ask if she could suck it, and I nodded my head.

Trent looked a lot like Hardy. He was a couple years older than my twenty-three year old boyfriend. He was 6'4-considerably taller, and was even more athletic looking.

Luckily, just down the street was a woman who I believed could help me with my idea. I had helped Vianne with some computer problems she was having, and in so doing found her PC to be filled with pictures of lesbian sex. On top of that, she was a beautiful black woman. About 5'10" tall, her skin was a wonderful dark brown, and I was betting her measurements at around 36c-26-38. The question was how I would approach her.

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He was a true and decent man, who showered her with such love and tenderness and made her feel so completely and wholly loved, but there was another who had ignited a passion inside of her the likes of which she had never known. Many times she had tried to forget him and push him from her mind, but the desire that he awoke in her caused her will to weaken and force Matt back into the forefront of her fantasies. The very thought of him caused her arousal and as she washed her breasts her nipples began to harden, part from her manipulation, but also from, her desire. She loved Peter with all of her heart, but he had never been able to drive her desire the way that Matt had done, and he had never been able to fill her with such animal lust and sexual fury the way Matt did.

With the phone off, Sharon figured she could finally get down to getting well fucked. But then the back door opened and their daughter Jennifer came home from school with her school friend Courtney, calling out: "Hi Mom, I'm home! Got any snacks?"

The two youngest thought I was the coolest and scampered out of the house in the direction of their friend's house intent on telling them Dad is wearing a bridal gown and a wig. Jean caught them on the way out as I went into our bedroom.

"So how long have you been here in town, Katie?" she asked.

She was cumming I could tell but it wasn't the big explosive orgasm she craved. She turned her self on her back and had Kenny do the work that he was physically perfect for. He thrust his black rod up her vagina until she was crying with lust!

"Yes, I know. In yours and Jane’s I put a whole three month pack of my hormone replacement therapy, estragon." She replied, with a smile. "By tomorrow, you should start to grow breasts and be more feminine."

"It appears so." Jackson said.

Coming up behind her, he reached his hand beneath the drab, tan-colored fabric to caress the bulging swell of her swollen belly. She gasped in delight as he rubbed the tenderness of her outward-thrusting navel. He ran his hands along the soft sphere, feeling the kicking of her twins within her. She pressed back against him, rubbing her ass against his crotch, succumbing suddenly to what she thought were her own sexual urges. After all, what could go wrong? Not like he could get her pregnant! If she only knew…

After that it was just moans and mumbling. I did the trick again, then massaged in circles with the tip of my tongue. Then I moved down to his balls, cupping them and licking. Working slowly back to his dick, stroking it as I took as much as I could into my mouth. Sucking, licking, stroking, then starting over again.

Oh she was wet; her body looking as if the shower head was streaming a constant cascade over her. Sweaty rivulets ran down her back into her ass crack, her cleavage also a valley of torrentional perspiration.

"Whose shit do you think that is all over his greasy cock? I don't swim very well; he told me if I didn't do what he wanted he'd throw me overboard. Take me to a hospital immediately; I want a medical exam. That's my right under the law. You can tell your crewman there that he's wasting his time. I've have CMT training; he's dead. He took some pill and washed it down with Gin." And then the young woman broke down into sobbing, body shaking tears.

"I'm sorry Erin, oh God I'm so sorry." I handed her a plastic shopping bag emblazoned with the Video Hut logo.

Well, my Uncle Phil did in fact set my mother up with my Uncle Rick and after he fucked her singly a few times, both him and my Uncle Phil began double teaming her on a very regular basis.

Sue and Candi exchanged blank looks.

His lips came down on hers again, his tongue pushing insistently inside her mouth as he finger fucked her pussy. She rocked against his hand as Mitch pushed more fingers into her. Wetness leaked down between her ass cheeks as need gripped her body. Arousal soared through her, pushing her closer to the edge.

His words thrilled Sharon. She wanted him to want her! The hand massaging her breast felt so good! It had been so long - too long - since she'd felt this wonderful! She needed to be made love to! Badly!

Both men smiled as I came in. I couldn't just leave so I started to shower trying to face away from the others. But as much as I tried I simply had to look again. They were both standing together facing in the same direction with one hand around their penis.

Then the other German grabbed ahold of the figure on the ground, and Abraham could see that it was a young woman.

He poked his head inside, had a look, then entered the house proper and called out. 'Hello? Anyone home?'

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I purr in pleasure at what I see there, the silkiness my fingers encounter, the heat a mere hint of what is possible. Turning, I draw my face closer, to nuzzle you there, to let my lips caress this source of pleasure. My warm sighs brush the surface of your flesh, my fingers gently direct your hardening shaft, bringing the head to my mouth, my lips pushing at the retreating foreskin, tongue circling the tip, curling around the flared crown's edge.

"Dani," she said feeling naked in the bikini as the black giant's gaze swept over her body.

"Nice to meet you," I began to say but she cut me off with a kiss. And what a kiss. Her lips burned against mine, her tongue darted between them and began to tussle with my tongue. I kissed her back hungrily, tasting the wine she'd drunk.

Josh just watched her. “What are you doing Mom?” he said in his best actor’s voice.

He stepped toward her and picked up the canister and handed it to her. He was so obedient it made her smile. She knew about boys like him.

It only took a few more sweet, precious seconds before his balls tightened. I knew this was the moment and quickly slipped my slick, sweat-covered little finger into the puckered opening in his crack. This surprised him and he cried out, and soon a warm, creamy stream shot down my throat. At the same time, tears filled my eyes as my clitoris swelled and a tingling sensation went out from my hot center. I wiggled the finger in his anus a little, and his thighs raised off the couch, plunging his member as far down my throat as it would go, still spewing the salty nectar.

"What time is it?" I asked as I realized I had an urgent need for the bathroom. David helped me up and carried me to the toilet. I was amazed at how hard it was to stand. How weak I was how I trembled.

Josh's obvious pride led me to believe he had more than a passing hope that Carl would default on his payment. If Carl didn't default, I knew what Santa was bringing my good little brother-in-law-to-be for Christmas. I held out a hand and said "Thanks. I'll never be able to thank you enough for this, Josh" I held out my hand to him

“That hurt, you little bitch,” she said and hit me again. She smacked my ass five or six mort times, hard and fast, and then started rubbing the sore spot hard.

“Alright, that’s enough!” yelled out Cuevas. “The next person to make those types of comments in this class will be suspended. I don’t care who you are or what your popularity is, next time you’re suspended.”

She told me that she had already slept with him and that he was great in bed. She told me that it wasn't serious with them and it was just a fun time.

"Seriously! It shot about ten feet in the air...", replied the proud storyteller.

"Hello Mr. Anderson," Kymberley said timidly as she passed him.


She lay me on the bed and then crawled toward me like some kind of cat and began to suck my cock, really to get it nice and stiff - which means it was not for very long. She lifted her sensual body over me, letting her breasts drop right over my eyes and settled herself down, rising and falling on my shaft as it slid along the outside of her pink slit. Two shags in two days I thought to myself, unbelievable. I was still a little bit sore at the base of my cock from how hard she rode me, and I mentioned the same.

"Are you serious?"

"I'll just have what everyone else is having."

"Are you a St. Stephens student?" Nora asked.

I got into the office at 7:15 AM and took care of things in less than 10 minutes. I was able to escape and be back in my car before anyone even knew I was there. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up what we needed for breakfast and was back at the house by 8:15. I tried to be quiet so Crissy wouldn't wake up.

The bad part was that this was exceptionally fine nachos. You can tell when Murph has had a steak special that didn't go as well as planned. He usually piles up beef strips on the nachos. It ends up being more like fajitas. It must have had two pounds of beef on it.

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His digging apparatus suggestively rubs in the dark cleft between the creamy mountains. They are standing nude on the second floor balcony. The moon is shining high in the South Californian sky. Between her two private moons his finger is exploring another erogenous area. Her student is a diligent worker. Patiently he prepares her dark pit for his formidable drilling tool. His gorgeous teacher welcomes his efforts with loud "aaahs" and "ooohs". Finally his drill is screwing its way through the narrow channel. Happily moving together, teacher and teacher's pet find new ways to penetrate deep in the abyss. He withdraws to evaluate the advance of their drilling efforts. The drilling has been so successful that the pit has blossomed to an impressive crater. Carefully his fingers brush the swollen edge. Sobbing of emotion, his tutor spreads her nether cushions to allow him better access to overview his work area.

"Do you know what they are?" I asked. I was fighting the urge to squirm as I was now REALLY wet and HORNY.

"Yessssssssssss!!!! Again!!! Oh, God!!! Again, Bobby!!!! I'm comming!!!!! I'm commmmiiinnnnnnngggg again!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" she shrieked with ecstasy as Bobby's invading member again drove her into a swirling, flashing world of total bliss.

I jumped a little, startled, and when I realized it was his hand, I said, "Whoa, I don't think you should do that."

My uniform. My g-string. She wanted me to wear it. Wet. Dirty. Bitch.

"You'd better stop leaning out so far or you'll fall," he told her, pushing her back, hoping her blouse would close and hide her beautiful breasts from view once again.

Karria does not move right after I dismount. She does sigh and breath as if she had just run the race of her life. Slowly her breathing returns to a more normal pace.

"I don't give a fuck Brandi, and I know for a fact that Nick never makes it home before midnight so we have plenty of time."

Eric and Emily were now in a 69, Emily was eagerly gobbling up her brother's bloated prick as her brother buried his face between her thighs.

She slid over into my arms and hugged me hard. I felt her wet tits splat against me as she struggled to maneuver her big belly out of the way to hug me closer.

There it was. Right out in the open.

I felt the hood slip over my head. This isn't what I was expecting. I opened my eyes but it was too late--Nothing but darkness and the smell of leather. So much for romance.

At one time in her life, Kate had considered becoming a chef. She loved the smells of cooking, the joy of putting it all together on a plate and seeing the delight on a diner's face. There was a sensuousness to it that reminded her of lovemaking.

I stroked my cock a couple of times to make sure it was as stiff as steel. However, the sight of this magnificent body in front of me, her gorgeous face staring at me in the mirror as she begged me to fuck her pussy, those mammoth tits swinging as she shook in fear, and the perfectly rounded posterior just inches from my aching rod, was more than enough to turn the trick. Without another word I placed the head of my cock on that tiny pucker. She tried to pull away from me, but her restraints gave her little room. I moved the head of my cock minutely, around in a little circle a couple of times, then in and out just fractions, teasing her, torturing her. Then I inserted it into that irresistible ass a couple of inches.

The guy behind the counter said, "What's the matter? Does she want more? I'll give her a hundred bucks for a fuck, she sucks a mean cock."

From previous experiences, I'd discovered that guys like to see a girl play with herself when she's giving a blowjob - I guess it indicates they're actually enjoying the experience themselves, instead of just providing a service. So that's what I did. Making sure he got a good view, I moved my knees further apart on the ground, and began to masturbate with my right hand. My left still had hold of his penis as I brought it in and out of my mouth. I really wanted him inside me, but had promised myself we'd not actually have sex until I was officially broken up with my boyfriend, so instead I'd have to make do with my fingers. I momentarily moved up to meet his face, seductively inserting one, then two, then three fingers into his mouth, which he sexily sucked. I then moved back down, looking up at his face all along, and inserting those same, one, two , three, fingers inside of me. I moaned, and then took him into my mouth again, sucking him aggressively for all I was worth, continuing to moan.

I felt tired but excited that soon I'd see Sarah, Matt and the others. Swinging my bare legs up onto the spare seat, I pressed back into the small pillow squashed against the window. The rough blue wool of the flight rug rubbed against my thighs as I tried to spread the insubstantial thing over me, to cover me from the insistent chill of the air conditioner. My efforts attracted the attention of my gentleman friend across the aisle who smiled at me briefly and turned his attention back to his magazine.

"Ow hi, ah I mean you, I think." Jenny nervous mumbled, as it wasn't exactly the first impression she wanted to present.

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"It's getting quiet." Kay remarked.

“Momma likes that, eh?” Kyle whispered with undisguised glee.

Donna says she knew all along that I had a small prick. I felt my face begin to redden, but I also felt very out of it. Pretty soon I felt someone grab my arms and push me onto the ground. I guess I blacked out for a couple of minutes, because when I snapped out of it. I was on the floor face down, with my hands tied to the sofa corner. I looked around and all three girls were standing there and Donna was standing there holding a small digital video camera taping me and holding some kind of bag. I looked up and ask what the hell she was doing, and she replied that she was going to make sure I never fucked with her again. I asked what that meant and she said she was going to show me. She hands the camera to one of the other girls and she puts the bag down and grabs a bottle of lube. I ask again what are you going to do, she stops, and said, I am going to humiliate you on tape so "If I ever fuck with her again," she was going to put it on the internet and send it to everyone she knew.

After dinner that night, we sat on her front porch in the cool evening air and talked, and for the first time, she asked me about my love life. I was embarrassed and didn't say anything at first. But under her gentle persuasion, I finally opened up and told her about Liza. At first, I skipped the sex parts. I mean, hell, she was just a little younger than my mother, and I sure as hell wouldn't have told my mom about my futile sex life, and told her so.

We ended up in the kitchen with me pouring us all a drink. I'm a scotch drinker so I fixed us all a single malt. Cammi handed Ashley her drink.

"But why are you asking all this to ME?"

They advanced on her slowly.

"I'm sorry, it's being stuck here in bed for so long and not being able to take care of certain things," he began. I wasn't sure what to say or where to look.

Teddy was unsure if he really wanted to tell her what he was thinking. What he wanted was in fact Penny. He was thinking how neat it would be to touch her between the legs, or maybe even get his hand under her panties.

The guy I had been blowing said he would, and lifted me back up onto my knees. "Oh no," I thought, thinking how much it hurt when Jimmy fucked me. He held my hips, and stuck a few inches of his dick into me, and stopped. Maybe it was because he was smaller than Jimmy, or maybe it was because of the cum acting as a lubricant, but it didn't hurt. In fact, it felt good. He wasn't pumping in and out, he was just moving it around in my ass. After a few seconds he slid it in farther, and stopped again. This time, when he moved it around it felt even better. He kept doing that until he had his dick all the way in, and then he started slowly sliding in and out of my ass.

She turned towards him as her completely naked figure was exposed to his eyes. She smiled now. He smiled back and stepped forward. Now she could smell the manly fragrance he always wore. She became even a little more aroused.

After lunch, Sarah told Sylvia that we were going to hang out with the other students. She took me by the arm and off we went. I brought my camera and shot pictures as we walked. I tried to get Sarah into the edge of the pictures as often as possible.

"Thanks Jimmy, I really need that" I said

No, I just thought it would be Mary waiting for me. I was shocked at what I'd seen. They were raping her. What was I suppose to do? If I had to do it all over again, I'd do the same thing." I don't know if that was the right thing to say or not but it was the truth.

"Yes, if you wouldn't think I was weird." She answered.

"I'm glad to do it but I have to ask you something," I began. "With all those guys hanging around you and knowing that you could have your pick, why did you ask me to take you home?"

"It's very naughty of us doing this, but it's nice isn't it? Anyway there's plenty of time for that later John. Come have your tea but don't put your cock away ... I want to look at it while we are eating then after tea, I have something I want to talk to you about."

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Elaine took the hint, and fired right back at him. "But Stu, I thought your focus wasn't really on women." It was no secret that Stu was bisexual, for he was quite open about it. Lately though, it seemed that he was more gay than anything else, but that didn't really concern Elaine. Stu was a great guy to work with, whatever his orientation, and she knew that he was half kidding about her coming over. Once that was said, she worked her way around him and back out of the dish room, but not before he playfully squeezed her ass. She shot him an evil look and sped out of the room. He knew she was kidding.

"Yes," she panted, "Like that, oh god, yes. Get it all, stud. Lick my nipple there, ah yes, suck them now until I cum."

"You are very beautiful Samantha." Said Willie. If I hadn't seen it myself, I wouldn't have believed it."

Weakly she began to shake her head no....

I sat down on the bed and looked up at him uncertainly. For once in my life, I wasn't sure what to do next. During my many trips abroad, I had often sampled the local culture, so to speak, but those girls had all known what they were there for and got down to business right away. I somehow knew that this was different, for when I looked up at Satayh, I was surprised to see a look of genuine eagerness in his long-lashed brown eyes. He hadn't risked his job just to earn a good tip, I was sure of that.

She was by no means a prude or conservative. But, Raymond was apparently well hung. More so, than any of her former lovers. The thin material separating their crotches could not mask his arousal, or her own. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, she felt her stiff nipples drag across his chest. And his soft rumble of pleasure.

I could feel my juices flowing freely out of me, and my clit felt it was going to burst. Val pulled the covers off of us.

Cerys hit me lightly on my shoulder. "Let's just say, your fly isn't open now. But I guess it was last big stud you." Okay, caught of guard. And without any answer at all. Cerys nudged me. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me."

I kissed him then moved down the bed. I licked my lips then took his cock into my mouth once more. His cock still tasted of a mixture of his cum and my own juices; I devoured him eagerly. Tom's hands were on my head, pushing me forward, forcing me to take even more of his length into my mouth. My head bobbed rapidly up and down and I was rewarded with a series of sighs and groans.

"Long. I never knew it could take three days to fly a thousand miles!! I didn't think they were ever going to put that damn plane on the ground. I wanted to scream at the pilot...Fly Faster!!" We walked arm in arm in to get her luggage. She only had one bag. Very un-woman like, I thought to travel so light, so I asked her about it. "Only one bag?"

I didn't know how long she had been listening.

Some guys just don't like eating pussy. Oh well, everybody has their ways. And out of the three or four billion women on the planet, I am sure that three or four of them don't like getting head. Ok, maybe it's more like one or two of them. Poor souls.

"Casey?" I asked and she laughed richly. "The one and only." She replied, and then glanced around. "

"Am I interrupting something?" Karen asked rather strongly. Mike muttered, "Just a friendly hug between friends." Missy looked at Karen and said, "For god's sake, Girlfriend. Can't your best friend hug your husband?" Karen's face relaxed somewhat. "Kind of like one of the hugs that J.P. would like to give you?" she smiled.

The panties were full and high waisted. So from that perspective they were modern. I picked them up and held my hand inside them. Being made of a pink, looseweave net, I suppose it was, they were as good as completely see through.

Just as things were starting to get interesting, Nicole's mobile phone went off.

She turned and froze. Her admirers were standing hardly a foot away from her…and then she knew. But before she could react Vijay drew her in a tight bear hug.

Lara was staring at Sabine, looking entirely frightened, and as Sabine felt she was loosing the woman's interest she sighed and began to leave.

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"Now, this" He gestured around him " is my study. It is my own room, and I will ask you only once to not come in here without my permission. The doors have been taken off as a sign of trust, you can see in, and it is always open, so it will be down to you not to come in here. In a while I will take you to the place we will sleep tonight, but for now there are more pressing issues."

He was going from ass to ass when he felt someone lift up his skirt and pull down his thong. He turned to look and saw Jen behind him wearing a strap-on dildo at least nine inches long. The girls all shifted to the floor ten feet in front of Mike. They grabbed some dildos off the desk and took turns on each other. Joe and Tyler kneeled in front of Mike. Jen said, "Be a good little schoolgirl and suck their cocks." He felt her rubbing something on his asshole and looked back. With one hand she was rubbing KY-Jelly on his asshole, while the other hand rubbed it onto her dildo that she was wearing. She looked like she was jerking off. He tried to get away but was grabbed by the guys. He was forced onto his hands and knees. He began to suck Tyler's cock when he felt the tip of Jen's strap-on entering him. She said, "The more you struggle the more it will hurt. Now be a good little girl and relax, my big cock is going in you one way or another." She pressed harder and harder. He slowly took more and more of it. Jen had the whole nine inches in him. She began to pump hard.

"Great, are you busy right now?" Allison was perking now, with the prospect of having another party!

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"How about funky first, then Sarah later?"

"I've got another surprise for you," I said.

Don tossed the Frisbee and Henry chased after it.

‘Yes, I bought it at lunchtime in town. Do you like it?'

Once the women parted their kiss they went back to their partners before returning to each other. When the women parted their kiss for the second time they didn't return to their partners but instead went to the other man. Vanessa moved first and immediately wrapped herself around Jon and brought her lips to his. Jon responded right away and began fondling her under the water.

Finally, a big package came for Ellie. We opened it and went wild. It was the sex toy shipment. Ellie's friend had included a real assortment, and some I couldn't figure out at all. Ellie said we'd have to try them out so we could tell the customers how they worked.

I was escorted out to the police car, no longer in handcuffs, and this time WPC Adams sat in the back with me once on the move she told me her first name was Wendy and reached over and started to stroke my thigh I let my legs fall open and she slid her hand up to my pussy and started to gently rub my pussy lips.

"So? If you aren't bleeding from your pussy, it doesn't matter."

Sheri told him I must go now. I have to get back now. Getting out of the water leaving him swimming he watched every move she made and didn't ask anymore questions. As she dressed herself and gathered her backpack and left hiking up the hill. As she approached the top of the hill there was her tour guide with the jeep. He asked if she enjoyed herself. Sheri told him oh my yes, I took in as much as I could. As they headed back to the hotel, she was so at ease with herself. No more negative thoughts they all disappeared. She got back to her room and showered and dressed to meet her husband in the lobby it was almost 4:00 p.m. Her husband approached her and asked her well, how were the waterfalls? Did you enjoy yourself? He said, Well, it certainly agreed with you. You look fabulous. She agreed and said, I took in every moment and got everything I've ever wanted.

Beth chimed in "Josh call the restaurant and cancel our reservations. I don't think Alex is in the mood..." Taking her hand I cut Beth off "Don't you do it Josh! The only damned thing in this whole mess that doesn't suck is that your sister loves me. And I'll be damned if I'll let that Bitch take the joy of knowing that from me tonight. Get dressed you are coming with us, for a little while at least. We'll be back there in about ten minutes so grab a shower or whatever. We'll see you soon."

"I'm really trying." I said. "Can't I do some extra work?"

"Nnnngggg!" Paul whined, then his tongue shot out to land between Katie's ass cheeks and began vibrating there.

Rob I thought: “This is going good!”

Tony swallowed hard. He wasn't sure he'd actually heard those words from Pam's mouth.

"Gee, your balls are really big too, Mr. Watts!" Emily exclaimed before leaning forward and taking my left nut into her mouth.

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A tiny spark makes a path of light from the rear of my neck and through my stomach to reach out and combine with Sool. This unearthly apparition is seen by senses that I did not know that I possessed. I begin to see through things, and gain awareness of my surroundings, not perception, but awareness. I see the wind and smell the trees. I am the waves caused by my breeze.

But I wasn’t done yet. I kissed my way down her body, pulling down her bottoms on my way down to her hot and wet pussy. As I removed her bottoms, I revealed a neatly trimmed pussy. She was wearing no pants and I could smell her sweetness. I leaned forward and gently kissed her slit, I heard her moan and new that she was ready. With that I placed her leg over my shoulder and gently buried my head into her crotch. I placed my tongue underneath the crack of her ass and licked all the way up to just pass her clit. Her pussy lips parting and allowing me access to flick her clit. I then went back for a second lick, this time stopping to kiss her clit. Her juices were flowing and all I could hear was Tina moaning and gasping for breath. With that I stood up and took Tina to the bed.

September 23, 2001

"Did they give you as much pleasure as you know I can?"

They both stopped.

"Perhaps you should consider doing extra credit."

As my fingers spread the lotion over Karen's beaten and ravaged ass, they teased her clit and cum continued to ooze out of her loins. Climbing onto the bed, I straddled her head and released her wrists from the cuffs.

"Oh!" was the only response Jeremiah could muster, as he swallowed hard.

"I would have told you to reach down and stroke my hard cock while it fucked you. To stroke your clit and tell me how it felt. I would spread your cheeks open so I could see your tight asshole while my dick throbbed inside you. But I would have told you not to cum until I wanted you to."

Cat tossed the sweater aside and swiftly released the clasp in front.

I started to pump in and out of her like a piston. Pulling all the way out then ramming in. I was so consumed with lust for her, that my cock would bury itself deep into her with so much force that her whole body was being carried up and down. She was moaning and crying. I rubbed her cunt once more to keep the juice flowing. Squeezing her breasts every now and then. Her head was thrown back now…..she was starting to feel the pleasure of having a man’s cock inside her.

"Yeah, the headaches they said would go away came back and brought some friends along with." Joyce said.

"That's right. First go and get this silver bullet of yours."

They nodded, fearful looks in their eyes. They knew that if they were caught, the punishment would be severe. I climbed up, balanced myself on the narrow wall and signaled the first girl to come up. The other girls helped give her a boost. In minutes, she was balanced on the wall next to me. I flipped the rope over to the other side and she climbed down. She waited there, shivering, while I reversed the rope. The second girl climbed up. We repeated the process until one girl, a buxom blonde, remained.

"Now the sock."

Misty looked over the tall man, his broad shoulders and his thick chest, wondering how good a man like him could please her body. She had only been with guys that were lucky if they could love her body a few seconds before they came. ‘He sure is!’ Misty whispered back as her pretty, blue eyes roamed down his body to notice a very large lump in the front of his jeans.

Junior tried to get right inside her, pushing and pumping shooting his load far into her as I jerked to a standstill.

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She suddenly became aware of her daughter. She smiled even as she raised herself off her son’s body. “Come on, honey, sit on his face.”

Jen sighed as I entered her. She was incredibly tight, much more so that I expected. The three of us were staring at my dick gently probing her pussy. I felt her hymen stop me, and I glanced up to Jen. She nodded, and I continued further. When it gave way, Jen gasped. Mom smiled approvingly. I buried myself as far as I could go and held it inside of her.

"Janelle!" Tabby cried out.

Three orgasms that day. Three orgasms, thirty spanks, and the announcement that Friday night she would be punished for her poor performance… of course she still had the opportunity to keep Saturday pleasant if she finished her work tomorrow. Right, she gritted her teeth, the vast opportunity. Not only would Juan be working tomorrow, she was sure that Michael would find some reason for Juan to stay in the office. And although she certainly couldn't think of anything else Michael could possibly put on her body to distract her, that was no reason to feel assured that he wouldn't be able to think of anything to do to her.

Sam had sucked Karen one tit dry. I told him that she has two of them and he went straight for the other one. I looked back at Mike and he was trying to put two of his fingers into Karen pussy now. I tapped his should and told him to slow down. He pulled his fingers to his mouth and licked off Karen juices. Thats when he asked if he could suck on Karen tit. Sure I said, trade places with Sam. Sam almost jumped when he heard it was his turn to play with Karen pussy. They traded spots and Mike went wild on Karen tit. I was paying so much attention to them I forgot about Paul. I looked behind me and there was Paul with his pants down and pulling on his meat like crazy.I just laughed and looked back at Sam. Sam put one of his fingers deep into Karen pussy. He pulled it out and licked it. God that taste so good. Can I lick her pussy he asked. Sure as long as you don't bite her. Sams head went right for her pussy and he was licking like a wild man. Surely it was his first taste of pussy ever.

"Magic Fingers never reveals his secrets." He replied as he continued manipulating her there a bit. Then he inserted another finger and moved them both around inside her. Meanwhile, he touched his tongue to her clit and started lapping at it, causing her to groan and gyrate her hips on his fingers.

Diane knew, without a doubt, that this was the best cock she had ever had between the lips of her mouth and was anxious to get it between her other lips. But, not until, she made her son cum in her cock sucking mouth would she allow her pussy to feel the wonders of this prick. So, she sucked harder and deeper as she felt Robert's tongue dart all over her pee hole. Neither of them had said a word as they continued to ravage one another. All at once, Robert's nut sack tightened as he filled Diane's mouth with his sticky load.

She was tall, lithe and athletic, with a rich, all- over tan (evidently, it wasn't just in the gym she spent time nude!). Her perfect breasts stood out firm and proud, glistening with sweat. Rick's eyes traveled hungrily over her body, watching her arms ripple and flex as she pumped the weights, admiring her flat, toned stomach, and settling at the brunette patch of public hair that rode high just above her pouting pussy lips.

She slurped on Jim’s cock, rewarded with a stiffening. As she sucked on Jim, Lynn watched Liz and Ashley. They were sucking too. They had a line of guys behind the one that they were sucking and Lynn noticed that two guys were standing behind Jim, bitching that he had already gotten his head and why did they have to wait for him again. Lynn looked up at him with a questioning look in her eyes. He glared at her and then stepped back, letting the guy behind him move up. Lynn took him in her mouth and started sucking the new guy as Jim sat down to watch her.

"I'm not going to Palm Springs," Wanda said. "Mistress wants me home. But I want you to go anyway. Everything's paid for. Go enjoy yourself."

"I meant what I said. I love your cocks, and I will do anything for them. The three of you can fuck me all weekend and I'll love it." I smiled back and shut the bathroom door. I heard the three of them laughing and exclaiming happily about the new slut they found to play with. As I cleaned the cum from my face and took a shower to clean the cum from my pussy and asshole I heard G on the phone a few times. I washed my body softly, making sure I was completely clean and smiled to myself as I thought of what those phone calls might mean.

"Oh Bill, I love you so much. I am so sorry."

We got cleaned up and in Becca's case, dressed since she had been in pajamas all day. I grabbed coats and met my lovely ladies at the front door. We piled into the car and I drove to lunch. Lunch was fun. It always was watching Becca flirt with the server, no matter whether they were male or female. I knew she had gotten a few phone numbers that way, but only one had led to an encounter. She had said that it hadn't been any good, but she hadn't offered us any details.

"S-stp..... stp.... pleez," she mumbled back to me. Her arms were trembling and her face screwed up in a strange combination of pleasure and pain. Now, it was time to see if I was gonna lose my job or not. The hand that held her jeans and thong let go and she slumped forward onto the hard pine desk. I let it trail back, cupping her left cheek and rubbing it lightly. It was warm. Probably would develop quite a bruise. She seemed to stop sniffling and I could make out the heavy draw and release of her breath. She knew where this was going, she was hoping for it.

I just have no aggression in me. Not sure why, maybe 10 years in prison beat it out of me.

After dinner each night it was always the same. Michael would work late into the evening, briefcase open, laptop carefully poised. She’d bring him a glass of Chivas, (she preferred wine) and then she’d amuse herself watching TV or reading a book. She would inevitably go to bed alone.

As I sit here now and write this...all I can think is how thankful I am that he reminded me of Steve because without that I wouldn't have had the drive to ask him out and that wonderful experience would never have happened. Not to mention that if date #1 was that explosive and amazing, I can't even start to imagine how we'd top that on date #2...but I know I can't wait to try!

"Molly, you were magnificent! This old man thanks you for letting him relive a fantasy that he thought was dead and gone," Cedric told her. She thanked him and told him she had to see him again. Asking him to promise to call her, she gave him her telephone number and kissed him. Cedric dressed and smiled at her as he went downstairs to wait for her to shower and dress. Molly came down after a little time, dressed and ready to go. Cedric agreed to drive her home as she had come to the party with a girl friend that had left without her last night.

"You're awake," was all she said. She won, she'd proven she was in control. She reached down between my legs with both hands, one hand raising the waistband of my boxers, the other slipping inside to play with the hair around my cock. She still didn't touch my dick. She ran her fingers all around my groin, her long nails scratching my thighs. My penis was now as hard as the hammer in my dreams. Did she want me to beg?

“Oh fuck!” my wife wailed as her climax overcame her.

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Ever since that conversation, I had been unable to get the picture of Todd's big dick out of my head. I'm not a nymphomaniac. I'm married to a great guy, a successful lawyer who is drop dead gorgeous, but visions of Todd's wanker repeatedly invaded my day-to-day life.

“You smell soo good.”

"Yes Mistress," she said slurring her words more.

"Sure, oh man I hope you were not upset?"

After we exhausted the roll and put in another, I had Mark hand me the camera. I pulled David back against me, towards the end of the bed. That way Mark could get on the front of the bed. I took some good pictures of David's mouth stuffed full of Mark's cock. After we got enough photos, we pounded him hard from both ends. I saw my sons face start to redden. I put my hand on David's neck, "You'd better swallow all of his come you little shit," I told him, "I don't want to see you miss one little drop." And he didn't.

She moved closer still, her arousal stronger than before. I could feel her so close to me, it was unbearable. I could feel myself trembling. In my mind i kept saying to myself dont let it be today that i fall into her trap, that this is her game, and everytime i nearly fall, but today, i mustn't.

We settled into an easy, slow rythm, taking our time to enjoy the sensations flooding our bodies and especially our cocks. I sucked for all I was worth, pushing back onto the cock in my ass on the upstroke and plunging cock back into my mouth on the downstroke. Then I alternated sucking his big hairy balls into my mouth, rolling each around with my tongue and sucking them in, popping them out to be replaced by the other. I worked my was down to his crack and reamed him as he pulled his legs back to give me access. His ass was also refreshingly clean, with just a hint of his manly smell and taste.

My wife pulled her head from my chest. "Wow," she said.

Alicia dropped the knife and grabbed him by the hair. She pulled him back onto her cock. "Tell me what you want. Tell me bitch!"

So, I'm lying in bed last night, barely awake, when I hear my bedroom door creak. I decided to play asleep, but I opened my eyes just enough to see who had come in. I figured it'd been my mom coming in to bitch about something I forgot to do earlier that day. She's always on my case now about something or other. But it wasn't her. I could just make out the silhouette of Daddy standing in my doorway, the hall light dim behind him. I strained my eyes to focus in the dark. Daddy's pants were undone, and his hand was inside his fly. He stood in his spot for a moment before slowly creeping to my bed. I guess he didn't want to wake me. When he reached my bedside, he stopped, standing still. By this time, I could hear his labored breathing and see that his hand was slowly massaging his groin. It was all I could do to keep from gasping in surprise.

"You want to do it again?"

"No, it's fine," she answered. "You're right, I like sex Jonathan," she said. "And I know you do too," she said, placing her hand on my leg and slowly caressing it with her young hands.

I slowly moved my hand inside my shorts, and the movement must have attracted his attention. He lowered the magazine and looked at me. In a frozen moment, he just stared, and then sprang into action. He sat up, tossed the magazine under the bed, and threw the covers over him in one quick motion.

"That sounds like a great idea to me, lead the way."

"Yeah, I saw him as he went by, he sure didn't like that view of your taillights he got," she says with a grin.

"These are for me?" Alyssa asked. "They're ... beautiful."

"Go ahead," Brenda said, "I'm listening."

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'We'll see,' I laughed, carrying her to the bedroom. We lay down on my bed kissing each other. While kissing I undressed her. I was surprised that she was not wearing anything underneath the tracksuit. She was suitably undressed for the occasion.

This is the first of a series of three experiences that Beth and I had with some co-workers and their wives shortly after we were married.

Looking back at me she asks, "Well what are you going to do?"

"You are like a child with a new toy, no pun intended. You like this car don't you?"

"Well gentlemen," I said, getting up slowly. "I guess I should have kept my mouth shut." I turned around and looked over my shoulder. Both men had pushed back a little from the table, and it was clear they were both erect now. Mr. Kennest's penis was even poking up a little over the waistband of his boxers. I hooked my hands in the waistband of my panties and slowly slipped them down over my butt, then down my legs to the floor. I stepped out of them, and then turned around.

It had all started a few months ago. I was locked out of my house in the pouring rain, and I went over to our neighbor’s to see if I could hang out with him until my parents got home. He was a cool guy, single, mid 30’s, worked for a software company, and drove a nice car. Had bought me beer behind my parents back once or twice. He’d been over to our house for dinner a few times. My father kind of avoided him but my mother got along with him well.

It's later this afternoon, and you are laying back on your bed, you've been reading some erotic stories, so you're slightly aroused. After a couple of the stories you figure what the hell, and pull your skirt up, pushing your thong panties to one side, toying with your outer lips, rubbing them lightly.

With any new lover, we all have some doubts, and inhibitions, but as the time passed, I could feel them ease. Shelly made me feel special, and she knew how to take her time.

Michelle climbed up the other girl, putting her arms around her, kissing her deeply, mouth wet with Billie's love.

She entered smiling broadly. “Well, Mel. What do you think of my dungeon and all its accessories?”

"I'm sure you will enjoy your stay at the Brighton, sir," the waiter said to Jason as he accepted the twenty dollar tip, and glancing at Eva.

Lisa lay on her side in the middle of the bed. Blankets pushed down to the foot of the bed and her toes tucked under them. The sheets were in a tangle and had the appearance of the sea after a storm. Her dark eyes closed and her hand resting on her hip while her other hand lay upturned with fingers curled near her cheek. Jeff entered the bedroom first from the bathroom door and Katie followed quietly. The sight of Lisa made them think she was fast asleep so they made their way past the bed and to the doorway.

Her lovely manicured hands caressed her silky flesh as she rubbed away the strain of the last few days. Her full round breasts undulated subtlely with every breath she took.

Valerie wanted to cry. She couldn't do this. She could have laid there and just let it happen maybe but she couldn't say the things he wanted to hear. "I-I'm I'm naughty." She said weakly.

Alice said, "Just as I thought, Ed is in his bedroom. I am sure his girlfriend is with him. We have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for three years. Tonight, with Ed's bimbo in his bedroom, I don't want to go in to the house. He crossed a line that I cannot accept. Please drive out."

"You're not even going to try."

"Yes baby and it feels good too," Rachel moaned.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I reached up my shorts leg and pulled my cock half way out and began jacking off. Emma smacked her lips as she watched me stroking my cock, knowing she would get to milk me dry when I shot my load.

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She gently pushed aside his cock and trimmed away some of the forest surrounding it, kneeling when she'd finished. "There, the cut highlights your best feature," she chuckled, deep-throating him for a few strokes.

In the bedroom, I pulled back the covers, thankful that I had changed the sheets just that morning. I kicked off my shoes and lay down, squirming luxuriously and let my hands creep between my legs. "Just to keep it warmed," I thought with a wicked smile. My vulva was swollen, engorged from the rough fingering I had received in the living room; my clitoris stood up stiff, aching for someone's touch.

I was a bit stunned by that but it was the go ahead I needed. I dropped my towel, already hard and started stroking slowly. Kent to this point still hadn’t seen me but I was getting a good look at him. His body was ripped, arms bulging from supporting his weight and an ass rounder and tighter than some of the women I’ve been with. My roommates dick was not as long as mine but it was very thick and stone hard. In his current position it pointed straight down at the floor. A thick ribbon of pre-cum drooled to the floor and remained connected to his dick. I had the urge to reach out and tug on it, that was probably all it would take. My own dick started to drool and I gently spread it with my finger over the tip, I had to be careful and go slow, I was more turned on at seeing Kent nude than I ever could have imagined.

What I saw was beyond my worst fears. Terri was covered with cum. It coated her thighs and it was matted into her pubic hair. She reached between her legs and pulled her protruding, bruised, red, and swollen pussy lips apart. More cum slowly oozed and dripped out of her onto the bed. I was so shocked I couldn't move, let alone speak. There was so much dark makeup smeared around her eyes she looked like she had two black eyes. I had to look at her twice to be certain she was really Terri.

"Yes, it was," Bea agreed, grinning.

Michael's hands returned to my tits and he bent over the sofa to take a nipple into his mouth. But before I could actually feel his hot mouth on me, I felt Pete's hands traveling up my thighs and spreading my legs slowly. Within a few seconds, I could feel Michael's mouth sucking on my nipple while Pete kissed his way up my thigh in circular motions. I held my breath when his fingers and mouth reached my shorts. Then, I could feel Nick's mouth on my other tit, circling the nipple with his warm tongue, teasing me. I moaend. But he lifted his head to look at Pete who still caressed my thighs.

"There that will keep you nice and hard for as long as I want, and you won't be able to cum until I let you." I moaned. With that she shoved a ball gag into my mouth. She then released my arms and she told me to get up on the table. She assisted me onto it. I was told to get on my hands and knees. I could feel a leather strap being placed around my stomach. The next thing I knew, my wrists and ankles were tied to the legs of the table, my stomach was pulled up slightly by the strap attached to a rope from the ceiling. My head was then pulled back so I looked straight ahead (if I could see). I felt totally helpless.


"You haven't cum!!!" She moaned. "No baby." He said. "There's still more!" "Ohhhhh!" She moaned both in despair and need.

“That’s some of the best pussy I’ve ever had, Larry” he managed to croak as he slowly backed out of my wife’s still clinching cunt muscles. He sighed as he felt Sylvia take his cock into her mouth and begin cleaning it of his and my wife’s juices.

As Virginia struggled to regain her composure, her face began to redden even as a wiped a tear from her eye.

As the line of patrons moved forward to enter the club, Master Tyrone lifted the bag which had been resting at his feet, from the ground and slung it over his shoulder. His other hand was jointly holding the ends of the two leashes, each one connected to a collar around the neck of each slave. Passing through the door the temperature quickly changed from cool to hot, the humid air thickening with smoke and a mixture of assorted perfumes. Both slaves followed their Master, standing quietly when he stopped and turned toward them.

Finally I couldn't wait any longer as I wanted to let the groaning, writhing Thomas cum and to watch his cock spurt out its love juices. I sucked more vigorously than ever. Squeezed his balls and stimulated his anus. I could sense him building the final pressure I wanted. His moans were unrestrained. He was thrusting his sword wildly into my mouth. His back arched, he gasped, and I could feel its imminent explosion.

"Why not?" she sighed and stood up to crawl the bed. As soon as she was settled Gary remembered that it's best to put a pillow under her like he'd seen on those porno videos. He did so but before he began devouring her he kissed the top of her head. She curved her arms around his neck and nuzzled his shoulder. His masculine scent added to the persuasive lure. When he claimed her lips a ripple of joy shot straight to her heart. She could feel that he was growing again and his dick was brushing her pussy. In her mind and heart she felt that her primitive need must be satisfied. His warm fingers skipped fiery prickles over her sensitive skin. When he began tugging at her nipples, she felt like a steaming Starbuck coffee ready to be sipped. Then he lowered his head to her breast and as soon as his lips touched her nipple she gasped and clamped her thighs together trapping his dick between them. "Gary, you're killing me softly," she whispered anxiously.

I did, albeit reluctantly. He led me into his office where a TV and VCR had been set up. He motioned toward the chair right in front. I said nothing as I sat obediently. He sat behind his desk and directed the remote toward the silent TV. With a click I saw the video tape was the inner dressing area of the bathroom. As I watched Debra and I tumble through the door, I realized what was coming. "Also activities like this might attribute to your not being able to keep your mind on your work."

Katie could feel herself building up again, but the feeling she was experiencing was just too much, it stopped her from thinking or even seeing clearly. Hayley pulled away for a second, long enough to cry out with pleasure, indicating that she was on the verge of orgasm too. Then she dived back down again and began to work even harder. Katie also increased both the speed of her probing, and the depth. Both girls came almost as one, Katie screamed, and Hayley threw herself back as the force struck her. . They laid down next to each other on the bed, exhausted, but entirely satisfied.

Fiona had never seen one half this big.

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