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“I’ve been trying to figure that out,” Dad said. “When you were two or three, she went to see her folks and came back a born again prude.”

She put her hands on his shoulders for support and didn't seem at all bothered by their close quarters as she had her eyes closed and focused on riding his cock. Ron reached up and began fondling her big tits through her tight sweater causing her to moan. He wished he could rip off her sweater and bra and free her tits to his wandering fingers, but she was beyond that point now and began fucking him with an increased intensity.

"Maybe you're right Roe, maybe I was too ashamed to think about doing something like that."

"Hi sweetheart, sorry for the delay. Roger has had to cancel our dinner date, in fact I'm taking him to the airport. It's a family emergency."

That's what my husband wants. (glowers at Rick) You happy darling? I'm talking to you darling. You want me to fuck him, huh!

“No, thank you, Joe. You didn’t know this but I have been curious about guys for a long time. I just never had the guts to do anything about it.”

"When we get back and you take Leanne out I want you to give her a good hard fucking."

I liked this kid. He just seemed so open and friendly. Nothing like the city kids. Without thinking I said, "Sure we would love to visit your town, but the girls need to change clothes".

It showed far too much. On the side the material cut in too much showing the side of my breasts, and the material was a thin cotton which molded my breasts and my nipples pushed through. I lifted my head up and looked in her mirror. It did look kind of seductive. I looked into her cupboard again and looked for her micro mini she bought to go clubbing in. It was in white spandex material and basically pulled tight around her butt and ended just under her butt. I pulled my jeans off and pulled the soft mini up my legs, over my thighs and then looked again at the mirror. It really was a short mini , it looked like I was wearing a white scarf. It did show off the butt, I am not sure is a good thing.

At a point where Paula started to tire fast, Julia had her first orgasm from anal sex. It measured between her normal second and third level orgasms. Julia has never surpassed her third level orgasms which are normally multiple and very intensive.

Grinning, she said, "I thought Luke Cage was a gentleman!"

I felt more than a little anxious about the whole affair, but they had got away scot-free and all that was left to do was to get rid of the evidence. As I had this thought Claire pulled out a cigarette rolling machine and some papers, agog I watched her roll a 'joint'. She rolled two more, which exhausted the supply of grass.

"I try—" started to say, but was interrupted as she immediately started sucking on it. I felt myself start to cum for the second time that day until we were interrupted.

At 2AM we had to leave the bar and with nothing else open there was no option but to take her back to her hotel. The reunion had gone so well that I couldn't really be disappointed, but after seeing her again and remembering some of our escapades it was unfortunate that we would not be reliving some of them. I parked in front of her hotel and walked her into the lobby, determined to be a gentleman and also giving her every last chance to ask me upstairs. And then it happened. She asked me if I wanted to see her fantastic room and keep talking. It was a very casual, breezy and friendly request, but in my mind she had now come on to me first. I agreed immediately.

“Come over and sit next to me,” Hope asked.

Aida laughed a little, "Don't cover up now boy, I've been looking at it for more than an hour."

Nairobi ducked her head to her shoulder shyly.

"Why does she do it?"

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He pulled his length back out to do it again. She started to come a second before he drove back into her. His dick shot back into a pussy gone wild.

"Oo, yeah," he grunted. "Show me how much you like sucking my dick. Damn, yeah!"

Brock almost had to remind himself to breath. Before him stood his little girl with the most exquisite body he had ever seen. Her embarrassment excited him. His eyes caressed her tits while his mind played with her pussy. “You will shave yourself totally and continue to do so every day,” he instructed.

She quickly put on another scant outfit and headed out to the course. When she arrived she noticed her husband with his clubs near the first tee. She waved and trotted over.

The two guys were younger than the first, maybe in their late teens, I guessed. Neither was especially good looking but I didn't care. Having male attention of any sort was a thrill.

As I type these final words I am sitting on the bed with a laptop computer in the maid's room. The biggest plug (my choice today, and lubricated only with my pussy juice and saliva) sits snugly up my ass, and the blue dildo rests next to me on the bed. I don't know how many days I have with my Miss, my beautiful brown Bee, but I plan to make the most of them. I will go to her now, blue dildo in hand, and beg her to buttfuck me for her pleasure. I will cry, I will plead, I will crawl on the ground, and I will desperately hope she says yes.

Thomas drew her hands out away from her breasts and to the side. Sophie lay as if crucified under Thomas. He looked down at her face; damp with perspiration and, with a growl he drove hard into her. Her breath was driven out in a grunt and she felt him fill her. He moved languorously at first, rising right off her in a series of push-ups. The effort made him shake and the tension heightened the sensations of his arousal. Sophie lay passively beneath him, her eyes wary and veiled. Thomas knew she felt hurt and betrayed by him but also knew he had to teach her trust and to allow him to lead, to possess her.

"But I want you to. I'm not going to fight you this time."

"First let's taste this," she said, suddenly spreading apart my buttocks and digging her tongue in my crack, finding my asshole and slurping away at it hungrily. How had my little sister ever guessed that I just loved getting my ass licked? I always try to women to do that to me, and many are more than happy to oblige.

"Good morning Janet. Jackson here. I told you I would give you good warning so you can make up a good excuse for being gone. I have a client who you will meet at the downtown Hilton at 10:30 on Thursday. His name is Tyrone Thomas. He will have a table reserved at the restaurant and will treat you to a light brunch before you adjourn to his hotel room where you will treat him to what ever his heart desires. Mr. Thomas is a very important client of mine and I expect him to sign a sizeable contract with my company before he leaves town. You are to ensure that he signs that contract. If you perform well I will see that a debit is made to your account. In fact if you perform like you did for Ron and me last week, I suspect you may earn a sizeable tip. Do you understand what is expected of you?" he asked?

"I'm sorry," she said compassionately. "I enjoy getting you excited. I love when you have a hard cock jutting out between your legs. I get excited just thinking about it. I can't help it. You get me going David, like nobody else has in a long time. If we could, I'd fuck you right now in the back seat of this car. But," she said shrugging her shoulders, "you have to go inside. Your parents will be waiting. Remember, no wet dreams."

I moaned and gasped as she sucked, and the nerve endings in my cock went insane. Its like my body's main purpose is to experience sexual pleasure, and Julie and other girls are drawn to it. She fingered herself as she sucked up and down, and gave my balls a thorough tongue bath. Then she climbed up on my cock and slid her pussy down over it in one big thrust, and we were instantly fucking. I grabbed her hips and started slamming up into her. She grabbed the bed frame behind me and held on for dear life, screaming and hollering. My downstairs neighbors are absolutely disgusted with me and my sex life, and have asked before if I could tone it down, but I told them I just can't. I fucked up into Julie really hard for a good 5 minutes, and then rolled over and launched into her missionary style, eventually grabbing her ankles and hoisting her feet up over my shoulders. I rammed away, making her cum many times, and in a big, crazed, sweating, lusting, hot frenzy, I came all over her body. My first cum of the day….ooooohhhh yeahhh…..the first shot arched out about 4 feet and hit the bed post. Then I felt my balls contract again as the insane feeling over took my legs and my crotch, and 3 more very large volume shots landed in her face and her hair, followed by 5 more nice ones about 2 feet long each, and then 4 or 5 smaller ones as it subsided. I absolutely screamed in ecstasy and laughed and grinned as I came. I love how much volume I produce. I FUCKING LOVE CUMMING.

"Oh well, she could have had me do her, but it looks like I would have to settle for my dear old dad." I thought as I turned back to him.

And like a dime store slut, I opened my legs side and held my arms open. "Poppa!" I smiled at the lightly tan man before me with my inky black curls and my slate gray eyes looking back at me.

"No, really! I doubt if she's even seen one before, and certainly never used one. It would be unfair to use one in public the first time."

Bridget lay still unable to move. She had never felt so good in all her life, or so replete. She felt Darius slowly lift himself off of her and roll them both to the side, bodies still joined. She heard him purring and smiled.

We went and rented a movie and I brought back a couple of six packs and when grandma went to bed at 9 o'clock we all crashed on the living room couch and opened up the beers and put the movie in. We laughed and drank the beers and by the time the movie ended we were all a little buzzed. Sam got buzzed on two beers but Jess could hold her liquor a little better, as could I but we were all feeling it. I said it was time to get going but Sam said she would rather I didn't drive and asked Jess if we could stay. Jess was all for it and we went upstairs and got ready for bed.

Send Amy up to my dorm room. I’ll take it from there. I’m game for a repeat of last Friday anytime.

Well, she picked up a long black dildo and started beating my face with it and she'd make sure I'd get to 50 before the weekend was over. She informed me to get ready and to look the sluttish I'd ever been for we were hitting the town tonight. As I eased off Sean, I whimpered, "Yes, thank you Mistress." That really pissed her off and much to my chagrin; she ripped Sean's cock off my desk and made me suck it clean. All the while teasing me on how much I'd enjoy what she had in store for me tonight. Fearful, I merely whimpered submission.

"I can't do that, Veta." He stood up. There was no hiding his hard cock. But instead of taking me, he turned his back to me. I knew I was doomed at that moment.

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"Oh, my pet, you please me very much indeed. But it is no punishment for you if I allow you to suck my cock," he stated matter-of-factly.

"Its nearly midnight, mom" I said.

"I need to feel you inside of me."

Anita took a puff of her cigarette. “Come on slave, you can do better than that.”

He dropped his napkin on the floor and looked around before he bent over to retrieve it and then disappeared under the table. Maddie could feel her legs being spread and her skirt pushed up as her daddy's head moved between her legs and he prompted her to move to the end of her chair. She was nervous and she giggled a little, that is until his tongue hit her pussy, then she gripped the edge of the table with both hands as her daddy ate her and she grew all warm and fuzzy.

Holding her right breast with my hand, I started squeezing, and eased apart the slit for her nipple to peep through, watching as it rose to me, then taking it in my teeth, I pulled it up, stretching her. She was moaning in delight, I took hold of the other nipple, pulling on them both, and shaking her tits, as she came again, screaming out my name. Releasing them, I took an ice cube from the ice bucket, and told her to stick out her tongue. I placed the ice on it, and left it there, while I took a bite from the peach, looking at her, the juice running down my chin. Taking the ice from her tongue, I kissed her, letting the fruit fall into her mouth, and then sucking her cold tongue. As we kissed, I stretched my hand out, down her body, and quickly slid the ice into her pussy, she screamed, almost biting my tongue off.

Margie wasted no time to take Jamie directly to a private room with some pills and liquid on the table next to a hospital type bed and asked that she take those, lay down and wait for the doctor.

When the others finished their high-fivin', the Stud motioned for them to settle down. "And if one of us has the lowest hand"? he asked.

"Sure." Brandi laughed.

"My age... when I started with Ann." A flat tone.

Still looking at me, now with a lovely smile in those eyes of hers, she drew my hand up to her mouth, kissed the fingers that had been inside her, and gave them a long lick. I pulled my hand away and tasted those fingers too – my, it was good! Between us we licked them, and then she leaned over and kissed me again, lips sweet and soft reintroducing her special taste to me.

"Two months in the hospital seems to have affected your sense of humor," he teased.

After being fucked by Goose, we were lying beside the sofa when she told Corky, "I've just realised that I've still got one hole that you haven't fucked." He turned to her and grinned, "Do you want to fuck my arse?" she asked matter of factly!"

"You are my other half," the woman said and held his hand.

"I was thinking about driving down to Kings and have a Shipwreck. Join me?" I asked.

A warning to my readers

A dutiful mate, to both women, no less, Harlen went to Wendy's side. He slipped an arm around her and kissed her smooth shoulder. "Hello, beautiful lady," he said, placing much softness into his voice.

Shutting the door behind him, Kate smiled as she slipped on her little black dress. She didn't bother with panties, preferring to let her well oiled pussy feel the free air.

"Oh golly, of course, Betty. Sorry."

You turn me around so that my back is against your chest. When I see our reflections in the mirror, my eyes go wide. But then I simply watch, enraptured, as you begin to slide your hands over my body, leaving a trail of flames, and making me shiver at the same time. Your throbbing shaft is rigid against my back, making me very willing to forget about the shower. My eyes stray from your hands to your eyes where your fervent gaze locks with mine and holds me entranced. You move your hands to my back where you unclasp my bra and remove it from my body. When I feel your hands smooth over my breasts, I can only gasp, close my eyes, and lean my head back against your shoulder, reveling in the friction of your skin against mine. My nipples immediately react to your touch, hardening into pert nubs. You pinch them and twist them gently, and I whisper words that urge you on. You repeat your actions, a little harder this time, and I again cry out, loving the pleasure/pain...

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"No. I just think that wearing it on a Saturday morning made me look a bit of a tart. At least that's how I got treated on the train."

My anticipation waned as two days had passed and she hadn't replied. By then I had given up hope. I just assumed she wasn't interested and that I would never hear from her again. I was disappointed to be sure, but I wasn't surprised based on what had happened before. Still I found myself visiting her profile again, staring at her picture, and wondering what she was really like.

"Hmmm. I can tell how to make him stop, but he would never speak to you again."

Terri wasn't going to argue. She didn't like the fact that Derrick was basically blackmailing her to fuck him. But she had been thinking since yesterday that if she had the chance she was going to ride his big cock anyway. So she might as well make it look like it wasn't her choice. As she began undressing Phyllis started to leave the room.

I kissed my way slowly down her stomach, moving my lips over the taut muscles of her abdomen. I reveled in the way they leapt beneath my mouth. Finally I reached her wet, hairless cunt. I raised my head and looked into Kate's eyes, and for one heartstopping moment I thought she was going to tell me to stop. But she just closed her eyes and arched her hips upward in a silent invitation. Encouraged by her response I placed my mouth against the beautiful, wet, glistening lips and gently began sucking on them, my tongue making deep forays into her tight fuck hole. I held her hips as she pitched and bucked against my mouth, trying to get closer to my tongue.

"Lets do this was so fucking sexy!" Rita suggested.

I gently moved my free hand over her breast, firm enough so that I didn't tickle but not so firm as to hurt. Every woman will respond to the firm but gentle approach and if she wants more firmness she will ask. Salima didn't say a word All she gave out were animal-like noises as I felt and then tasted those black breasts. My secret for handling breasts is to caress all around, kiss all around and only then to kiss the nipples. Salima's noises went up 10 decibels in reaction to my tongue on her nipples.

Tom seemed surprised by the idea his son might be upset, then he shook his head and stood up. "Yeah, he and Den are pretty close," he said. "I can see where he might be shook up. Maybe I ought to go talk to him, huh?"

"I've no idea but all I know is that is that I really would love to hold them." I admitted, cupping them in my hands. Expecting her to stop me I was surprised when she groaned and placed her own hands over mine and squeezed hard.

"No one put me up to this…" She reached out grabbed my cock through my pants and started to stimulate it. I was in heaven, I hadn't had sex in a couple of years, not since my endeavor to become a wrestler, and with my busy schedule I just couldn't find time to masturbate as often as I liked. I was in bliss though. Just as I was really enjoying it, I heard my zipper, and then felt nothing but cool air on my lower half.

“Good….good glad I could heLLppp.” As I said this I felt carol’s nails dig in deeper.

He went to get a book for English class. School had just let out and Miss Annabelle was alone in the library. Her dark, curly hair was loose and hung about her shoulders. She wore a short black skirt and sheer stockings with matching black pumps which accentuated her calves. She wore no bra, her breasts free beneath her white blouse. Her nipples pushed at the clingy fabric. When the door closed behind him with a thud, Miss Annabelle glanced up from the books she was sorting and pushed her wire-framed glasses up on her nose. A smile turned up the edges of her mouth.

When I got settled in at the new station, I received the divorce papers in the mail, and she did not want anything at all. I got a lawyer and the whole thing was over before Christmas. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And not another word was spoken that night, His hands simply explored her, bringing her to the very verge of orgasm at least 5 times before finally allowing her that moment, on His expert hand, to arch her back and cry out in pleasure, knowing finally what it truly would mean, to be His...just as she was learning now, kneeling in front of Him and His camera, His voice bringing her back to the present, putting the memories of her induction away for now, to be returned to on lonely nights to come in her cage...

I laughed. "No, 'jumping' wasn't Tim's style. He preferred that a woman approach him first."

"What's so wonderful about April twenty-fourth?" Josie asked cautiously.

The sight of all that cum was so erotic and I was pushing my ass back against Josh’s powerful thrusts as he fucked me like there was no tomorrow! I heard him grunt and gasp and knew he was nearing his climax.

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I reached over and grabbed the lube. (It was some of the painless kind of anal lube) I fingered it into her ass, as I removed the plug. “HMMMM, Now that feels great I think I’m ready for you. Make sure you use plenty of lube. I don’t want any tears, O.K?

"Jesus!" I said. "What the hell is going on?"

I climbed up on his desk in front of him with my feet balanced on his thighs. With one of my little feet, I brushed the crotch of his sweat pants. There was a big hard bulge there. I knew he didn't have his underwear on and that he was at least excited by me now.

Ethan smiled. "Then you will."

"Oh you sweet boy. That feels so... ohhhh!"

"No," she says. "Someone outside might see light under the door. It might even glow way up in the tower so people could see it. They think we've gone with everyone else. Do you need light to eat me?"

Ajay rammed his cock fully up her pussy. He began to slap her ass with one hand and push a finger of his other hand up her asshole. Renu was moaning and groaning in passion as he pistoned his cock in and out of her wanting cunt. Renu pushed back to meet his every thrust. Ajay was calling her degrading nameslike slut, whore, bitch, pig and cunt.

He unfastened his belt and pants and let them drop down. She pulled his cock from the opening in his boxer shorts and put her mouth on the head of it. She licked around the head and sucked it into her mouth. She moved slowly and deliberately up and down his cock pressing her lips tightly against it.

I didn't know what she was going to do, but I was determined to enjoy the angel in heat I had five feet away from me.

Kyle kissed Brooke once more before leaving on a business meeting leaving Brooke but just before leaving said. "One of the men are coming up here to fix the shower door later this morning. It might be a good idea to put something on before they get here."

She said that I'm cute, too, but she's not interested.

Going into the kitchen I did a quick check on the meal and finished setting the table. By the time he came in, the table was set and our meal finished.


"Not now, I just had to adjust to it. It feels different than it ever has, some sensation I've never felt before."

At about 9pm, Charmaine remembered that Dean was in town and decided to call him. She called him at his hotel and he was at her apartment before 10. When Dean arrived, she was in tears. He hugged her at the doorway, holding her close, caressing her back.


I nodded.

Sitting on the train I wonder what is going to happen to me this weekend, it is the first time I have ever met a Mistress for real. All I know is that I am to go to the address that she sent me … nothing more. When the train finally arrives at the station I quickly go to a taxi and ask the driver to take me to the address.

Linda shook John, who woke up. "Huh?" he said, confused.


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“I sent it Thursday, by FEDEX. He should have it by now.” Michael picked up the phone and hit the speed dial for Merdock & Company. The phone made what sounded like a dozen bleeping sounds; then began to ring.

The appointment as Junior Music Tutor at Morningwood College for Young Ladies deep in the heart of the English countryside was a dream come true for a randy young teacher fresh out of college.

According to the instructions that was undesired. Even though she knew that both males and females took great delight in the exchange of the attentions to their frontal display. So these instructions if followed guaranteed that both parties would come away from the early mating dance with little to no pleasure. She tried to square the facts, by reasoning that it was to prevent the female from breeding too much, but she knew full well that copulation was the only way to induce females to induce one of their patristic offspring in their parasite hatchling chamber. So the sharing of the frontal display could only produce pleasure and never offspring.

A sigh escaped me as Terry began to slowly withdraw from my mouth. Thinking to myself, I silently agreed with Terry's comment that I had an oral fixation. He began to push himself deep again. I tightened my lips around his cockshaft. What else could I do except enjoy satisfying my oral fixation.

“Yeah, lady, cum hard, don’t stop cuming, I told you, you will love my cock”, he said.

I opened the door, hoping that she'd be there since my cock was straining against my pants and eager to turn my thoughts into reality. As I walked into the room I saw Marsha my beautiful mistress laid out on the bed.

"Don't just sit there looking, get that big cock up me and fuck my brains out" Lisa purred as she pulled at her light pink coloured nipples.

"I hate you," I tell him.

"I don't have a girl," Jacen grunted as he picked up his pace.

A small groan escapes your lips as I suck your index finger into my hot mouth. Our eyes are locked as I swirl my tongue around your finger, teasing you. You groan louder, sliding your finger out of my mouth and down my chin. Lifting my head, bringing me face to face with you. For a moment we stand just looking into each other's eyes. You lean into me and kiss me for the first time, deeply. Your lips are soft and sweet, your tongue probes my mouth, gliding across my teeth. I moan softly, my head swims with lust. I'm intoxicated by your kiss.

Luckily no one was in the hall as we made our way to our room. As soon as we were inside John was pulling Jens little black dress over her head. There she was in her tiny black thong, stockings and heels. Her firm titty's standing out proudly with the nipples poking toward the ceiling, while three horny guys raced to undress.

'Of course not. What is it? ' Sanjeev said.

A week later things were going better than Mercedes had any reason to expect. Her deputy director, Vivian Wu, had identified the Virus and determined its lineage -- an ordinary cold-like virus that lived innocuously in human breathing tracts, never causing more than a sniffle. The Virus's creator had chosen well; the body had almost no resistance to such a virus. Shireen Kumanundawata had found the active sites on the virus that melded with human DNA to produce the changes in women's (and men's, it turned out) bodies and sex drive.

Screaming my name, Mom reached up with both hands and pulled me down to her as her hips began to spasm. They drove up against me wildly, as she shrieked into my ear with her nails dug into my shoulders. Finally, her body tensed after which she shuddered uncontrollably for at least half a minute. She had had a long and enormously gratifying climax. Her grip lightened; I eased my strokes and caught my breath.

The blow made her cheek sting and stunned her momentarily as her head spun out of control. Taking advantage of her surprise, he pulled open her robe and began grabbing her breasts.

As instructed I rolled onto my back – hoping that she wasn't about to deprive me of the sweet meat. With a deft move She turned, returning her pussy to my busy mouth only this time She was sitting up – facing my feet slowly grinding her pussy lips into my face.

"Tina I want you to take off your clothes and ask my brother if he has a toothbrush?" What the fuck... I thought that if she says yes then I would shut the TV off. She said, okay but I'm going to get you back Nikki. She took off her shirt and bra and panties. I shut off the TV so I didn't look like I knew was going on. I heard a knock at my door and I said it's open. She opened the door and stood there completely nude. My mouth dropped open. I had never seen an Asian naked they had slightly darker skin and this girl had a slamming body, small perky tits, and great legs.

Slowly she dropped the veil from her face. The silk slid over her features, revealing her full, swollen lips, the sharp angle of her jaw. Feathers adorned her dark auburn hair, mated with beads and flowers. The tumbling mess fell to her waist in curls and waves. Her lover pushed wayward tendrils from her pale face. She turned her head, and placed gentle kisses on the insides of his palms. She could swear to tasting his pulse against her tongue as it darted over his wrist, the salt of his sweat bitter on her lips.

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"Yes." He spoke very quietly, not keeping eye contact with her.

Sean pushed her back and asked if she wanted him to cum in her mouth. "I've come too far not to try." she told me she said. He gently inserted his cock in her mouth and she went back to a steady pace, bobbing and sucking. He had her grasp his balls, and she told me they tightened, he made some groaning noise in his throat, and she felt his penis pulsing. The first shot hit the back of her throat, and she swallowed by impulse. He continued to erupt, and Lynn said she kept swallowing, more out of fear of choking, and she felt another rush come over her, almost like the feeling before you sneeze. The taste was slightly salty, and she felt nasty about enjoying it. She also said she felt so complete as a woman and truly happy inside. She said she hugged his butt with his dick still in her mouth, and swallowed the last of his love. "You're a natural- that was incredible!" he told her. She told him "That was amazing, I never felt this way before. I love this thing!" She said she kissed and licked his cockhead one more time before he sat next to her on the sofa. A soothing warmth spread from her mouth to her belly.

"A true redhead, who would have thought? Even on my last journey to your world the color was much sought after, and your eyes like a stormy sea, why don't you have a man?" His voice held genuine curiosity as one hand delved into the curls below her belly, and the other continued its exploration and stimulation of her breasts. First teasing one ample mound, and then the other.

John caught his breath. There it was. How often had he stared at that very ass, dreaming of seeing it naked? Her smooth, tanned skin was gorgeous, and her ass was the perfect size and shape. And it was now sticking up at him.

"I'll miss you," I said, probably sounding stupid.

Aunt Jan laughed and said, "Go get ready."

We seemed to have crossed a boundary sexually, but only in theory. Did we want to follow through? Tentatively, yes. In practice, though, we could see difficulties. There was no lack of offers but not many ads gave real information about the status of the advertisers. Without being snobbish, we did hope to meet someone like us. And there was the very real need to protect our privacy and our reputations in our own community. For every step forward we seemed to take two steps back. We wondered if we just weren’t brave enough, or maybe not the right type.

But the older girls he didn't recognize, and if he had, he would have been more suspicious. They were Erica Clemens and Jennifer Tarlton, two senior sisters at Sigma Nu Nu, which, unbeknownst to Tommy, was also known on campus as "the slut sorority" - a little unfair, perhaps, but members had less of an uptight attitude about sex than some of the other Greek girls: One of their secret sorority songs was "Girls Just Wanna Get Fucked," sung to the similar Cindy Lauper tune. Though 'slut sorority' might have been a little strong, all the Sigma Nu Nu sisters were more up front about what they wanted than the average co-ed, and a few of them were fairly obsessive about sex. Like Erica and Jennifer –- as the inexperienced Tommy Owens was about to find out.

She turns him around, begins caressing Graham's shoulders, arms, and his back. Graham has the most responsive male nipples, so very aroused are his nipples. He feels wonderful. She loves running her finger tips along his ribs and down over his hips, he has the best damned ass Louisa has ever seen. She has coveted it from the first moment she had a 'sweets break' with her girlfriends at The New Ritz Poodle Dog. After all, it is Graham's body she had first fallen for.

"Mrs. Adams?" I inquired.

Elaine did not answer right away, but Margaret could not bring herself to turn around and face her old friend. "I have," was the woman's final, quiet answer.

"Ohhhh," she moaned poutingly. "Are you boys all done?" she said, sticking her lower lip out.

* * * * *

He then reached over and yanked down the right strap of her shirt. This time he pulled it down farther and her right breast presented itself immediately. They were both standing out firm from her chest and bouncing slightly as Rachel struggled.

Walking farther into the room, Ryan stopped by Bill who was seated closest to the door. Bill was a good friend to Gordon and he always liked him. Hopefully one day Bill would be able to leave the business, Ryan thought but sadly doubted that day would ever arrive. Bill was in too deep to ever get out.

"Why haven't we done this more often? You and me?" She looked at me then with a pleading, almost sad expression. When I didn't answer right away, she continued. "I mean, you're my best friend. We've been friends for years, but I don't think I spent this much time at once with just you before. And you'll be going away to college in the Fall and I'll stay here for college, and what will I do then? I might never see you again. How come I just now realized that I should have spent more time with you?"

She earned her living as a school teacher, and had first met Wanda at school. When she bumped into Wanda at Wanda's then-work after graduation, she invited Wanda home. The rumors that Wanda was a lesbian had turned out to be true, and Anne seduced Wanda that night. Later, she made Wanda her slave.

It was Jake standing at the counter with a cappuccino in his hand.

"How much?"

‘Oh, yeah. Right there. Just like that. Ohhhh! I’m so close. Don’t stop! Oh, God, please don’t stop! Oh, yes. Yesss! I....I....I’m gonna....cummm! Oh, Marshalll!!!!’

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"Damn, this thing must weigh a couple of pounds Bob. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to swallow it all but I'll give it my best," she said.

I then brought my attention back to his hard cock. I took the tip into my mouth and sucked softly, like a baby would suck its thumb. I knew he loved that. As I felt his hips start to buck underneath me, I took the length of his cock into my mouth. I reached down and cupped his balls in my hand, gently kneading them. I slowly and deliberately raked my nails across the sensitive flesh of his balls and I could feel them tightening in my hands.

She opened the door so I could see her. "And I'm Brandy. Come on in."

Mom left years ago and we didn't know where she was so I was pretty much alone with the mystery. Dad had various girlfriends, but nothing regular. Some nights on weekends I could hear him fooling around with his latest fling in his bedroom. All sorts of sexy sounds could be heard. I couldn't help but touch myself when I heard them. The sounds of people of having sex was... well... sexy.

"No problem, Ben. I was knocking for a while but noone answered."

"Well look at that, you horny bitch, you seem to have liked your spanking very much." You pull your now wet fingers out and wipe my juices off onto my pink ass cheeks. The wetness feels cool against my hot skin and I shiver. It felt so good to have you inside me, my ass gave an involuntary wiggle when you withdrew from my cunt. "All primed and ready for me, I see." you say with a laugh.

After he broke up with his sweetheart, John poured over the books. When he decided to become a doctor, his mother cried. When he told Wade, though, he was met with an incredulous laugh and an immediate put down, with Wade asking him just who he thought he was, believing that he, a country Negro, could become a doctor. This, of course, was the final insult that permanently broke up their friendship.

"Mmm, that's good, now another one".

Day 50

The women admired her chest, giving her compliments on the shape and size of her beautiful breasts. Anita blushed with the attention she was receiving, but it was a nice feeling. Her legs felt a little wobbly as one of the ladies reached over and gently rubbed her left tit. She sighed softly, and watched as the woman smiled at her.

“You’re out late, aren’t you, messier,” the one in the passenger seat interrupted.

Alex set up his base camp on the side of a small ridge that overlooked a portion of the meadow and forest on the edge of the lake. He knew that the big male wolf had been staying in this area and that he often slept in one of the caves on the ridge just across the meadow. He hunkered down to wait. If he waited long enough he'd see the wolf, if he waited long enough he'd see Sandy again.

Then it was my turn to spend some time worshipping her lithe, luscious body. I lifted her shirt, unsnapped her bra and played with her firm tits until her nipples were sticking out fully, as mine had been. I licked around them and sucked on them until Donna was writhing in near-ecstasy.

“Cum for me baby!” Laura moaned.

The following day Ian was out of the house well before Annette got up. The weather outdoors was foul and Annette spent a desultory mid morning performing household chores. She paused for a moment before entering her son's bedroom with a pile of freshly laundered clothes, but eventually steeled herself and pushed inside to lay the clothes on his bed. As she turned, Annette saw the DVD player and recalled the circumstances of her untimely entrance the previous evening.

"Don't worry, I’m not into rape." he said quietly. "I know you're attracted to me too..." and that was really very true. I was. I reached toward him, and took the towel off his hips. I was impressed _ his cock was only about 7 or 8 inches, but it was nice and thick, and his pubic hair was trimmed to almost nothing.

"Dummy! We all let things go too far! That's not what I mean!" Bill and I stared at Kim as she struggled to get her thoughts together.

It was because of her vocal denouncements of slavery that it became required for her to be heavily guarded. Many of the elites in the kingdom feared what would happen if she were to become queen. They knew she would eventually outlaw this practice outright. Many of the wealthy and powerful relied on their vast numbers of slaves for their high profit margins in their businesses as well as the social status it brought to them. The threats against her life were serious and ominous. To Logan, she was everything he always dreamed of in a woman, compassionate, kind, beautiful and as brave as any soldier he had ever seen in battle. She was true royalty, in title, in beauty and in character.

Scully and Mulder show her their i. d. s.

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* * * * *

"But you can't get them kind of shots if we just set it up somewhere."

I sat up on him as he lovingly peeled my sweater up and off of me.

Here ends Chapter 1 of Androids. The other chapters are going to be about Jenn's and Marcie's adventures with Eric and each other.

Renee' never opened her eyes, but she did open her mouth. Her lips engulfed the crown of his cock and she began to suck on it.

We stayed in our position for a few more minutes before I finally pulled out. I cleaned up my dick with a box of tissues she had, waiting to see if there would be more. Instead, a knock on the slightly ajar door came, and Demi and I couldn't react quickly enough. A UPS man stood in the door, his mouth wide. Demi and I were found in the compromising position of me having my pants down, my long dick extending over the slender, beautifully nude figure of Demi on the ground, juices flowing out of her pussy.

I got up and quickly changed into dry clothes. Next I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of her laying there, spunk running out of her bum and a dribble of my pee running out of her mouth. I hadn't noticed two blokes in their twenties walking round the edge of the car park...

"Nothing is wrong with it honey, but it's like this: if carrot cake were your favorite dessert and you ate it every day, eventually you might want to try the Dutch Apple pie, but it wouldn't mean that carrot cake wasn't still your favorite."

Ray laughed and said "You like that babe?"

The young man's eyes, that were so brazenly locked on Ida's, followed her as she tried easing by, similar to the way the eyes of a haunting picture seem to trace the observer around a room.

"I am calling the shots tonight," you say, and I feel a rush of cum to my pussy. I am the type of person who is always in control in everyday life; the thought of having you take it away is such a turn on.

By way of an answer, Jackie felt the muscles in her ass loosen, taking that moment and opportunity to push back against him, forcing a good inch to slide in behind the head of his now comfortably enclosed prick.

“What are you up to Tom?” she asked. “Meeting me for a drink while you wait to deliver pizza is one thing, but what do you think your doing?”

E. D. shuddered as I slowly kissed down her neck. Each soft touch of my lips on her skin brought her a new tingle of excitement.

Dayal buried his face deep and was pleasantly surprised at the sweetness in the pussy juice. He realized she must have shoved some sugary stuff and eventually got to taste a small chunk of t he bar-one chocolate. Shweta started juicing copiously and then is when the pressure on the legs was released.

"MIKE!!....Aaahhh!" "Mmmm kitten, you do taste as sweet as you smell!" I open my eye just in time to see him licking his lips like a cat with a dish of cream. He notices and starts to smirk as he sees the look of shock on my face. He then proceeds to insert two fingers into my now dripping pussy, as slowly starts to pump and rotate them. "Aahhh...Mike!!...Damnit!!...Stop teasing me!!" As my hips rise off of the bed almost begging for him to push his fingers deeper inside my cunt.

Decided, I began to boil water on the stove while preparing for my bath. I had running water, but no electricity. That meant that I had no hot water. Fortunately, there was an old wood stove in the kitchen as well as a more modern gas range, I could get hot water, it just took awhile. I'd spent my time since arrival cleaning and painting, there really wasn't much damage to the house itself, just the neglect from Elizabeth's stay in the nursing home. I could see why she loved it, though, even as I slowly hauled the water up the large stairs to the bathroom, it was a beautiful home, all stone outside, gorgeous wood inside. Now that I'd worked on it so hard, I almost felt like it was mine. There were times, though, when I got the distinct feeling that I was trespassing in some way, not entirely an unwelcome visitor, but as though someone was watching me.

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As Holly moved to a speed that threatened to melt the dildo, Rose started to shake. She screamed into Alyssa’s tit and flooded the plastic cock with juice, which ran down from there onto Holly and onto the floor.

She pulled my mouth back to her, and I lost all desire to talk as I slipped down and raised her t-shirt above her breasts. Poised beside her, I saw the gently puffy nipples, pale pink against the whiteness of her skin, but darkening now as they became harder. Lowering my head, I took one completely into my mouth and began tonguing it as I heard her give a deep moan...the first one of her adult life. Her skin was so soft that it felt like baby skin, and that combined with her moaning and the feel of her nipple against my tongue was driving me insane. I threw one leg over hers and began rubbing myself against her leg gently, not sure if she'd really notice or not but beyond caring at that point.

"Bitch must've took a bath in the stuff," Rahim hissed, bringing a giggle to both Sterling and DeeDee's belly, as they looked up to see what Rahim had brought with him from his quick trip downstairs.

"She told me that she could replace me anytime she wants," Larry grunted. "I want to make sure that every guy on campus knows what kind of whore she really is so no one will want her for anything other than a fuck for the rest of her time at this school."

"All in good time, my good man." Her smile was sweet. I couldn't help noticing she was still stark naked as she sauntered back to the couch where I was sitting. She handed me my martini, and softly sat down beside me.

"Jimmy doesn't have a girlfriend now, Rhea," Mom said winking at her.

"Araquiel was the same way with me!" Emily reported. "Those dudes were out of this world!"

Homosexuality, I believe is inevitable for one simple reason – so that men have the chance to see other men’s cocks, close up. Men are far more curious about other men’s cocks, than woman are. You watch. Bring it up when you are among friends, men and women. Say, “I saw the most intelligent cock on a man last night, that I had ever seen.”

“Chill out, Mikie! I was just razzing you. I’m glad you have a pussy and tits. What’s this all about?” He seemed interested at last.

[23:20] Kim: he always sends this one some

Slowly, his lips descended to meet hers and they shared a tender kiss. With an unhurried passion, they tasted each other and their tongues entwined. Her mouth was soft and sweet, making his desire grow quickly as her tongue swirled around his own with a dancing delight. His hand caressed the side of her face and then tangled in her blonde hair.

"Tell me cunt!" her boy lover demanded of Susan. "Do you want to trade this one for your husband's? If so, I will leave and bother you no more."

"Oh Mom, I'm sorry. What did you tell him? What's he gonna do?"

After a bracing swim and a fuck 'n' flush, she danced naked through the garden among the shrubs and flowers, drying herself in the warm breeze. She was as happy as she could remember - until she swirled around a hedge and abruptly found herself staring at a ten-foot dragon's cock.

It was hot, August hot. I had just finished grocery shopping and cursing that we had no air conditioning. It doesn’t usually get that hot, even in the summer. But this was one of those spells. The temperature was well into the 90’s. Even though I grew up in the humid south I never acclimated to the heat. I was covered in sweat when I came through the kitchen into the living room, hoping a breeze might cool off the house.

"So I thought I would baby sit tonight and maybe talk to you about... You know... how you fell about me... Err ... Do you really have a big cock Jimmy?"

You normally like a quickie but dressed as you are you shudder expecting a more prolonged session.

She said in English, “Please, Sir, I was a stowaway on the wrecked ship. My father is English, and I’ve come to find him. His name is Donal Penlerick.”

“Damn I hate having to watch that clock”, it seemed the minutes crawled by, each one adding another butterfly to my stomach, at one point I thought I’d be ill, the nervousness threatening to overwhelm me.

His ass flexed with each pump. He watched her hands move around the contours of her body. Reaching down, he replaced her hands with his and enjoyed the malleable feel of her tits. She in turned wrapped her hands around his ass and felt the flex of his ass muscle move. She moaned at the feel of the power of his body. He was still gentle at this point; but he began picking up the pace. She moved her hands up his ass to his lower back and back down to the crevice at the bottom of his ass. One hand stayed on her breast and the other went to tilt her head further back. He leaned more into her, driving deeper passed her lips into her mouth as she sucked him. She began moaning and the slow, soft vibrations helped to string him even tighter with tension.

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She held on as I moved my lips to her eyes. I brushed them gently. One kiss was placed on each closed eyelid. I kissed the tip of her nose, and our mouths met. We explored each others mouths as my free hands began to explore her body.

Jerry did not last long. He let go and came. Ed continued to rub her, while Jerry left the room. Jane's pussy was drenched with cum oozing out of her slit.

“I got finished sooner and come home. Wesley is going to lock the shop up for me tonight.”

"Yes, baby," she moaned as she circled her nipples with her fingers, causing them to grow and harden. Her legs caused the water to flow over and touch her clit, making her squirm more. Her clit longed to be touched, it ached for his touch.


Gina sat back and thanked both of them for a wonderful time and promised that as soon as they got to the hotel, she would reciprocate with Tracy as she couldn't wait to get to know her properly.

Keith tried his best to keep the discussion directed away from himself, and his life with Andy's eldest, Kim. There was definitely some rocky waters ahead between them two, Rick thought to himself with a bemused smile as he gave Keith a good, long stare, trying to put him off his game a little bit. The cool customer just stared right on back, totally calm and calculating, a real ice-cold player indeed... something, Rick realized, was definitely going on, and a booming voice inside his head was telling him that finding out what exactly the issue was between Keith and Kimberley would be of vital importance in the future.

Kelly had just stared at the powerful face of Jenkins as he had talked to her. She realized now that there was no way out, that she was totally in Mr. Jenkins power. With her light pink pursed lips, she kissed the bulbous head of Jenkins. The cock responded to her touch by becoming even bigger, more erect.

Candy came out of the bathroom at seven-twenty and began to dress. As long as it took her to do her face and hair was as little time as it took her to finish dressing. She didn't exactly throw her clothes on, but Candy moved with an efficiency of motion and a practiced grace and dressed in only five minutes. And when she was done Candy looked absolutely fabulous. After she put some perfume on we walked out of the hotel room at seven twenty-six and headed to the elevator.

Then his seed spewed all over my pussy and soiled the sheets. He fell off me and lay there trying to catch his breath.

“Make a strength check,” said Adam, Devon just looked blankly at him. “Roll a D-20.” She still looked blankly at him. He picked up a 20-sided dice and handed it to the pretty brunette. “Roll this.”

You explain that you have just moved here to start a new job. Today was the first day that you have really gotten to get out and see some of the sights.

"Please fuck me," she begged.

"Yea, he's not getting too good of a response though because of a couple scenes in it," Jack told her, liking the way he fed her these lies.

"After our sumptuous meal we joined with the group in touring around the casinos and took in a couple of shows. Most of the shows were very spectacular and wonderfully staged but some of the girls wanted more action in the games rooms and so we returned to the machines. One of the men in our group, and there were 12 of us all together, suggested we take in a different type of show and, just for the hell of it, we agreed.

“Yes Mistress, I am sorry, you just mean so much to me…” I trail off.

“Right, and you can prove he is a dope. I mean if you did those poses who do you think would be begging for sex? Let’s face it, honey, you are a piece of ass. You would make them so hot they would be begging you and you would laugh at them. You would make them look like fools and then you would walk right out of here and leave them panting with their frustration. And by doing that you would prove that females are stronger than males when the chips are down.”

He advanced upon her. "Many nights I have lain awake thinking of you."

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"Oh." I stated. I threw my arms around him and kissed his cheek, now slightly warmer. He held me gently, and I knew that he could feel my heart pounding. It was in his nature to feel it.

"Brea, if you wont take my help willingly, then I will make you take it. I'll not have you dying of cold before we are even wed. I swear your stubborn pride with be the death of you some day my lady. Now please, wrap yourself in the blanket."

“Oh I’ll probably just stay in tonight Monique. I…” She stopped me mid-sentence.

Megan was shocked, 'Amy I can't ask you to do any of that stuff.'

"Like I said, no problem."

"Well, ok. But you can't tell anyone. Promise?"

Make no mistake about it - this was lust, pure and simple. If there was one thing I wanted to do above all else in the world, it was to have sex with my daughter. Fornicate with the fruits of my seed. Just bang her until her eyes rolled atop her head, until her pussy gets so sore she won't think of sex for a couple of weeks. And yes, I intended to make it so memorable for her she would be addicted to it. To me.

"Her asshole?" Lisa asked tentatively.

His mouth tightened in a slight grin, but the tightening of his grip on my hand showed he was not amused. "Its something I've been wearing since before you were born, Mr. Pain."

“I thought you said Mr. Morris was cleared. You let him go, after all.”

"More than anything," I told her.

Jane however was inviting admiring gazes, and for the first time Sharon found herself gazing lustfully at another woman, exploring ever inch of her smooth tanned skin with her eyes.

"Get up and walk over here you little bitch!" Gina said. Becky did as she was told. "Put your arms down and let me see that little body," Gina ordered. Again Becky did as she was told. My pussy began to get wet again as I saw Gina caress Becky's little titties with the back of her hand. "My you have big nipples for such a little girl," Gina said to Becky as she pinched one of her plump nubs very hard.

"Do you? Do my big, soft tits give you a hard on?"

"But I’m so horny."

"I don't know... I guess I miss Michael..."

He had obviously sucked my juices off of his finger and liked the taste; who wouldn't I thought to myself and I am sure anyone looking at me would have seen a big Cheshire cat smile of satisfaction on my face. I didn't say anything, instead just hoping that he would get down and eat me. I had heard how all the girls who had experienced being eaten down there had loved it and I was dying to experience that first hand.


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"Lie back and think of England" I ordered.

I was happy with things that way. I thought that after Roy I would never commit myself permanently to another man. This, however, did not take account of the woman lurking deep inside me. My brief time with Roy had been wonderful. Sex with him had been spectacular, and in addition, our mutual love and caring drew us together in love until death parted us.

Well I'm going to let you get back to work, goodnight

"So how have you been? What have you been doing since I last saw you?" I asked her. Mmmm, I thought. Not a very good opening line considering the circumstances.

Katherine watched on in excitement as she continued to rock backwards and forwards on David’s dick. As Nicole brought her hand up to wipe the cum from her face, “come here.” Katherine commanded.

He pulled himself from my contracting walls. We both laid there on the bed as we recovered. I was the first to attempt to get up and put my clothes on. When I looked into the mirror, I started to fix my hair and make up. Richard climbed out of bed and walked up behind me. He turned me around and begged me to stay with him longer. I told him that I must return to work.

- The End -

She climbs on the bed, slowly lays him back, pulls his blanket down past his waist. He is fully nude. Like a lot of people, he has always slept in the buff.

I watched from my rental car, the plan unfolded perfectly. Bates picked up Sally at 8:00 and drove to the Hilton.

Gail was diverted a third time from the pinnacle of cumming. Momentary, confusion gave way to happy eagerness as she opened her eyes and saw her husband's meat club about to fill her needy emptiness. She nodded her agreement that it was time. No thought of the fact that they were doing in from of their son crossed her mind. Her cock lust consumed her too.

He leaned down and kissed me, deeply, our mouths open and our tongues dancing in searching rhythm. His body was atop me, pressing me into the bed and I could feel his penis shrinking inside me and begin to withdraw from me. "You must let me get up, son. I have to shower, again, and go to work."

Reality soon found her as she sat in the cab, resting her head against the window. Between her thighs a gentle throbbing still existed, reminding her that what had passed had really occurred. In a way, she was sickened by her actions, giving herself to such a disgusting man; her aunt would kill her if she ever knew. The other part of her, well, was really quite torn. Her mind was blank, and hatred seeped within her veins to her heart, and as tears welled and slipped from her eyes, she realized she could not hate Gabriel for her weakness, but only herself. It was her loneliness in life that threw her into his arms.

"Now get down girl. Roy knows what you want," he told her, leaning down to pick up her reigns and walking around behind her, as she once again dropped down onto her hands and knees. Using the toe of his boot, he tapped lightly on the inside of her ankles, indicating to her to spread them wider. She complied, and he knelt down between her legs. Flicking her tail up, he let it fall to the side of her body. He then positioned his hard cock against her warm wetness, then took a firm grip on her saddle.

She gasped as his fingers roughly fondled her through her undergarments. "Why in the hell do wear this shit?" And he ripped again. She hid her face for smiling was considered a form of insubordination.

Roxanne’s face was pressed up against the wall, her lips mere inches from Jasmine’s pillow, being held there while she was doing – or being forced to do – what to Jasmine sounded like unspeakable, degenerate, depraved acts of passion. Her moans and strangled cries radiated with pure, primeval lust through the decades of paint and uncounted layers of wallpaper that were all that really separated her bed from Jasmine’s.

"!" Lori said. She kept staring at the box filled with flowers she held in her hands. "Ah...I...uh, I guess I ought to put them in water, huh?" she asked.

"I'll tell you exactly what I was thinking Christie."

"No," I breathed, "keep going..."

Abigail’s father owned a food business that supplied the dome vendors. She had just ridden with him to see one of them. They were having problems with meat quality. Imagine that in this part of the world.

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"You bastard! You did that on purpose. You got me really hot and brought Trish's name into this. You fucker!" Smiling, she slapping me playfully.

Alex put his car keys back in his jacket and hopped in the limo. Inside he sat in front of Norah while she stared at him with a beautiful smile on her face. "Where is…Susan is it?"

"I am always horny," Erin said "I can give you all the pussy you need. You'd love to touch a real one, wouldn't you? You could rub it and make it wet. I'd let you fuck your fingers inside me. Maybe even something else. Then you could try to suck all of it into your mouth. But that might be quite a job. You know why, don't you?"

The parking lot looked empty as did the lobby and Karen was relieved, hoping not to have to confront anyone. She was surprised that the ticket taker was a woman and she paid for her ticket. She could feel herself blushing deeply. Once inside, she climbed the steps and entered the balcony. She looked for me as she saw the coming attractions running on the screen. She removed her cape and carrying it over her arm, called my name softly. When she got no response she started to leave but then stopped and sat down where I'd told her to.

Lifting her to her feet, I ordered, "Go upstairs to my room and wait for me"

The dildo was larger than anything Edith had ever had. Charlie knew it was, which was one of the reasons he’d picked it out of the store. It was thick, not very long, but thick. Add batteries and it would vibrate, but for now Charlie only wanted to stretch his wife more than she’d been stretched before.

Mr. Fox reached underneath Hilary and pulled on her swollen clit as he fucked her ass as deep as it would go. She rocked against him, his balls slapping her wet cunt.

"Sorry to say, honey, but he's right. Don't be afraid, girl, we're all family here, just havin' some good fun, no worries," Father told her, placing a hand on her shoulders and rubbing her gently to soothe any anxieties that she had, which were running quickly through her head. Was that lust she saw in their eyes as they started a new round?

"I worked in a real estate office once." She named a very large agency that had several branches around the city. "The owner wore very ritzy suits and chunky gold watches and cufflinks and stuff."

After what seemed like an eternity to Becky, but was in actuality only a few minutes Amber announced, “Okay, all finished. Rinse off, then go look in the mirror and tell me how you like it.”

"Shit, yes. It's too far to walk." We waved at cabs until an empty one came along, with a woman driving. I told her to go to the west end of the park, and she smiled at me and at him. I guess she thought we were going there to hold hands or something. The windmills have been there a long time, and it used to be a hangout where men went to meet other men, in the days when that kind of thing made a difference, and it still has that association on it. Going to the Academy, you learn those little things.

Chris had noticed the incident and decided to teach him a lesson. He dragged Joshua over by Traci and told him to get a good look. Then he stepped behind him as Joshua turned red with embarrassment. Joshua tried to apologize to Traci, but Chris grabbed his shorts and yanked them with his underwear to his ankles.

She gazed back through her spread legs, reached through and using her right index finger traced the length of her ass and pussy, letting the finger slip ever so slightly between the folds there. She could see Lisa's face was deep red now, her hands were fists gripping the cushions, knuckles white.

So it came to pass, a couple minutes later, that two sisters walked into a room where two naked young men stood at attention. "Your slaves await your orders ladies."

"That's not the point, Greg," she replied, "that girl now thinks you wear bras and panties. Can you image what's going through her mind right now? Do you have any idea how sexual that is? I bet she's so hot she's starting to drip. I bet she'll play with herself tonight just thinking about how cute you look dressed in a bra and panties."

I threw my head back and let out a scream as I reached my climax. A massive load of hot cum erupted from me and landed on Emily’s stomach.

I slid my tongue straight into her, and I listened to Alice's panting – she was gasping heavily as my tongue tantalised the nerves in her soaking pussy.

There was Barbara, wearing the clothes she had so carefully picked out earlier that morning. She had returned home from work just half an hour ago and she couldn't help but feel a bit pleased when she saw Scott's reaction to her.

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The car started to stutter as the last of the gas was consumed. I pulled over to the shoulder just as the engine gave up the ghost. I turned off the ignition and then looked up and down Interstate 15 for any signs of life. Nothing.

The two or three seconds during which I tried desperately to figure a way out of this seemed like an eternity. Realizing that I had no other options, I finally looked up and stammered nervously "Uh...Yeah...I...I guess."

We found that we had a lot of common interests, as well as a number of things that we mutually loathed. We both had very cryptic senses of humor and Cathy had a manical laugh that would inevitably crack me up as well.

"What's going on?" I gasped, "Steve, what is this?"

There was a bit of a gasp from the waiting room, I can tell you, suggesting poor old Tom might have gone a bit too far in his excitement.

Sandy ended up that night with an old friend, April. April was married and chubby. This didn't matter to Sandy. It felt good dominating another woman after becoming a sub to Shannon. April's husband was in the hospital so her house was available. Sandy chased a naked April all over that house. She would catch her, do something to her, making her squeal, release her, catch her, make her squeal louder and so on. She was rough on April. April got angry but Sandy didn't care, she was enjoying herself. She left April with a buzzing vibrator taped in her vagina and her hands tied behind her back. April would get free; her legs weren't tied, but it would take some time.

Dorothy (he reminded himself of her name) rose from her desk as he walked in and crossed to shake his hand. She was a smallish woman in a white starched blouse, with dark eyes and brown hair in a pageboy cut. She came up only to Bob's forehead, but her muscular arms added to a commanding presence. "You won't be using those shorts," she informed him, pointing at his groin, "they get in the way." She pointedly turned his back and Bob uncomfortably pulled his shorts off from under the smock. She had him lie down on the massage table, opened the back of the smock and flipped a towel over Bob's ass, relieving his embarrassment. For the next few minutes she probed, squeezed and manipulated every muscle he knew of from the base of his spine to his neck, and several he hadn't known existed. During the procedure, she poured some hot oil into her palms and used it in the massage. Bob started to relax -- he was beginning to see why his friend had recommended the massage.

With her freshened lipstick, and newly lit Virginia Slim, Karen returned to survey her captive. " You have some small beads of sweat around your neck. Very sexy I might add." Bringing her red nails gently across my neck, and down my chest she glanced into my eyes, I could detect arousal within her too. Maybe this scene was affecting her? Karen broke off the eye contact with a wink, and resumed her position on her knees. Now resting her right hand on my left hip, her cigarette at a right angle to and in between her first two fingers, she reinserted my still hard cock back into her mouth. Her left hand went back to massaging my balls.... Oh God. Here it goes again.....Think...think....

"No, I've had one other, a boy. Frank raped me again. In my own bed. He even stroked my naked body with my own teddy bear. He spent hours in me and on me. He licked my pussy, and I couldn't help it. I had another orgasm, shrieking my pleasure at the top of my lungs. He slapped me in the face, then, and that's how I got this black eye.

She began to tighten her anal ring each time I pulled back and she soon had me spurting into her ass as my screams joined theirs and the house resembled a house of unbridled lust from all the sounds and smells of unabashed sex. They became slightly listless and I figured the drug was wearing down, so I suggested we all shower and then I dressed and sat in the living room as I heard moans once more from the bedroom and sneaked to the door to see them eating each other on Annie's bed and my cock twitched from the scene before me. I was afraid to push my luck, not knowing when the drug would wear off, so I just stroked myself and watched the two beautiful women service each other.

"Oh, your branding will come later. These will just be marks for you to show to other women, to explain to them how I beat you." As Amy went to get the cane she went on talking. "How do you think the people you work with would be if they knew your wife was canning you at night. And whilst she beats you, all your capable of thinking of is how you can best serve her next whim." The pain in Tim’s neck was now numbing since she moved to get the cane.

I collapsed as my suffering subsided.

Becky slid over onto June’s lounger and kissed one of her pert nipples. She moved one hand down to June’s pussy and slid a finger in beside June’s two fingers that were already stuffed inside her. Becky removed the finger and brought it up to her lips and tasted it. I could see that it wasn’t the hand that she’d had buried inside her cunt five minutes before as it was still coated in sticky pussy juice. Becky took her juice-covered hand and offered it to June. June took a hold of Becky’s hand and started to lick the juice off each finger in turn. I couldn’t believe that I was watching both of them sampling the juice from each others pussies. They were putting on their own lesbian show for Mike and I. Although I think that perhaps they had forgotten about us being there as they seemed to be engrossed with what they were doing to each other.

An hour later I called home and asked Aggie if her gentleman friend was still there. When she said that he was I told her that she could invite him to stay the night and that I would see her in the morning. Brea then proceeded to demonstrate her newfound sexual prowess.

I walked back into my office and sat behind my desk. It was 9:30. I called Murphy's. Little did Mrs. Armacost know, but Murphy's was one of my favorite hangouts. I reserved my favorite booth; in the back, in the corner, in the dark, and asked if my favorite waitress, Sylvia, could wait on me. Being I spend a lot of money in the joint, "Murph", the owner, was more than willing to oblige.

“Let me check him. Maybe you still can. If he is damaged too much, then you probably won’t be able to. I know several ways to make him.. ‘Enjoyable’ for you.” Lori just smiled, knowing full well what the Mistress had in mind.

Her tongue played over my aching clit and she slipped slick fingers up inside me plunging into my core. I sucked her clit savoring its firm head, and her spicy nectar. Carefully I put a finger in her pussy wetting it, then slid it into her rounded anus. She pushed back against me. I slid another finger into her pussy, a finger in each hole and slid them in and out.

She was about 5'4", probably 120 lbs.. She had wavy blonde hair that stopped at her shoulders. Her blue eyes were visible even from the third floor. Her face was so innocent but pretty. I had to catch myself because I was staring at her. Her skin looked so soft and untouched. She had on a black halter top and short black skirt that was obviously not her style. She was trying to be something she wasn't. She surely wasn't fitting into this crowd. She held on to her drink tightly. She was being tossed side to side by the weight of the crowd. She was no match for this urban hip-hop crowd. She looked around for a familiar face but found none. She then looked up and caught me staring at her. I was a little embarrassed for being caught staring at another woman but I didn't show it. I held my stern look. I wanted to see if I could read her age by looking at her. From my years of experience I knew she was definitely a minor. She knew I was on to her and she instantly turned red. At that moment I rushed downstairs to the entrance. I waited for her because I knew she was attempting to sneak out. Lo and behold there she was. I stepped to the side in the dark trying not to be noticeable. As she neared the door I stepped in front of her. She was surprised and a little frightened when she looked up to find this strange woman before her.

"You have two minutes to decide on how you want to take us," said the other.

"Why don't you two go clean up and get ready for tonight. I bought you your outfits. You'll need to change after we leave, since Mom & Dad can't see what you're wearing. Oh and one more thing -- no underwear tonight. Now go take a shower and get cleaned up."

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I reached down and placed a hand on her head, stroking her silky brown hair as she began to slowly slide her lips up and down as her hand remained firmly grasping the bottom of my shaft. I was just beginning to relax and enjoy the feeling of Sonya's warm, wet mouth when she suddenly stopped.

I pulled my mouth off her and reached down and grabbed her behind her knees and pushed her legs up so her feet were up in the air and her knees were next to her head. This exposed not only her shaved pussy but also her beautiful anus, which was also covered in her cum. I lowered my head back down to her clit and started to rub her asshole with my thumb.

As she settled down, something caused her to look up and over at me, and I got a great view of her breasts. She saw my erection, grinned, and giggled. I could clearly see her nipples as her breasts shook. I thought I was going to explode into my suit. My "old" English teacher was giving me a Sex Education tease! Surely it was accidental!

"Oh, your Dad found out of a software program called cu-seeme. So this afternoon, after you left, we went down and bought a capture card so we could hook up our video camera to the computer. That way we can go on the Internet and play with other couples who like to do the things we do."

Another inch went in. "Oh God! Help you are so fucking big. Fuck me!" She kissed him for the first time.

June would sit in the kitchen most evenings with her close friend Angela in attendance. The two of them would stop talking when the children or I entered the room. I got the distinct feeling that they were talking about me; but I could not think what I was supposed to have done that would cause June to act this way towards me.

She left me in the backseat, as I was, naked except for the 5-inch heels and hose. I pulled off the heels and gave my feet a rest. As we pulled away from the parking lot the juice from her pussy had just about dried on me, and I sniffed myself, loving the fact that I smelled like her pussy.

Her Master smiled. "Why would you disobey so simple a command?"

"I always knew you'd make a good life for yourself." Kaitlyn stated. "You always seemed so self-confident and had that air of success about you."

Greg sat by Kelly's legs and spread them apart. There, below an unshaved tuft of hair, were her pubic lips, beginning to swell and part. Greg was feeling the pain of his hard-on as he put a finger on her slit, ran it down to her asshole, and then back up to her clit. She sighed a little.

I stayed up most of the night thinking about what she had told me. Until in the early morning hours Zen came to visit me. She was probably the prettiest of them all. Her huge tits waving as she walked towards me. She sat down beside me on the bed-roll and we talked. I asked her about her planet and what the weather was like. Did she think someone like me could be happy there. All the while I was closely watching for any reaction from her.

I watched his eyes drop from mine as I turned toward him and took a few steps. I could feel myself swelling. I walked to him, put a leg up on either side of the easy chair and sat. I was suspended there, balls hanging heavily. He groaned and looked up at me. "Yes, that would have been a distraction indeed."

"Jesus Mon, what a great little fuck your wife is!" Bobby gasped; flashing me a big grin as his deflating cock slipped out from between Louise's stretched pussy lips. I watched in awe as a cupful of hot spunk gushed out of Louise and onto his balls.

"You mean besides a certain thin blouse?"

"Oh God yes!" He hissed. "You look very sexy."

Amy crossed her arms and lifted her shirt over her head. Her titties looked flat with her arms in the air, but her nipples were hard and sticking out. It wasn't very cold in her room so I think she was getting turned on too. I guess it was because she was showing herself to her father like she hadn't done before. I mean, we were all naked together at the club and all, but this was at home and almost alone. Well we were alone, just the three of us. Tom was rubbing his leg now.

Suddenly, he pushed open her bedroom door and entered the room. Kim immediately saw his black menacing figure in her mirror and whirled around on her chair to face him with a gasp.

I turned to face her, and grabbed her by the arms. “Dammit, Jenny, will you stop being such a fucking machine!”

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As best she could, she turned him down and had been called a bitch before he stormed off. No sooner had he left when he was replaced with someone new and the flow of men around their table suddenly increased.

Acting on Moon Dog's advice, Caleb and Anne agreed to separate from the two investigators on the odd chance that someone might be watching Anne's car. Moon Dog and Hunter drove the rental cars, back tracking to Terrell's office, and dropped them there, and then, switching to Anne's car, they headed north along US 65 toward I-70 and St. Louis. Meanwhile, Caleb and Anne drove south in the general direction of the "boot heel," intending to cross the Mississippi into Illinois at Cairo.

When Angie brought her pills during the night, Doris palmed them and carefully put them into small, labeled envelopes in her purse, with time and date noted. The next day, her chart showed she had been given two pills three times during the night. In fact, Angie had only been in twice. In addition, when they checked the labeled pills in Doris’s purse, only one of each set was MSContin. The other was an aspirin tablet.

"Nothing, " I chuckled. "I was just thinking how perfect our parent's house was for romantic evenings..."

"Oh, he is about a thousand dollars generous," she smiled. "I don't come cheap."

His voice, silent.

"An orgasm, I gave you orgasm?"

During break , Naomi pulled Justin aside and told him she needed to speak with him after class. Then she looked him in the eye and in a harsh whisper says " tell no one."

One time they were playing a British Legion in South Herts. And she went along on her own, as her boyfriend couldn’t make it for one reason or another. She had a couple of drinks while watching the performance but took it easy as she had to drive her dad home after, and as usual after the guys and her dad from the pipe band joined her at the bar. She said that one guy, John, was paying her more attention than normal and was trying to look down her top at every opportunity; with the courage of a few drinks inside her she played along with this and moved herself into positions where he could get more of a view.

"Boy your little cunt is the second-best piece of ass that I've ever had. Its making me so hard I think I'm gonna cum again soon. Gonna fill you up with my hot jiz."

Before she knew what was happening she found herself on the bed rolling around with Steve. Apparently Steve wasn't satisfied with merely kissing as she felt his hands roaming her body. Steve's strong hands worked their way down her torso and felt the luscious curves of her chest. She could feel her nipples growing to full attention between his finger tips. Seeking more of her, Steve began lifting Brooke's shirt over her head. After this he unclasped her bra freeing her breasts. Steve lowered his mouth and took Brookes perfect breast into it. He could feel her nipples hardness and he sucked it gently. Brooke began to breath heavier as she felt his warm mouth on her. Steve's hand was busy again and soon was rubbing the area between Brooke's legs. Steve soon moved down the bed and put his fingers inside the waistband of her elastic stretch pants and thong. He began pulling them down but they momentarily got hung up until she slightly lifted herself allowing him to remove them. Brooke was completely exposed to him now as he crawled up between her wide open legs.

“Good Morning.”

"My son," she added.

Stephanie began to slowly stroke Julie’s breasts. Her brown nipples responded, hardening, standing out, the areolas enlarging. They're so soft, Stephanie thought, staring at them for a long time, rolling the thick nipples between her fingers. Julie gently murmured with pleasure. "Stephanie, yes.”

Jill moved to a couple of feet in front of him, turned her back to him, and slowly bent over. Tim caught his breath as she thrust her twin globes at him. Her puffy pink pussy was displayed slightly moist and open right before his eyes. Her cheeks spread and her puckered little anal opening was also exposed for his pleasure.

I studied her in detail, marveling at the site of the fantastic body on this 42-year-old woman. Helen is short in stature with short blonde hair. She is very pretty with big, beautiful round eyes that always seem to transmit a radiant glow. Helen has a rather unique body. Despite being very short in stature, she has an ass that is very large and round. Because of her height, the size of her bottom really stands out when you look at her. To go with her great ass, Helen also has thick, well-rounded thighs. Her beautiful lower body really gets your attention when you look at her. She looks absolutely mesmerizing in a pair of shorts. In fact, her body would be the envy of most 40-plus women.

I go to the bathroom, empty my bowels of air, semen and turds, then run the taps in the bath. As I wait for the tub to fill, I undress, wipe steam off the mirror and stand there. Face still young with clear complexion, large eyes and pouty lips. Not many wrinkles to the casual observer. Brown hair still thick and bouncy. Breasts large and relatively firm, almost symmetrical; tummy a little soft after carrying a child, but thighs tight and buttocks nicely shaped (though a bit big for my liking). Yeah – the body of a young healthy woman in the prime of life. Pity to keep it all to myself.... I take a long luxurious bath. My finger drifts down to my parts. I imagine Nick coming around later. He is pissed about the money. He pushes me around and tears off my blouse and skirt. I am only in a sheer cammie and lacy briefs. He spanks me telling me I'm a whore, that only whores take money for sex, that I owe him lots of sex for the money I took. I cry and whimper. He slaps my tits a bit then makes me blow him. He tortures my nipples as he fucks my face, ignoring my tears. He makes me eat his jism, suck him hard again then fucks me brutally over the arm of the couch. As he rams into me over and over he tells me he is going to come around every night for a month, so I better get used to it. Maybe he'll bring a couple of friends....

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"But..." she interrupted.

I slid my tongue between Her lips and just got a taste before She pulled my head back. A soft "Oh.." escaped my lips. She smiled briefly before dragging Her fingers down across my eyes, Her signal to keep my eyes shut. I wanted so badly to lean into Her, clutch Her thighs and hold Her. Instead I held my position, head tilted back, tongue out, palms sweating, nipples hard, dreaming of what might be ahead. She is always full of surprises, my favorite quality about Her.

Then she picked up a nice rhythm and I watched as my own mom was deep-throating my cock. Now Dad moved off of the couch and stood mom up. My cock let her mouth with a slurp. Dad undid her shorts and pulls them and her panties off. Then he took her top off also and now she was fully naked and he walked over to the couch and bent her over. He moved in behind her and started rubbing his cock up and down her wet slit. Both of them were looking over at me and I watched my dad fuck my mom for a minute then I got up and moved over to the couch. dad says "Do you want your mom to suck you some more?" I shook my head and said "yes." Then mom took my cock back in her mouth and started sucking me so good while I watched dad fuck the hell out of her.

Through the darkness I could barely make out Courtney's devilish grin, but it was enough to let me know she was game. More flashes of lightening lit up the room as I grabbed her hand and guided her up the stairs. From the upper floor I could hear the rain beating against the roof and the wind whipping through the big oaks outside. We made our way down the hall and into her room. Through her window I noticed the frequency of the lightening was intensifying and the deluge of rain was pounding that side of the condo.

"Meharani, you'll be partnered with Harry." I looked at the woman Sandi motioned forward. It was the gorgeous girl I'd seen in the corridor when I'd registered the week before!

She was unaware of the sun streaming through the material of her shift from behind, outlining the curve of her hips and the sleek lines of her thighs to his narrowed gaze, or of his crews sharp interest.

"Wenn might just do that," she said, "though I wager he could do far worse to the likes of you."

‘Aaarh.’ I was coming buckets. I looked down. My spunk was trickling down her chin. I pulled out and gathered it on my fingers.

Maria nodded. "They do need to get a life. The next generation is probably going to be born with a cell phone connection wired into their brain."

"Peg, there is something that you can do for me right now. As a matter of fact we can both do it."

We heard Jeff make some noise in the living room and broke the kiss. She looked into my eyes and said, "MMMM….nice."

Then I heard my sister stirring in her room. I put my eye back up to the crack of the door and saw that she was getting up. She was probably headed for the bathroom. After all that she'd need another shower and so did I. This time I didn't think I'd care if the water was cold. Even after that climax I still felt horny. I jammed my semi-hard member into my pants with much less trouble this time and headed down the hall toward my room. I almost made it too. I was to the door of my room, when I heard my sister behind me.

Dee gently kissed my forehead. She kissed my closed eyes and my cheeks. Her hands gently stroked my naked back, tracing lazy circle from my neck all the way down to my hips. Her lips wandered down my jawline and planted soft kisses on my earlobe.

"What? Do you mean that's…you?"

You know Billy and I have been making out for weeks. We'll kiss and he'll feel me up through my blouse. On our last couple of dates, I've been letting him remove my top and bra and suck my nipples. That really gets me turned on. It turns him on, too.

His fingers reached under her dress and she heard cloth ripping....and cool air washing over her cunt and ass. It was done. There would be no hiding that from her husband later on...

This was the first time that I started to think about that I just had sex with a minor.

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