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I watched the seed burn. So much was going up in flames with it. Though I didn't know the future, I knew that the last remnants of Zia, whore and seedie, burned in front of my eyes. Soon I would arise from the flame, to build a new life.

The waiter approached, took good notice of Peggy, and her sexy outfit, and asked to take their drink order. Greg then noted that he took the long way to the bar for their order, returning the same way, via the main aisle. Greg slid his hand a couple of inches higher, and massaged her thigh a bit more gingerly.

"What's that all about?" I asked her when she had put down the phone.

Carrie thought about it for a second, smiled and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. "Daddy, as long as you're happy. But don't expect me to understand this okay?"

The next day I sat around and just tried to not think. It was impossible. I knew that I had really messed up when I had begun to cheat on Sharon with Gwen. I was sitting there, not sure what the next step was. Had Sharon done what she had to show me that she was through with me? Were we done? Had I thrown away all those good years for nothing?

"Katie, please, owww!"

"That's right. Slowly work yourself." His breath got faster as he spead his legs to a more comfortable position. "Dip your fingers into the wine that I know you're drinking, dribble it over your breasts so that the liquid runs down your body in a red waterfall." He gasped to himself as his eyes, blazing with fire and lust, stared intently at the camera.

Feeling like she was going to throw up, Tammy desperatly tried making her feet move as the pinpoint laserlike stares of her co-workers branded her indeliably.

I liked the sensation so much that I'll ask her for more of the same if we hook up again in the future. Also I'd like to try some of the toys I have back home in NYC. One of those toys is a double-ended dildo. With that we could really fuck each other, much better than humping bare pussies. Maybe I shouldn't say that; humping pussies and using a double-ended dildo feel quite different, and both kinds of sex play are arousing as hell. Ingrid seems adventurous and willing to try almost anything. I'm the same way. We could be great friends and playmates. Definitely something to pursue for the future.

He threw me on the bed.

For days now the memory of Beth's velvety red panties had provided an unlimited energy source of stroking for Chris's cock. She was the object of his fantasies every night and every morning. Any time Chris saw a bright red Santa Claus it reminded him of the color of Beth's rich panties. He never knew he had photographic panty memory until the day he saw Beth's red panties from under the stairs. He remembered the sexy high cut on the side, the lacy decal edges of her leg openings. The slow sloping in the middle of her waistband as it stretched from one hip to the other in a dipping half ellipse. The tiniest little thin patch of bright red secluded her pussy and tapered to a thin finger thickness as it wrapped between her legs and up her wonderful hot ass. The memory was again arousing him and he could feel his erection growing in his sweatpants. He was nearing the urge to release all the holiday cheer in his cock when a knock sounded at his door.

Nadine slowly unbuttoned her uniform, then removed her bra, slip and panties and let them fall slowly to the floor. She stood there slowly caressing her naked body, then whispered softly,

The mixed cum, was running out of my pussy and down my legs as we walked out to the car. I could just picture my inner thighs glistening in the moonlight. We climbed in the car and my mind began racing, reflecting on what just happened. "My God, I'm a fucking slut," I said to myself. "I just fucked six guys, including my brother."

Saturday I got back home at the airport at noon and got to the house at 12:30. Julie was the only one home. June and John were at school for some science project that was a noon until five event. Julie did not enter the event and friends were coming over to pick her up at one to go to the school. Beth had taken my truck to help someone, but Julie did not know whom, or even if she had said whom she was going to help. Her mom said she would be back to cook them supper at six and for all of them to be home.

Bill said, “I love to eat pussy. If I am given only one wish before I die, I would choose eating pussy. But, I prefer making love to getting a BJ. Oh, eating pussy is not fattening!”

"No, no I love getting naked. It feels so free, so sexy and it makes me so horny. I just thought that you'd might object."

"Umm...sure thing Melissa," I casually replied.

He must have sensed her thoughts because he started chanting, "I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry sorrysorrysorry." He picked up the pace. It was brutal. He fucked her mouth so hard, so deep, so fast, that she thought she'd either vomit or pass out. Or both.

"Steve we can't do this! We can't! I'm a virgin! You're my brother!" My body refused to accept what I was saying, I continued to rub the head of his cock over my pussy lips, I even moved so I was kneeling over him more. "Steve please!" I began to cry. Tears welled in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks but still I rubbed him over my wetness. Suddenly his cock was just inside me! I knelt still as I felt the stretching of my entrance, felt him just inside. "Steve!" I cried out as I lowered myself onto him further. Oh the stretching of my pussy! He was taking as little notice of my words as my body was. He held my hips and pulled me further onto him. My breathing almost ceased, just shallow gasps came as I began to feel the stretching and fullness of another persons body intruding within mine. My brothers cock! It filled me like nothing I'd ever known. Suddenly pain hit me, stabbing, tearing inside, but was gone in seconds as he slid fully into my tight sheath, stretching me almost unbearably. Oh god it was so good to be full of him! I pressed further wanting all of him, until I could feel our mounds rubbing against each other. Hands took my breasts, squeezing and exploring. They explored further, coming back to my breasts each time as I knelt caught on his flesh like a butterfly on a pin unable and unwilling to move.

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"Your just going to scurry away and fuck off you cocksucker!" She said breathless from fighting.

Daryl sat in bliss, his arms stetched out around each girl. He made a point of catching every man's eye that walked past, registering every look. Amazement, anger, grudging respect. Of all however, envy was the best. To see all those faces coveting what he had made him feel alive. He pulled the girls closer, only wishing Pete was still around to see this.

"Ahhhhhhh, yes, it's okay now. Now slide the rest of it in. Go ahead," she said.

"Now do the dusting," she commanded. He set about trying to do the dusting with the duster in his ass. a sharp crack of the leather paddle landed on his ass and she said, "You will answer when spoken to!"

I approached the back door leading out to the deck and stopped just as my hand turned the knob. Karen had shed her top and her tits were bouncing as her laughed loudly at the other girls. I removed my hand from the doorknob and stood there in the shadows of the room as I watched this teen goddess and her wonderful orbs. Needless to say my cock took notice also and started to inflate rapidly. I backed out of the doorway and went down the hall to my bedroom and removed my constrictive shorts and underwear replacing them with my favorite pair of cut-off sweatpants. I hurried back down the hall to the doorway and was surprised to see Terri topless as well.

"Undress, of course."

"Yes, Master, oh please let me cum, oh god please..."

"That's right you are!" In a series of quick moves, Dan pulled out of me, yanked the condom off his cock and came around in front of me. He commanded me to jerk him off. I took his massively swollen cock in my hand and began to stroke him. He grabbed my head again so that his cock pointed right at my face.

The two sisters spent the next few hours gossiping about their day, life, boys, and so on. Marya wondered to herself; why didn't she tell her sister what really happened. For some reason it just felt better to hold off for the time being.

”Ho ho ho, little girl,” Matt sat to Karen on her last visit as she dropped herself down onto his lap. “Have you been a good little girl?”

Mom took me to her bedroom which was so cold as she to get ready. She started to get changed in front of me. Exposing her breasts, then dropping her skirts leaving on her bulky panty and then she covered waist-below with a towel. I felt my dick pushing through my underwear-less shorts. To make matter worst, she saw it.

"Come lay across the bed, baby," I whispered now rubbing the smooth surface on the back of the paddle on my hand.

"Now Kymber, calm down sweetheart. I told him he could not fuck you unless you wanted him to. But I did promise him a sweet little peek at the splendid little pussy of yours." Scotty smiled.

Darnell began to pound her pussy harder and harder.

Then, Linda was raising up until her wet, hair-fringed cunt was directly over Lori's excitedly gasping mouth, and she licked out readily with her tiny tongue, spreading the dark pubic curls, drawing it experimentally up through the length of glistening velvety flesh.

The Saturday before I left for the Isle of Man, we attended Club Lush, our favorite sex club, and had some of the hottest sex in our ten years or marriage. We fucked in all of our favorite positions and when I was spent, Juliette leaned back against a wall and fingered her pussy until she came several more times. She was so absorbed playing with herself that she was oblivious to the people watching her. After a night like that, I certainly had something to think about for the few weeks we were apart.

Danny looked at his latest conquest and felt his cock harden even more at the thought of all the satanic things he was going to do to her. He reached out to the tray that Saunders was carrying with his left hand, and with his right hand he reached out to Saunders' cock and wiped the precum at the slit. He then moved his forefinger covered in precum to Suzi's mouth and wiped it along her lips.

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"Me?" Tara looked behind her. "That was sweet. But how did you know I'd be here?"

I found my sisters friends dancing suggestively with a couple other guys from my college, but no sign of my sis. I hung out near the stereo until the song was done, and then caught up with Lucy (one of my sister's friends) at the makeshift bar. I helped her refill her cup from an iced bucket that contained a mixture of rum and fruit juice that we called jungle juice. Lucy seemed a bit unsteady on her feet so I asked her if she was having fun. She told me this was the best party she had been to all night, which lead me to ask how many others she had already been too. As it turns out they had been to at least three other parties before ours which explained why she was already half in the bag. I asked where Jodi (my sister) went and was told quite frankly, "She is being a bitch; I think she is in a back room somewhere."

"Any what?" I asked, not understand what she was talking about.

I crossed my legs and pulled my skirt higher up my thigh. I kept eye contact and when he looked at me I licked my lips. A couple of times he stumbled over his words and cleared his throat. I could tell I was getting to him.

"Cool. Okay. Thanks, man. See you inside." Adam hopped out and the car moved slowly down the block, looking for a space.

In the meantime at work I was able to get a very important contract. It was worth millions over the next few years. That contract placed our small company in the financial news and put us even with some of the big boys. Jerry's ideas of how to run a company was paying off. He wanted us all to have a celebration drink after work but said that we should take off that extra hour for it. We went to Barneys for our drinks and I looked around to see if Laura was there. As the clock struck five Jerry said that we all should head home. " I never want to cut into your family time."

"No pet I don't believe that would be fair after all you have already cum once this evening." The entire time I am talking I am licking and nibbling your tortured nipples." I believe it should be my turn."

She wondered if John had considered that Carissa might become pregnant. She thought immediately of their physician, Dr. James Daily, who was retired now, but had been their family doctor for years. Maybe he would see Carissa and get her on some birth control. At one point early in her marriage, she had confessed to Dr. Daily about her sexual relationship with her father, worried about the possible consequences of her action, but not wanting to give up the wonderful sex she experienced with him. Not that John hadn't been a good lover, but the illicitness of fucking her own Dad brought an intensity to their lovemaking that was missing with John. Dr. Daily assured her that her confession was confidential, and that what she was doing was really quite normal. He told her that incest occurred much more frequently than most people suspected, and that many of those involved felt it was one of their most satisfying sexual relationships.

The party was on a Saturday evening at a neighbor's garden. Lot of people there and the bar tent was well supplied. Jenny was gorgeous and always surrounded by people so I didn't see any reason to hang at her hemline. After all, several of the guests were my customers who wanted mingle and talk about things they wanted me to fix for them in the future. After a while I noted that one guy was some kind of shadow to Jenny. Where she was there was he. I didn't care but his wife, who introduced her as Karen, had made the same observation and gave me an angry advice to keep an eye at "my bitch" because she didn't want her husband seduced. I didn't like anybody call my wife for "bitch" and suggested her kindly if she took care of her own "whoremonger" I would take care of my "bitch". Karen burst in laugh with sparkling eyes, gave me a warm hug and said, "Sorry, didn't want to offend you, let's do it together."

"I know. I was just over there. Kurt wasn't there. Damien is singing with them tonight." Amber chewed on her lower lip, then raised her blue eyes to Stephen's. "Steve, can I come in for a minute?"

The guy sounded nice enough; his embarrassment and guilt were sincere. He had the best voice too, deep and resonant with a warm under tone. He helped me get my stuff together; apologizing at least twice by the time I was standing and had my cane. Then he introduced himself; I thought I was going to collapse. It couldn't have been the same Tony. A part of me wanted to run; I'd never gotten over him. I'd never had a chance. Just when I was ready to look at other guys I'd lost the ability to look at all.

In the video, Zoe helped Billy undress and grasped his huge, smooth, cock, in her delicate, wrinkled, hands. Zoe began to suck Billy's cock and fondle his hairless sack of balls; in turn, Billy fondled her bra-covered boobs and panties-covered wide ass. When Billy removed Zoe's bra, her freed pendulous boobs swung sexily; Billy clutched them to try to contain them in his young hands.

The rest of the day passed with excruciating slowness. There were a few commercials to produce, but it was mostly paperwork the rest of the time. Ah, the joy of affidavits and sales contracts. But finally quitting time arrived and Joann and I were on our way. Joann had little trouble meeting my demands of late. Her husband was out of town more and more. I was starting to think he wasn't really on business, he was just holed up somewhere banging some bitch. Didn't matter to me, but if you had Joann waiting at home, why would you want some other piece of ass?

After a few minutes of head from Gail (she wasn't the best he'd ever had) He pulled out and placed Gail on her hands and knees. He was careful to face her just enough away from the door so she couldn't see Lori but Lori would get a nice side view of his cock pistoning in and out of her mother. Lori watched in wonder as Bill sunk his cock to the hilt with one thrust. Gail began moaning the instant Bill picked up speed. For Lori's benefit Bill reached around and rolled Gail's hard nipples while he banged her. When he next looked towards the door Bill was surprised to see Lori had sunk to he knees and was in the midst of her own orgasm. This gave Bill a chance to change positions. He rolled Gail over on her back, with her head towards the door. He raised her legs up in the crook of his elbows and pounded her mercilessly. When he thought Lori had regained her composure enough to enjoy the show he let his own climax begin. Gail could feel Bill's cock begin to swell with his impending orgasm. Try as she might to hold him deep in her pussy, Gail felt him pull out. Bill took aim and let his first jet hit Gail directly on the bridge of her nose. The next two spurts hit her on the neck and jaw respectively.

It wasn't long after Bill's return that he and the buddy stopped by our office at the lunch hour. Sally and I were just preparing to go to the hotel to work on the accounts. Bill had some sorry-ass reason for stopping in, but I knew! He wanted his friend to identify me. My plan was almost like a script with everyone following their parts perfectly.

Sonia felt a gush of excitement run through her as she felt the young man’s prying eyes follow her every move.

Her eyes were wild as she watched her mother and aunt break their kiss and lie down on their sides next to their horny mom. In unison they pulled the cups of their mother's bra down and released her two enormous quivering tits. They each grabbed handfuls of the pale flesh at the nipples and pulled until Virginia's boobs were painfully being stretched away from her body.

"No he isn't back yet. He should have been an hour ago but he's not and he hasn't phoned yet." Sophie answered

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"Jill," I say again, and step over to shake her. She looks up at me. Her eyes are blank, but then they focus. And something wild enters them. I stop, watching. Those eyes, they're hypnotic.

First taking a shower, Erin went to the kitchen for some breakfast and found the house deserted. Fixing herself some breakfast, she realized they must be working down in their studio. She finished eating and decided to take a stroll around the property. She found herself very impressed with the view from their position on the mountain. The river running through the valley below glinted in the sunlight as it slowly rippled along, winding along the valley floor.

"Amen," chimed in Mary. "Better yet, before they let us loose, if possible."

"Sure, Mrs. Anderson, whatever you say."

So he waited, and he listened.

“Good. Be ready for the fuck of your life babe. I fucking mean it. See you tomorrow.” Said Rick as he hung up the phone.

A look of sadness must have covered my face.

"I love breaking virgins."

“Don’t worry about it. All I can tell you is you’d better have a shower and be waiting for me when I get home. I will pick out your clothes. Mike, grabbing his keys walks out the door. Getting into his car heads off to his buddies. Terrie goes back in the house and cleans the table off from breakfast and decides to clean the house for Mike to surprise him. Terrie, remaining nude starts in on the table. Clearing all the dishes away and washes them. Terrie then goes into the living room cleaning any mess she might have made last night. She then decides to vacuum the house getting all the rooms. Last but not least she makes her way into the bedroom. Making the bed. Cleaning up the bedroom all nice and neat for Mike when he gets home.

After taking dinner we all sat and chatted a lot. When we went to sleep he handled me the mystery packet and asked me to open it. When I opened it I was surprised to see it, it was an artificial vagina. He asked me to try that.

Once she got in the stall, her husband put his arms around her and kissed her and said. "I love you for being understanding with me and would hope that cuckolding would enhance our relationship and our marriage." Joe went on to say. "I remember the wonderful orgasms you had fucking a strange man that night and I knew instantly that you were turned on with the idea of me watching you getting fucked."

His thick cock was staring me in the face and I swallowed before lowering my head to gently lick the head. I had never sucked a cock before, so I was afraid I wouldn't be good at it, but when he moaned, I slowly took the head into my mouth and began to suck. Then I licked the shaft up and down the whole eight inch length of it before taking the whole thing in my mouth. He shuddered as I began to suck the length of him and his hands in my hair guided my head to where he wanted it to go. I alternated between full out sucking and a gentle pressure. Kevin looked down at me and I looked up at him before he told me to relax and open my throat. I did as he said and he shifted his hips so his cock began to slide down my throat. I had an initial sense of panic as I began to choke, but as I relaxed my throat, I felt it slide down until he had his entire cock in my mouth. I. As he pushed forward, I could feel myself opening to him and when I gulped inadvertently and that sent him over the edge. He began pumping in and out of my mouth as I tried to keep up, but, being my first time and all, I was overcome and had to back away from him. He apologized immediately and said he'd make up for it.

The stimulation was overwhelming. Sandy screamed as both of her holes contracted and her own orgasm rushed over her. It was the most intense one she'd ever felt...every nerve in her body was sensitized. Her skin tingled from the salt in their sweat, the walls of her pussy throbbed as Ken's cock spread it past it's limits, her ass ached as Paul drilled deeper, and she loved it all. As the wave after wave crashed over her she screamed louder, shaking and drooling, squeezing both cocks tightly as they filled her holes with their cum.

"Nope," Harry answered.

"Mmmm" moaned Cassie, realizing her mother was getting off on this as much as she was.

JUNE 27, 2005

That shut Morgan up and propelled him back to his seat. Brandon took the pulpit, his eyes flashing. For some reason, Brandon’s anger soothed Jamie. At least someone besides Nora and himself was outraged over Morgan’s comments. Jamie had no idea the amount of comfort and resolution Brandon’s next words were gonna bring.

"Is it?" Holly said. "He must like your mother's tits." With that, she swayed her hips over to the couch, unbuckling her bra, freeing her huge mounds and smothering my face in them.

“The bags are packed. Call for a bellman and we’ll go downstairs for a drink or two before we leave.”

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He raised an eyebrow. "I can leave if you want, Cat, and we can do this later…"

"Sara, I'm going to give you five spanks on your bottom. After each spank you must say the number of the spank, and then, 'thank you for teaching me a lesson.' Do you understand?"

"I quickly pulled her face to me and kissed her deeply, my tongue toying with hers. I languished in the kiss, feeling the texture of her teeth, the softness of her lips and I could taste her, mixed with the metallic hint of my pre-come. We kissed, as she stroked me, her hands felt so soft, sliding over the head and back again. I felt an increasing intensity and stopped her, sensing an oncoming flood.

"Oh Fuck, I'm going to cum on your cock!" Marie screamed as she orgasmed sending a flood of cum washing down over Earl's cock and dripping onto his balls. After she had calmed from her orgasm Earl suggested that she pay a little more attention to Lynn.

Amber scooted her butt toward the edge, hooked one leg over the couch's arm and dangled the other over my knee, spreading herself wide open. Lilly knelt in front of her and kissed Amber's cunt full on, nuzzling and kissing and licking the tender places all around the edges. She licked around Amber's asshole, teasing it, then stabbed it with her pointed tongue. She flicked the little opening 'til Amber twitched in response, then worked north. She spread her lover's cunt open with her thumbs and flicked her tongue from Amber's pinkish asshole across the perineum and up the cunt, then dragged its full length across the girl's clit. Amber shuddered and moaned. Lilly glued her mouth to the clit, mixing the long slow licks with flicks of the tip; she sucked on it like it was a little dick. She slipped her middle finger into Amber's puss, curling it up to reach the G spot, then worked her ring finger in alongside it. Amber's face glowed red, her breath was coming in short little bursts, and sweat glistened between her breasts. Lilly pulled her fingers out, shining with Amber's juices, and worked one into Amber's asshole. She pressed her thumb into Amber's snatch and did twisty little things with her hand while her mouth worked over Amber's clit. I noticed Lilly had quietly put her free hand to work on her own cunt; she was squeezing it, massaging the entire mound with her palm and fingers, the heel of her hand pressing and moving against her clit. She has a beautiful ass, and it was waving around; I wanted to fuck her from behind while she ate Amber but held off for now.

"Sex tape."

"The next haze we play is shootage." Stephanie says, "And the loser gets to suck the Mabutu. Though I think it's clear who will lose."

"We are going to play strip poker," stated Paula, "but with special rules. Bob, please move three of the dining room chairs into the center of the living room. Move whatever you need to move to make room, then set up two of the wood TV tables. I am going to put a quilt on the table."

My best friend in school was Jamie. His mom was fine as hell. She looked just like the porn star Kay Parker. She was tall, around five foot eight inches and around 140 pounds. She had big fat juicy tits, and plump fat ass. She looked like she was built for fucking. I thought about fucking this woman all the time. Jamie had confided in me one night while we were at the park. Smoking a joint, that his mother was an alcoholic. After his dad died she spent most of her night’s drinking until she would pass out. Most of time when he came home from hanging out he would find her passed out on the couch. I was shocked. She seemed like the perfect mother. She never seemed to be drunk when I went by her house to pick him up. I thought to myself, what a waste to sit home day after day and drink yourself to sleep. I felt bad for Jamie because I knew this bothered him. You know people say strange things when they’re high.

"Hold onto my hips," she told him, "and don't be afraid to go hard."

None of this made sense. He didn’t have a foot fetish. It had been a while since he’d slept with someone, but he wasn’t in a state of desperation. And he had never been attracted to Mel before. She wasn’t even his type. Yet despite that, there had been that weird dream last night, and he stood there starting to get aroused just from the sight of Melanie’s bare feet.

“On your knees bitch.” I pull her by her hair to her knees. She moans. I start to undo my trousers and then take them off. Out pops 9 inches. “SUCK IT, CUNT!”

John swam to the side of the pool and jumped up on the edge and told her to come over to him. She swam over, passing the other two men who were in the pool with them. When she reached John, she went between his thighs and looked up at him.

"Look up a bit more darlin'… like you're watching something off in the distance. Great, now hold that for a moment." I said, and began snapping shots of Renee's lovely face and ample breasts. I walked around her, squatted in front her, leaned in close and took a series of pictures to capture her femininity in all its glory. I heard Becky giggling in the back round, saying, "Mommm, your nipples are coming out!"

Your body pushed against me, guiding me backwards, until I was pressed against the kitchen table. Your hands caressed my body, and only then did I suddenly remember that I was naked. Until then I had felt completely comfortable and unaware of my nakedness. Now though, as your hands expertly explored my body, and your nails gently trailed a line down my back, making me shiver in pleasure, I was painfully aware of my nakedness.

"Anyway," I said after watching her fly past, "I hope you all have a wonderful time."

"Bend over my lap," he said as he grabbed her wrist and pulled. His strength quickly overpowered her as she felt forward and then downward on top of his fat thighs.

“I’m going to cum, ah fuck yes,” mumbled Brad as his seed shot out the end of his cock deep inside Sophia’s butt-hole.

Outside the bedroom Debra was every inch the dedicated young primary school teacher she so loved being. A four-letter word would not DARE enter her mouth before it would die of shame!

"Yeah, right! I can't look that much like her!", Audrey exclaimed. "No, really. Look at her picture." I opened my wallet and showed her Cathy's picture to which she said, "I guess I owe you an apology. I see the resemblance". "No apology necessary. Now what do you recommend?"

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I stepped back in shock. How could he know I was there? I turned back towards my bedroom and to get back in my bed but he was far too quick for me. As the door opened and Adam stood there with his erect cock standing there pointing at my nakedness, he grabbed my hair and pulled me to my knees. My face was now inches away from his cock and I could smell the scent of Emma on it as it wafted in front of me.

Casey sighed. The glass in front if her fogged up. “I know.”

I know that Edinburgh folk have this reputation for being all cold and antisocial/ maybes even a wee bit snobby (*Aw furcoats and nae knickers* as my Uncle John in Glasgow puts it) but theres still something about this city.

The shock around the table was evident. No one expected something quite like this, but Jane merely stood up, walked over to Sarah and started to kiss her. For a moment none of the group could look away, but soon the round was underway. Over the next few rounds people one by one lost their clothes, until only Sharon had any on. Having just finished with Cath, Jane sat down on Sharon's lap. It was obvious that Jane was getting turned on, her wet pussy was dripping onto Sharon's leg. And then...and then... and then...

* * * * *

The man appeared again and led him into the bathroom. It was full of steam coming from the tub and the warmth felt good against his tired, sore skin. The man helped him out of his tattered clothes and then into the warm water. He settled down into the tub and felt the soreness start to leave his body.

Enid was fairly tall, with sloping shoulders and small rounded breasts, set close together on the front of her chest, with almost girlish pink buds for nipples. Her hips were slender with prominent thigh bones, and between them, the sparse light hair covered her flat mound. The outstanding feature of her vulva was the surprisingly large clitoris, now obvious in all its glory between the squatting thighs.

Suddenly, she heard a series of whimpers, thumps, and yelps coming from another alley nearby. It sounded like a dog in pain, being beaten by something heavy. She took a step in the other direction. She couldn't be late for work. She couldn't afford to lose her job . . . it was none of her business anyway. Then she thought of some poor animal, getting kicked around by some mean man or hoodlum or some crazy homeless person. It wouldn't understand why, but it WOULD understand being in pain. For a moment, she remembered her stepfather's hand busting her lip open after she had made too much noise coming home late one night. She hadn't understood it at the time. She had just wanted her real father back, because she knew he would've protected her. Jane turned around and crept back towards the sounds.

As she began to dance with this one, she started to think she made a mistake since he was even wilder than the last. As he held her, his hands felt all over her body, clutching at her butt, feeling up her breasts, and eventually trying to slip the straps of her dress off her shoulders. When she tried to break away, Phillip jumped up and grabbed the man, but when he went to slug him, he was grabbed from behind by a couple of others.

I stood up and kissed her mouth then her large breasts, taking time to feed and feast on those delightful huge nipples. The pale skin of her breast was flushed a vivid pink.


"For what I was doing. I... I know it's wrong. I shouldn't think it. I shouldn't do it. I won't do it again! I promise! Please forgive me!" BrayAnn's sobbing made it difficult to understand.

All he could really think of though was getting off this plane, getting to a pay phone, and calling Terri. He only wished she would be alone and that he could find a secluded pay phone.

She knew when his heart sped up, for her own increased its rate. Despite her reluctance, she looked forward to the game. She knew she would enjoy it.

But I knew I would see my father the next day, which meant more women to be viewed on the Red Line.

I could hardly wait to get his cock inside me, but first I wanted him to feel some real pleasure. I pulled his shirt off over his head and began kissing his muscular chest, licking and biting at his nipples while my hands worked their way down to his shorts. I slid them down as I dropped to my knees in front of him. His penis sprang out of his shorts, and what a glorious cock it was. I slowly licked the tip, tasting his juice that slipped out. Then without further warning, I grabbed him firmly by the ass and pulled his cock all the way into my mouth, deep throating him. The groan he let out told me all I needed to know, he was loving every minute of this. I pumped my head back and forth a few times and then backed off just a bit. While my tongue circled the head and up and down the length of his dick, I used my hands to work his balls and shaft. I gently tugged at his sac with one hand and used the fingers of the other to apply pressure to his perineum. He seemed really comfortable with this, so I decided to explore a little further. With just one finger I gently massaged all around his asshole. This just excited him more, so I figured it was safe to venture further. I slowly inserted one finger into his rectum. By this point he was pumping hard and fast into my mouth, and it was all I could do to take every inch of him into me. "Oh my God, Miss Johnson, I'm coming!" As his hot cum shot down my throat, I could feel his asshole convulsing on my finger that was pumping in and out to the rhythm of his cock thrusting. I swallowed every bit of his tasty juice, then slowly kissed my way up his chest again, stopping to nibble a bit on his neck and then give him a deep, hard kiss on the mouth. "Holy shit, Liz. That was the most incredible thing I have ever felt in my life. But now, show me how to please you."

Jenna had always been very open with me, telling me if there was a guy that she liked and that sort of thing.

She was not convinced, but by now realized that it wasn't actually that bad, once her two babies had gotten used to the collars that held the magnets acting as keys. The two could not escape the backyard, and so now she could come home, open the door, and then close it to keep the bugs out. But her babies could play until they were tired, and then come home.

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Chris leaned forward and their lips met. The lips that had just explored each others most intimate parts were now joined again. As they kissed Susan felt her brothers cock push against her pussy lips. She jumped.

"Yes," Holly said. "I just ran a check this morning, so this screen is showing the latest full scan information."

Would I! I'd thought of nothing else since she picked them up. "Yes of course, glad to be able to help."

"Delicious as always. I'm so glad you decided to cum in my mouth instead of my face, as you usually do."

When everything was over, we had all had a good laugh about what happened. Then we talked. Sally made very clear that she wasn't going to accept Jason fucking or touching her mom, or any other woman. He agreed. Magda and I started talking about what happened between us, and 5 minutes later she was down again between my legs. We moved to the couch for the blowjob, and when I was fully erect again, I went to Jason for a condom. She said that wasn't necessary. I started fucking her missionary style, and later she moved on the top of me so I was able to grab her tits. She pressed them against my face. She came twice again and I shot another big load, this time inside her pussy. So much for my virginity. For the first time in my life I felt I was the lucky guy compared to Jason.

Under the spell of the cruise, I slipped my other foot to the top of Jan-Dirk's and slowly let it slither over his ankle. The beginning of the coarse hair of his leg teased my toes. And so, our erotic relationship began. There under the table. I was now looking forward excitedly to where it might lead.

I wish I knew the answer to what attracts a man like me to me to be so attracted to older mature women. I also wish I knew why I am so attracted to black women Ebony if you prefer. I really have soul searched for that answer and have come up with no concrete answer as to why. The only answer I have is they excite the hell out of me, making me feel lie a young Spartan stud that has long since passed me by. I am sure that I am not the only man turned on by mature ebony women. Enough with the philosophical talk the only thing that matters is my name is Jerry and I love to fuck and be fucked by black women who are mature and I am now driving towards Marie’s house in a little less then one hour I will be there.

I knew full well that was a lie and was about to say so when the bus surged forward as the driver jammed it into gear. I was thrown slightly off-balance and had to steady myself on the seat ahead of me.

No sooner had the words escaped his lips did I feel his juices squirt down my throat. They tasted good, and slid down my throat easily.

Dad used to take quite a while to recover, but an 18 year old boy, especially a frustrated and horny 18 year old boy didn't take too long at all, so I was soon moaning and crying out as his tongue played erotic games with my pussy and my clit and as his hands fondled and stroked my sensitive breasts, "Oh yes, Bobby, so good, suck my clit, suck it hard baby, oooohhh that's so good", and my body shuddered and shook through a series of minor orgasms.

"I don't mind." She smiled at me and I frowned back.

“That was great.” He said as he got up from the table.

Martine's mouth pressed against hers and then she offered Candy her nipple. The woman's mouth opened automatically and the brown nipple slipped to her tongue, she used her tongue to caress and explore the hard nut of flesh in her mouth, she must have been doing well since Martine held her breast pressed to her mouth and she slipped her hands through her hair.

"So tell me, did you have any intention of taking me to dinner or was it just an excuse to get me to your house?"

“Let’s go somewhere else.”

"I want it now" she pleaded with him after her orgasm subsided. " I need it now" she begged pulling on his hair. " Fuck me my love" she pleaded as she pulled him up.

"Only if I can do it to you too." Grace said.

"As a black cock loving married white slut I say that Oreo Town is a dream come true story for me." Nan aka Badtitties

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"Sure you can honey," said Gina," sure you can." She removed Mary Margaret's blouse and skirt. She laughed at the old-fashioned white bra and big cotton panties Mary Margaret wore. She wasn't laughing when she removed them.

She smiled at me as she swallowed all of my cum that I had shot into her mouth, and said.

It had been to long since a woman has done this for me, it excites me to see a woman like this and I nearly climaxed when she went down on me.

I walk back to the table and sit back down. You move close to me and say, "You better have those panties for me."

I've said before that I am no fan of these threesome things. I mean, I just can't wrap my brain around the idea that a man would want to watch his wife being pleasured by some other man, no matter how much she may have wanted it. But this woman was gorgeous beyond any woman I had ever known. Those legs! I couldn't help but imagine those long, slender legs bare, gleaming in the lamplight and wrapped around my waist --- or neck, her choice.

"I don't know. But my aunt is giving a glowing reference."

The invasion had gone just as planned, and, right this moment, millions of my sperm were swimming inside Grant's mouth, esophagus, and tummy. I'd inseminated him, just as sure as if he'd sucked my cock and swallowed my semen. And this first time needn't be the last time, I reasoned. I might never get him upstairs to my apartment again, but I might get him to drink more semen-laced coffee or, in the summertime, he might enjoy a tall, frosty glass of iced tea, inside the cubes of which would be the frozen sperm of my ejaculate.

"Oh gosh no sweetheart! There is no one else, honest. I love only you."

I said, "Well, can't you tell by what you feel in your hand what I feel right now?" My cock was raging hard and throbbing. I said, " I do know I would love to have you in my bed Louise and I don't plan to get married or bust up yours. I would love to fuck you as long as it doesn't get crazy. I have never been involved in a relationship like this one before. But I do know I would love to have sex with you any time."

"Get a grip" he said to himself as he walked over to the king-size bed dominating the floor space. It looked entirely as a normal bed would, except for the chains draping down the headboard like a curtain of silk. He was slightly alarmed and took a step back, only to notice the wall adjacent to the bed covered in various whips, chains, gags and handcuffs.

Andy picked me up right on time. He was wearing a casual polo shirt and dress pants, making him look very sharp. His blond, curly hair was in its usual state of disarray. When I opened the door to greet him his jaw nearly hit the ground. He was speechless. I just gave him a peck on the cheek, grabbed his hand and lead him away.

She caught me staring at her boobs. God my mouth must have been wide open and drooling like crazy! She just smiled at me and gave my rear a little pat as she walked by. I couldn't move. I just stood there watching her well-endowed, unbelievably beautiful ass sway back and forth as she strolled over to the ladder. I was in total awe. And I was totally horny because this woman just oozed sex out of every pore.

I found dinner-time to be very fascinating and insightful on this warm June evening. I loved to listen to any and all information concerning the girls. I wanted to know every little detail about their lives. I considered the entire group - even Camille - to be my private flock of angels.

She spoke mostly about mom and dad, enquiring about their health. She also enquired about how my sisters and brother were doing. It was just general talk and I was thankful for her for putting me into ease.

I stood and watched as she twisted and arched her back, gasping and panting as she enjoyed her first climax, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she had been in so much pain just moments before.

She started taking the bra and panties off after that, reluctantly at first, but she continued. He took all the shots of her beautiful breasts being released from their bounds as well as her shaven little box. Her lips were perfect for a slut. he would think that her clitoris and inner lobes would have been hanging out, but her lips were clutched tightly together between her legs. She lay down on the couch with one leg hanging off and the other bent at the knee into the air. She looked at the camera and bit her lip, obviously worried. He knew that she could be easily manipulated by force if need be. He raised his brows and stepped to the side of the camera. In an extremely hostile and irritated tone, he asked, "Well, are you going to fuck yourself?"

All to quickly, the ominous sound of footsteps approaching her door was heard. Willow took a few calming breaths as the door opened and Spike appeared. In his arms were four ice buckets the hotel provided. Two of them were overflowing with shiny silver coins. The other two held snack foods and sodas. "W-wow. That's a lot of candy. D-do you feel better now?" And less homicidal?

Those had been days of denial for him, always trying to be the perfect couple for his parents and their friends and for Luann herself. There had been a couple of hints in high school that Luann was not everything he was looking for. Then they met Peter. They were in their last year of college and some friends took them to a local brew pub. Peter worked there and one of the guys they were with that night introduced them. When Peter took Ryan’s hand in introduction, Ryan thought he would explode. Peter’s eyes were soft, yet piercing, and his hands smooth, yet firm. Ryan knew that Peter saw right through him. He blushed and excused himself to the restroom.

After finishing most of his work he happened to glance over at a big pile of mail that had arrived the past few days. He walked over and started thumbing through the pile hoping to find a new edition of one of the magazines he subscribed to. Toward the bottom of the pile he stopped when he found a catalogue from a lingerie company that was addressed to his mom.

A woman throws her hands up and tilts her head with a sudden twitch, "I have to pick up the kids, the grocer was missing key ingredients I need for my salmon loaf and my husband is ignoring calls I make to him on his cellphone...and you want me to pick you up on a hot day and let the air conditioning out of the car?!?"

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"ahh." A barely audible sound came from Jakes throat.

No need to get embarrassed about asking, Agent Strong. I'm primarily gay, but I have had long-term sexual relationships with several women. You don't have to hide behind your desk like that, either. I'm not going to attack you. Unless that's what you want . . .

Terry was playing with her ass and tweaking her tiny tits. The girl's little white hand slipped in my shorts and played with my moist cunt! I gasped and moaned but managed to ask, "How old are you and what are you doing?"

I walked out of the garage to meet him (I totally ignored Brenda) and I said, "What can I do for you?"

"What happened then?" My voice was hoarse.

William looked up as she stood in front of him, sexy wasn't the right word for her. "Fine I'll get it, can I get you something?" he suggested looking back as he made his way to the bar.

" I forgot to do the laundry and was reading stories and chatting on line Sir. I didn't feel like eating or sleeping. Every time I went to bed I would just toss and turn so I went on line instead"

“I probably shouldn’t ask you this” Stephanie said as she sat back down on the couch, “but how do you masturbate with those things on?”

The four of us continued our sensuous, writhing dance for the next five minutes and more until it became obvious that Harriet and Wendy were rapidly climbing to a mutually ecstatic peak. They broke away in a chorus of loud shuddering screams, leaving Gina and I to our own devices. I felt her fingers press the head of my cock up into her sheath. “That ukuHobonga is kinda nice,” she murmured, “but I like this a lot better!”

Arriving back at the office, Veronica found another couple of roses had been delivered to her desk. David was really making an effort this year. She couldn't help wondering what had gotten into him, but she appreciated it more than ever. She was also looking forward to a romantic rendezvous with her husband. The arousal that had come creeping up within her during the corset fitting had ignited a flame, and she couldn't wait for David to add to it.

I lightly stroked the side of her neck with my fingernails as she looked up at me with her baby-blue eyes. "You really put me at ease, Beth."

David rustled from the couch and came over to her. He had one of her scarves in his pocket. He withdrew it and swept it over her breasts, letting it undulate over them. He pressed it ever so gently up thorough the valley, now a tunnel, between her ampleness, and drew it slowly up and over her cheek. With a swirl he caressed her face from ear to cheek to cheek to ear and around again. She closed her eyes and felt it sweep over her forehead. Then it tightened over her eyes and she could feel a gentle hitch being tied to keep it in place.

She came out from behind the curtain.

"Yes you must and now please." He quit spanking her and concentrated on using her juices to push in and out of her anal ring gently widening it a little at a time as she gasped and said she had pushed a vibrator inside and used a shower massage and had a climax that almost made her pass out.

"Oh fuck!," she moaned. "Yes, we've been going out for a month now."

"You do make good sport, Constance, and we have not yet begun to play."


fuck. That was stupid. SHE came to me, She wanted some help, and now she asks me, if I am sure?.. I tried to calm down. I was becoming quite determined about my compensation for the help. I will fuck the stupid girl.

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"You devious cunt." Bruce laughed. "I just hope that it's worthwhile."

Until last weekend. Until he watched Denise seduce her. Until he saw the two women holding each other passionately, rolling across the bed as they brought each other off. Since then, he’d been unable to get her out of his mind. And knowing that she was watching him only added to his fantasy.

It was the last day of filming for the season, and Sandy was scheduled to perform a particularly hairy stunt that had him diving off Santa Monica Pier to disable a runaway Jet Ski. Ashley insisted on taking his place on the pier, thinking it would be fun to dive off it into Santa Monica Bay before Sandy finished the scene. But when she hit the water, a sudden swell tossed her against a piling, and something snapped.

With my pants now around my ankles I bent down to undo my shoelaces, my eyes never straying away from the two fingers darting in and out of my wife's pussy. I slid my shoes then my socks off my feet. The pants came off next and in the spur of the moment I twirled it over my head and flung it to the corner of the room. I was now left standing with nothing but my boxers and a prominent hard on. That did not last long either. In a few seconds my boxers were also flung to the opposite end of the room. My cock was fully erect and hard to the point that it hurt, I had to cum soon or I'm sure my cock would explode.

Mike paid the bill and we got up from the table to leave. Mike and Karen started to walk from the dining room towards the entrance. I stepped back to let Rose pass me so I could follow her out. She walked quite slowly like she was trying to get distance between her and Karen. And when Mike and Karen were far enough ahead that they couldn't hear her, she grabbed my elbow gently and semi-whispered, "Let them leave first, okay?" I nodded and we continued out.

Elliot was helpless. He felt his body tighten and felt the first burst of hot semen leave his body and enter hers. With each jerk, he shoved his cock deeper into her waiting cunt, pumping her fuller and fuller. They were not only lovers, they were a mutual orgasm. On and on it went, longer than Elliot could ever remember having happened at any time in his life. They fucked until they could no longer moved. Elliot collapsed onto her and they lay together enjoying the fruits of unexpected love.

No one spoke to Wendy on the bus, although all eyes were on her, as she sat alone and self-consciously by the window, aware of the bemused stares she attracted from pedestrians, naked unlike her, who gawped at her as the bus sped by. And when she at last arrived at St. Karen's High School and she could join the crowd of pupils streaming out of the bus, she averted her gaze as best she could from the voyeuristic stares of her fellows.

“Yes, mom. I am okay.” I replied. My words were getting stuck in my throat and that was a dead giveaway that I was not okay.

"Oh Shit!" I bellowed peering down at my gaping pants.

The temptation to lick and suck it was strong but that would come later. First I wanted to empty it so that what we were about to do would not end too quickly. My effort was rewarded. Hot, white sticky stuff came shooting out of the end.

* * * * *

“I mean –“ Her thoughts were muddled as his other hand slowly pushed up her skirts.

The show let out, earlier than usual but as always not on time. Shaun made his way to the limo on his own as Angelina and Hilary had to take a few publicity shots for the awards show.

Before either one had a chance to think about what they were doing, or about to do, they stood naked. Stacy, bending over leaning against the table of potted plants. "Fuck me Danny, please...fuck me!" she pleaded wantonly in a voice and tone he had never heard her ever use before. And for himself, the feeling of pure unadulterated lust coursed through his entire being like wildfire, his cock rigid, harder than he ever remembered it ever being before. Without so much as a care as to any possible damage or injury he might cause her, Danny stood, mounting her from behind and thrust!

"Just a foot?" he asked, grasping his now expanding cock through his tight white briefs. "Don't you want it all?"

"What has come over you?" James asked as he undid his belt and dropped his pants and boxers with a flourish. His cock came bouncing out, the head purple and the veins standing out. He was rock hard, his blood pumping through his body in a frantic pace.

This new position felt amazing. He was deeper than ever, and it exposed us both to the room. My tits were thrust up proudly and shaking as we fucked, and my impaled pussy was now open for a new guest to feast upon. The newcomer knelt between our legs and lowered his mouth to my soaking wetness, and the first swipe of his tongue had me screaming. I could feel a hot wet tongue licking at my clit, while a huge cock was fucking me deep. This was such unbelievable torture, so much stimulation; I just didn't know how I was going to keep from going insane.

"Can I bring anything?" she said. "A dessert maybe?"

Little did anyone know Anita was already enjoying giving her first blowjob. Slowly she worked past the mushroom head down his shaft until it pressed against the back of her throat. She gagged and gasped for air the second she released his cock from her mouth. He chuckled and instructed her on how to deep throat him. Anita repositioned herself and slowly relaxed the muscles in her throat as worked his entire cock into her mouth, down her throat. Within minutes her head bobbed back and forth without any help from the stranger. Her pussy was wet and moans escaped from a mouthful of cock. Grams couldn't believe what she was seeing and it deeply hurt her.

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"What the hell are you doing here?!" she exclaimed, but again, I ignored her pleas walked straight in, up the stairs and found the 'master' bedroom. She followed me up, and continued her protests.

AJ's head dropped. Slowly he walked around to the end of his bed where Grace's feet were sticking out from under the blanket. He watched as her toes clenched every time her father intruded her mouth with his stiff pole.

>>>LEO: How old?

After dinner, they go out to a club notorious for their live-sex shows. I am sent home with serveral videotapes that are explicitly labeled. From their titles it is clear they are sex tapes. Once home, I put a tape into the VCR as I’ve been instructed to do. They are all of Alia, of course, in various sexual encounters with Viktor, and with other men that presumably Viktor has chosen. Without even thinking, I masturbate to the action on these tapes.

Guinevere's penis throbbed and pulsed in her fist as she furiously pumped it up and down, the hardness and warmth of it as wholly tangible as the straining in her testicles as her semen readied itself for its ultimate release.

My overall was open and my shorts around my ankles in a matter of seconds. My cock was so hard it was almost painful. I looked to my left and saw Jim. I had almost forgotten about him and had a momentary pang of guilt. After all I was about to fuck his wife! He soon put me at my ease. I was not the only man in the room with a hard-on. Jim had obviously taken his own cock out some time ago and had been slowly masturbating as he watched us.

He pulled away in excited shock and confusion. Looking into my eyes he told me, “Let me get comfortable with this.” Smiling embarrassedly he returned his gaze to the movie and using his right hand to return my head to his chest.

They talked about old times and some of the things that they all did together (that is the two families) and they laughed a lot. "Can I stay with you tonight Uncle Rog? I promise I wont be a nuisance and I wont annoy you while you are asleep" without waiting for an answer she wrapped her habit around herself and rolled over and pretended to sleep. Roger tidied up the files and photos and put them on the table next to the bed and was about to turn off the light when Salenna turned over asked "Can I do something to see if it will make me happy?"

"It went perfectly, you would not believe how different he looks, she looks." Tricia said, giggling a little bit at the end. "I see you are all dressed." Kelly was, she was had on a blue shirt that had a few buttons undone to show off cleavage, as well as some slacks, her hair was hid somewhat by a police hat, and she had on large aviator-style sunglasses. She also had knee high boots on with 5" heels that made her a very imposing figure. "Did you remember to put your little surprise on?" Tricia asked.

I grabbed her ass and did a quick lick of her ass. I rimmed her for a few seconds.

You place the cuff on one wrist "hold your hands over the shower rail" is

Also, I was wondering if that look that crossed her face had anything to do with a boyfriend. She had said there was no man in her life at the moment, but that could mean she was seeing someone with whom she wasn't serious. At least not yet. That was fine with me. I wasn't looking for anything more than for Jody to wrap those big ruby lips around my shaft and give me some good cocksucking.

"Sit on the couch," the professor said, breaking the silence. "Spread your pussy lips for me." Doing as she was told, she went over and sat down. Dropping her hands to each of her engorged pussy lips, she spread them apart listening to the sticky peeling of her wetness. "Very nice. Very wet," the professor commented. He continued to take picture after picture before running out of film again.

“What happened? Where am I?” I asked. The man turned around and smiled. Jason! I remembered.

The last thing is more important and what made the previous scenario with someone you knew so potentially difficult/dangerous. You do NOT meet at your house/flat/residence or whatever. That way he does not know where you live and cannot cause problems or difficulties in the future. Buy yourselves a room in a motel for the night. They come with a double and single bed, TV, warmth, shower with unlimited hot water towels and so on. They also are anonymous - you to him / him to you - and the staff, once you have paid for it in advance, couldn't give a damn what you're going to use it for. Only you know that, and only you need to book, sign in and pay for it Jack. It is also neutral ground so no-one gives a toss about territory.

"Ask men to dance with me. Usually I have to beat them off with a stick."

Terri returned and her suit had dried enough to again hide the little it covered. She grabbed her beer and drank it down quickly and told the guys she was empty. She then jumped into the water near us as both the guys struggled to fill her up again.

"I can't believe that you did it with him."

The next day, the butterflies started creeping into her stomach. She had never done anything like this before but was nervous and excited at the same time. She had been tied up before, in fact, she loved it. She had never been a piece of furniture before, though. Especially not one that was going to be eaten off of. Just the thought sparked another jolt of pleasure through her, making her shiver, even in the day's warmth.

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"I have smaller fingers than you do. I can do it easier." I said gently, my fingers already teasing apart the knot of his tie. The fabric came loose in my hand and I pulled, pausing afterwards to straighten his collar.

"I missed you last night." Cate murmured after she pulled back from our kiss.

Keeping a firm hold on her wrist I took the beer and put it on the deck. When I came back up I skimmed the back of my hand over her left nipple. Her pulse jumped, and I could see her pupils dilate. I dipped my fingers into her shoulder length locks, massaging her scalp, pulling her towards me.

Damn, I was never going to squeeze that into my bathers. I looked out again, remembering that Natasha had said she was going to bed, there was no one else around and the neighbors couldn't see over the fences at all, so why bother, I thought. For a moment I stood there undecided, almost unaware that I was gently stroking my cock and it was swiftly rising to full attention, but when I did realize it I pulled my hand away sharply, groaning. Damn, how stupid, now I had to go in like that. Quietly I eased the sliding glass doors open that led from my bedroom to the patio, and walked outside. The moon was surprisingly bright, bathing the back yard in quite a glow, I looked up, stopping for a moment as a cloud scudded across, then realized I'd walked around the pool to the shallow end, so without any hesitation I dove in, cutting the water fairly cleanly so there was very little splash, and stroking almost eagerly up the length of the pool.

At eighty-three Geoff Weetman was still active, admittedly not as spry as in his youth and with a lot of curses for the stiffness of his joints, but active nevertheless. Although a member of a number of social clubs and groups, he was lonely and had been for the past fifteen years following the death of his wife, he smiled at the memory of her. Their time together had sped by, it had been a shock when she had been found to have cancer, she'd died within a year of the diagnosis and right up to the end she had taken great pleasure in the act of sex with him.

"Of course." Rob looked directly at her. She had smooth skin, enhanced by her perfect make-up, and her bright red lipstick gave her mouth an attractive sensuous look. His eyes dropped to her blouse and he could see she had large, firm breasts surmounted by firm nipples that quite clearly penetrated the soft cotton material of her blouse. It was clear that she was naked underneath.

She wondered idly which bit would be eaten first. She hoped it would be her head - then she wouldn't feel anything after. The worst thing would be if it started at her feet, for then she would have to watch. Would she scream? She supposed she would not be able to help herself. Sometimes, if the wind was in the right direction, the screams could be heard in the town, and people would stop what they were doing and cock their ears with a shudder. Petal had screamed, her lungs strong from all the singing. She had screamed and screamed for a long time, and people had avoided each other's eyes and hurried indoors.

"Hello, Guinevere," the woman announced. "My name's K'an Tui, but call me Candy."

"I'm really ready," she giggles, "to become an aunt eater."

She had been home for less than an hour, when there was a knock on her door and she opened it, to her surprise, to find a delivery man there with several beautifully wrapped boxes in hand and when Colby tried to explain that she had not ordered anything, he smiled and simply said it was a gift from Mr. Morgan.

“Isaac! I’m just about done!” Stacy yells out the door.

This had to be the richest area of the city. How could Sonya afford to live here?

Once the teats were suitably hard, their mouths retreated and nectar was quickly applied. One hand of each attendant was placed upon the breasts to hold them down. The middle fingers parted and the swollen nipples pulsated between them. With the thumbs and index fingers of the right hands, they pinched and twisted on the nipples to clean them. They intentionally teased the golden woman and maintained the direct, slightly painful stimulation for far longer than necessary, which was also traditional.

He wasn't sure what Mandy really had in mind. She used to go out with his brother for Christ sake. What the hell was he doing? She was almost nine years younger than he was. Could he just be misreading the signals? God knows it wouldn't be the first time he had made that mistake.

She continues pinching and pulling against her nipples, her body writhing against the soft leather seat. Her moans becoming more frantic with her need.

While Mistress whipped me, Master took a pair of small metal weights and attached them to the gold rings pierced through my nipples. Master and Mistress had recently ceremoniously had my body pierced as a mark of their Ownership of me. It also allowed them to Use me in even more elaborate, painful ways to satisfy their dark sexual desires.

They stayed that way for a few minutes then she fell and he fell on top of her. She rolled over and he lay beside her. Jess lay her head on his chest with a smile as the rain stopped. They lay like that for quite a while. The clouds parted and melted away to show a brilliant night sky and bright full moon.

My curiosity about what went on in her room had become almost unbearable. Listening to the sounds through the wall only made it worse. My itch had to be scratched. I didn't want to seem too eager, so I hesitated before answering. "Okay, Mom, I'll do whatever I can to help."

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Meg thought and made a decision. She got her cellphone and rang work.

“He went to buy a paper, he'll be back soon. Can I make you some breakfast?” she asked.

Austin: So, when I stepped out from the cockpit to use the lavatory, I certainly didn't expect to see what I saw.

Again, she gasped and he saw her tremble as she breathed out.

Barry spun her like a feather, lifting her, positioning her on top of his awesome pole.

"I do too, sweetie, so much," Bill sighed. He glanced down at the sexy legs protruding from his daughter's skirt, pulled far up her thighs when she had seated herself in the vehicle. He felt his neglected cock move. He kept his arm around his daughter's young body and stroked her softly with his fingers. Sarah had departed so suddenly that she had not updated her plan for Annie and her father to get together, and, as far as Bill knew, Sarah had not yet taken Annie to the doctor to get birth control pills.

Selphie stood, with her hands on her hips, angrily hovering over him. “Irvine, you’ve been drinking!” she accused.

He then start use the lip and the mouth to eat my bi. He look to see if I was feeling the pain. But I know I enjoy him so much having the head inside my two legs so he cannot move. I was finding the sexy feelings and I like so much the feeling.

“Yes, yes it is,” Alexis said confidently. “Will you be my lover?”

As I came my shook and my entire body was racked with spasms. Chris pulled back on my hair as he slammed into me a few more times and then began to cum, I could feel his cock inside me jerking as he came. The heat of his cum filled me up and the spasms of it seemed to go on and on.

"Fuck yes!" He cried as he came inside of her.

Jude blushed again: damn this girl was going to have a heart attack from blushing so much.

It took Eric much longer to cum this time, and his thrusts were picking up a speed every bit as brutal as Chuck's had been. Somewhere along the way, carried away by his lust and fulfillment of what was likely a lifetime of a forbidden wish to rape a woman, Eric had dropped whatever concern he'd had for me at first, and now seemed bent on making every second of this rare opportunity count. I was sure I would die of the pain before he was finally finished with me.

Blondie staggered in the sand when Judy popped his cock out of her mouth and started licking his clean shaven balls. His cock hung drooling over her face, extending from her chin to her forehead. She returned to his cock and rubbed it over her delicate features. Pre-cum leaked from the head as she rubbed it across her forehead, along the bridge of her nose, and finally back to her lips. Her tongue danced around the head, and then she rammed down on it until her lips were stretched around the shaft in a perfect "O" Judy was behaving like a total slut with this stranger's cock.

"Mind if I join you?"

She had gone to the convenience store for a few things to finish off dinner. She would just be gone a few minutes. The next thing I knew a policeman was knocking at our door with our local minister. There had been an accident. Laura was gone. I can't remember much after that. She had pulled out in front of a semi-truck. He couldn't stop in time. Killed instantly they said.

The fear in her face and the tears melted my heart, I pulled my sweet daughter too me and hugged her tightly making comforting noises. Her long blonde hair smelled of little green apples from the shampoo she’d used and her scent was one of freshness and innocence. It was at that point I almost gave up it was only the way she pressed her young firm body against mine that decided her fate. I couldn’t wait any longer.

"Shawn, men have needs. And your Mom didn't even come close to fulfilling the needs of your Father. He's nothing like your Mother. I don't know if she ever did satisfy his desires, but I know she hasn't for many years. I enjoy fulfilling men's desires."

Kate snaps out of her reverie and composes a response enumerating her interest and sends it off. Within minutes Ray had responded back with an invitation to lunch for the next day. Exhilarated, Kate accepts the invitation and happily strolls off into dreamland again, fucking being the main theme in her musings, amazed that she had gotten a response the first day of posting her personal ad.

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"Sir, you're moving." She grabbed my elbows and slapped my hands back onto the door. I thought that I heard a muffled noise in the background. She continued patting me down. Reaching my backside, she grabbed onto my butt cheeks and gave them a little jiggle. Something wasn't right about that technique. I heard that same noise in the distance.

I started blushing like crazy and just stared at my feet.

"You want to suck my dick?" he asked her as though he were teasing her. He wasn't though, because she wasn't tempted by this disgusting brute, this criminal, this bully. Even though his hard organ was stretched out to full capacity. Even though it's veins bulged out over what looked like nearly a foot of man meat. Even though the velvety purple head had started to dribble just one drop of clear thick liquid. Like the famous ketchup commercial, the drop of pre-cum seemed to hang there, in suspended animation for eternity.

I’d enlisted right out of high school, trading six years in the Air Force for training in computer and electronics repair and guaranteed qualification for the GI Bill. College would have been impossible otherwise. Although I’d been in while the Air Force still owned Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines, I’d never been stationed in the Far East.

Promptly Kimberly was being stared quite often by her friends at the college, this time to her face.

"Open your mouth. Wide. Make sure you squirt into it. Every drop. Don't swallow or spit, just hold it in your mouth."

Being this close to her and not being able to touch reminded me of that night a year ago. I'd replayed it a thousand times in my mind, but this time I was able to see her again, right in front of me.

Roddy radioed ahead and a mechanic from the nearby garage was standing at the dock as they taxied in, ready to hose down the aircraft, carry out routine checks and maintenance and then winch it up the ramp into the hangar.

At that moment the bedroom door flew open. Both girls startled and embarrassed by the intrusion, jumped and tried to cover themselves. The girls looked up and were immediately frightened, they saw the angry man glaring at them from the doorway.

He walked over to me, his eyes looking into mine. “You turned me on so much during our workout.”

The next morning when I checked my e-mail, I had an e-mail from her. She said that it was nice to hear my voice and that she had hated that she didn't get a chance to say good-bye before I left and that she would really like to get together one day and go shopping. A week later, she flew to see me. I don't think daddy knew that, for some reason, I didn't know if I should tell him.

Sitting in my car, I got more steamed. I even honked the horn to attract his attention, wherever he was. I waited and waited. He had to be in one of the nearby buildings.

He stood up straight and readied Himself to strike her again. Lucy tensed her muscles, anticipating the blast of feeling against her bottom, but still jumped as His paddle bit at her ass. She bit her lip, avoiding the urge to scream, and squirmed, fruitlessly trying to avoid His blows, her clit screaming at her in a different manner altogether.

"Dad, I have an idea," she said.

"Fine. I was heading to class right now. Some speaker is coming to talk to the class or something. Hey, what are you doing here?" Erin asked.

As she sat there she looked so young and beautiful, younger than her eighteen years. The simple cotton dress helped of course. The CEO would be so happy with her. That was just the look he liked so much. It wasn't all that common either. Many girls of eighteen seemed to look actually older these days, but she was quite the exception. Those innocent big blue eyes: trusting, loving, a little shy but a look of eagerness and enthusiasm just the same. There was a charming naivety in face.

“Mmmm…” I said, looking at her tits. “You do have some nice tits, Meagan. I always thought you did. I always knew that you did. I’d just never seen them.”

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The tall man spoke up, “My name is Larry by the way, and this is my partner Dennis.” Christine smiled, “Nice to meet both of you.” Dennis began talking about the siding, and Christine was just lost in his words. Her focus was on the way she saw Larry looking at her. She knew he wanted her to uncross her legs and give him a peek of her sweet pussy, but she wanted to tease him, make him want to jump across the table and take her.

Jimmy kissed me as he handed me the wine and slipped his hand inside my push up bra squeezing the soft flesh.

"I think so. It felt like it. Just a little one."

"Sure, Unka Howie. I'll help you with your problem." She came wriggling that tight ass through the opening to the cab like there was no stiffness in her body. Well, she didn't have a stiff prick to worry about and I did--but I was willing to share.

"I'm afraid that now he's got his claws well-and-truly into me, he will never let go, Jen!" wailed Barbara, bursting into tears, and pressing her face against Jenny's still heaving chest.

And threw them in the garbage can. Then picking my keys up off the table she says she is going to get my car before the club has it towed. We start heading for the stairs and walk to the living room. We sit on the couch me in the middle while she calls a cab. We sit there and have small talk till the cab arrives. She gives her husband a long deep kiss and then me a peck on the cheek then she leaves.

Again, even as I shot a nervous glance toward Mr. Bose who was still sitting comfortably in the overstuffed chair, apparently oblivious to the clandestine message his young wife had just given me, I wondered how much of this was real? That is, was this gorgeous young woman so bereft of male company that anyone in pants who walked through their front door was fair game? Or was this a carefully arranged scenario planned by both of them to somehow compromise me, thus gaining an economic advantage in our mining negotiations?

A couple of minutes later she returned carrying a plate piled high with sides—clearly she was hungry—and was dragging a lawn chair behind her. I would have stood to help her, but she seemed to have the situation under control.

With my hand braced against her pubic bone, my wet digits trace quick circles around my roommate's swollen nubbin, my mouth still lapping at her tall, quivering breasts. Jane's hips start to buck, so wildly that I can barely keep my hand in place. She's grabbed my wrist with both hands so as to be sure not to lose the fingers that are fucking her so finely. With a long moan, her eyes roll back, and her bucking is replaced with a violent shaking. Her hands grip my wrist so hard that I fear permanent injury will result, but I don’t dare try to remove it. Jane's thighs now rise up, concealing her vagina and entrapping my hand. She suddenly throws my hand away, presumably not able to bear the touch any longer.

"Ok then. I'll just do some work that I have to get to while we're waiting."

"Aaaggghhh!" she screamed. "It hurts! You're too big! God almighty, Phillip, you're too big."

"Oh you have, have you, what EXACTLY have you heard?" Tricia asked as she sat and let Kelly put her feet on her lap.

After a couple of dances, she grabbed my hand and lead me back to the bar.

"She's an old woman. She wouldn't! Not her own grandson."

"Just keep stroking, Richard – or shall I call you Dick. I think I will. Yes from now on you'll be Dick, don't you think that's kind of appropriate – Dick wanking his dick", I giggled "Come on Dick love your cock, don't stop."

Seth gave his wife a hug and a kiss just as their host arrived, pushing through the crowd. Jared Devlin seemed oblivious to the fact that Andrea didn’t like him. He kissed her cheek and gave her a hug, a little too long of a hug, Andrea thought. Jared was dressed like a Scottish Highlander, yards of tartan fabric wrapped around his hulking frame. Jared wasn’t a bad looking guy. His dark hair had started to thin and he had the large frame of a man who’d been an athlete, probably a football player, when he was younger and was slowly going out of shape. But Andrea did have to admit, even with his large, hairy chest exposed, Jared didn’t look half bad. Jared’s eyes just ate her up and Andrea suddenly wished she were in an overcoat.

"Wait, Honey, Go back to our original plan. Bye."

"That's a great idea," said Ted. "Donnie's going away right after school and I was just going to bum around the house anyway. " He lied of course. He saw the hurt look in his mother's eyes when she mentioned his father not coming home. He knew she still loved her husband but his playing around was no big secret and it hurt her when she knew he wasn't really " working" on these weekends.

- Mmmm... said Sara. That's nice.

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"It's not like I haven't seen naked women before," Asher pointed out.

Minutes later, with Mona continuing to fondle her tit, Rachel tore her lips away and looked to the side. She still held Mona's face, and she rested her cheek on her forearm and tried to catch her breath. She hadn't kissed anyone that passionately for a very, very long time. She looked at the entrance to the short hallway that led to her bedroom.

I blinked at her, knowing it was true given our family. I mumbled a thanks and we sat on the floor talking and listening to music that afternoon.

I am watching her as she unties the strap to her top. Fucking cunt! And I am thinking that girl is just asking me to come over there and plow her. So I waited just a bit, all the time I could feel my cock getting harder and harder. I pick up my beer and I head over to her house.

I watched her expression, perfectly mimicked in the plastic clinging to her face. It was easy to bat her hands down, keep her from freeing herself as she continued to thrash and fight. The plastic slid farther into her mouth with each desperate gasp for air. It wasn't until she'd nearly stopped moving that I thrust a finger through the bag letting her suck in just enough air to remain conscious. "Listen to me girl and maybe you'll live. Do you want to live?" Even through her sobs she managed to shake her head drawing another breath. "Then do exactly as I say. Strip." Her hands moved behind her back fumbling for the clip holding her skirt on. It took her almost a minute to unclasp it and but only a second more to tear her white lace panties off. Her blouse was ripped open, buttons shooting in every direction as the knot came undone. I released the bag letting her fall to the ground with a thud. "Bra too." I wasn't even watching her at the moment, instead pushing the trash around searching for something. "What's your name?"

I watched my cum ooze out from between her long toes and slowly run down the top of her tan feet. The white contrast of my cum against her bronze skin looked incredible. As my shivers subsided and my cock began to shrink I laid back releasing a satisfactory sigh of relief.

"I have a contract here for you to read through. It states my expectations of you. It also leaves a place for you to spell out your limits."

"Get off the bed slave, and down on your knees. I want to fuck your mouth." I move before He is done speaking. I am eager to please Him, to make up for the wrong I've done. I get to my knees before him and take off his pants. His cock is enlarged with His hard-on and I feel a fire between my legs. Licking the dot of pre-cum from the tip, I take His entire rod into my mouth and begin to suck. As I do this, He grabs my hair with one hand to hold me still and then moves His hips in and out. His dick moves over my tongue as I suck it. I can taste the salt of His cum on my tongue, and feel the hardness of His handsome dick. It goes on this way for a while, until He yanks himself out violently, moaning with pleasure. I gasp and pant, half of me wishing I could have made Him cum, the other half happy I didn't. I have never been able to swallow without gagging, so He usually leaves swallowing to Mistress; his other slave. "Krista," He says to Mistress. "Get on the bed, lay on your back. I want her to make you cum in front of me."

In her imagination she saw him gazing at her as she lowerd her eyes to his trousers where she could see his cock was already hard, straining to be let out- but not quite yet!

"Well, that depends on what you've got on underneath," I winked, grinning.

K looked at Dennis in the dim light. He didn't know how HIS very presence turned her on so hot she couldn't sit still. That she had wanted him to be her first and to take her higher than she ever could go in her solitary day dreams of him.

"Is that a big deal?" I asked. Even after all that had gone down, I was still acted like a damn nervous kid around her. Like a damn nervous kid about to ask his parents for something he knows he shouldn't be getting. Unbelievable.

They strolled around behind the inn and followed a cinder path down towards the lake. The hill was a little steeper there and the path twisted and turned through a number of switchbacks. About halfway down the hill, just off the path was a small cabana next to a large hot tub. They paused for a moment, watching a young couple relaxing and talking in the warm water. A moment later they continued on down the path, smiling at each other when the heard a giggle and a loud squeal from behind them.

This is just a work of fiction that I wrote out because someone encouraged me to write. Give me your comments and criticism; whether good or bad, it is greatly appreciated. Just for everyone's information, I have no idea of what a camera-man's life is like, and I have no experience with what it is. I just came up with whatever my mind decided, and whether this is completely wrong or right, I don't know.

“He’s taking a shower. Who are you?”

“That statement suggests to me that you may have had too much to drink.” She laughed. It was an attractive laugh. “I’m 35. College was quite some time ago.”

"Oh yeah. My shaving."

“Wow, Gene,” Bernie looked at him. What the fuck kind of shit have you gotten yourself involved with, she stared at him. Then asked,” what HAVE you been up too”?

This short story is my way of paying tribute to a British actress -Joyce Grenfell. A gifted musician, talented film actress, witty & entertaining writer and of course, Queen of the comic monologue - Joyce Grenfell was a woman of many talents.

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As I followed Wanda over to her house my eyes were locked onto her magnificent ass. She didn't have much in the tit department, but her ass in a pair of jeans caused hard ons all over town. The last time Heather and I had broken up I had seriously considered taking a shot at Wanda, but her husband had returned before I could get myself off of the dime.

He dare not answer, he could barely breath inside the hood now, and he was getting very uncomfortable.

Amy's white T-shirt had come untucked, revealing a strip of bare midriff and her belly button, which was pierced, with a little gold ring in it.

Joan gasped when she felt his hands grab her arms and shove her over onto his desk.

Adam dug me in the ribs. 'Where did the real Jill come from?' he asked.

What I saw made me damn near drop the canister and make a deposit that wasn't exactly what the bank was expecting!! In the car next to me was an attractive older lady, and by the way she was dressed I would expect her to be an executive of some type. She was wearing a black jacket with a white vest, her hair was done neatly and although not short but the auburn colors flipped back across her ears to the top of her neck. What got my attention was her skirt was pulled up and wearing thigh high stockings, with her panties pulled to the side she was slowly working a dildo, wrapped in a condom, in and out of her pussy.

I whimpered then, arching my back, my hands buried in her curly mass of blonde hair, literally trembling as her tongue ran from one nipple to the other. They were pink and hard, and watching her tiny tongue sneak out to taste them made me gasp and writhe in her lap, wrapping my legs around her waist.

"Come on everybody, or we'll be hungry tomorrow."

"He was so sweet, Sam, he's worried about you finding out," Faye giggled, "It's nice to know that some men have a conscious, but I think I've got him snagged. Are you still on with Gary tonight?"

Sarah was lowered back to the horizontal, seeing the crowd of awe struck onlookers disapear beneath her direct line of sight, and staring again at the sky. The Master of the Lodge's tongue stayed with her pussy all the way down, untill he was licking her pussy (like a dog drinking water) as if she lay on a table. Other pigmies came and untied her restraints

I ordered two Dirty Martinis for us, with the promised extra olives bursting with bleu cheese, along with a sample platter of select oysters. The drinks arrived quickly, and I watched Michelle as she sipped her martini and gingerly tried one of the olives.

As we drank, the suggestions became more and more ludicrous.

“Yeah, actually.”

"Yes.' I whispered.

To my pleasant surprise, her pussy was completely bald, the result, I would later learn, of a thrice-weekly shaving ritual; her labia were smooth and wet as I ran my tongue down the length of them to nuzzle the tiny epicenter of her clitoris. Jade shivered and moaned loudly, her pleasure muffled by my cock in her mouth.

Naked, the differences between the two were even more apparent. Lori was voluptuous in the extreme, her large breasts quivering with each of her movements and literally dwarfing Janet's much smaller chest. A wisp of hair led downward to the tip of her pussy, trapped between her soft and succulent thighs which in turn pressed upward against her delightfully full ass. There too, Janet differed in appearance. She was shaven completely clean, and the hint of her mounting excitement was evident on the smooth, tanned skin of her inner thighs. He watched as both clambered onto the bed, turning in a jumble of arms and legs as they came once more to face him and his burgeoning erection.

There was no fear in her now, only sexual desire flowed through her body as she responded to the touches and caresses of this beautiful young man.

"Merely to teach you proper behavior around your master. You will submit sexually however you are requested to. You will beg for the chance to swallow a master's seed. You will do this well, or you will not eat, you will not drink, you will not sleep.... and you will suffer."

I quickly dried off, gave myself a fresh shave, brushed my teeth and got dressed. I put on some Calvin One to accentuate the green slacks, white shirt and Winnie the Pooh tie that matched the boxers you talked me into wearing. If I can't have fun and be myself with you, I thought, I couldn't be myself with anyone.

His eyes went wide as he saw a very large lump under his covers and felt incredible sensations coming from his penis. A familiar tongue was working on the sensitive spot right below his penis head. I'd know that technique anywhere! She always goes straight for the jugular and keeps working that spot!

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Pamela’s dark brown eyes widened and she looked at Hall, fearful of saying or doing anything. Why would he be talking to her that way?

"You probably shouldn't take them all the way off," She said, glancing toward the doorway leading to the kitchen, "Just in case."

While kissing him wasn't a turn on, I couldn't keep my hands and mouth off his cock. I knew that this might be my one and only time to do this and I wanted to take advantage of it. It was the pure novelty of it. We kept reaching over and stroking each other and playing with each other's balls. It was a wonderful sensation... just freely playing with and exploring each other. It's a freedom I hadn't allow myself when in my previous experiences and a freedom I haven't shared with another man since then. A full-blown, let's take off all our clothes, turn on all the lights and play with each other's cock experience.

“It’s gonna kill me.”

"I don't know bud, never tried it" came Jack's unexpected answer.

Her doctor had told her long before that she had a defective heart. Ken had to wonder if this was the reason that she wanted to avoid reaching orgasm with a man in her, that she had been resigned to living a life without a totally satisfying experience with a man. Or if she only feared it when she could not hold herself back.

"Come over on top of me." She said.

What had started out a dull Friday night of my roommate and me washing clothes, had turned into a two- three- and now-four-way sex escapade, with what I thought would be the climax of our landlady riding my roommate's enormous cock to oblivion. Except now...

My husband is a tall, slim and handsome man. When I married him, our love life was a torrent of lust that took me places I had never been before. After we had two children, though, it was hard for us to maintain that level of sexual excitement. As our children became horny teenagers, I kept noticing how Dan (my husband) could not help ogling his daughter Amy. Like her father, she was already tall for her age. And I felt a tinge of envy and jealousy when I saw her bare breasts, as large as my own but not sagging at all.

"I'm not going anywhere, Megan. I will not leave you like this.," he replied as his hands stroked gently against her back. She pulled a way and looked into his eyes again. They stared into each other's eyes, still half in an embrace. Megan stepped out of the embrace, feeling the heat between them. "So, uh? What do you want to do?" Wade asked.

Carol stood up, perhaps to go, I held her, kissed her gently and told her to relax. Li looked equally nervous.

Durst30: no way me too! Where?

Jane's body quivered on the cool wooden slats. Her back arched, thrusting her soft breasts up to the ceiling. The boys laughed as she spread her legs open wide, exposing her blond slit. Even her thighs shone with her fluids oozing out of her body. From where Principal Stern hid, even he could smell the musk of her desire.

Chrissy and Tonia began using their new-found toys on each other, but they both kept watching Starr intently. They knew what Starr had in mind. Rayleena began to get the idea of what Starr was up to as well, and she got a little scared. "Oh, my God," she thought to herself, "she's going to use that monster on me!" Rayleena might have been a little frightned, but she was turned on beyond belief. Starr placed the head of this massive rubber cock at the entrance to Rayleena's pussy, which was glistening wet. Starr began applying pressure to the black dildo and it began sliding into Rayleena's wet hole, slowly at first and then, almost magically, it slipped in quickly.

“Maggie put your foot on the bed and let me see your pussy,” he whispered to her with that thick, sexy voice.

"No, I just need to go home and clear out the house," said Daniel. "You know... pack their stuff up. I'll only be gone for the weekend."

"Especially when you get all your eating done with us anyways!"


George had finished his drink.

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I took extra care to dry her lovely, droopy C-cup boobs, making sure I kept her nipples stiff. By now she was way past the point of no return. I too, was having a ball. My cock was thick, and ram-rod stiff, gearing up for a good fucking. With no further delay, I kissed Tarryn full on the lips. She hesitated only milliseconds, before she went over the edge, and clasped me to her ample chest, tongue twisting into my mouth. I lent hard against her, pushing the shaft of my dick against her pelvis. Tarryn sat down backwards on top of the loo seat, and I stradled her, legs around her waist. We kissed madly like that for a good few minutes before I got up and pulled Tarryn into the shower, turning on the taps. It took me a second to get the water to the right temperature by which time Tarryn was well acquainted with my cock, which now sported lipstick marks.

Noticing my hard on she said, "I can blow you real quick, or you could come sleep with us."

We hurried through the throngs of onlookers. In a few minutes, we were in my car, heading through the sultry summer's night.

My first motion was not what you wanted and you pushed me forward so that your face was between my legs.

After he was about five steps away Daisy yelled out, "yes, fuck me please!"

Then all of a sudden, Holly felt his balls tense and rise up in his sack. John let out a large moan, his body shook, and he started to fill her with his cum. At that point Holly pushed deep onto his cock, she could feel his hot cum flood into her cunt, at which point, with a finger on her clit and one up her asshole, she climaxed too. John and Holly both flinched erratically, and then they both collapsed in pleasure. A mixture of John's cum and Holly's juices started to pour from her pussy, she rubbed her hands in it and licked her finger alternately with John.

We both sauntered off in different directions, and I found Angie enjoying the sunset near the back of the boat, er, I mean the stern.

Her face flushed and her chin quivered angrily above her ample chest. Though not prudish, she is easily mortified; an aspect I am often unable to resist, "Go apologize Leo, you don't want us to have a session with the social actions people, now do you?"

She chuckled. “Sean, I write children’s books. I work when I want.”

'Clean up the mess Roger, and bring him into the house quickly,' she said.

Within fifteen minutes, Julia was naked sprawled in the lush grass and stones. The coolness of the grass against he back and the photographer at her front excited her more than she cared, it was an age since she had a prick inside her. It was tempting.

I walked her home and we talked about something. I could barely focus. I was so excited at being alone with her, I didn't really know what to say.

When I looked up all the men where gone and Brian and I were the only people in the bar.

Your hand replaces mine on your button.

The second surprise came when she had skirted the village and was about to head up the mountain again. As it was still snowing, sounds carried in the still air, giving her enough warning about a group of soldiers coming up the road. She had been just in time to sneak behind the smithy.

"Okay, I'm on my way to a B+"

Now she stood in her underwear, a little uncertain, and wishing it was better quality, and that her figure was more like it had been in her late teens. Did Martin expect her to shed the rest of her clothes, or put the cocktail dress on, or... what? Martin again took control and began to kiss her once more, at the same time running his hands up and down her back. Helen again began to melt again, losing herself totally in the moment. As she felt Martins hands run over her shoulders and down her upper arm, she realised that her bra was coming off. Martin's hands began to move over her now exposed breasts, gently at first and then with a little more force as he began to knead her flesh. As he brushed her nipples firmly, a small groan escaped Helens throat and was lost in the continuing kiss.

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