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"It's inside the wardrobe."

"Tina, what did you think of the demonstrations in class today? Did they make you feel at all uncomfortable?" Mr. Peters asked.

After a long time he undid my shalwar dropping then to the ground. He laid me on the bed and he pulled my panties down and he spread my legs. Spreading little more he inhaled my feminine musk, his thumbs spreading my labia as his tongue dipped for the first sweet taste of my loving juices.

“Oh my gawd, it’s so beautiful!” I remark as I turn to have him come look, not realizing he was there all along. Stepping into his arms and looking directly at him, his eyes burning my skin, his hand resting on my lower back, I could see his head dipping to the left and coming closer. His mouth touching mine, the tenderness, as though he were kissing hardened sugar, not wanting the lump to break.

"And here is your room." I said, placing her suitcase on the floor near the door.

You don't have much more time to evaluate the dichotomy between your thoughts and feelings, as you realize your captor has removed most of his clothing. He is strong of frame, with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. Well muscled arms that were hidden by his billowed shirt remove the rest of his clothing and you see that he is not even the slightest bit aroused.

Marcie's squeals dissipated to faint gasps. The back of her hand covered her mouth. Her entire body tensed and flexed several times, then she was suddenly limp, and he was left with a mouthful of warm, salty fluid from within her body.

“When the charter’s over, it’s all over.”

He collapsed into the seat gratefully. He wasn't going to read, he wasn't going to nap or do anything. He just wanted to sit there, catch his breath and look around at his leisure, thankful for making the plane in time. He gazed around the cabin, some businessmen, tourists, screaming kids and some nuns. The usual suspects. He looked ahead, at the air hostesses. One was petite and bottle blonde, quite cute in her little air hostess outfit. A plastic theme park smile was painted on her lips and she was directing it and her chirpy "How are you's" and "Ola's" "around the cabin as if she was spraying chemicals. The girl beamed across at him from the far side of the cabin, he was glad to've attracted her attention from so far away. Her eyes left him and he followed them to a few rows in front, where the other hostess seemed to be glaring back at her. He recognised her, she'd taken his boarding pass and their eyes had met briefly. As he looked at this woman, he felt a warm river pour over his limbs. A warmth which took the breath from his mouth and tingled through his bones. This woman was tall, dark and bewitching. And real. She moved with intuitive grace. He could feel her fiery temper like it was being transmitted through the air. She was the most profoundly sexual thing he'd seen in months. He was transfixed, her eyes moved toward him again, their gazes were locked and they both knew. They both knew the fire that was being stoked in the other. A second is all it takes.

This little teasing continued off and on for 2 or 3 months. I would feel guilty about it and quit for awhile, after all he was barely 19, but I couldn’t keep from doing it for long. Subconsciously I knew what this would eventually lead to, but didn’t bother to think about it. Some mornings I was so brazen that I would wear a short, low cut nightie and leave my robe untied so he could get a good look. I would take every opportunity to give him a good view of my tits. I also spent a lot of time in shorts and too tight tee shirts sans bra.

"Well," He started as he looked at Shelby, "what are we having Shel?"

Amazingly we did this after mom got mad at us and the story is more clearly told in another story called Kids Get Revenge. Simply put we started to fuck off and on. Then we wanted to get back at mom for embarrassing us so we purposely got caught fucking. Thinking back to moms facial reaction when she saw me fucking April doggystyle and April moaning fuck me you big dicked stud is something forever in my mind.

"What's up son, you picked out some celebration ass yet or are you just going to let the ladies come to you?" Calvin whispered into his ear over the roar of the music and chatter.

I saw her eyes close, watched her swallow, and pump me more and more.

"I'm the Ishtar Mining Company. I'm a geologist. I studied this area and I believe there is a lot of gold still to be found here. Five years ago some friends and I used all our savings and bought these two old mines. This mine is the most promising, and I've been working it ever since we bought it. I can recover enough gold to just about pay expenses, but so far I haven't found commercial quantities of ore."

Now she had the weight of her leg resting on his ass and her hand gently pushing the plug in a little further each time. Nikki was determined that he would take the whole thing. She was getting very wet enjoying his submissive attitude and thinking about what was to come. She sat up telling him that it was all the way in. Mark reached back a hand to feel for himself that the plug was completely in.

"Was that assigned reading? I must put it on the list for my special students!" She leaned forward and rubbed her face into his luxuriant dark curls, kissing the top of his head. "Let's get into bed." She rose to her feet and fell back onto the mattress. Ron started to climb atop her. "No, no, my boy, not yet. You have to finish your homework first. Use that magical mouth of yours."

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Vanessa enjoyed sucking her father's cock, running her tongue up and down and around the head, sucking him deep into her mouth and tickling the underside of it with her tongue. She bobbed up and down, her hands reaching behind him to hold his butt cheeks in her hands, pulling him into her, urging him to fuck her mouth.

As I sit back on my heels again, my hair trails down over your chest. I let my hand glide across your shoulder and down your arm, barely touching your skin. I know you're a bit ticklish there. One twitch, maybe two is all I'll allow. I don't want you waking up yet! My fingers gently trace patterns on the back of your hand, before lifting your palm to my lips. I nuzzle your palm for a moment, rubbing my tongue lightly in the center of your hand. My heart skips a beat as your fingers tense, then relax. My gaze shoots to your face in fear to see if you've awakened, but your eyes are still closed, your breathing still deep. After a moment, I slowly lick your fingertips with long, slow, swirls of my tongue, but all I see is a flickering behind your eyelids. I bet you're having some very sweet dreams! It's fascinating to watch your face as I slide your finger into my mouth, closing my lips over it and teasing it, flicking my tongue all the way up and down its length. A small moan escapes, and you shudder as I nip the end of your finger gently and replace your hand on the bed.

Ms. Schwartz saw Sarah's expression and smiled, "Now I know you've had extra work dumped on you before but this is different. You'll be paid in addition to your vacation pay, the school will be closed for winter break anyways, and all of your expenses for the trip will be covered by the school."

"Well, if I can't fuck you again, at least climb up here so I can suck on them big titties."

Tony shook it nervously. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Ambassador”

Claire sat up and sucked on dad's cock, sucking hard as dad blew his load of cum into her mouth, swallowing all of it.

Every muscle in her body tightened as he tasted her sex for the first time, she bucked and jerked against him, fighting desperately against his probing tongue. Her fighting stopped as abruptly as it had started as she began to feel waves of bliss unlike anything she had ever felt. Coming upon her delicate nub hiding in its hood from him, he circled like a shark about to make its kill.

Paulette laughed and said, "Sounds like me and him would get along fine."

"Ok, with great pleasure."

"Spanking?" she stuttered. Of all he had said, that leaped out. Her heart raced faster. The masterful man of her fantasy would not have shirked spanking her if she displeased him,

And she did.

Freda just smiled and said, "An unloaded gun is totally useless!"

With that the teenager swallowed Ronny's cock and began to give him a righteous blow-job. Her mouth and hand flew up and down his thick black rod, taking six, then seven inches into her mouth and down her throat. Ronny's ass was bouncing off the bed and Joanie began to suck him in a way he'd probably never experienced. The spittle that wasn't being spread on his tight shaft was dripping down to his balls and being rubbed around by Joanie's fingers and palm.

"I'm twelve next month."

"You the expert on porno now or something?" I asked her.

Slowly he disengaged his languid member.

Unlike my wife, Bea loves to dance and in this place we weren't a bit over dressed. In fact Bea was almost conservative. About 2 hours and 4 or 5 drinks I bumped asses with a cute black woman. It turned out that Bea knew her and so we exchanged introductions.

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"Oh fuck!" swore Mark.

"Do you think it'll finally rain?" Mike Floyd, a good-looking, frat rat who took being laid-back to new extremes, was staring up at the indecisive clouds.

"Ogilvy," Drake said, standing aside so that Thomas could pass.

“Let’s go somewhere else and you can sort it out in a more comfortable place. I live in an apartment just about a mile from here. Why don’t you follow me to my place…it’s a whole lot safer and you can leave anytime you want?”

"Sometimes I wish I hadn't."

I took her to the kitchen and made she some breakfast. I watched as she wolfed down the food.

Steve was shooting close ups of John's dick as it slipped in and out of her waiting mouth – covered in her saliva. Even with her head upside down you could see a look of pure lust on her face. The overhead camera was giving me a great view of Mark's dick sliding in and out of her pussy, slowly getting covered in Anna's cream.

"Cyn if this bothers you I'll stop."

"Oh you know, about a lot of different things."

Jenny was about average height; she had long blonde hair, and had perfectly curvy body with large breasts. Her mother Dawn, was not unlike Jenny, she too had blonde hair that she kept short, she was little taller than Jenny but also had a great figure and large breasts. Dawn was only sixteen when she had Jenny so at times they were thought of as sisters rather then mother and daughter. Jenny's father had left when she was very young; she had never known him.

Sam giggled and said, "You haven't seen nothing yet, Mom and Joan want to welcome to the family too!!"

Marcie Hamilton was not happy to be where she was. She was a forty five year old divorcee, decent looking, not especially pretty, but not overweight. She felt her ex-boyfriend had betrayed her, her lawyer had let her down, that she was unfairly treated by the judge. She had a lot of company. In fact, more company than there should have been. She found herself in the Women's' Correctional Unit serving a one year sentence for check fraud. She spent her time complaining about why she was there, why she detested the place, but most of all, the governmental bureaucracy which, she felt, frustrated her every move with delays, mishandlings, lost files, and procedures she simply could never fathom. There were entirely too many inmates, it seemed, and to reduce to the legal capacity, a number were being moved to a new facility several hundred miles away. She was, she had been told, to be one of those.

"My god, it is a sexy red nightie that screams out 'come fuck me'." Maggie and Roger look like twenty year older versions of their children the only real difference is that Maggie weighs about 10 pounds more than Janice as her boobs and ass are that much larger. Roger, now on fire, frantically kisses his wife. She hasn't seen him behave this much like an animal in a long time, but likes it. Wanting only to encourage him she grinds her pelvis against him while she kisses him back and feels up his ass.

His own cock soon shot its load high into the air sending his cum splashing down all over my hand. I slowed my pace and as I finished stroking his cock we both lay exhausted and contented but I never got the chance to continue where we left off. Now I was the one that was being used by someone else for their and not my pleasure. I knew in time that I would be doing what Jeff had once done to me. Tom continued to French kiss me as his hands explored my body and pressed against my own cock through my panties.

"Sweetie?" the woman asked, with a tired, but apparently genuine smile.

Carol pulled away from me and in a tone she used on the kids told me to take my shower. I told her my balls were going to burst if I didn't relieve the pressure soon. She smiled at me and in a soft, sexy voice replied.

I was in such a headspace I almost didn’t realize how far gone he was. His pace had picked up and he was brutally fucking me now. My hole felt like it was being ripped in two and I grinned knowing how much pleasure I was giving to this hairy old beast.

So the guards waited outside, and the mysterious woman followed the wizard towards his room.

"Yes," I say softly.

“Yes, but why do you ask?”

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I know that Lynn gives head as well and as enthusiastically as she gets it.

"Well I haven't had anyone else fuck me besides Reg for 20 years, so I'm pretty sure that I have a clean bill of health. Based on what you've told me about your sex life, you haven't had anyone but Linda for the last couple of years so I think that you're clean too. Besides, the latex irritates my pussy after a while and we certainly don't want that to happen. So why don't you put those away and come over here and fuck my brains out, you hot black stud!"

Brubaker's 8 and a half inch cock certainly helped him in the last area, and many women found his looks compelling as well, as he was a rather tall, muscular, broad-shouldered man, with a shaved head and tough look to him.

"Is Pepsi ok?"

What also disturbed Allison was how normal Mary looked. She was attractive but neither looked nor dressed like what she imagined a person in her business would dress like. In fact, anyone seeing her would assume she was one of her neighbors if they didn’t know better. It bothered her that she looked so, well, normal. Her thoughts were interrupted by the beeping of a horn.

Her tongue snaked out to lick her berry hued lips. Her hands were unhesitant as she reached up to unbutton the white silk blouse she’d chosen this evening, something modest. I preferred modesty in a woman. That did not change. Today’s fashions were nothing less than sleazy and too revealing. They cheapened the female form rather than enhancing it.

The only problem was that there was still Will and I to have a turn.

"Damn it! What's that for?"

That "something owed" first was having a frank sexual talk with me, followed by her allowing me (from a secluded perch) watch her and her boyfriend-come-lately Colin orally satisfy each other. It was quite impressive, and my devious mind cried out for more. Using a little blackmail, a little begging and, well, my deduction that in fact Jennifer liked being a daring, walking the edge hussy somehow got her to agree to try and seduce the guy who took her virginity at the senior prom.

"Would you pay to have sex with me?" she asked, removing her top.

"Aside from dying of embarrassment . . . not finishing the best cum ever . . ." muttered a thorougly humiliated Laura, as tears began to form in her eyes.

It sounded good at first. She was a brilliant plastic surgeon. It would also make me more attractive to Stacy and it would be my last opportunity to have it done for free. I should have known better. I should have suspected, but I was greedy and like an idiot, I agreed. Told everyone I was going on an extended vacation, just like my wife suggested. Just like all the stars did it.

“You taste better then I’d ever dreamed,” he whispered, his voice rough and husky, tinted with something more then need.

We showed Amiko Ted's massage room, she was amazed at the co-incidence. "Hop on the table," she said. "I will help you."

"Keep them here." She instructed, her gestures and tone demanded obedience. Dave complied, but with casualness that bellowed amusement from the order. Then she fitted another condom over his penis. Watching her confidence delighted him, an extremely erotic sight so close to her own genitalia. Then she rose to her feet and slowly lowered herself onto him. So slowly, it was as if she was lowering her self into a hot tub. As it were, Dave felt he was being fitted into hot tub himself, like hot wax fitting around him.

She grinned impishly at me, “Oh, and how did you handle that, mom?” she asked.

"I'd love it if you would do that for me!" Jim felt a stirring in his pants again. She was going to pee for him and he was getting hard all over again at just the thought of her telling him that. He was thinking that he just may have found someone into watersports after all.

He sucks my nipples and I moan in ecstacy. “OOOOhhhhhh Brian” He sucks harder and even bites my nipple. That really gets me going.

Rose bent forward, kissed me long and hard, and asked me "Are you happy? Because you've made me feel like a real woman for the first time in my life."

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"I don't know Ginny. But if it was Otis, it seems like another strange thing for him to have done."

Cynthia smiled and once again pushed her chances by saying,

"As you all know, the rules are clear on what must happen with newcomers, so let's see a consensus – what kind of show should they do?"

Xanthe kept to herself for the most part. She did talk to the other girls and was friendly with all of them, but she preferred to by the mysterious loner in most situations. She let the hot water flow over her fatigued body, washing away the chlorine and warming her chilled flesh. As the water coursed over her she could make out the other girl’s conversation which she quietly listened to.

You keep going not caring who sees me, you slow down only long enough to pinch my other nipple. The black guy’s fingers continue working my cunt, and said, “Do it baby! Come on; let everyone we pass see you cum!"

Again, Candie stared after him, she trembled, but not out of rage. The deep feelings she had for him hadn't disappeared after so many months as she originally thought. Instead, she realized, she wanted Jaxson even more—passionately. Did he still want her? Love her? She wondered, and kept wondering. Maybe so; she'd ask him.

There was such a huge, painful knot in her stomach reminding her of how excited he had been about Christmas coming, and the long letter he'd painstakingly written to Santa, embellishing it with little pictures of happy people and snowmen.

He took my right hand in his left, stroking the length of his cock with his right, and drew me toward him. My fingers opened, but not because I had been ordered to do so. Because I longed to feel the steel flesh of his cock in my hand. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and it jumped against my palm and fingers as he drew his own hand away.

Now my litle girl reached around and undid the clasp of her bra. Her nipples were fully erect, and the skin around them was light brown and sweet-looking. I reached down and used my thumb on the bulbous head of my dick; the pre-cum was salivating from the hole. I could have easily sucked my own penis, but my daughter was here, so what the fuck?

Once I had found my groove I sped up my thrusts and enjoyed the feeling as I made her ass my personal pleasure hole. Before long I was grunting and moaning, sweat breaking out across my body and she took it like a good girl, pinned against the bed. I could feel the cum building in my balls as they whapped against her and I needed to decide soon on where I wanted to dump my load. Being the good girl that she was, though, Shannon solved my dilemma before I could put much thought into it.

He bent me over his mahogany desk and flipped my skirt up onto my back. At this point, all I was wearing was my red plaid skirt and my white knee socks.

Terry was shaking as if in a fit ‘Hagghh…….haghhh……harddder!!!’ she begged

"Can't we do it both ways? I think hey would show off better if I was leaning forward, but maybe it would be better to do it on my back."

And it followed from there. 'Mick' and Abi ascertained that, miraculously, they were in quite close proximity geographically - Strange that, isn't it? – And the flirting got more and more daring with every subsequent message that was passed.

I became the permanent handyman around at her house after that day, even if she didn't pay me!

"Heather!!!" I yelled, no response, so I picked her up and put her over my shoulder and carried her inside. I carried her up to Betty's room and sat her on the bed. I looked at her and tried to wake her up, "Heather, can you hear me?" and I stroked her arm, no response. I pulled her blouse off and got my first close up of those fine little tight titties.

Having refilled her lungs she opened her eyes and strained to look at her attacker. Gary took great pleasure in seeing the shock on her face as she saw it was him.

"How about 'Club 37'?" I asked. "It's a place where the clientele isn't too young."

The late afternoon sunlight still shone on the treetops as we began climbing the wooden stairs of the old forestry service fire tower. When we got above the nearby pines and oaks, the horizon opened up around us. It was one of my favorite sights. But not today. Polly Wright was a step or two ahead of me. All I could focus on was her blue jean clad butt jiggling just inches from my face.

The secretion ran down his shaft. It felt like rubbing my toe in moisturizer.

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To Rick’s amazement, it was the same blonde police officer that he had seen in the pub. He fished his license out of his wallet and produced his registration and insurance from the glove compartment.

I sat in my room imagining really sucking his cock or having it inside of my pussy. Not to mention, he was the kind of man I fantasized about older and sure of himself.

"It depends what day it is," I smiled.

"Wow, why so far away from the store?" She inquired pleasantly.

No sooner had Buffy understood what was happening to her breasts than she felt something tubular, soft as silk but wet and slick as well, like a cunt, slide over her ever-erect penis. The plants' tentacles, she thought, were not all phallic; some were tentacles with suction cups that could attach themselves to their victim's nipples; others were hollow cylinders that were lined with soft, smooth, slippery tissue that resembled the inside of Buffy's own pink-and-red pussy. The plants, it seemed, were every bit as hermaphroditic, in their own way, as Buffy herself had become, thanks to the bite of the damned Feral demon that had transformed her (hopefully, temporarily) into a shemale vampire slayer. Buffy snorted derisively. Well, in a demon-dimension such as this, such revelations shouldn't surprise her, she thought.

Ted watched the two women as they lay together, not believing what he’d heard, or what he was seeing. Here was his lover, naked, in the arms of his mother. And there was no denying the excitement he felt as he studied the contrasts between them. Where his lover had long brunette hair, brown eyes and stood 5’8”, his mother was a short haired, blue eyed blonde standing no more than 5’6”. While both women looked fit, his lover had a hint of baby fat, where his mother sported a slender build. And where his lover had a beautiful 36C bust that would drive a man crazy, his mother was a smaller 34B that seemed the perfect fit for her frame.

Within a few minutes, I could feel the waves of uncontrolled pleasure. I bucked against his face as I pushed his head to me and my body pulsed uncontrollably as I said "Yes, Yes, God Yes..." and let the orgasm take me.

As the action progressed, I coated the handle of my hairbrush with the Vaseline and slowly, gingerly, pushed it against my tight anus. Suddenly the ring relaxed and the handle slipped inside about an inch. It was both uncomfortable and yet exciting. I moved the handle slowly in deeper and then back out, finally moving at the same pace as the dildo pummeling my sister's ass on the screen. My fingers from my other hand were busy on my clit and I rocketed closer and closer to another orgasm. We came together, her on tape and me in reality, the brush buried deep in my ass and my fingers far up my tight pussy.

Again, he jerked out of her, spanked her three or four times and pinched her to kill her arousal, then stood up and walked over to Helen. Dad pulled his dick from her mouth as Joe said, "Helen, take a taste of your little girl. Everybody else already has." With that, he presented his still ten inch long penis and moved it into her open lips. He just held her there, breathless, choking, with his cock filling her face. Dad moved over to Barbara, still on her hands and knees. He made her look up at his erect dick, but he didn't let her blow him. Instead he took wads of her luscious, shiny hair, wrapped it around his penis and masturbated. "Kneel up!" he ordered and as soon as she straightened up, he let fly. Gobs of semen shot through her hair and onto her face. After several shots in her eyes and mouth, he dropped her gummy hair and ordered her to look up at him again. " Barbara, you're young and your whole life is ahead of you. You're body is fantastic and you have the ability to get any man's attention. But your face isn't pretty. That's why I just shot my wad all over your face. I would have fucked you but Joe's not done." With that, he jacked himself off again and in the ultimate humiliation, shot his cum onto her face again as we all watched.

I thanked her as she bent down to put the glass on the table and she glanced up at me. I noticed the way her eyes, which were large and clear, with dark brown irises, lingered on mine for a second more than you might have expected and that the expression in them changed as she registered the different colours; it was something I was used to, but I was glad she’d noticed me. Now, I thought, she’d remember me next time.

She took my body and with the skill of a wrestler spun me to one side. My eyes sprung open as if a rubber band just snapped. She took her hands and began to manipulate the muscles of my neck and shoulders.

Tyler still wasn't home yet, I figured he was still skating boarding. I began to think about what prom night will lead to.

As I continued to stare without saying a word, Sue stepped toward me and untied my robe letting it fall to the floor. There was no where to hide my growing erection and the fact that I was completely turned on by this very intriguing woman. Sue commented that it had been five long years since she had seen or played with a hard throbbing cock. She stepped forward, wrapped her arms around my neck pulling our naked bodies together and proceeded to bury her tongue deep in my mouth. As our tongues wrestled I could feel her large breasts pressing into my chest and they were much firmer than I had imagined. Her hairy pussy tickled my dick as Sue grinded her bush it into my cock.

After they had finished the joint, Veronica asked sternly, "All right, you two, where's this surprise I'm supposed to be getting here?"

He helped me to my feet and kissed me passionately. I melted into his arms, allowing his hands full access to roam. Having made it obvious that I was willing to sleep with him, I sensed a certain urgency in his touch. He appeared to be pleased with my total lack of resistance while he explored my womanhood, but he was gentle and sensual.

As dinner wore on Janie became more and more comfortable and pleasantly surprised by John. None of them brought up Erica's plans for the night. They talked about work, news. Janie could tell John was especially excited to find out her love for sports, especially that her passion for college football and basketball was equal to that of his and Erica's. Even as the wine flowed, the talk still never went to sex.

I was disappointed at first, when she finally released the now reddened skin. I could see the indents left by her teeth there. But my disappointment didn't last long. Kitty dropped her right hand to rest on my hip and her face slid sideways. Darting her tongue out, she flicked it across my right nipple. It responded immediately by doubling its size and rigidity. Another part of me was doing the same.

The evening began with dinner, as any fine evening with a fine woman should. The car arrived promptly, right on time, the two of us, dressed to kill, sitting comfortably in the back seat while the driver guided the car through the noisy city streets with skill. We lazily spoke of the day, how your day at work was, what stresses were involved in my hectic day at the office. Our hands clasped together lightly on the seat between us . . . you were beautifully decked out for the evening . . . black heels, black stockings, black cocktail dress, white pearls around your neck . . . stunning. I wore a dark suit, white shirt, matching tie . . . conservatively dressed . . . you knew better though. Dinner was the same, sexy, casual, eating fine food in a dimly lit corner table for two, your leg gently against mine under the table, a fine bottle of wine to compliment the food next to my chair, ready to fill your glass. Appetizer, main course, fine dessert . . . the wine flowed all night long, draining the stress out of both of us. You gazed in that way that you do from across the table, and I knew where you wanted the evening to go.

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"OK, Brian, listen up and listen good. I provide a valuable service for men like you. You can't get this help anywhere else. But medical authorities and even law enforcement officials aren't too sure about me. This is an underground operation."

He paused at the top of the stone steps and turned to face her. "Wilham."


"Thank you Mistress," I said. She slapped my pussy again, and then another three times and then my arse some more. Each time I thanked her for slapping it.

"Alright then! Mom for now you won't see me as I am but as your dream guy!"

Mikey watched his eyes. She felt the head of his cock rubbing along her slit until it found the opening of her pussy, and he forced it in. She whimpered. It would be a very tight fit. He pushed her legs farther apart and jammed himself in. She winced, but did not cry out.

“I know you’d love to play with these a while,” she said, lifting and caressing her breasts, licking the left nipple with the tip of her tongue, “but we just have time for you to give them each one quick kiss.”

"It's all logged in already, with my manager's password. You should be able to see everything you need."

"Bend over again, it's time for your medicine!"

I did stop for a pop after as we sat and talked for a few minutes. Then it was back to the office.

We small talk for a while; you move restlessly on the sofa, opening and closing your legs. Keith watches my reaction as the sight of you turns me on more and more. I watch the outline of your full breasts as they press, heaving, against the thin fabric of your top.

June 9, 1989

"How else can I remember that this beautiful moment is taking place?"

"Joyce, you have let your husband have sex with me, and for that I am truly grateful. You have given me his father to fuck, and that was truly amazing. You only got to fuck one guy" Grace had told her daughter. "Don't you want to try his father as well?" She asked.

Well, the golf tournament was a great fund-raising success. In the end we shared it with the national campaign, so that made the ticket prices higher and the turnout was huge, but I was in my true element. I mean to say that it was exciting to be manager of a small campaign right alongside the presidential campaign.

“I’m not gonna do this if you’re not watching, and I can stand here all day!” Claire said forcefully, her hands on her hips. Nat turned back and saw her friend’s pussy for the first time. She was shocked to see that Claire had totally shaven her pussy and it looked so smooth and soft. Nat felt a warm feeling in her tummy and a strange burning sensation between her legs. Claire continued her show. She cupped her pussy in one hand and sucked the fingers of the other deep into her mouth. She started stroking her inner thighs, then sent her saliva-covered hand down to her cunt. Claire tilted her head back and let out a little moan as she slipped a finger deep into her wet cunt. Nat continued to watch as Claire slid another finger up her tight hole then another. Nat couldn’t help but start to stroke her breasts as she watched Claire finger herself.

"Put Kurt on the phone," I ordered.

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Steven was amazed at the sight: his pregnant, sexy wife riding a huge cock, rubbing her pussy, having her tits grabbed and squeezed. It was then that Steven realized that he himself was hard as a rock! He should have felt furious and betrayed, but Steven was actually getting turned on watching a total stranger stretch his wife's hot snatch and fill the deepest regions of her womanhood.

"Tell me John." Kelly said to me. "Tell me how bad you want to fuck me." I was completely taken aback by her comment. I'd never talked super dirty to anyone. But it turned me on.

"It feels so fucking good."

She sang all day around the rectory, and Father Tim smiled a lot. That night they sat for the first time together and watched a movie. Theresa went out to make popcorn and when she returned, she sat next to him on the sofa and shared from the same bowl. When the bowl was empty, giggling, she licked his fingers free of salt and butter and ran upstairs.

"Well you did say please, just like I told you to," Amber teased, "I like an obedient boy. Follow me." She didn't wait for him to get up, certain that he would follow. She walked into the hallway at the back of the room. Brain stood, tugged the robe tighter, and with his face was bright red he trotted after Amber, accompanied by amused giggles from the other girls. Their amusement caused his cock to twitch and grow.

I knew what that would mean, and an anxious knot formed in my stomach. The bikini was so tight, and made of such a salacious material, that it outlined my pussy lips and defined my slit as if its purpose were indeed to call attention to my pudenda, not cover them. The docks, even on this weekday morning, were bustling, but I held my tongue, gathered my courage, and pulled the sides of my robe apart as I got out of the car.

Just standing there in them wasn't too bad but walking was a whole different experience. The wobbly feeling of the high heels was complicated further by the restrictions of the hem of the skirt. I walked out into the living room and only started to get the hang of it when I tried imitating a sexy walk, knees together, short steps and by putting my whole foot down at once rather than heel toe. "There, now you got it," Marcy said.

"What might that be?" I asked.

Josh came back with a paper bag full of Chinese food. He saw his mother sitting by the dining table with glass on her hand. He placed the bag of food on the table, "Got you your favorite," he told Joan.

His face was so concerned, I felt myself melt. “Then why the tears?”

"Is there somewhere.....?"

I was surprised but not overwhelmed. I was twenty-three but I had done my share of living so the revelation was more interesting than astonishing. I had participated in a threesome while stationed in California, before shipping overseas. I was at the San Diego base for a week and I looked up a friend from basic training days. Jeff was a corporal –as was I at the time- and his wife Laura was a civilian employee at the base. The night before I shipped off to war, Jeff offered me his wife as a "good luck" gift. We went to one of those theme hotels and rented a caveman room where we spent a wild evening in which we sandwiched Laura after she gave us terrific blow jobs. I did Laura up the rear before shipping overseas and my first anal adventure had been enjoyable, feeling my cock tight inside her, my meat wedged between the round ass cheeks, penetrating her deeply as she sucked her husband's cock.

Of course I would meet him. I loved being with Andrew. He and I had been together for over a year and he still took my breath away. He was tall, with dark wavy hair and beautiful grey eyes. He was intelligent, charming and so sweet. I felt sure I could spend the rest of my life with him and be the happiest woman on earth.

Her breathing grew ragged, and her eyes closed as her mouth opened in a silent scream. As she slammed into me, the thrusts became erratic with the shuddering of her body. They slowed as the tremors running through her stilled, and she collapsed on top of me, the rubber cock still lodged deep inside me. She rolled off me, and the dildo slid out with a wet sucking sound as she fell onto the bed beside me.

I suddenly felt weak all over. My stomach was nauseous and my whole body trembled.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Mmmmm, very nice. She undid one of the top buttons and pushed her breasts up a bit. The skirt was so short now, that when she bent over she could see the pale flesh above her black stockings. She laughed to herself. She felt sure that Brad would enjoy that! Then she fixed the nurse's cap to her head, stepped into her shiny black high-heels and stood back to see the whole creation in the mirror. Perfect!!

"its okay, Trey," I said, turning towards the kitchen. "I'm sure its not the first time you've seen a porn, is it?" I said, steering him towards the kitchen. Trey seemed reluctant at first, but followed me anyway. He was looking for a response.


She was a little drunk, and I knew that, and as Ol' Blue Eyes once intoned, "There are rules about that." I stopped the kiss.

"I wasn't sure at first how you meant 'me' for your birthday," you say as you stand in front of me. "But eventually I decided you meant it very literally and so (and you pause and do a slow pirouette) here is your present. However, I want you to enjoy this drink and this cigar while I unwrap your present for you and then you can do with me whatever you wish."

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It is nice to have that power. It seems men live for orgasms and if she can control the orgasms. She couldn't control his masturbating, but she was sure it couldn't be near as good as cumming with her. She was fairly sure he didn't do that too often, only when she asked him to do it for her so she could watch.

In the sitting room they two females saw something that almost put Milly off sex for life. Mr Roberts was sitting on a chair and Miss Roberts was sitting on his lap, her back against his chest. They were both nude.

Ooze obliged and Cameron mounted on top of him. She slipped in his cock and rode him. His hands busied on her jiggling boobs as well as her round bottom. She knew that in this position she was in control and no sooner did she hit her climax and it was awesome.

Xiaoping and I had to admit we did not see it coming either.

She asked the next question almost as if she was afraid to hear the answer. "What is this black box taped to your other thigh?"

She had never felt so wanton. Hands tied over her head, legs splayed out while he sucked her hard clit and fucked her with the bottle. She gave her hips a final thrust and felt the swell of orgasm crash over her. The fierce intensity coming from her pussy soon rippled over her entire body. Her thighs trembled and her nipples ached.

Her hips thrust to my mouth as she screamed. The whole frat house knew she was having an orgasm. As the orgasm subsided, she crawled up and kissed my mouth and whispered.

She looked up at the street and her eyes settled on me. Trying to appear less suspicious, I waved and smiled and tried to gesture with my camera. After a little while she seemed to dismiss me as a threat and picked up her baby and walked over to me. She smiled and greeted me with a 'Hi'.

"I'm not prying you know."

Now I've seen the results I just can't believe how exposed I was in such a public place. You can quite clearly see the games on the tennis courts in the background and loads of people strolling past in the middle distance. I walked over to the bench and he moved away and told me to sit on it.

Christine moved slowly up and down. She liked the feel of the pole sliding in and out of her. There was so much of it. The thing never seemed to end. If she pressed herself down particularly hard, her clitoris pressed against the shaft, and jolt of energy shot through her.

"Jamie, Laura your mom and I are going food shopping. We'll be back later."

"Bill, I want you to fuck me, right now."

"Er, yes. I guess that's true. Now, it also says here that you have no physical conditions that would preclude treatment."

"What's that?" asked Becky, all the while still looking at her right hand, which was still gripping this marvelous piece of human flesh. She had noticed it had become longer, more filled out while she was holding it. Had to be because her uncle let his muscles relax.

Terry sat transfixed, staring avidly at the sight of her beautiful bare long legs extending for what seemed forever from under the white material of her blouse.

"So what do you like, Hank, you like French?" Hope said, taking off her bra and showing off those massive jugs again.

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"I will help you leave," he told her, pulling a dagger from his waist. "I'll take you from her."

If Bertha knew how much of her cleavage was on display, she was not aware of it. I also got on my knees and tried to find the button, but I could not help peeking at Bertha’s cleavage again and again. Finally, Bertha found the button and, while I was staring at her cleavage, showed it to me and made eye contact with me. When she realized the object of my stare, she giggled, and cooed:

She finally collapsed onto him, panting wildly as their sweaty bodies went up and down together with each breath they took. "I love you." He managed to say, still breathing heavily.

"I-I don't know exactly," Ann said, "they claim he stole some jewelry and electronic stuff from the store."

The news that the phone was out was disheartening. I figured that in a few hours, Lucy would be worried, but there was nothing I could do to let her know that I was safe. Tripper's generosity was heartwarming, but I was still cold and wet. I was uncontrollably shivering.

"Look did you say Toyah's in the backroom and this place is dead. Why not lock up for the night and we could go through and er, …discuss your invite with Toyah." smiled Steve.

She began to give him a blowjob with unbelievable enthusiasm. She was as eager and aggressive with his cock as I had ever seen her. She moved with such a passion and purpose in much the same she had attacked Kevin's cock a year-and-a-half ago when Kevin, Christy and myself had opened her up to sexual exploration. Of course, since that night, she always seemed to lose control when a cock presented itself to her. Now Larry was on the receiving end of this passion.

I smiled. "Susan," I said and tried to look away, but I couldn't. I just sat there dumbly staring at her.

I could feel the moistness of his breath hanging in the air—the room still cold from the winter draft, but the air around our skin burning like the sun. I wanted nothing more than to keep on kissing, and kiss till morning came, and then under the new sun explore everything else a man and woman could do to each other...

Chris knew Dora very well now, knew what turned her on, what she had yet to experience erotically, and it aroused him like no one else had in all his young life.

"Only the finest French perfume," said one of them. Wonderful pearl necklaces and gold bracelets were shown to her and she thought to herself, "why not," and chose some of the beautiful jewellery. As they pampered her and whispered to themselves Sarah was saying to herself, "I really believe I could live with this." Then she remembered all that she had left behind and once again felt extremely annoyed and not a little worried.

"What do you want me to do? I'm not going to untie you."

“Be honest and blunt, what did you think of what you saw through the window?”

Addressing Alan, Susan asked with a straight face, "Tiger, I see you have a delightful emergency here. Do you need my help?"

Once Paul had recovered he thanked us but said he had to make a move. Claire sent him off with a long kiss. Once he had gone she lay there with a sheepish grin on her face.

On any given day, Buffy and her husband make love several times a day; this day is no different. They've always been very attracted to each other, and her high sexuality has always made it very exciting for both of them.

She licked her lips and grinned, "Hmmm, I like the hint you gave me. Can I have another taste?"

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At the lake, things only got worse. Veronica and her three admirers were off away from the rest of the people swimming, playing keep away with a beach ball. One after another the guy's would dive in her general direction going for a ball and fall all over her, hands roaming all over her luscious body. During one of these fondlings Randy and Veronica disappeared underwater and when they emerged Veronica's top was gone. Her ripe pert tits were on display for the guys.

But all we want is each other so we get a cab to go to my house...

Cynthia sat looking from one person to the other. And they all looked back at her. "I, I didn't know about the retirement funds being taken. All I concentrated on was the mill records. I swear." Shamaria looked at Cynthia. "We can help you. Like I said, we are a very small group. But we're a group with a lot of resources. You can't get a loan from anyone else. And the amount you are asking for is almost twice what your mill is worth. We offer two types of contracts. Both are 60/40. With one, we offer you the money but we own 60% of your business. Oh, we allow you to continue to run it and keep appearances of ownership. But that is just so that we can do business with people, who won't deal with blacks fairly. The rates are slightly higher than other lending institutions would give you. But then no other institution will lend you money."

"Are you in a rush to get home to your wife?" Sarah asked.

It was when I undid her bra that I got my surprise, her boobs were real, not plastic as I suspected. Feeling the heavy fleshy orbs in my hands while her tight hot box was wrapped around my cock was delicious.

We had a few more adventures that afternoon and evening, but nothing much. I didn't push it, hoping to prime Suzie for the major showing Tom and I had devised for late that night. She was hoping for something really outrageous, and seemed a little frustrated with our limited success. Around midnight, we were in our room, when I suggested a midnight swim. Suzie perked up immediately.

"You done good Ese," Manuel said, handing me the money. "First class, like always... Say, can you stay awhile? I'll order up a bottle of Dom. Maybe some King Crab?"

It was not difficult to raise her flailing arms above her head and cuff them to the ceiling ring.

Angie worked her hands down Susie's body and as her hands slid past Susie's hips, she knelt down in front of her. Susie responded by spreading her legs and giving Angie full access to her bare pussy. I could see my daughter move her head forward and by Susie's moans, I knew Angie was licking her pussy.

Such had I first beheld on our wedding night. I had been left speechless, which was perhaps for the best because I could not imagine what words, in that moment of astonishment, might have come from my lips. The contrast of him – wide shoulders, deep chest, muscular legs, miniscule manhood – was not at all what I had expected when our wrists were bound by a cord at the altar of Hera.

Her eyes welled with tears. On one hand she wanted the video back, but on the other, she liked the fact that I was watching it and masturbating to it. In some vicarious way, I was loving her by having it and rejecting her by giving it back.

The outlines of the metal rings at the apex of the prurient cones of her breastflesh were obscenely large, and clearly visible to the world. And, oh god, did they hurt... She gaped at how she had been transformed. Her nipples were hard and distended and throbbing with a dull roar that seemed to increase its decibel level with every breath she took.

"I've fucked women. Always the blonde slim ones that would remind me of the one I could never have. The only one I truly wanted," he told her.

Tim looked at her questioningly, not really understanding.

She was extremely wet. I taunted her few a few seconds just sticking the head of my cock in her. Then I guess she couldn't take it anymore she sat up and quickly lifted herself onto my cock. She was light so I was able to hold her in the air till I got to a wall and placed her back against it. I rammed my cock in and out of her. She was screaming at the top of her lounges. Constantly saying, "Fuck me, and I'm going to cum baby." I later learned she had three or four orgasms during this time. I told her I was about to cum, and this sent her threw the roof. She began to bounce up and down on my shaft faster and harder with each second, till I blew my load deep inside her. I lowered her down and we both collapsed. We were breathing heavily for about five seconds before I felt her hand stroking me off. In a matter of seconds my cock was at attention. I looked down as her small hands cradled my shaft. I rolled over on top of her and rammed my Soldier into her. She pushed me off her and pulled my boxers down completely instead of just letting my cock out. Then she yanked me inside her again. This time her hands were squeezing my ass pushing me in as deep as possible.

"Yes," I confessed. "I wanted to fuck you. Please lick it. I can't take it . . ."

He looked up at me, "What did Drew want?"

Then as fast as I had entered her, I pulled out, pulling her up. Putting my arms around her I pulled her close and kissed her, forcefully, giving her no chance to deny my tongue entry. Far from denying it, Preity sucked it eagerly, giving hers in return.

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"Oh no! She went ballistic."

The rooms are silent as she meanders through the barely lit house. The kitchen light is the only one on and she makes her way to it like a tiny moth. Her assumption is that the men have gone; yet she is very wrong. Standing there leaning against the counter is the dark man, Jim. A wicked smile spreads over His face as He laughs, “Back so soon darlin?”

"Fine." She stormed out of the room, mumbling inventive curses in positions that were physically impossible.

"First, I have the whole weekend off."

"Hi, Courtney? It's Melvin," the voice on the other line said.

I lay down next to her, wrapping my arm around her waist and she wrapping her arm around mine. "Thank you," she said in a whisper.

'Mmm, you might be right. Yeah Sue, right there! Oh yes, make me cum lover!'

Out at the last conference in Las Vegas, Jim _________ had introduced me to his mistress. He's a plastics molding supplier-- makes cabinets for computer equipment. A great guy on our annual industry golf "tour" and she was a lot of fun at the big dinner afterward. He and I knew each other back to MIT, and so it was easy for him to remember how much of a skirt-chaser I was in college, and for him to have a suggestion for me now.

A titanic clash ensues between my precious defender and the forces of aggressive conquest. Calling all the power of light, life and goodness to her side, she is unable to stop the minds bent towards destruction. Trees fall and burn, blotting the sky with inky smoke. As the light begins to fade, her powers follow the same path of decadence. A tear falls from her eye onto my cheek, never was pure virtue expressed so true.


Laura started to hump her hips back at him, knowing how close he was to climax. Harder and faster, they moved together until Cal's eyes closed and his head thrashed as he poured his seed into his lovely, lusty daughter.

As Linda slowly came back to earth and Sara calmed down, Brenda thought it was time to medically examine the slave. She didn’t fully know what effect the machine and the suction, not to mention the massage, might have done to Ross’ cock. Even though he was their slave she didn’t want to damage him permanently. The three of them enjoyed his cock and balls too much for that.

“Tell him one of your girlfriends told you about it and you wanted to try it out,” I said just before grabbing her and pulling her close and giving her a deep romantic kiss. “I hate to say it, but my lunch time is up, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

"Not a bit," she said, and gave me a big smile.

Nothing happened. After a few seconds, I felt Jammaree's gentlefingers turn my face back to her. I opened my eyes. The look on her face was tender. She stroked my chest and I was glad at that moment I hadn't skimped on my schedule at the gym.

Who was I to decline such an offer. I fucked Jen harder until Mom reached down & rubbed Jen's clit. Jen cried out that she was cumming & in a second, I felt her asshole clench around my cock. I couldn't even keep stroking because of the hold she had on me.

Jarvis endevoured to comply with this request and as I understand, succeeded mightily.

The front door opened and Theresa froze. If that was Colleen’s husband, she was going to die. She didn’t even dare look down the hallway to the foyer out of fear that it might be him. She was instantly relieved, however, when she heard two giggling young girl’s voices. She looked down the hallway and saw Kiva, Colleen’s daughter coming in, with her own daughter, Casey, right behind her. She almost shouted in surprise. She hadn’t expected to see Casey until later in the evening. Kiva must have been the friend she went out to see when she left the house earlier that afternoon. She closed the magazine, hoping that the rocking bed and the moaning didn’t begin again. It would be a very difficult situation to explain.

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Jessi took off her top and cupped her breasts in her hands, offering them to Beth. "You like these, baby?" Beth just purred, and said, "Let me show you how much I like them, Jessi..."

What else was I going to say but, "Sure."

I got what I wanted form the elf they took me to, but he wanted more then money for his magical potion. I gave it too him too. I fucked him six ways from Sunday and his friends too. That was okay though, because my plan was coming together.

"Here," Quinn said quietly, handing her Sada and Alastair's room key as they headed into the hotel. "Go get something for your head."

'Don't you believe it ma'am! You are just delicious! A golden fleece framing the delightful, beautiful crevice of desire and mystery.'


When they had finished eating, Sheri carried the tray back inside and returned with the sunscreen.

He entered me quickly and hard. I didn't think about it at the time, but he must have been hard during the telling of my story. I just recall laying on my back on the carpet, nightgown ripped across my body, as he fucked me harder than he had ever before or since. I know there were still tears in my eyes from telling my story but he ignored them.

That was one of many great times we had a sexual escapade in his office. Mr. Little knew it was wrong to be with me, his own administrative assistant. He knew it was doubly wrong because he was married. But once it happened he realized being in for a penny definitely made him in for a pound. After a while he halted having sex with me in his office, afraid that we'd be caught and it might cost him his position, but that didn't mean we slowed our relationship.

“Do you want to tie me up like in the video. You can Don. You can do anything. I mean it,” I was so desperate.

Lin reached down and pulled him to his feet. "You'll have to drive cos I'm too tipsy." she told him.

'Maybe so but YOU are very pretty and YOU will make a beautiful girl and a particularly sweet bridesmaid.' Mum was now laughing. 'Besides if you can't go to College you'll just have to help me.'

As they rode on in silence the rhythmic gait of the horse made Angel drowsy. She did not realize she had snuggled into Lord Justin drifting off to sleep.

Alien No 2. "Well, it certainly makes sense to reproduce by cloning and not the way they are doing it. I wouldn't want that big thing inside me. I don't think I could stretch that far and it looks like it would hurt. What would happen if you had to pee while it was in you? Besides, it looks messy. Look at the slimy stuff all over both of them."

I got a little braver. I once again traced my hand up her inner thigh lifted my hand up off her skin and then lay my hand back down onto the mound of her puss and held my hand there just pushing a little with my fingers, then onto the other thigh. Then back up I lay my hand on her mound again and then softly slid my hand upward to her panty line to her tummy, and then straight back down between her legs, cupping her puss with my whole hand. I could hear my heart pounding now – she said nothing – and this went on a little longer her legs had moved wide apart now. I could feel the little valley between her pussy lips. Feel the heat rising. Feel the short pubic hairs beneath the light cotton fabric.

After a bit of dancing, Michelle looked up and saw Richard's gaze fixed elsewhere. She followed it, and saw that Lucy and Carl were engaging in some dirty dancing - Lucy tongued his ear, and he pulled upwards on the back of her dress so that the white material stretched hard against her meaty ass, and the bottom swells of her asscheeks were in view.

"Oh and you were there? Like you witnessed what really went on that night? If you had, you would have seen the true slut your sister was. The grunting bimbo that rode my cock for all she was worth. The same tramp that sucked my cock to hardness countless times. The tits she mashed into my face as she came and came. The absolute whore she truly was and is."

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"--Yeah, and hon? Keep an eye on him, okay? I don't want him getting into our e-mail or anything."

"That's why I love you Babe Hahahaa."

I held her down, flat on my bed. Not letting her move an inch, I was going to fuck her tight ass, nice and easy. I didn’t want her lust hurting her. As horny as she was, she would have really hurt herself.

I was speechless. How the fuck did she know that I’d been watching her? And why the fuck wasn’t she pissed about it? My mind was telling me to tell her to leave but the rest of my body told me to keep going. Naturally, I followed my body. I pulled her up and kissed those full lips. Her mouth opened and her tongue snaked out to mate with mine and I couldn’t help the groan that came from me. I couldn’t seem to get enough of her taste. Gently I ran my fingers through her soft hair and I felt her tugging at my shirt. We both pulled it off before I ripped her nightgown off. The first thing I did was put my hands on those big tits. I groaned as my hands palmed and rubbed them. Her nipples were so hard against my hands and I had to pinch them. Before I could, she took the time to take my sweats off completely, leaving us both naked.

"Yes Daddy."

She again spurt her juice but he didn't stop finger fucking her, her hands went to stop him but there was no let up in her body, he pushed her hands away and carried on, her body jumped and reacted, Mady was unable to stop him, her hips again lifted as he grinned down at her, "You want me to fuck you, you do don't you, you cunt, you lonely fucking housewife cunt, you're here and alone and best of all mine to do with as I like so I'm going to fuck you and not just once, I'm gona fuck you over and over again so finger yourself, I want to watch you playing with your cunt while I strip."

“I can’t either. I loved that, my turn” she said.

Erin woke with a start well over an hour later. It was almost 5:45 now and Landon would be home soon. She figured that she should get ready and went off to have a quick shower. As the water cascaded down over her she reached for her razor and shaved her legs and trimmed up her pubic region. She liked having just a small tuft of pubic hair she knew that Landon did as well. He had been so excited when she showed it to him for the first time.

"How long has this been going on?"

“Over well, please” she said.

"Yeah," Sammy gasped.

"My god, you're wet!" He exclaimed, his voice thick with passion, "You liked my little performance, didn't you? Didn't it make your little pussy hot?"

At least there's one way that he's always willing to let me make the first move, and I was eager to get this party started, so I quickly unfastened his belt, and slipped my hand around his hard cock. I brought my face down to his lap and nuzzled him with my cheek. I rubbed my entire face over his hardness while slipping his jeans off. With his pants out of the way, I took him in my hand again and continued to caress him with my neck and face. When I felt the tiny drop of wetness against my neck, I licked the length of his shaft and swirled my tongue around the tip for a taste before taking him into my mouth. "Mmm," he murmured, "you are a great little cock sucker." I continued to vary my technique, not letting him get used to one thing before switching.

Ruth felt a bolt of lightening pass through her breast, and it explode against her clit, the intensity of the sensation stunning her briefly. Her nipples were now extremely large, and the sensation of Rachel’s fingers there was making her cunt wet, and soaking her panties.

"Are you walking?" Jacquie inquired of his trip to school. "I can give you a lift if you like."

"I think you should fuck me now, get yourself between your mothers legs and ride me," she said as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

I looked up and Lucy was still holding the cock with both hands. She quietly replied, "So you get turned on by this thing?"

Bindi kissed my neck, looking into my eyes. "They were just playing." She said softly.

"To be naked."

I hesitated for a moment, wanting to see her body held in passionate stillness, waiting, wanting, aroused in the knowledge that it was my kisses, my caresses, that brought her that pleasure.

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I laughed and moved away before he could grab me. I slipped on a black blazer and then my black trench coat. Dick grabbed me and kissed me hard. "We've got to go," I reminded him.

Kelly could only laugh, "and he is even quieter when he fucks me. He never says a word. He's loud, but it's only just grunts and growls." The older woman leaned toward her roommate and said in a quiet voice, almost whispering "He even bit me once, right on the shoulder. The mark stayed with me for the rest of the week." She coyly smiled. "I wore it like a badge and wore low cut blouses so people would notice."

"Mmm, so you like my butt." Sandra said in a soft voice.

“Right. Kyle got some new movies.”

"Thank you." I said and she smiled and continued up the aisle. I turned to Josh and giggled. "Now that was close."

"But, what is the point? I will drop you home. It will probably be late once the meeting gets over and I don't want you to drive alone in ____Colony". True, no good woman will walk alone after 9 in the place where I live. It was the breeding place of rowdy hoodlums and the local mafia. My mother had begged my father not to buy a plot in this area to live but as usual he did not allow a mere female to interfere with his decisions.

"Stockholm Syndrome," she muttered. "That must be it." But the ache was real. Still, she consoled herself, he would be up in a few hours with lunch and she would see him then. It was much to her surprise when Thomas came up with the lunch tray. The afternoon hours passed slowly, and Leah's excitement at hearing the key in the lock faded quickly when once again Thomas brought in the tray. Not quite sure why, she cried herself to sleep that night.

In the past there's been background about the genesis of these stories and a physical description of Dawn as well as detailing her wants, desires and fetishes. Those are gone but the information is in the older audios posted as 'A Dawn Tale', in our bio or, you can take a look at her photo thread on the site: Dawn: Voice of bearlee. If you're interested in checking out her photo thread, you can find it here.

He kisses my forehead softly then my cheek and neck. I am feeling dizzy. The effect of his lips brushing against my neck are over whelming. He nibbles my earlobe then softly dances his tongue inside my ear. I am getting wet and it is almost too late to turn back now. Elijah whispers something in French with warm exhales and I softly moan.

His fingers hit my clit and I gasped. My hand was wrapped around his cock and I squeezed it harder as his finger entered my wet cunt. He was practically lifting me off the ground with his hand fucking. In return, I was stroking his cock like it had been years since I’d seen one.

Slowly I sit back in the computer chair and look at the screen. One of the women is now riding the man as the other masturbates watching the two. This should be my time. Looking to the shared wall, I can almost see Sydney talking on the phone, lying on her bed. Her posters covering the walls, which she is probably staring at.

It was at that point that I realized that Bob was standing there naked, with a semi hard dick covered with the combined juices produced by the scene that I had just witnessed. I stared at his big wet cock and my own dick began to rise.

I kissed her. I couldn't help myself. My lips brushed hers. Once. Twice. Nia never moved to pull away. Her eyes were wide for a second, then slowly closed.

With that she got up, grabbed her panties and dressing gown, kissed him quickly before he could react and skipped, giggling, out of the living room. He heard her running up the stairs as he stood there, swaying gently like a moored Zeppelin, dazed and confused.

"What are you doing?!"

I called out quietly to see if she’d respond. She didn’t. I called out again, a little louder. Still no response. I decided to go for it. There she was, dead to the world, legs spread…it was a chance I couldn’t pass up.

"Far too long a stroke, my dear," I informed her. "By the time the cane reached his flesh it was decelerating. The point is to obtain maximum speed when the cane contacts the target. Try again."

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"Apologise slut" said Ben

He winced, nodding glumly. "You heard?"

"Yeah Daddy, come inside me... Come with me..." She panted. With that, her Dad started to come. Jenny felt a warm sensation in her pussy, and with her Dad's thrust becoming harder, Jenny started to orgasm on his ejaculating cock. When her Dad had finished ejaculating, he held his cock inside Jenny, keeping as still as possible, and prolonging her climax.

I fell onto my side, spent, trying to catch my breath. Daisy reached over, and pushed me onto my back, and began kissing my lips gently. She lay on top of me, then moved her mouth down to my ear.

"I want you to put your fingers in my pussy Chris and fuck me" she whimpered.

“Don’t,” he whispered, “ever doubt your ability to turn me on… that insecurity of yours… that awesome wetness… I was thinking of that last night and on Friday night when I was telling everyone what I was going to do to you, I was thinking of all those sexy aspects of your personality that only I know about.”

Pushing the skirt to the side I looked at my underwear. You would think that the owner of a lingerie shop would throw away her older underwear. I was wearing bright pink panties that wouldn’t go with this outfit at all, glancing on the counter I saw white underwear that would do okay to improvise for the proper panties. I couldn't wait to see the real panties that the sketch showed. I pulled the white thong up my legs, noting that I had a tiny little scratch from the hook I had gotten caught on. Oh well, all in a days work I mustered as I pulled my blouse over my head. My breasts felt heavy and full to my aching shoulders. "Sometimes men just have all the luck," I thought. I stared at my pink bra as I unhooked the back, the satin cups stuck to my breasts for a moment before falling from my chest. throwing the bra on top of the skirt I looked into the mirror, wearing just panties I looked somewhat like a bad girl waiting for a good time. This thought made me smile, I told you white doesn’t ever work in my book. I picked up the corset and felt the bone along the sides. So confining, but yet it always drove me nuts. I loved the pressure of a good corset, the way it cups and holds your body so tight. Pressing in just right to keep you safely tucked in. I loved how this corset laced up, not with flimsy ribbons but with a tight white leather strap.

"That was kind of you but I've nearly finished thanks. You didn't just come down here to help me with the washing up did you?".

"Master. I could get used to this." He said smiling to himself sitting down on the couch. He reached for his laptop to re-read the story she sent him. He needed to be sure he knew how to play the role.

In mid September it gets so stiflingly hot at the nude resort where I now work and live that I had good reason to go "over the hill" for a day at San Onofre nude beach. Besides, I hadn't been in a few years and wanted to see if it was still the sort of crazy and fun place I remembered it to be.

I was still uncertain and tentative as I took her hand while we drove toward her house. Sandy said, "Next time you come into town don't wear underwear, OK?"

“Oh, fuck. I’m a nasty girl, and I like to get fucked!”

I could feel myself getting aroused just standing and talking to her. As she was looking at the lounge I stood behind her so that I could get a good look at her fantastic body without her catching me. She was wearing a t-shirt and loose jeans with no makeup but she was still sexier than any stripper I had seen in the city's lapdancing clubs. Her body was flawless with long slim legs , a beautifully rounded bum and a tight, slim waist. Her wide shoulders suggested that she spent a lot of time exercising or doing sports and her breasts were full and sat high on her chest, they were straining against the front of her t-shirt suggesting that they were at least a D cup. If anything they were a little large for her small frame but you wouldn't hear too many guys complaining about that.

Whoever was in here with me was now climbing onto my queen sized bed. I could feel the bed pressing down beside me. The hand on my breast tightened, and the fingers dug into me until they found my nipple. He began to pinch and roll it and it hurt!

I heard his pants run down his legs, knowing there would be nothing beneath but his pleasure.

Then his fingers were gone, and he was sitting back on his stool looking at me with a quiet smile on his face, "I would have to say that in my professional opinion as a man who has done some study of the female form over the past 50 years, that you have one of the most beautiful, exciting and sexy bodies, I have ever seen, everything is in perfect proportion, your legs are in proportion to the rest of your body, your breasts are not large, but you're not a large woman, so they are in proportion too, and as for your ass, well, you have the tightest, sexiest ass I've ever laid eyes on!"

Once she was back outside in the patio, she asked him his name. He told her he was Louis, and his wife was Carla. He assured Karen that Carla worked days and he worked nights, so she wouldn't be around. Karen let out a laugh and told him that was the reverse of what she and Joe did.

The day had started out promising. Tori had moved to San Jose a week earlier, and was finally settled into her apartment. In order to help her start things off right, her father had lined up a job for her with a friend of his.

When Brooke's hands touched the bottom swell of her breasts, Beth moaned and pushed her thigh harder against Brooke's hot pussy. Her thigh was not starting to drip the flowing pussy juice from Brooke's cunt, all over her upper thigh and then down her leg toward back of her thigh and onto her knee. They were both moaning slightly as Beth force her leg harder into Brooke. Her clit was rubbing along the hot thigh pressed into it. Brooke's clit was large and was fully exposed against her thigh and Brooke knew if it kept up she would cum.

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He then pushed Joanna's head back and turned around. The cock in front of my face was simply huge and harder than I ever remember seeing it. Joanna came around his legs and reached up and pulled it down towards my face. She guided my head forward until the red and throbbing tip of the thing was pressing against my mouth. "Open up, Baby," she said. I had never had a cock in my mouth before, but I remember thinking at the time, and this will tell you how fucked up my thinking was, that as long as I wasn't actually sucking on it, it was all right to go ahead and do it. I relaxed my mouth a little and Joanna pushed the fat, bulbous head of his cock past my lips. I closed my mouth over it and began to rub its underside with my tongue.

"Oh God!" Lara exclaims happily, knowing what is going to happen next, "I'm bein' family gang-banged!"

“Chicklet, babydoll, I’m going to cum,” Jason growled before sucking the other nipple into his mouth.

"No not yet! Now eat my pussy," I commanded June as I pull my shorts down and spread my legs. June dove right in licking my cunt like there was no tomorrow.

“You know, I might think you don’t like me.” “Except, what’s not to like!” Carl said, as he rested his hand on my shoulder. “I bet if there was a business deal to be made, you would go out with me.” He said, just a little coldly.

Michael Lander and I became pals and we regularly hung out. He had a girlfriend named Jennifer Albright. She was a tall, slim girl with long blond hair and pale blue eyes. I guess Michael liked the white chicks. I don't have anything against white chicks but they don't often have what I like most in a female, and that's a really nice ass. Still, there are some exceptions. Michael Lander had a white girlfriend and that pissed off so many of the fine-looking Black girls at Suffolk University. Naturally, I decided to pick up the pieces. That's how I met Larissa. Larissa was this girl who had a thing for Michael but gave up on him when he picked Jennifer to be his lady. Personally, I think Michael is dumb for picking Jennifer over all of them fine-looking Black and Hispanic girls but hey, what can I say? Michael Lander, Black athlete extraordinaire had fallen in love with Jennifer Albright, a female softball player who happened to be the whitest person on campus. Can't stop love, I guess.

Melanie was guilt strickened, "Oh, god! I'm sorry! Are..."

This threesome is heaven, you fucking me whist you watch me bring another man to the verge of orgasm. Your hands are at my tits, squeezing my nipples and pinching them. I hear your orgasm build as your moans change so I suck him harder, your cock pumping in and out of me furiously building my orgasm. As you look to his girlfriend you see her fingering herself at the sight of our threesome, which is too much for you. You pull out of me as I begin to orgasm and I can feel your cum over my arse and back when at which point my friend sees you and cums over my face and tits. I take your cum and mix to with his over my tits and nipples, smiling as I know how much you enjoyed our threesome.

You and Kelly are eating each other's pussy and I love watching it. I rub my hard cock all over your ass. Your mouth is all over her pussy, your tongue licking her clit as she moans. She is pleasing your pussy and clit as well.

He slid a device up the center of the table, moving it close to Amber's drenched slit. She looked down in horror as she saw a retractable arm with two attachments on it that looked exactly like vibrators.

As he ran up behind her - his towel fluttering behind him before landing on the floor - and grabbed her, she shrieked with glee as he picked her up and began to carry her up the stairs as they shared their first kiss.

"That's when I knew. You couldn't hide it from me anymore from that moment... and what's more, you couldn't hide it from yourself... And that's why we're here today..."

With that I felt his stiff cock slide deep into my mouth and encroach on the confines of my throat. I gagged a little then breathed deeply through my nose as the rest of his cock slid into my mouth and throat. His big hairy ball sack ended up on my nose then he started a slow fucking motion into my mouth.

"If it is any of your business, I'm going to work. I have a very busy day ahead of me." Katherine said. She was feeling uneasy talking to AJ. There was something magnetic about him that she could not resist.

When I returned with ice wrapped in a towel, my heart dropped to may feet. She appeared to be looking a little too closely at my computer screen. "That is private Rosa!" I shouted as I rushed to the desk. Blushing and shaking, this time I was the one who fell down. Not to be deterred, I crawled the rest of the way and cut off the power to the computer itself.

"Their door was open a crack and I knew I was being naughty, but I peaked in and in the glow of the fire I saw Mama naked on her hands and knees on the bed, and Dad was behind her. He was naked, too. He was kneeling and I saw him bend over and lick her bum and stroke his cock. It was really big." She paused.

"Of course, your honor. I didn't mean any disrespect," Paul said. He lowered himself carefully into the chair next to Betty. Paul always moved carefully. His service in Vietnam had earned him a Purple Heart and a prosthetic leg.

Rob looked surprised and moved away, moving quite quickly, as if he were afraid of her.

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She was as tight as my wife was at 21. I could feel the walls of her cunt stretching as the head of my cock went where no cock had gone for many years.

He decided to do a bit of work on his PC in an attempt to complete the programming project he had been contracted to do by one of the large multi-national oil companies. Dave Hudson was a very successful computer programmer whose ability to solve problems and introduce simple solutions had seen him rise rapidly at the company he first worked for. It became clear to him that his somewhat unique ability was sufficient to start his own business consulting via his old company. Within a year or so, he had attracted a continuous stream of clients who were happy to pay top dollar to have their problems solved.

It was Larry Copelli, that cute kid from science class. He was wearing baggy shorts and a clean t-shirt with a cool picture of a surfer.

Once again I was finished but my cock still wanted more

Jose barged in a few minutes later, his hair just as wild and frazzled as ever. He had a coffee mug in his hand and from the slight stain on the front of his shirt, I could tell that not all of it had remained in the cup. He looked at me suspiciously as he walked past over to his desk, his bulk settling into the groaning chair behind his desk.

********************* Friday evening with Rhonda

Suddenly, it hit me. John had set this up. I don't know how he got the medical school to think that I had personally agreed to participate. But he did, and I was upset. I needed to talk with him.

"Oh, yes Mr. Johnson, feed me your 'big Johnson." He brought moan after moan from her as he entered her a little at a time. When he had all 12 inches stuffed inside her incredible hot wet pussy he stilled and just enjoyed the feel of her hot pussy sucking at his cock. He was amazed that she could take all of him. That was the problem with being this big most women couldn't take all of him inside and it was a rare treat to find one who could and would. This was one hot pussy that was made for fucking.

With no effort Shana laid me naked on the bed and knelt beside me. "My Queen must be readied. She must make a warm nest for the baby."

I have to admit I came very close to turning down my daughter's plea to take custody of her mixed-race baby after my granddaughter was born in prison, but I decided to take care of her while her mother was away. So the court awarded custody of baby Darcie to me. This happened about two years ago. I figured this visitor must be one of my granddaughter's relatives from her father's side who'd dropped by unannounced. Every so often they'll stop by to see her. But usually they'll call me first, so they're not left malingering outside the house in full view of the neighborhood.

Another woman who worked at the paper, twenty-six with two kids, had invited him back to her place one night after meeting him at the road house. They'd gotten a little drunk and started dancing and had fucked standing up. She was horny but he was not what she was looking for; she needed a daddy for her kids and he was not a suitable target. The two had become good friends but after a couple of more trysts, never fucked again.

Madi groaned as she strained to open her eyes. The world was a blur of light, her head was pounding. Why did she have to drink so much? She replayed the night, trying to remember. Shots, more shots, vodka and redbull, vodka and redbull, jukebox, boy, Dimitri. Dimitri! Eyes flew open, she really was here. She yawned, rolling over lazily in the queen-sized bed. On the chair beside the nightstand sat her clothes from the night before. She smiled to herself for a moment. And the realization. He had seen her without pants on, he had seen... she felt her lip begin to quiver, she needed to get out of here, now. She stumbled out of bed, nearly falling back over into it. Great, and she was still half-drunk.

With one hand I reached down and coaxed more droplets of milk to well up around Tomagoshinos' nipple. "I have to pee." She said, her legs trembling.

"Ahhh mon Dieu, I missed you, ma chérie,," he said, his mouth finding mine, the entire station disappearing into his kiss. I left my hand where it was (it had taken my American sensibilities some time to differentiate between prudish London and wanton Paris!) feeling him respond, growing harder against the denim, my hand creating a slow, tantalizing friction. He buried his face in my neck, pulling my long dark hair back with one fist so he could find that tender, sensitive spot just below and behind my ear with his tongue and growled, "Tu es vachement bandante!"

"Aaahhhhhhh...she's got one tight cunt, man. Gonna fuck this little slut til I cum...oh yes baby...take my big dick..take it all..."

I sat at my desk staring down at the pile of patient charts in front of me. I had just got off the phone with the doctor telling me he had an emergency and was canceling all patient appointments for the day. The pile in front of me were all patients that were supposed to come in today. I groaned as I started searching for the first phone number to call.

"I suppose he had you stripped naked in front of him?" Asked the SS officer.

She put her hand around his shaft and steered it towards her lips. She opened her mouth wide and let his cock enter her warm mouth. She'd sucked a few cocks before, but they were nothing compared to this monstrosity. She started bobbing her head back and forth, trying to fit as much of him into her mouth as possible. She could tell by the tense look on her dad's face that he was enjoying this. She grew confident and let go of his cock, licking some of the precum up as she went past, and started licking his balls. Her dad's sharp intake of breath was proof that he was not expecting that. She smiled to herself and sucked his shaft in again. She tried to get him deeper but he was so big, she could hardly breathe with him in her mouth.

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