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"Yes it's seems you where distracted I am sure you will do better this time"

"I've noticed that the captain of the football team has been paying attention to you, Millie. Don't sell yourself short by going out with him, you deserve much better. A real man."

"Your parents? You mean you aren't the lady of the house?"

2:45 seemed painfully distant but, finally, it was time to call Amy. I dialed the number anxiously, hoping she'd answer.

After cleaning up the mess, I was overcome with guilt and spent the rest of the evening in my room. The next day I went out looking for a job. I had been a rifleman in the Army and I soon discovered that there was no demand for that profession in civilian life. To make matters worse, the country was in the grip of a recession and even the lowliest jobs were filled. I grew more discouraged each day. A month passed and I still didn't have a job. Then Mom made me an offer that I could not refuse.

Elizabeth arrived at the house around 9:15. The mother she talked with on the phone hadn't given her much information about the child she was suppose to be babysitting, but she was offering an astonishing $75 for Elizabeth's services. After she got paid tonight, she would finally have enough money to chip in with her friends to get that nice, big beach house for the rest of the summer.

"Hella cool." Ciara replied. "You ready to do this, girl?"

Carrie immediately began wondering what options she had. As if sensing her thoughts, Ben set Carries luggage on the porch and said, "You've had quite an ordeal today. Why don't you spend the night in one of our spare rooms? Tomorrow, as soon as service is restored, you can call whomever you have to."

Sophie found her name, Sophie Best, and checked the other names of the girls in her cabin, although they were meaningless to her. Lily Samuels, Betty Gardner, Wendy Connors, Louise Rickford and Taylor McCullen. Sophie became aware of the fact that the curly haired blonde girl was also studying the same list. They turned to each other, and awkwardly smiled.

I suppose I should begin this story by telling you a little bit about myself. I'm 40, a married professional woman. I keep my body in shape, working out, running, lifting weights, and frankly, I look damn good for 40. Five feet, five inches tall, 120 pounds, auburn hair and fair skin – my husband Tom still wants to fuck me all the time, even after nearly four years of marriage. Tom is my second husband, though I've known him for many years. My first husband? Well, let's just say he was a drag and leave it at that.

As I drove home I passed by a well-known homosexual haunt. It was located in a large park near a community baseball field. It was common knowledge that after 9 or 10:00 P.M. queers would park their cars and look for another man to connect for random sex. It had always sounded so sordid and disgusting but the thought of it hit me quite different tonight. I had never desired intimacy with another guy. But the thought of touching another man knowing that I would never see him again had a certain dark excitement on me this particular night.

The door opened instantly on my knock, and there was Slut Boy, wearin' a pair of open-fronted black PVC humiliation pants, his lovely eight inches standin' to obedient attention!

“Here Jo, let me clean you up,” Lisa said.

Anne heard Matt hiss in a breath as Kathy's hand closed around his erection and stood, so that she could move around in front of him. Kathy was fingering Matt's erection gently and Anne put her arm around her daughter, resting her head on Kathy's shoulder, her eyes on Matt's face.

I pulled back from her, looking her in the eyes, both of us breathing heavily. "I want to taste you," I said, "I want to lick you and tease you with my tongue and my lips."

She walks over and sits down on the couch next to me. We channel surf for a bit but soon the whiskey starts to roll over me and I lay back, arms behind my head, eyes closed. I lift a leg up onto the couch.

We were deep into the session, so good, so wonderful as always.

Typical, I thought, being told this on my last night and not having any time to do anything about it as my flight was leaving that night. Having got back home and back into the routine of work, sleep, work sleep my fantasies were consumed with the thought of a partner willing to engage in anal sex. My mind was made up, I would be returning to Phuket at the earliest opportunity.

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"It was fantastic!" I told her. I sat up. "Come here," I said, patting the bed next to me.

She put her hand on his knee.

How could this happen, I wondered. But then memories of the previous day came flooding back, causing me to reflect back on the unusual events that fueled the ultimate wet dream. It started with my twin brother and me trying to grab a bite before running out the door for some early morning shopping. But Mom had other ideas.

"You haven't kept it shaved." He said.

When I came to my senses he looked down at me,

He rolled her onto her back and grabbed her ankles, slowly pulling her legs up toward his shoulders. He entered her quickly, driving in and out of her with a forceful and steady pace. With each stroke she said the word "yes" and he knew that this position would make her cum easily. He was glad for that, since he'd been so close before and he knew that he could be again. He watched as she moved her hand to her mouth, slowly licking her fingers. Then she started to move her hand downward, stopping to touch one of her nipples with her wet fingers. The difference in temperature was piercing. It made her want to feel his mouth on her nipples again. It was amazing to him how the little things she would do would make him want to explode! Her hand then continued to travel down to her clit, and as she touched it, her excitement was noticeable by the hoarse sound in her voice as she said, "Oh baby, I'm so close!" He pulled her legs onto his broad shoulders and moved his hands forward until they were holding her breasts. He continued with his steady rhythm and smooth strokes in her until she was right on the edge.

" Faster come one fuck me im gonna cum."

It was Odette who leaned forward to plant a chaste kiss on Peter's cheek that he returned feeling tiny sparks jump between them as his lips brushed her warm flesh. The pressure, as she squeezed his hand, told him that she also thought that they would meet again soon.


We stood together in the shower for a long time, holding each other close. "The thought of you making love to Mark really excites me," she said.

But something HAD happened. This time the show HAD to be deliberate! I was captivated, I hadn't breathed since she stood up and my heart was now pounding in my ears. I let out a shuddering breath. "Are you OK?" she asked. "Is it too hot for you? I think it should be hot and steamy in a sauna, don't you?" she smiled at me, with a quick glance at my towel

“Be my guest, baby,” she said as she returned to her meal.

“Yes. I just wanted to call you and tell you I love you and thank you.”

"You know!" I speak timidly. "I really need to know. How big are you talking about?"

The tall black man on my side wouldn't lean down, but simply tapped his finger nail against the glass. Somehow he could see me and my expression, as I watched his finger point to the trapped bill. Seeing the bill was a five, I also clearly saw he had a large wad of bills rolled up in his other hand. His free hand turned to show his palm, like he was making me an offer. Then he made the sign for "OK" and presented his palm again.

Both women had to stay with their men until every last drop of sperm had been released and it was Vikki who first moved on to her next test.

'Done,' I said. 'And a shirt?' We agreed on prices for all our clothing and the game continued. I soon discovered that the easiest way to up the ante was to bet big, forcing whoever was dealer to carry enough credit to cover the bets.

Mary pushed me off her, and shoved me on the bed. "On your stomach Cunt!" I did as told. Her hand reached down under my long skirt and stroked its way up my leg. She moved her hand over my panties; around to the front she cupped my hard balls in her hand, squeezing gently.

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This story is a work of fiction. I hope you enjoy this story. I would love to back from you.

The guy took me aside and warned me "If you can win - If you can win you better do it! The last guy she took to her bed had bruises on both wrists and couldn't walk the next day! Hell I don't think he has fucked anyone since!"

I sat there, rigid as his hands ran over my breasts. I've always been conscious of them, all those years braless had them heavy and loose. My cup size was 36D but I always wished them smaller.

He had a ton of work to do for the office that he had been letting pile up so he would definitely be home. I told him that I would be by there shortly. I jumped in the shower and that is when I started running the scenarios through my head of what was going to happen. I figured I would try to get him to fuck me and when he realized what was going on he would turn me away or worse yell. I got of the shower and got dressed. I figured the best thing to wear would be as little as possible.

He kneeled in front of me and pulled almost all the way out of me as he looked down on my face.

He busied himself with clearing up the equipment and preparing the room for the next patient, one David R.

We may be able to teach the kids our values or not. But how their brains are pre-disposed to work is going to be the determining factor for the future of h. Sapiens. I suppose there is nothing to do but love them and hope they love us back.

"Ah yes, I have."

He placed himself between her legs and blew soft cool air onto her pussy lips. With no hair, they parted so easily. Tom placed a kiss right on the hood of her clitoris and sucked her pussy lips, as well as the clitoris into his mouth. He felt her hips jerk.

She wanted to get a closer look, but his briefs were in the way. As if reading her mind, Srinivas began to pull the tiny briefs down by himself. Leaving modesty behind, Laura kneeled down in front of him and pulled them off of his feet..

'Lucy, put your left hand in the air.' She did so. 'Lucy, when I count to three you will wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated, you will feel great. You will leave your left hand in the air, you will think it is natural for your hand to be in the air, in fact you will like it there. When I say 'Trance Lucy' you will automatically go back into an even deeper trance.'

Consequently, my indebtedness to Lianne abides: not only did she give me her own virginity but also she gave me my Becky-bird! She was so right: Becky was, and is, a beautiful lady. Her slight body is alive and expressive--with the energy of a wren.

Phoebe shook her head clear. It may be fun to remember pleasure, but it’s a whole lot better to feel pleasure again. With her mind once more on what’s important, she opened her legs and spread her labia apart. Holding the glass dildo with both hands, she slowly placed it between her legs and rubbed the mushroom cap against her lower lips.

“What’s that noise?”

"Yummy." Oh God, I can't believe I said that. Fortunately, neither can he.

Things started going downhill quickly after that. Two or three nights a week, including every Friday or Saturday night, Claire went, "out with the girls," staying out way past midnight. The bars close in our city at 2 a.m., but there were nights when she wouldn't come home until nearly 4 a.m. The first few times, I didn't wait up for her. I figured she was a big girl and could take care of herself. Plus, I usually had to get up early the next morning and open the store, so I'd go on to bed.

She was nervous but picked a female and had Kari in on it with her so she didn't go alone. She had to give him something that could be given in front of everyone also. She decided on a nice picture in a picture frame for his desk that she signed and a card inside the box it was wrapped in giving him a free full body massage to cash in when ever he wanted to.

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Tracy has my cock out from under my robe before the door is closed. Now this is more like it.

"All right. My own fault for even mentioning it, I suppose."

I feel the obligation to make the first move. I put my glass down, make her put her glass down, and I take her in my arms and kiss her lips. What does she want? She wants a girl who looks like a boy, and so I kiss her like a boy. We're exactly the same height and the kissing is easy. Her scent makes my head swim, my heart pound, my blood heat up as though it were being boiled. The pressure of her slender body against my own brings me to the edge of fainting with arousal. My brain feels awash in a hot desire, a limitless wanting, wanting. I want her. I want to ask her what she likes in bed, but I can't imagine a woman like this one talking about such things. She's one of those women who do not talk. She feels, cries, laughs, trembles, but she doesn't talk. To make a woman like this one talk you need sodium pentothal. And I'm not certain even that would work -- maybe she would merely mumble in a private language.

She could barely talk now, she was in another world. I could sense her erupting any second, and so I sucked her clit faster and faster, and rub her pussy harder.

Mixed marriages don't work. That was the anthem drummed into me growing up in 60's suburbia. It did happen of course, even in the leafy avenues of the middle class. Several white girls married black men - a few of my friends in fact - but, probably due to the pressures of the times, not many of these unions lasted and those that did the couples usually ended up moving away to more hospitable or understanding areas.

I played with her cunt while I ate her, arousing her emotions to the point where I knew the next step. I was going to fuck her in the ass. My sweet gorgeous Jennifer was going to experience her first cock up her asshole. I used to daydream of fucking her ass and now I was going to get to do it.

“If you get scared or worried, make sure you let me know, because otherwise you’re mine to do with as I please,” Megan advised her sister.

"So, you finally had Kelly", Steve smiled to himself. They had often talked about bringing Kelly into their bedroom for the longest time and Steve had time and again fantasized about what Kelly looked like naked and what it would be like to fuck her while Jill watched.

Araqiel gave us a map of the location of the hunting lodge so we could meet them there. The place was located in the heart of a national forest, in a small exclusive hunting community known as Black Ridge. Large numbers of trophy class whitetails populated this place. Didn’t seem like real hunting to me, but that’s not what my girlfriends and I had in mind anyway. We had much more interest in revenge.

"All right, mom, I'm going downstairs now."

"So are you going to be with us?" I asked it hoping he would be. Even in so short a time, I had formed a positive opinion of him. I knew that I would enjoy getting to know more about him.

Not knowing the full implications of her decision at that moment. I then told her to fuck me with her fat ass and make me cum. She was humping against me like the cock starved whore she was, grunting all the while I called her the most disgusting things I could think of and slapping her fat ass, only making her hotter when I did. When I came in her tight asshole and pulled it out, I grabbed by the hair and made her suck my cock and balls clean of her assholes smell. I got up called her a fat filthy fucking Cocksucker, dressed and went downstairs just as our family pulled up to the boat dock.

She took both hands and yanked as hard as she could. Nothing.

I pulled myself together “So it was your birthday, sorry, had I known I would have bought you a gift, the least I can do is give you a birthday kiss.” I said this and moved towards her, she turned her cheek towards me but I had other ideas, I placed a palm of my hands on each cheek and bent down towards her, my lips making contact with her own, the slick glossy pink lipstick which covered her sweet lips smooth against my lips, I pushed my tongue forward trying to penetrate her puckered lips, there was little if any resistance on her part and my tongue slid slowly but forcefully into her mouth. The kiss begun gently as my tongue explored the inside of her mouth slowly, tasting her, feeling the slippery inner lining of her cheeks, until it made contact with her own tongue at which stage it turned into a kiss of pure lust, she now took the initiative and sucked on my tongue as if trying to swallow it, our saliva moved from one mouth to the other and what had started as a tender, gentle, kiss now became a duel of passion. On completion of our first initial kiss she broke the silence, “That was nice Paul but don’t you think you’ve missed several of my birthdays, not to mention Christmases and New Years and now might be the best time to make amends.” I leaned forward and engulfed her mouth with my own, once again pushing my tongue deep into her mouth, one kiss followed another, for what seemed hours, but was probably only a few minutes, we stood exchanging long lustful wet kisses exploring each others mouths our tongues vying for a position of superiority.

I stopped kissing Sam, and told him I had to go thank the other guys. Sam protested, attempting to hold me in his lap, claiming, "You haven't finished thanking me yet."

With that I grabbed her hair and jerked her back into position, reaching with my other arm and extending one of her legs. She was reeling, not quite knowing what to do.

"Do you want me to leave you?" he asked, his eyes avoiding looking directly into hers, his boots and outer furs tucked under his right arm.

A marquee glares out into the night announcing 'Adult Theatre'. "Our destination sweetheart." Said Sir James as he turns off the car's engine.

The phone rang about 4:30.

Our house, where I was living now was nothing like Ray's huge house but at the time I was with Bud; our home was everything I always wanted. Our sex life was good, not wild like it was with Ray now. But we had sex 4 or 5 times a week. But Bud could only cum once and then he would soften and I would have to work on his 6 ½ -7 inch cock a long time with my mouth and hands in order to get him hard enough to fuck me again. We tried a bunch of different things and experimented with a great deal of positions and methods with each other and only each other. Bud had no desire to share me or wanted to swing and he would never be a cuckold. I should have realized that then but it's to late now to take back what I did to him. He always told me he was extremely happy with me and needed no one else. He was, like I said, a very loving man and would always work very hard to make me climax 3 sometimes 4 times every time we made love.

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I was breathless for a moment, shy and proud and excited at the same time. I couldn't see any reason to say no, they were naked and I had a very visible hard-on, which we all were aware of and liked. So what the hell. And what had that last thing Karin said meant? But she had been good to me in the past and I had nothing to complain about, in fact quite the contrary. So I nodded and all the ladies cheered.

Here I go again, losing track! Any way I put my favourite leg lock on Jenny and then pulled her over so that her back bone was racked on my knees and I held her arms down to my sides, but the mud was that wet and slippery she managed to wriggle out of the hold and she wrapped her thighs around my mouth, same time pulling the crotch of her knickers to one side. This was planned to tease the crowd I munched her pussy, making a feast of her juices. I ripped her panties off just as she did the same to me. I felt her tongue in my slit before I pushed her off, grabbing for her bra tab and connecting. The ripping sound of Velcro is so loud! The crowd were on their feet now shouting for a, 'Pin and fuck!'

"I'm not much of a hypnotist at all," I said, stating a real fact. "With me, it's just a situation of bringing out my lover's natural feelings, or making her aware of how good it is to let her lust out for exercise with a trusted companion. But, I woke up the next morning feeling great, rested, refreshed. And I did not have any more sex with her than Bill Clinton had with you know who."

As the drinking gets fully underway, and other illicit activities, everyone seems to ease into a comfortable state with one another. Much laughing and teasing is done, at Lisa and Rico's expense, horror tales of marriages gone awry, and how once the couple says "I do," they don't. Giggling at the statements, knowing how they serve to unnerve the betrothed couple, I can't help but add a few hilarious observations of my own. Having chosen to sit with Tres, feeling his eyes on me as I chat easily, as is my way. Looking around for Lisa, I decide to go find her, and help with the preparation of the night's meal. No need for the bride-to-be to be working so hard. As I rise to head toward the kitchen, I turn to see Tres, watching my departure, and again, feel the surge of want rushing through my body.

"My parents are ecstatic," Orlando said.

I listen as you tell me how one of the men is on his knees. "Mmmm", you sigh. He's eating your pussy. The two guys from the bed are standing next to him, with their cocks rubbing all over your face. I hear them hit against the phone. The guy to your left is licking and kissing your ear and neck. The one to your right is busy with your nipples. You’re being swallowed whole…

I knew that Harry left for work at about six thirty and Margie left for High School at about seven. So I did a quick calculation and decided that I would sleep in a little and still make it here by: "nine o'clock OK?"

We both grinned. We had lost our jobs, but we had found each other.

'If you insist,' she calmly replied.

"I thought you'd never ask."

"And this," she continued as she lowered her head and slid her hand inside the front of her loosely fitted cut-off jeans, "is what you get if you do." She licked her lips and looked up at him, her head still bowed.

He reached for her blouse, attacking the buttons until the fabric opened to allow him access. He cupped her full breasts in his hands, his thumbs stroking the nipples through the sheer lace of her bra, making her moan in pleasure.

Francesca could smell the musty stench of the cellars as they grew closer, carefully following the stone steps into the dark depths. At the bottom heavy doors prohibited entry, but a sleeping guard provided them with opportunity. How William managed to open the doors so silently was amazing, and Francesca felt herself trembling with intense excitement the closer they drew to the punishment chamber.

julie4u2000: I know what you mean. I like that too

When I looked over the paper, she was bent waist down, facing towards me, busy sweeping the floor. The front opening of her loose nightgown cleavage offered me a clear view of her white bra-less, large pear shaped breasts, capped with dark nipples pointing towards the ground. The glimpse of her free tumbling breasts stirred glowing warmth through me, and I could feel my penis raising itself up.

Brad kept teasing me like that, but I didn't care; in fact it even turned me on more, if that was possible. I was totally into his cock now, and didn't even think as I engulfed the head in my mouth. Slowly, I ended up kissing more and more of Brad's amazing, powerful cock over the next few minutes. Pretty soon, my lips were spread so wide my jaws hurt, and I felt the head poke at the entrance to my throat. I almost started to gag, but Brad used the grip he had on my head to push me down further on his cock. I started choking, and tried to push off against his muscular thighs; but they were like rocks, and I couldn't budge him. I was choking.

I lay back on the bed and we both watched as his sister began to moan with her own orgasm. We looked at each other as she continued frigging herself. Suddenly Shaun moved forward between her legs. Opening her lovely white legs he bent his head towards her sex. She released her finger and his tongue quickly located her clit. I watched entranced as he skilfully brought her off with his mouth and fingers deep inside her wet, hot cunt. As she climaxed I also bent forward and lightly suckled one of her nipples inside my mouth. She couldn't take much more of us and she pushed us both away.

Brook and I ordered as well, and the waitress left in a hurry. You would think that she was upset at having to work at four-thirty in the morning.

"Oh god yes much better."

I awoke the next morning about 11:00am with Suzie resting her sleeping head on my chest and Natalie and Dawn gone.

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The plaster molds of Cheryl's tits were ready to be poured on Saturday afternoon and we had made arrangements for her to be there to see how it was done. I tried to talk her into another nude swim, but she refused my suggestions.

"What is going on?!" came the tinny but insistent voice through the dropped handset. She picked up the receiver, her face strangely empty of any emotion.

"What do you think, Bess?" Allan queried. "Are you up for it? Or are there too many dirty secrets stashed away?"

"Wow! You, uh... you look... wow!"

A cry was wrenched from deep inside as his head lowered, bestowing me with the most intimate of kisses, his tongue driving deep into my dripping wet cunt, hearing him moaning as my juices start to flow over his tongue enough to have me crying out. Body spent and weak all I could do was fall forward, gasping for breath.

Today a friend, come editor, has shared a short piece about the use of a vibrator and I know by the rush to swell and cramp my jeans, that I should be in boxers today. I love the feeling of being loose when I am ripe to cum hard and fully. I anticipate it and savour the feeling of it.

From bath to bed barely taking time to dry, to strip the bed of its black silk, replace them with white linen hastily ripped from their plastic cover. In making the bed Harmony bent forward, her heavy breasts beckoned me, her flaring hips inflamed me. The tip of my hard cock caught the whip of the top sheet as we raced to tuck its edges under the mattress. We slipped between these unused, virginal sheets smelling of plastic. Neither one of us wanted to merely fuck. This time, maybe the only time, we made love, sought sustenance in each other, to salve each other's wounds. We kissed tenderly. My cock entered her. I pretended no one had passed through his gate, that a membrane still curtained the portal's opening, needed to be opened as painlessly as possible. Her heat soaked into me; my warmth seeped into her. Under me she trembled. Honestly, I did too. Unlike our fucking all over the bed we remained in the center of bed this time, as though less motion and less movement signaled more intimacy. My cock moved in and out of her slowly and gently, the soft and cool belly of her forearms touched my back, her hands stroked my back with feathery movements. This was baby making love. In our gentle touching, the gentle busses on each others flesh we did not collide we conjoined. My tongue licked the satin surface on the back side of her ears, took each earlobe in my mouth and sucked the cartilage, blew on them.

In time, I changed my position so that I was flat on my stomach between his legs. Slowly, I made love to him with my mouth, my ears savoring the contented sighs escaping his lips. Time passed languidly as I suckled the forbidden phallus, enjoying the experience just as much as I enjoyed my big brother's soft touches upon my head and my hands. There was no rush from either of us. This was not about making him explode in my mouth; this was about demonstrating how much I adored him, about giving him long-lasting pleasure that he would remember for a long time.

So I gently stroked her breasts and tickled her tense nipples before I plunged my mouth into her succulent breasts.

Quickly building speed, Kat drove her finger within and manipulated her aching clit, rushing her body to a much-needed crescendo. With a muffled cry her body responded, sending her over the waterfalls of delight. Kat’s breath came in ragged gasps and her fingers spasmed as warm water bathed her delighted body.

Jack paused. "You know, this is embarrassing, but I really don't know your name."

"Well they were wrong weren't they," she said, "Underneath I'm really a right dirty bitch."

As her mouth filled to the brim of her lips, Jenny simply tilted her head back, letting his cum flow backwards into her throat as Wayne finished his stroking. Then smiling tenderly, and looking into his eyes, she closed her lips and swallowed, showing her throat to her husband as his warm semen slid downward.

It took him a full minute to slowly turn the knob and sneak out, taking another minute to softly close the door again behind him. At first he just sat there clutching the shirt in one hand and breathed deep calming breaths. Yes, breathing was definitely a good thing. But not when it made your head uncomfortably light, Keith decided and stopped breathing quite so deeply, waiting for the blood to stop rushing to his head.

As the theater continued to fill, the ladies approached me. Both were dressed identical - glossy, black, thigh-high boots, elbow gloves to match, and corsets that accentuated their bosoms. In addition, they both wore black thong underwear, but the most sexy thing they wore were their glossy, black policemen hats. They were in full control of the audience and me.

"Ah...I guess...yeah, I guess I liked it," Stacey replied, finding it a bit hard to talk. Did she know how much he was turned on, how badly he wanted her? The fact that she was so pretty, and was his age, was a new experience for the young man. He had lots of lovers, but they were all his mother's age!

You go down and blow gently while kissing my inner thigh to keep it from exploding. You and I both know its wet, but your teasing me, you don't want to check how wet my pussy is, not just yet. Your hands travel under my dress and my back. My nipples are so hard and too obvious to ignore through my dress. So you slide the other strap of the dress off, and then my titties just drop a slight bit. They harden even more. You rub your hands over them and ask "Can I taste it?" My pussy is dripping wanting to be kissed. Instead you fold my dress so that my ass is fully exposed. You slide off the thongs that are soaked with my juices…. "mmmmmmmmm" You kiss the top of my ass cheeks and with your hand you part it just a bit. Softly and gently you lick down the cracks and I can't help but let my clit graze your tongue again, I want you to eat my now! My moan tells you that I can't take it anymore, so you start to eat my pussy from the back. I'm trying to take off my dress but you won't let me, you say "baby in time it will come off, patience." You're eating my pussy from the back and I just can't take it anymore, I wanna eat too, I wanna taste you.

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"Ok guys, I'm off to the airport" Evelyn said from atop the stairs.

"Holy shit!" Bobby gasped, breathing hard. "I want to fuck it so bad!"

"Not to worry Deborah, I have plenty of suits although I rarely wear them anymore. We are close to the same size so I should have one that fits you," offered Joannie.

Ok, so here's the scenario...

"You are to get those pizzas naked," Trudy finished the final humiliating aspect of the pizza order.

She smiled softly and followed the purring, being filled with a feeling of contentment. Like when your cat sits on your lap and purrs away and all you can feel is happy. She groped around in the dark, the purring getting louder

No more was said until.....I said ..Let me have it all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moving closer to her, I began licking her neck folds and she moaned, then I ran a free hand inside the back of her skirt and felt her great, white panties and the warm bulk they contained. I felt inside and she moaned anew.

"Mmmm." she said. "Tell me what he said."

My older sister, who – let's be brutally honest here – was a bit of a slut, was heading to a big outdoor custom car show in Madison with her just-as-much-of-a-sleaze boyfriend, and our mom ordered her to take me along.

After a kiss that was even more lingering than those I remembered I started to lather those wonderful locks. I teased Naomi about whether she got charged extra at the hair dressers. It certainly took a lot longer than it took me to wash my own hair even before it had started receding twenty years earlier.

"You were speeding and driving a little erratically" he said and then added, "Have you been drinking this evening miss?"

The 8 am wake-up call slapped me in the face. I slipped on my bathing suit, grabbed a towel and headed down to the hotel pool to take a few laps before indulging in the breakfast buffet. After forty healthy laps, I moved to the Jacuzzi to let my muscles soften a little before heading up to the room. I figured there would be a chance I would start to see some of my relatives by this time, and sure enough, just as I was heading out of the Jacuzzi, toweling off, I met Cousin Chuck and his wife Nancy who were coming to lay out in the sun for a bit. "Check in's at ten, Jackie," said Chuck, "and you know how Nana insists on punctuality!"

He glanced at me, not meeting my eyes, a closed look on his face. "I guess you could call me that. Some would call me a predator, but yes I hunt." He turned his back to me and walked toward the door.

"Lick up my Master's cum and be happy you can," I said.

Finally, my husband left on a short business trip and Nick and I were alone in the house. Once more, I was in the shower, and once more Nick knocked and said he had to use the bathroom. Once more, I told him to come in because I was going to be a while, but this time when he was done he didn't leave. This time, I opened the shower curtain so he could see me standing there, wet and soapy and naked, and this time he took off his clothes and joined me.

Confused and now slightly frustrated at not getting an answer, she said, "How is that possible?"

“Well, this one my Mom was sort of giving you advice about your situation.”

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Linda laughed and said. I don't think I can stand another fucking like that. But I'll see what I can do.

She stops kissing me and puts her hands on my breasts. The water is splashing on my back as she pinches my nipples. My friend Katy told me she was glad her tits weren't big because big tits don't have any feeling. Bullshit! Mine have lots of feeling and they've triggered my pussy because I'm really starting to get hot. I close my eyes and Randi starts kissing my neck.

I decided to shave first and that was a good thing because I would not have heard the telephone ring had I been in the shower. It was 8:13 P.M. when I picked up the receiver.

"I wanna make you cum, too."

"Ever since the other night, I couldn't stop thinking about you and you big beautiful penis," She said.


It was Thursday and as I was off work that day so I dropped by a little later than usual. As I rang the doorbell there was no answer and I swore quietly under my breath thinking everyone was out, but my anger turned quickly to relief as my mother opened the door.

I slowly guide my fingers over my pink tight lips teasing and pinching them; I can feel the wetness flowing over them from deep with in me. I run my index finger up and over my clit making me moan out loud. I start to massage it bringing up the ache inside me now; I pinch it and pull it making it hard like a pebble. I continue to play with my now hard clit concentrating on making circles over it with my finger, pushing it in every few seconds, Welling up inside me is an orgasm that is about to escape, I spread my legs wide open and raise my ass up high and rub my clit faster then before. Feeling the orgasm start to explode I slam my middle finger inside my pussy lips and start to finger fuck myself hard, not once stopping to pay attention to my clit.

"What?" I protested.

"That's it honey, that's it!" Alison congratulated him, and herself. Dammit, Rafe, she thought, looking down at her sexy little sheboy-in-training, you're going to be one lucky bastard.

"No," I answered while mentally counting to ten. "Men are just fine with me, Lois. Don't you have anything else to do but worry about my affairs?"

“Wholly shit Catherine! His eyes are all over you. And look at you. Pouting your crotch out there. Showing off your tits. Well…you’ve come this far…”

"That looks good, Theresa, but you know that you said that I would also be able to conduct some experiments of my own. You know, I would like to complete my own reports for Miss Harding."

Even with her tits coated in cum already, Dikus continued pumping his penis up and down through the valley of her breasts. The goblin reached down and squeezed her tits himself and pumped his hips faster and faster. His bumpy cock thrust between her melons easily now that they were lubricated with his own seed.

As they entered the club most of the men knew him. They didn't even card Louise since she was with Jerome. He walked Ida and Louise over to the booth and let them slide in first. Louise's dress rode up showing off the white thigh high nylons she had on. Jerome had her wear them almost all the time now with no panties. He was able to have a look at her completely shaved pussy whenever he wanted. She always allowed his hand to ride up between her thighs and she actually opened them automatically for him now as she enjoyed him playing with her body and her bald pussy. Ida had been taught to do the same but Jerome wasn't very interested in her tonight.

Tek'vrel kissed Fiona deeply as he fucked his wife/captain harder & deeper.

Spitting in his hand and then rubbing the saliva onto his shaft, adding to the moisture left there by her juices, he then placed the head up against her rosebud and pushed it past her tight anal ring. After the head popped through her sphincter, momentum carried him forward and he buried about half of his nine incher in on the first thrust. Using the Seed to relax her ass muscles, he soon had his whole length sheathed in her clenching butt. "You fucking piece of shit," Kate groaned, "I hate you. Oh! That feels so fucking good, you jerk. Fuck my ass. bastard. Harder. Ungh yeah. Oh oh oh ah oh...yes!" Alan had commanded her to come, and he felt her pussy squirt out juice, striking his upper thighs. Alan came in her hot, buttery ass and pulled out, sliding down to sit in the chair. Kate hadn't moved. She was bent over the desk, her body continuing to shake, and she was breathing like she just ran a 10K. Alan pulled her off the desk and sat her in his lap, twisting her head around so they were face to face. "Did you like that, bitch?" he sneered. She didn't answer, just kept taking long breaths. Her eyes had a worshipful look to them as she stared into his face.

I was short for my age, sort of cute, or so the boys at school thought. I had long brown hair and big green eyes that people always complimented. My lips were kind of thick, "pouty" was what my Mom called them. I was athletic, so although I was thin, I was still muscular. Built sort of similar to my father, I had noted sitting next to him. He was on the short side, maybe 5'9" and thin but muscular too. He had brown hair although there was some gray mixed in as well. He had the same green eyes I did but his lips weren't as thick as mine. I thought he was really good-looking, well, for my Dad.

"Brad and I are fine marriage wise Dean, thank you for asking," Jennifer said. "But I have to tell you, he just doesn't satisfy me sexually. His cock is only 5 inches! I thought I would get used to it after a while, but a girl just needs a good rutting every now and then. Don't you think?" Jennifer said sultrily. She had been walking towards me as she said this, and now I was back against a wall, fighting every urge not to just go for her. It's one thing to go after a young, single celeb but a married one is a whole new ball game ESPECIALLY when the husband was an international star.

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Jim pulled up to the front of a nice Italian restaurant in town. Here was the first test. The valet came up to Chris' door and opened it for him. Chris got out of the car and looked at the valet. He could tell he was getting checked out. Chris smiled at the valet and he blushed.

Abroad smile appeared upon her face. Well, wasn't it an emergency that she wanted no needed, him to cool this fire that burn inside of her? The only thing that could extinguish this blaze was the explosive passion that is contained in him. A thought occurred to her just how to awaken him.

The panic went away, I just wanted Masters touch. He dropped the second leash so it fell between my breasts, it was a beauty I had never pictured in my mind before. I just stood there and looked at myself, much like I did the first time I seen Masters marks of love on my body. There was a peace there, that only I could feel. I watched as Master folded a towel and placed it on the counter. I listened as He spoke to me, and I listened well. For I did not want to sleep on that floor, I wanted to be with Him.

'Jill, can you help me clean this up?'

One of the men then gets a mop and a bucket of soapy water, with suds rising up out of it, while the other fetches a brush from the wall and starts brushing the suds into my hair. I try to scream but no one hears me with the gag over my mouth. The guy with the mop dips it into the bucket and runs it over my body from head to toe, paying extra attention to my breasts and my crotch, before the man with the brush moves to my feet and starts brushing suds into my pubic hair so roughly, it feels like he's gonna break my skin. Then he stops, and the other man hands him a razor as he stoops down and very gently holds my pussy lips while the other shaves me. I'm crying and shaking and the man shaving me reaches up and slaps me and says

It was almost dark when he saw her coming out of the doorway and began walking toward her Pontiac. He was too far away to make a move now so he would have to follow her yet again and look for that window of opportunity to take her without being seen. She was wearing a light sundress and looked beautiful. Her long legs made him think of moving his hands up those thighs and ultimately finding her wet at a spot he chose to invade. She drove from the lot and pulled into a pizza parlor a few blocks away and went inside. He sat and waited but he had parked two cars away from her after she went in. He was in total darkness now and he knew it was time. Hoping she wouldn't return with friends but alone he waited patiently and picked up his bag again to again check it's contents. He took the large cotton ball out of the plastic bag and held the chloroform in his hand and as he leaned his hand on his thigh he realized that he was again hard. "Damn, he couldn't do a thing without getting a hard on lately." The more he thought of her the harder his member became. He smiled and sat in the dark and waited...

Rita said, "Are you ready to get fucked and stretched? This thing won't quit, and neither will I."

Jim watched and moaned softly. We were both getting into it, feeding off the sight of each other. Our eyes roamed over one another, feasting on the rawness of our mutual self-satisfaction.

"You know that what you must do is your destiny, don't you?" he said nodding and prodding her on.

tits. His large hand went from one tit to the other. As he rolled her nipples between is fingers, short sighs and gasps rolled off Karen’s tongue.

"You're not going to . . . uh . . . cum in my mouth, are you? Not that anybody ever did, but I'm not sure I'd like it. I know some girls at school who say they actually swallow that stuff. Yuk!"

"I've never felt so full in my life," she said to me in amazement. "You're going to split me in half!" However, she didn't want me to stop, so I slowly started fucking her asshole and gently working the dildo about an inch or two back and forth inside of her. It didn't take long before she came with a ringing scream that I'm sure the neighbors easily heard. She got kind of sensitive at that point and I had to withdraw both myself and the dildo. She told me to wash off with the cloth I'd brought out and to fuck her pussy until I came inside of her. I dove right in and slid my cock into her waiting hole.

" Half an hour? HALF AN HOUR!!!!” Panic set in, it's 5 to 9 and a good run across campus. She grabbed her notebook, cell phone, and still in her pj's, ran across campus. She wasn't going to make it, so she called hoping to stall him.

“Mom wants to talk to you,” I said passing the phone to Lucien.

As she lay beneath him panting for her next breath he used this time to regroup his army for the second assault. He moved from her and repositioned himself between her legs. He knew if he had been in this position years before now was the time he would spear her with his male sword but since that was not an option he was going to spear her with his tongue. He was going to eat her center .

One afternoon he asked about porno sites, I was kind of shocked, but I guess they definitely knew about sex since they had 7 children. Mrs. Johnson was sitting behind us and I looked over my shoulder at her, she gave a shrug of her shoulders as if saying “Whatever”! So I typed in a site I visited a lot, and up popped the list of all they had to offer.

"She's in charge of the fan club here," he explained. "She's also in charge of finding you guys places to live this summer."

Just a few days earlier, he had given in to his bisexual inclinations with the young man now noisily slurping his beef-stick. He was amazed how lucky he was to have found such a partner for his first foray into male/male sex. Jack would be considered a catch for any many or woman; long, jet-black hair, high almost elfish cheekbones, pale-blue eyes, full lips, and a body reminiscent of Greek sculptures. And that cock! Nine inches of smooth, hot delight, and a perfectly shaved pair of heavy balls to match. Vic was no slouch himself. Short blonde blond hair with a broad athletic chest and muscular arms and legs, at 19 years of age he was the textbook example of the all-American quarterback. Except that he was sexually involved at the moment with another man who would be more at home in a goth club or attending a 'Vampire: The Masquerade' role-playing session. While Vic preferred denim, Jack was into leather. Almost all his clothes were black, and he even periodically wore black lip color. He was wearing it now, as his lips worked their way up and down Jack's eight-inch cock.

"Ron...Ronny? Are you there?" a feminine voice called.

His eyes followed her movements, "Where do you think you are going?" he asked in gruffly, taking a step toward her.

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Both the girls got in to the single front seat with Ram at the wheel. Selvam had to share the rear bench seat with Jaya and Aruna. He was quite surprised when Aruna chose to sit in the middle nearer to him. After a few minutes of this seating arrangement Ram found it difficult to drive with both the girls up-front and had to stop to send Radha to the back seat. She insisted on the window seat and pushed both the women towards Selvam and sat near the door.

Rina stepped in the shower stall and stood with her legs spread and knees slightly bent. She turned on the flow as she held the two quart red enema bag with one hand, and continued to symbolically fuck her pussy with the nozzle as it squirted its contents inside her.

"God, yes..." Patti said.

I know, I know; it's outrageous. But I feel like being outrageous. I'm not a china doll who'll break at the slightest squeeze. I like sex, and I haven't had too much of it lately. And when I did have it, it was never quite enough.

His fingers glide down across her flesh, the skin across her neck and down across her back. His arms reach around her as if hugging her as she leans into his chest. She closes her eyes feeling his warmth and fingers rubbing across her back. Before she realizes it, he unlatches her bra and the pink fabric loosens its grip to her chest it falls forward across her arms then down to the floor.

"Honey, do you think you could fill up this little hole of mine?" I asked him, batting my eyelashes.

“No, don’t say anything Rick. I’m not that dumb—I really sat next to you to pick you up. If you were nice, I was going to ask you to pretend to be my boyfriend tonight?”

"No, I don't know. If I knew I wouldn't have asked you."

In a hoarse voice, she said, "I-I've got the second key."

Sarah's eyes looked between Lexie and me, noticing that we both had towels on and looked freshly showered, including the wet hair. Lexie was also glowing with happiness. She raised an eyebrow questioningly then shrugged again. "Sure, give me a minute and I'll get dressed."

"I still want to call you Professor."

Marsha quickly snapped back at her question, "Brandy is being punished because she was a very rude girl, which is exactly what you are being!"

I feel the man fucking me suddenly stiffen and press in so deeply that I gasp. He is filling up my pussy now, more hot cum inside me. I feel my thighs wet with it, his and my own, I know it is running down the crack to my ass.

"Why don't you shave, I mean, it's really ok and all, but I just wondered why you don't when the rest of my mom's friends do."

Janice, typical of her character, took charge, appreciating Cathy's predicament and wanting the best for the girl, she looked at Warren and flatly ordered him to suck Cathy's clit.

"Bloody well love." I said in my most Aussie accent.

I closed the door, puzzled as to what was going on.

"Mmm,mmm, mm" she whimpered as she sucked his stil erect prick.

He climbed on top of her and stroked her pussy with his cock, exchanging their early juices, then slid into her hot love channel. They easily slipped into a gently rhythm. As he moved his cock in and out, up and down her tight passage, she lifted her hips to meet him on each thrust.

Izdreth slept restlessly that night, his dreams filled with erotic visions, his waking times torn with fierce, unfulfilled lust. At last, he drifted off into a deep dreamless slumber born of exhaustion.

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"What?" she turned red. "How dare you!"

Kelly looked through the drawer, noticing the wide variety of panties, from thongs to french cut, and in every color from black to rainbow. Kelly grabbed the first orange pair that she saw, which was a G-string with a "B" logo on the back. Kelly threw the panties to Beyonce. Beyonce imediately took the robe off and threw it on the hook behind her. Kelly wasn't suprised at what Beyonce had done, because they were really that close of friends. Beyonce put the G-string on followed by the skirt and shirt, no bothering with shoes since they were staying home.

My jaw must have dropped at her comment, but I replied, without missing a beat, "Me too…and it's been so fucking long since I had sex, I think I might cum in my jeans."

I obliged, searching through the thick pubic hair with my tongue until I found her puckered anus.

"I'm sorry. I can't do this."

"Where was this?"

My brunette wife's face turned up a little smile. "Hi," she breathed almost silently.

“Dad takes mom every year,” Alastair explained, looking out at the snow covered trees lining the street. “I…I guess I figured you’d be the kind of person who would enjoy this kind of thing…”

I began by tossing things into the sack that had accumulated on my dresser while Sue made her way to the far side of the bed and picked up a stack of magazines I store there. Suddenly remembering the content of some of the magazines, I said, "Whoops Sis, maybe I should go through those, there may be some stuff there that's too risqué for your tender eyes."

"No, I'm done."

Terri let out her fist and the cum poured onto her breasts. Lita licked her lips and pulled out her fist. She went over to Terri's breasts and licked off all the cum that had landed on. Terri moaned, enjoying the way Lita licked her. Feeling more and more horny, she reached over to Lita's ass and fingered the hole. Lita moaned while sucked on the nipples.

“Down on all Fours.” He commands again.

Eric was the first to say, "Let's get this cunt upstairs and fuck it." Pauline's legs were untied and she was soon moaning through her gag as she was prodded and pushed up her own stairs trying to avoid fingers that were squeezing her ass and pushing between her legs.

It briefly crossed his mind to pee into her mouth, but he just couldn't bring himself to do something so filthy to someone, even though she had done that to him.

My choice came soon enough. He was watching TV when I approached.

"Just lay back and let mommy take care of everything, baby"

"Swallow it cunt, suck on it like a cock and swallow it. You're going to take this thing just like the fucking whore you are so get used to it." With that he shoved harder one last time until it slipped into the tight confines of her throat several inches.

I wasted no time reaching for her. Pulling her ample loveliness down in my lap. The towel fell away in the process, unveiling an array of magnificent adornments.

"Screw Bernard." I said my blood boiling when thinking about my asshole of an uncle. If he weren't my boss I would've already let him have it. He thinks he so much better than everyone else.

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"I'm going to get my keys, honey, I'll be there soon."

I reached up and stroked her thigh with my hand. She quivered as my hand moved up. I watched her eyes as my finger slipped between her legs and gently touched her shave pussy lips. She was wet. I pulled my hand away and licked my finger tip. Setting my hands on her hips, I pulled her towards me. I kissed her stomach and then her thighs and then I kissed her sweet wet pussy. She moaned and opened her legs further. Slipping my tongue out, I touched her lips and licked up her slit. My mind was reeling. Here I was in a room full of strange people, sex was happening all over the place, and I was making love to a beautiful woman I didn’t know. I was in heaven.

"I got plenty for myself, and perhaps you might get Lucas a sword and some training to help protect Deidre when they go to the market. I might not be around next time," Dante replied, persuasive as always. With that said, he turned to Deidre and said, "Goodbye, Deidre. It has been a pleasure." He bent in a full court bow and kissed her hand chastely, but looked her in the eye and winked at her. She smiled and furtively licked her lips with that pink tongue that had recently licked his cock.

“You see nothing,” Charisma said, snorting at the very notion that such a one as Tiffany might understand anything of the fine art of bonsai. “An art such as mine requires a sophistication beyond your years--or, for that matter, your cognitive capabilities.”

After some minutes they collapsed forward, exhausted from the sex. Bob whispered in Helen's ear his room number, and withdrew, leaving her exposed, looking dirty and slutty, but she didn't acre and loved it.

Having never got on with her mother she didn't go and see her she worried about how she would be welcomed when she turned up at Mike's rural hideaway after so many years. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw her. He did a double take. She hadn't exactly filled out. She was no longer skinny, slender was a better description. She had left with mousey blonde hair. She returned as a reddish brunette cut in a bob. She wore jeans and a tight sweater. Her breasts hadn't got any bigger and she still had a little gap between her legs. She walked form her car to Mike. She gave a little smile but before she could say a word she was swept up into his arms. They hugged and kissed and she began to cry at seeing him.

While I was intent on watching Carmen and was busy pulling on her nipple, Lisa had succeeded in pulling off my underwear. Now all three of us were completely naked. I had Lisa knell in front of Carmen and I on the floor. I instructed her to interweave her hands behind her head. The effects of this simple action on her tight body were incredible. Her breast pointed to one o'clock and her stomach tightened. I rubbed my hands down Carmen's body, closer to her pussy. I couldn't wait to actually touch the baldness between her legs. Lisa watched with lust and she and Carmen locked eyes for a few seconds. Slowly I worked my way down Carmen's stomach. I made contact with the upper lip of her pussy and she drew in her breath. The sound excited me and I proceeded to go even lower. I reached the cleft of Carmen's pussy and could feel the heat radiating from the depths of her. Lisa started to sway rhythmically back and forth. I knew that she was getting tired of the pose she was holding, so I decided to ease her pain.

All of this took a little while to take in.

Jeff finally slept. Cherri, frustrated, nodded off. Dave woke up early, and slid gently out of bed. His cock was half hard, and to his surprise, out of his briefs. He paused and wondered if Cherri had tried to wake him; she had done that before. He looked own in the bed at her. She was only half covered, with her big inviting tits bare. Well, not with Jeff right thru that curtain, he told himself. Maybe they could catch a quickie later if Jeff went off for a while. If nothing else, he would just tell the young man to get lost for a while. Jeff was old enough to understand, maybe.

"Angela. Nice to see you again." Jay said, giving her a peck on the cheek.

Soon they all came together and lay on the floor. Auntie Jo crawled over to her sister, and invited her to suck the cum from her arse. Maggie did it willingly and sucked almost all her son's spunk from her sister's rear hole, then quickly brought herself off, right hand on her clit, two fingers of her left flashing in and out of her dripping pussy.

He was amused and surprised at the same time. This was a feisty one.

'Would you like me to do it for you?' she asked. We both knew exactly what 'it' was.

"It was unbelievable! Nobody's...I mean...nobody's done that to me before " Joey stuttered his reply

That didn’t prove to be much better. At least this time the man wasn’t gay. He did, unfortunately, have a wife though. She showed up just as I was getting into my stride of seduction, and hurried me off like I was some kind of prostitute.

That put him over the top...

"Excuse me?" Phaedra blinked quickly.

"Yeah..." he sighed "I don't understand why he just left like that. All he did was talk to Mikey for a while, and then he left. He didn't even say goodbye. And during the show it was like...there was nothing there for him anymore." He sighed again and shook his head. Richard walked up behind him and put an arm around his shoulders, giving him an impromptu hug.

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Hi. My name is Kim. I'm a cum eater. I love everything about that sweet, viscous fluid that emanates from the head of a boy's penis. I enjoy nothing more than to feel a huge cock explode into my mouth.

'Oh yeah, I remember now,' She looked down at them again, 'wish I'd kept them, Ok, I know what'll go perfectly with that.' She picked out a burgundy ruched skirt and a pair of pink lacy hold ups. I slipped them on and had to admit, I looked pretty sexy as I checked myself out in the mirror.

"Hello," I say in a hushed yet sexy voice, as I gently kiss your hand. "HHHH Hi, I'm, I usually don't do this, but I just had to see what it's like to be with a black man," you tell me with your hands still trembling. I stand there, thinking, trying to decide what to do or say next. You want me as much as I want you, but neither of us wants to rush things. After all you have been curious about black men for as long as you can remember but you have never acted upon it until now.

"Holy smokes what have I gotten myself into?" I thought as she picked up her cell phone and punched in the number for cleaning service on her speed dial.

At that time of my life my only orgasms have been from oral sex so I developed a love of oral sex, both giving and receiving, from a very early age. I also learned how much my boyfriends loved getting blow jobs and would jump through hoops for me. Giving blow jobs gave me a sense of power over the boys which always made me more excited. Now here I was, sucking the biggest cock I've ever seen, never mind that it was a dark black one. The situation was so intense, my pussy was literally oozing lubrication. I reached between my legs with my free hand and pulled my skirt up allowing access to my aching clitoris. The gusset of my pantyhose was soaking wet with my juices. I began rubbing my clit through my pantyhose while I continued sucking on his big black cock.

Janine went back onto the bed in confusion. Not another one! Wasn't the last enema enough? She got on all fours and waited. Roger climbed onto the bed behind her and she felt him start applying lube to her ass. Oh, please not another one!

Andrew grabbed her chin and licked her mouth, sure that this was the start of something good.

"Oh, does that mean we have to be more discreet or do we just join mom in her room?" Carmen asked wickedly.

She laughs. 'This not like any ordinary test. It's a test of devotion and if you complete it to my satisfaction I've got you a special surprise. Look,' She rummages in her bag and pulls out an assortment of clothes. 'I've got you some of my Oh! So pretty things and I want you to put them on.' She moistens her full lips and flicks her flyaway hair gently to one side. 'Then, if I think you look good enough we're going for a short walk - to show you off.'

Angie laid the vibrator down against Ann's clit and ran a finger through her wet pussy lips, oh yeah Angie said as her finger slipped inside Ann's now soaking wet clit, I think you are ready for this now as she reached for the dildo. She moved the mushroom shaped head against her clit, slowly inserted just the large head into her while the vibrating dildo worked its magic. Oh yes she heard Ann say as another inch of the black monster slipped inside her, so we are liking this are we Angie asked as she moved the black monster in a little more. Ann was in heaven and she didn't even know why, her body started to move to the motion of Angie's hand action with the dildo. Her moans of lust began to purr as Angie slipped more of the dildo deeper inside her.

"Yeah, but I'll be a dressed partygoer, and you and Tom will be our naked whores," Susan said nicely, but with a touch of mocking us. Carlotta, Susan, Marina and I knew that the group of blacks had procured Marina and me specifically as naked white whores for their party.

Freddie Prinze Jr. sat on the solitary piece of furniture in the room, a bed that had been stripped of sheets but was a little dirty from some drying maroon stains on the mattress cover. Freddie sat with his head in his hands, hunched over the bed in thought. The hooker that Sarah had mentioned sat huddled in a far corner of the room, his handcuffed hands holding his knees tightly against his chest. He was a decent looking guy, a little younger than me, with reddish brown curly hair and a fair amount of the same color chest hair on his upper body. The man was naked except for a very small loin cloth that barely covered his manhood and I could see that his mouth looked swollen a red, his lip split a little in the corner from what appeared to be a vicious punch to the mouth. His back, which I noticed when he exhaled and inhaled deeply, was slashed red with what I assumed were whip marks. In situations like this, it was my experience not to ask.

Tim knelt at her head, leaning over her to rub oil into her breasts, pressing them down and forward and then slowly drawing his palms back over her rock hard nipples and tweaking them between thumbs and forefinger before starting down again. Alex and Gerry took turns to slowly move their hands across Mandy's stomach, following Tim's hands up over her breasts each time he withdrew and slipping down to her mound as he pushed forward.

"I have the mail replies right here in this envelope," he added. I let the robe fall open so that he could see my cock getting hard in my hand.

The guy looked at me, then down, my breasts were still bare. I thought the hell with it and left the top off.

I start to feel a little guilty watching them as they intertwine their tongues in each other’s mouths. I sit there thinking I should say something, but yet I am so intrigued and aroused. My roommate removes her friend’s top, revealing her ample breasts. No bra is present and soon she is nibbling at her. She then moves away and opens the fridge. The kitchen illuminates as the light is exposed and I fear my discovery.

Torrents of cunt juice exploded into Anand's fast working mouth, spreading their sticky warmth all over his cheeks and down his chin until his mother heaved one last time, grunting out the last of her orgasm as she collapsed back onto the bed.

I can't say I was ready, but I began to undress. Karen set a kitchen chair in the middle of the room and sat on the couch to watch. Taking my shoes and socks off was simple, as was pulling off my shirt. Unbuckling my jeans and lowering them was more difficult. I was in reasonably good shape and always thought of myself as at least average in looks. Still, this was a test. Karen was smiling slightly, perhaps wondering if I would really strip all the way.

His erection ached constantly as Melissa continued to tug the cord now just wrapped around his cock. With his balls unrestrained every drop of wax that scorched his skin brought him closer and closer towards climax. The pressure was getting to him, and then as Melissa's hand slipped under his balls and squeezed lightly, his mind and body exploded in waves of lust. His head ached, his limbs felt numb as the result of his excitement spewed forth and mingled with the hardening red wax on his thighs and belly.

"Why do you say that, sweetheart?" he answered curiously, taking the beer from her.

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“Oh Willow, it’s all so surreal. I know I didn’t plan this, but I’ve found that I’ve had dreams about him the past few months. I just started to look at Spike in a different way.”

I did just that. Sucking on his cock, licking up his precum. I didn't want him to cum soon, so I pulled away from his dick and raised up to look at him. Lust was burning in his eyes. His hands found their way to my big titties. He took them in his hands, caressing them. Rubbing my already hard nipples with his thumbs.

"I thought you were just looking Rob?" She said pensively.

She stretched blissfully, humming with the sensual fullness of her body. She knew he was coming to her. And a moment later he was there, standing among her scattered clothes, adding his to the pile. She watched with a detached interest as his slim muscled body came into view. And responded to the distinct lines of his maleness. As his pants slid down she gazed at his hard cock and swinging balls. He stepped into the water.

She turned toward him, a sleepy smile on her face, and moved her hands to cradle his face, pulling his lips close to her own, and kissing him deeply, softly, sensuously.

"No." He stood and picked up both of their trays. "I was just saying, is all."

"Your brothers and sisters home?"

I finally returned to my dorm room in something of a stupor. I don't actually remember walking in through the door, but I came out of it fairly quickly, because I definitely remember seeing my roommate, Larry, lying on his bed with one of his Penthouse magazines. I recall seeing him turning to a page depicting two blonde girls slobbering over an engorged rod. Same old Larry.

"You called ME a jerk?"

"Damn it woman! You're reverting to your childhood. Now get yourself together and get on with your life as a married woman."

"Well, I guess our benefactor has changed his mind. Stakes are higher, though."

I pulled out my cock eye trailing strands of precome like a crazy snail trail.

"Would you like me to throw your pants in the dryer Hon?" I asked. "Oh no mam, I better get going!" he answered, yanking the sweats up over his semi-erect cock. He turned quickly towards the door. "Tommy?" I said, stopping him in his tracks. "Yes mam?" he answered, looking sheepishly over his shoulder. I held up the money he had left on the table. "Forget something?" I asked with a smile. "Oh yeah!" he beamed with a huge grin. He stepped back and took the money, shoving it deep in his pocket. He started to back away towards the door, for the first time really noticing how I looked. I laughed as he backed right into the island! "I'll see you next time you collect, O.K.?" He flashed that hundred watt grin ear to ear. "Yes mam!" he replied, and turned and ran out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

"Well I wanted to surprise my girl on her 18th birthday, so I thought I'd check you out early today, is that okay?" he asked, smiling.

With the ladies all excited, we decide to draw straws to see who started out with you. I was going to be there no matter who else is, just for your safety. Some of the girls went either way, so I knew everyone would be amused somehow. Marie and Linda were first up. They come into the room seeing you stretched out in the middle of the bed one slid in on either side of you. And as you tried to close your arms around them, they giggle saying "no-no" and applied the wrist cuffs. Leaving you stretched out and an easy target for Our games. You felt your ankles being cuffed as well.

My arms were flopping around and I couldn't get them under me to get up. My legs were kicking too and I was screaming, "Get it out! Get it OUT!!!"

"Your turn," Karen purred as she rolled Linda onto her back. She pulled Linda's pussy open roughly and dived into it. Linda moaned with pleasure as Karen ate her out. The girls were getting it on with obvious passion, but they were also consciously putting on a show. Doing it in front of me was really exciting them. Linda started screaming and thrashing. Karen made her cum over and over, until they both collapsed in a heap.


I wet my tounge inside my mouth and pushed it against her pussy, once again spread by my fingers, letting saliva flow from me to her. A flew flicks up and down and she was as slippery as could be. To test, I pushed a finger into her. Oh god, this really turned me on and I knew I needed to be in her right away.

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She had gotten down to her bra and panties. As she removed her bra Janet slowly started to touch her big soft C-cup breasts.

Joe was now entering the court; 30 yards from our door.

"George, have you ever had any white pussy?"

Slowly she obeyed, and her hands trembled as he kneeled behind her, and brought her arms up so she was leaning over the bed. He positioned her how he had wanted her and the moment she tried to move he corrected it, causing her sobbing to grow louder, sobbing that was beginning to irritate him.

I started to let out a cry of pain, but as my mouth opened, someone, I am assuming my wife, tied a clothe around my mouth to keep my from screaming.

Tom grabbed his wife and stuck his cock into her mouth. The cock had just come out of my dirt chute. Sam gagged but regained control and sucked n the filthy cock as if it were coated with honey.

The thought had crossed my mind, but for some strange reason I had persisted with my tactic, desperate that Sam should be the sole owner of my next orgasm. "Yes. I think you'll have to be gentle with me."

“I love the way you talk, Mister. Please go on.” She was fondling my hard on as she spoke.

"Yes. I know what you mean."

Author's disclaimer: While writing her famous vampire tales and others, gothic novelist Anne Rice has also written a number of erotic novels, publishing them under the pen names A.N. Roquelaure and Anne Rampling. While each of the five novels undoubtedly deserves its own separate consideration, I offer this as an introduction to them, and an invitation to try them on for size, if you haven't already. This is not an academic critique, in other words.

“Ooooooo, yyyeeeesssss!” Mary cried out as her leaking cunt quivered under her daughter’s attack. “Lick me good, honey! Drink all of mommy’s hot juices. ... Fuck her, Paul. Fuck your incest-loving daughter and make her cum. Show her how much you love her. Drive that big cock of yours into her hot, little twat and fill her with your love seed.”

She kneeled down, shivering in the snow.

"Nan, look at me and don't take your eyes off mine."

"Isn't this fancy," she said, examining Alyssa's belt and the fancy hooks on her slacks. "Let's see how these work."

"So what, he's a man isn't he?" giggled the girl.

Janice had been his friend for some time now. The last few months had been particularly hard for her, an acrimonious split from her husband, the birth of her second child and being forced to provide for her family had proved very stressful. She had been out a few times, but always seemed to be the one making all the moves. She longed for someone to care for her, to make decisions and provide for all her needs.

"I'll tell you what, Steve," Teri interrupted me before I could finish. "I'm going to go to the ladies' room and you think it over, ok? Promise me you'll think about it. It has to be tonight. Bob will be playing cards all night long and my sister has the kids for the night. Please…" And as she got up, she lightly touched my hand, turned and was momentarily gone, leaving me alone with Sara.

She started a rapid jackhammer humping on my cock and I felt her tighten and cream up and she moaned like a tigress getting fucked. Her orgasm put me over the edge and I started dumping cum in her. As I spewed my load up her she had another orgasm, her cunt clenching and milking my cock. We both were drained, She sat leaned on the door and I was wedged behind the steering wheel. My cock was still pulsing and her cunt was still quivering as we panted hard and tried to savor the moment. The sound of a car coming up the road pulled us from our fog of fuck and she pulled her top up as I swung my legs down and pulled my jeans up.

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Good grief, I was in my thirties.

Within two minutes, she was being fucked by a whole new set of guys... she could see Greg out of the corner of her eye. He looked completely fascinated as he watched her pussy and ass accommodate the two dicks that were thrusting in and out of them. Jackie writhed and moaned between the three guys, her body incredibly sensitive after her first orgasm.

He heard the bell sound and glanced out the sliding glass doors at the side of the room to see that it was indeed Beth's car in the drive.

Loraine's hips thrust upward toward my mouth as she began to convulse with her impending orgasm. Richard's ass cheeks tightened and his entire length disappeared inside her mouth. It must have been a very beautiful sight.

"That's the point Ms. Hunter. Without your TV, your DVD, your CD . . . what could be more basic human pleasure than sex?"

"Yes I like being bad with you." She replied. As she said it, a rush of passion and heat filled her body.

"She's fine, Buff–"She looked up sharply. "Y. Buffy. She just stepped out." Angelus clenched his jaw. It was all he could to not walk over and back hand her. She was the reason he'd been saddled with the soul yet again. The only thing that stopped him was his Willow. It was too bad. Slayer's blood would go a long way to soothe his bad mood. But he didn't think Willow would appreciate dead Slayer on the carpet.

After a few minutes, she raised up and allowed him to move his hand down her ass and between her legs. He knew at least two guys stopped what they were doing to watch. "With her skirt up around her waist and her panties pulled down off her butt, they were getting a great view of a world class ass," he said. "An ass that white in a room that dark was bound to attract attention."

“You’ll get used to it…. You told me to fuck your ass slut… now you’re going to get it..”

He hand started in inch into the waistband of my pants and I remembered that I had to pee. I kissed her again and broke away.

“I would love to fuck you but I must go. Please forgive me?” was all he said before he departed. I was going to ask him if he knew my son but I knew it was a big base.

"Shut up whore," a familiar voice whispered in her ear.

"That would be my preference, too," he said formally.

Kevin repeated the pleasurable flicking of her nipples, making her whimper.

I felt a hand touch my thigh and I realized he was rubbing his hand over my thighs and then he moved it slowly up to my waist and over my belly, my shirt bunched up at my waist. He moved his hands up to my breasts and squeezed the left one slightly. He touched the nipple gently and then squeezed it between his fingers. It responded and hardened up immediately. He then let go of it and flicked it with his finger. A moan escaped my lips before I could stop it. He looked down at me and smiled.

Lying on the old bedspread looking upwards at the roof, she felt her last clothing removed. She had never been this naked before a man before. Even her husband, taking his pleasure from her body, his playground declared and claimed before God, had taken her in her nightclothes, his cock entering her beneath the cover of her nightdress, his hands caressing her breast through an unbuttoned opening. She felt coarse callused hands opening her legs wide and allowed them to do so, completely exposing herself. Most exposed and open was her most intimate place, that place which no one till now had given her a proper name for. Her cunt.

Arthur looked to her and then met my eyes again. "Are you sure?"

Now Corinne began to panic. I could tell by the way she drove that she was afraid that the night was over and was afraid I would take off and pretend it didn’t happen after she dropped me off. As she new where I lived she drove back to my house silently and with a sad nervousness about her. Once home I looked over at her. It amazed me. Where yesterday I was happy to see her as only a friend, now I was picturing her naked and under me moaning in pleasure. As we pulled up she started to say thanks for the evening like I was just going to get out and go. I looked over at her and told her that my parents were gone away and asked if she wanted to finish what we had started.

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Nothing happened that night as her Mom was always around. The next morning Candy woke to her Mom pulling off her panties and they made love for the next Hour and a half. Candy kept thinking about her Dad the whole time. She made up her mind that tonight was it as her Mom had some committee meeting to go to and would be gone for three hours.

Regretfully, I put down the clothes. A world of possibilities was setting in plain sight. I could grow to like this place. Well organized. I chose a lipstick red gag ball. Her eyes widened, but she did not react otherwise. "Open." In it went.

By the end we were sitting along the sofa with Gill lying across our laps. She was wanking two of the lads and sucking another. I was fingering her cunt and Steve had his thumb up her ass. When she came again for the nth time, she rolled onto the floor and announced 'The end, I'm finished. Just wank yourselves off.'

"Nice one," he said.

It was strange to feel his wide cock pushing in and out of the mixture of mine and Brian's cum. While Adam pumped his dick into me, Brian moved back up by my head and began kissing and caressing me. As I began to moan again from the thrill of kissing one man and fucking another, it didn't take long for Adam to add his own cum to the mixture.

Rose moaned and stirred in her sleep. A moment or two later her eyes slowly opened as if the light was too strong. She blinked and shook her head slightly to clear her mind.

Somewhere during all this, Carson looked up and saw me standing there. He waved me over, and when I got close enough, he lifted the edge of my kilt and took my cock in his mouth. While I was sucked by our host, I watched my little bride, in her white garter belt and stockings, get her hot, shaven pussy fucked royally.

Having already removed your panties you are clad only in a bra. My hands are everywhere . . . exploring, touching, feeling. I caress your breasts, and knead your ass. Then, your hands move against my burning sex, and I gasp. Sensing my urgency, you gently spread my legs with your hands. I open further for you as your fingers slide over my mound finding my wetness.

Dressed in a private school girl outfit, Heather was a sight to be seen. She wore a white see-through blouse that was unbuttoned, but tied in a knot a few inches above her navel. Under the blouse she did not wear a bra, which was apparent by the dark glow of her nipples that shimmered dimly as she danced. She wore an extremely short red and black plaid skirt. Her hair was pulled up in a pony-tail and she had on non-prescription glasses and small hoop earrings. Her appearance made her look 16 years old, not her actual 25. The patrons apparently appreciated her looks since she made more money from tips in the past week then she does in a month with the CIA, "maybe I made the wrong career choice," she jokingly thought to herself.

I could only say "Oh Yes Gene, that feels so good, suck me."

"You know something is missing," I told her. I put my hand to my chin and pondered what it was.

Finally, we spotted a large doorway with an arrow that proclaimed 'Theater'. We looked at each other and shrugged, not knowing the difference between 'Movies' and 'Theater'. Joey led us over to the clerk and asked for some guidance. The nice looking clerk answered, but did so while staring directly at my 38E tits, which by that point were hard with anticipation of the evening’s events.

Rachel instinctively licked up the shaft, tasting her sister on their father's dick. She was still enjoying the feeling of her siblings finger fucking her pussy and ass.

"By the way, my name is Sean." He held his hand out for me to shake. "Mary." His eyes never leaving mine, he took my hand, brought it to his lips and planted a soft kiss on the back of my hand, sending a small shiver through my body. He smiled as he let go of my hand. I knew he felt the shiver.

She wasn't even aware that her memories had caused her to start crying, until the first salty tear tickled its way down her cheek. Abandoning the window, Ashley stretched across her bed, her body numb and her heart in pain. She buried her face in Derek's pillow, unable to stop the flow of tears. Even after nearly a year of no use, the downy cushion still smelled like him, a mixture of Brut cologne and male skin. Downstairs, the Grandfather clock started its chords, letting her know the "witching hour" had officially begun. Clutching the pillow to her body as if it was Derek himself, Ashley gave in to the wave of sadness and sobbed herself to sleep.

Not wanting to be seen, Josh moved to the corner of the window and continued to stare at Stacy, as she lay there naked. He had always thought Stacy was hot, with her blonde hair and perky 34-inch tits, but now he realized just how hot she was. Her bare ass glistening in the sun, her naked breasts pushing out on the sides. Josh could feel his manhood grow inside his jeans as he continued to ogle his stepmom. He began to rub his erection through his pants as he watched her. He noted that she had no tan lines and surmised that she had been sunbathing in the nude for some time. Josh hardly ate anything as his mind was filled with fantasies involving his stepmom and the time passed quickly. Before he knew it was time to go back to school. Not wanting to miss out on more voyeurism, Josh set up his camcorder on the windowsill and zoomed it in on Stacy.

She looked down between her legs and seemed fascinated by the shiny ring. It was nearly a full circle, ending in two small silver globes. One of the globes unscrewed, so the ring could be slipped through the hole in her labia. "It's beautiful," she breathed. "Can I get a stud in my naval too?"

"Wow, Donna, that's beautiful. Almost a shame to eat it. Did you haul all these dishes over from your apartment?"

She stared at him for a long, long moment, and then smiled. "Okay," she whispered, "but only if you do it at the same time."

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Mary got up from the table and picked up the phone from the cradle. She returned to the table and sat back down. Her fingers nervously pressed down on the keypad. Her heart beat raced as the phone began to ring. After what seem to be an eternity of rings, the call was answered.

Aldo turns the leather chair towards the telescope and the lower half of his body slides into Linda's view. A stiff erection was sticks out of the opening in his trousers and he strokes it with his hand, slowly up and down as he babbles on.

"Vicky," asked Miss, "What is?"

Kevin was gasping things out like, "I worship your cock and balls, I love it when you treat me like this, I can't get enough of it, you are so wonderful, you are so good to me, please don't stop, please, please, please, please don't stop."

"Answer me one question before we go. Did you enjoy it – and would you stay longer if you could?"

Grant pushed the panties to the floor and she stepped out of them as he took her hand in his. He then pushed her back onto the bed and started to un-dress before Pauline she had only been naked in front of Gary before and she was enjoying being naked in front of a man that was not her husband. She was rubbing her breasts as Grant was undressing and she could hardly contain her excitement waiting for his cock to spring free. As it did she tryed not to look but Grant had other ideas for her. Grant’cock was semi erect and he walked to the side of the bed closest to her and his cock was at the same level as her mouth Grant then took her by the back of the head and guided her head to his crotch. Pauline had sucked Gary’s cock before but not for years this one she was eager to get into her mouth. She started to suck cock with the wanting she has not felt since the early years in her marriage. Grant fed it into her mouth and she was working her head and her tongue around the head as she was going. At first she did not want to put it to far into her mouth but Grant had other ideas for her and started to push it further down her throat.

I couldn't take my eyes off her perfect little tits. I wanted to put my hands on them and squeeze them. I was suddenly becoming aware of every part of my body that touched hers.

Christine had returned home from college with her heart in pieces that Christmas, having lost her fiancée', sweethearts since their senior year of high school, who had suddenly seemed to fall from the face of the Earth.

"Yes, I'm afraid it was and right now I have no idea where that marriage is going. His charging off like that shows me where I stand in his universe. It's pretty discouraging," she confessed.


* * * * *

HB – 12/02 For Lisa

Come on, bro, touch them," she said in a sultry voice." It feels so good to have them touched, Paul."

"Geez" I thought, "I didn't think Rich climaxed this much last night." I put the towel in the towel basket and found another by the other side of the bed, this one had much less cum and then the clincher ... a third towel that I had used to lay on had very little cum on it. Three towels, all with cum, and one of them with a lot of cum. "It seems that Tom enjoyed my show last night" I muttered to myself and felt a dampening in my pussy.

"Excuse me?"

"I do want you to lick them but before you do let me get a little more comfortable, why don't you get comfortable too"

"I don't understand Steve. I'm flattered. Nobody has ever said that to me before, but why", she measured the moment carefully unwilling to risk further explanation, "Steve I'm married." The tension seemed to break from the room. Alison's eyes expressed a sigh, the vulnerability of the other soul in the room cast a long shadow.

My tears I could no longer hold back and I began sobbing. "Shh......," He told me, gently rubbing and caressing my ass cheeks.

I thought to myself…’how can it get any better than this?’

Until now, her own half-nakedness, and now Tommy's, had barely registered with her. Now she realised that for the first time in years she was seeing her son naked. She was annoyed when she realised she was blushing. And dismayed when she eased off his jocks and there was a distinct throb in the pit of her stomach, and lower. She saw her darling boy completely nude.

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Saphirra nodded limply.

With a sigh, she headed for the bathroom.

Your body goes stiff for a few seconds; your eyes squeezed shut as your breath comes in hot little gasps. You slump to the desk, your leg releasing its hold on my shoulders as you lay back completely spent. Raising my head from your crotch I smile at the sight of you laying across my desk, your hair plastered to your forehead by a faint sheen of sweat as you slowly open your eyes and look down at me.

Being sidetracked is a bitch. I'm such a failure, I swear. Always thinking with ya pecker Jo? Little bastard causes me no end of trouble. A night wasted, anyway... eh... where was I... Oh yeah failure, time to be depressed.

Drew took a drink from his glass, wiped his lips on the back of his hand, "I thought you'd been there. You want to go back?"

She was satisfied just allowing him to touch her soft treasures but one of his hands moved off and slowly down to the top of her bottom. As it slid under the edge she grabbed his wrist. "Don't."

After the shower she had a quick breakfast and walked through the house. When was the last time she had seen her son? The house was silent and didn't answer any of her thoughts. She heard the familiar sound of a car engine outside. Greg was here. She opened the front door and breathed in the warm summer air. She put on her sunglasses and walked over to the red sports car. Greg smiled at her. Anna looked back to the house before she entered the car. A sigh left her parted red lips. Another day of training was ready to start.

"Yes! Please! Please!" Robin begged wildly, lifting her hips, trying desperately for some slight increase in pressure. So close! She cried out in disappointment as M pulled her hand away.

I shook my head slightly. Now was not the time to sport the erection such thoughts would surely bring. The vicar started droning on the way they do leaving me to recall how we first met.

"When they've been on that long," I explained, "the blood flow stops. Taking them off starts it again and it's nearly as painful as when they first go on. You'll probably have a chance to see what I mean before we're through. Georgie can't protect you from everything I have in mind."

Lora pushed me towards her and said, "Well, fill it up for her."

“Anyway, he shouted at me to get in the car. I was so embarrassed, but that was the last day I went to school. He told me the next morning that I would be home schooled. He didn’t said he didn’t want me exposed to the drugs and other things that were going on in high schools. He then replaced the house staff with Mexican immigrants, who didn’t speak any English. He said he was helping them out, and he was the only one who spoke Spanish. One morning, I woke up and found him gathering all of my uniforms, and all the clothes he had bought me, except the lingerie. He told me from now on, I would only wear what he allowed, and nothing else. I tried staying in my room, but he wouldn’t allow that either. He got rid of my bed, and locked all the other rooms. He told me I would be sleeping in his bed from now on.”

I knew only the sensation of his fingers plunging into me, hooking against my pubic bone, stimulating my G-spot, wringing one orgasm after another out of me, and then... and then, oh fuck, and then, in the middle of yet another climax, he pressed my thighs up to my chest and thrust into me, hard and deep.

Erica was a brunette, very pretty with a lovely smile, yes, I admitted to you later she did seem to have a nice body, long legs like yours too. Her breasts were not small but certainly not large from what I’d noticed.

When they finally did come it was at the same time amid much thrashing and grunting I thought she would bite his prick off she swallowed his cum so avidly.

I arrived at her house to pick her up, as planned, early in the evening. I was nicely surprised at her appearance; Pete had been right, she was pretty, very pretty. She was tall for a woman at about 5'10", slim without being skinny, with short blonde hair. Her legs looked fabulous and small breasts made up an almost ideal picture. I already knew that she was 46, three years younger than me. I could immediately see that she had aged better than me; looks wise I wasn't to bad, other than greying and thinning hair but the heavy sporting activities of my youth had come back to haunt me, leaving me with very dodgy knees and a bad back. Unable to exercise properly and a love of good food left me a bit overweight through at 6'6" tall it didn't show as much as it would on a shorter man.

Although the poor Professor tried to resist, the drunken advances of Charlotte - the Dean's wife - were not easy to deny. She was very beautiful, and he couldn't hurt her, and the way she was clinging to him the only way he would be able to get her off of him WOULD be to hurt her. So it was that she managed to bear him down to the floor, despite being smaller and weighing less than him. The poor man didn't really stand a chance, and his dick was already hard as her body squirmed on top of his.

“You know just what daddy wanted didn’t you baby.”

It all came about because I had known David through work for a couple of years at work we both worked as accountants but in different departments, on occasions where we got together during work socials we had struck a friendship. He seemed to be very stayed and assured about what he was doing and where he intended to be in life, where as I am happy with my lot, not looking further ahead than a few years at a time.

Sissy looked up shocked. "Miss? Miss?"

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"What?" Sally was shocked. "How do you know?"

'Not tonight, let us make this night a special one. Don't let us speak of what happened.'

"Fuck baby," I say, "That was the best fuck I have ever had! Now it's your turn. Let me make you cum like you never have before. I know you want to hold back baby, and make it last as long as possible. But I'm yours now, and you can fuck me like this whenever you want. Shoot your load into my hot cunt."

"Uh-huh," Megan nodded. Jill finally got a good look at her nude body. God, she was sexy. Her body was so tight Jill wanted to scream.

"Sure," I said, unenthusiastically, expecting some pretty mundane bullshit. I mean what do a couple of kids know about stories, or sex for that matter?

I can sense your nearness again. Then I feel the most delicious sensations. Warm, fragrant oil is pouring over me, trickling down over my shoulders and back. I feel your finger making little circles around my nipples as the oil runs down over my breasts and belly, finding its way into my slit. At the same time I feel oil oozing over my ass and into my crack. Now the oil runs down my legs. The sensation tickles and soothes at the same time. I've forgotten all about pain.

"Oh god!" she moaned out. "Oh god, that hurts!"

"Thank you."

"Give me the plate number and I will see who the car belongs to, Mitch," he offered. "Any guy pussy-whipped enough to turn down a young, hot blonde needs all the help he can get."

“Sure! Just let me change, okay?”

She was spry, leaping from the bed, rushing to the wooden chest from which she withdrew the heavy device. Her fingers caressed the rough wood, marveled again at the construction.

I decided to damn it all and put my heart right out there on my sleeve. I said: "You have beautiful armpits, Sheila. I think you have the most beautiful armpits I've ever seen in my life."

"Girl's let's take a shower."

We had reached home by this time and Talbot Greene didn't come up again.

As she kissed me, her hands moved down to my skirt, pulling it up, exposing my drenched thong to the cool air. she started sliding down my body, her mouth biting at my chin, then nibbling on my erect nipple through my clothes. As she moved further down, her hands slid my thong down. I moved my leg to accommodate their removal and she knelt before me, her hands again lifting my skirt up to my hips.

"Please Master." Leigh whispers, her voice caught in desire...

"Anything?" asked the boy.

Inside, they found Barbara, now dressed for domination. Her lovely 40-inch breasts were thrust into superb uplift by a gleaming black leather quarter-cup brassiere, her nipples red and erect in the hard strip lighting of the chamber. A similarly shiny black leather belt was around her hips, and shiny PVC boots which came to mid-thigh, gave her added height. Her pussy and buttocks were bare.

When our lips parted, I took her by the hand and went to the shower once again but this time together. We were kissing each other the entire time and when we were done I picked her up in her towel and took her to her room with my eyes on hers all the time.

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