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"And know this.... when I leave tomorrow she will still be mine. When I call, she will cum for me. With just my voice and her fingers she will cum not once but many times. Watch if you like but don't dare touch my property. She is only yours on paper from this moment forward. You will be financially responsible for her but her sexual needs are now mine."

"Swallow it!" The brunette woman grunted as the cowboy pummeled her. "You'll learn to like it."

As an earth shattering orgasm took over me, I screamed in such a high pitch that I heard my dressed mirror crack and shatter. We both looked at the mirror that laid in pieces on the floor.

Nicole didn't give herself the credit she deserved her dark reddish brown hair fell just below her chin and framed her diamond shape face. Her eyes were large and expressive with a full set of dark black lashes. Her cheekbones stood out nicely not anorexic model looking but defined even without blush and her lips were a pretty pink color full but not overly full and were a very defined shape. Over all most people would not think her to be ugly in fact many times since becoming an adult and spending time with adult men and not those high school boys she had grown accustom to she had hear that she had pretty eyes or a nice smile. That always made her blush.

Was he stalking me or he just happened to pass by my way? He had aroused my curiosity and caught my attention. He seemed to be telling me something when he used his hands to move up and down. It was these events that started it all.

She lost her balance and fell forward, Julius' cock staring at her as her legs were lifted and her panties withdrawn, "Look fellas, this white bitch wants to suck my cock!" and they stared at Julius' cock only inches from her face, "Let the bitch do it then, jam your meat down her throat!" and she jerked her head to the side as her feet once again hit the floor and Julius now had hold of her hair, pulling her mouth to that monstrous black cock that twitched in front of her, "Take it in your goddamn mouth bitch!!!!! And if you bite me, your ass will bleed!!" and he rubbed it over her lips, "Open up I said!!!!" and his cock moved between her slowly opening lips as his size began to stretch her small mouth out of shape. "Damn man, looking at all that white pussy has gotten me so hot and bent over like this sucking Julius' cock, her tits look bigger, I want to suck on them puppies," and Andrew crawled under her, his hands working her tits as he did until she felt his hot mouth cover one and suck at her nipple.

'Quite true', I began, 'But you should also know that I have my Father here to protect me'. My mouth was just close enough to be able to nibble his ear lobe, and I longed to do so, just to see his reaction. Then, it occurred to me that the position we had our heads in, mouth by ear, in order to hear each other, is the same position that lovers get into as they have sex and talk dirty to each other. I could feel myself becoming turned on again and I wondered whether he was thinking the same.

And now I wait...wet and ready...spread-eagled and helpless...blind and naked. I wait....

"And that must mean you're Courtney, huh?" She nodded emphatically. I sat back on my heels.

We pick at the food, and are amazingly wasp and ant free! I pick up a scone, and lavishly decorate it with jam. I accidentally spill a drop of jam on me, missing my white shirt as it lands on my breast. Smiling, you say you'll get it.

He obviously had not seen or heard me, and seeing me then, he burst out, “Mother, I didn’t know you were in here.”

"See ya then Candy." he replied.

Reaching under Kisha, Jason grabbed her breasts roughly and squeezed them hard. Jason's hips were working like a jackrabbit's, driving into his mistress like he was trying to plug a dam.

Now I had to wait for the relaxant to work. And that was going to be hard, just sitting here waiting. Let me explain about the muscle relaxant. In some medical procedures, the medicos need a patient totally relaxed, and they have a couple of drugs that do that. Doesn't mean one can't use one's muscles, but those muscles would be as weak as a kitten.

“Damn, thought that was going to be an easy one!” she said.

"I don't want that either. So do you think we should forget about continuing?"

Tom realized she was not wearing any underwear. He watched her, transfixed, as she started rubbing her pussy, her eyes locked in his, smiling. Her free hand caressed her flat exposed belly and her fingers crawled up to her breasts. She squeezed them and lightly moaned. Tom, with shaky hands, unzipped his pants and took his dick out. He closed his fist around it and hesitated.

After our marriage and after we got it right, he continues to rub one nipple and suck the other when he makes love to me. Most of the times, we do it in a side-by-side position and he slips one arm around my shoulders to pinch and rub my left nipple while engorging himself on the right one.

"I guess." She reluctantly replied. I told her to send him over tomorrow, and ran back inside to tell my husband. He was not too keen on the idea, especially because he was black. I told him that my mind was made up and that was the way it was going to be.

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"You were a bad little whore Kara not telling me you were a stripper and teasing my cock for over a week with your slutty little outfits. Do you like to be watched Kara?" she just nodded her head yes. He knew she was hot he could smell her cunt juices as she stood up from her knees.

“Well, George, offered me a partnership in his ski and sports business.”

"Did my chocolate cause that?" She was looking at my lap.

"Carrie's not home yet so just come right in."

Having got into the habit of slippering Maggie’s arse before a good shagging, I started to hanker after the sight of Stella’s smaller arse reddening under my hand or shoe. A few blows with the slipper or were always enough to persuade Maggie to kneel on the bed and pull her own arse cheeks apart ready for my cock. I imagined Stella doing the same, begging me to fuck her arse after I had spanked her into complete submission. And Julia’s arse looked the tightest of all.

"And next time I'm going to hook up something for the privates"

"My poor ass is going to be on fire for days, but it was incredible, definitely worth it." Mary said.

"Goodnight, Mr. M."

"What did my big brother, Jerry do to you?"

Colleen looked great that night. About five-eight, she was a former dancer and Olympic Class swimmer with a lean taught body and gorgeous long legs. Her high, firm, and full breasts were spectacular on an otherwise very slender frame That night, she wore a dark business suite with a white starched cotton blouse Her full heavy breasts pushed the jacket open, exposing an expanse of luminous soft white Irish skin. She smelled like spring breeze after it had blown across miles of fresh heather. The blouse was open at the neck, with a black ribbon worn like a choker around her long slender neck. Her red lipstick set off white even teeth and dark blue eye shadow highlighted those big blue-violet. Colleen was very, very beautiful. This was not going to be easy, I thought..

I drew the curtains dutifully and wondered what was going on in Julia's bedroom, not to mention mind. I peered at odd photographs and ornaments, then immersed myself in her CD collection, when she breezed back into the room, carrying drinks.

"Beg me to kiss my ass," the doctor instructed.

I think I must of dozed off twice, only to be woken at another red light, you'd think with no traffic on the road, cab drivers would step on it a little, not this one, 30 kms all the way home.

Still the thrusted into me. Still I came. My juices were leaking out of my pussy, and Deidra began licking my cum off of Marks penis.

"That tastes good doesn't it?" Torrie asked.

Finally the two left the party and drove home. They arrived home and went threw the usual routine of getting ready for bed. Janet made sure to change her panties when Brad wasn't looking, they were covered in cum and she could feel it all night. They climbed into bed, but neither of them could sleep. Sex was the only thing on their mind.

Eventually, I pulled back on her hair again, telling her that my cock wasn't wet enough. She quickly put it in her mouth, licking it all over, even though it had just been removed from her ass. I was impressed. With a chuckle, I patted her on the head, and told her bend over again. She obeyed, and I proceeded to continue fucking her ass, with the occasional spank. I continually called her my slut, skank, whore, and bitch over and over. Each insult made her moan louder and louder. She moaned "oh yes, I am your nasty slut, your skanky bitch, keep fucking me."

As she bobbed her head up and down over his cock, she saw her aunt lean down and brush her lips over her forehead. A stab of excitement went up her spine when she realized that her aunt was going to make it out with her. It had been a long time since she had a girl and memories of her with Sushmita came back to her mind.

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“Ever seen the show ‘Sex and the City’?”

John glanced into the kitchen and his daughter led him down the hall to her bedroom.

Tiffany snickered and squeezed her cleavage together. "This pair of tens always gets me what I want. At this rate, your not going to get to see them though," she taunted back. I started to get irritated with her cockiness, and was even more annoyed with her suddenly developed shuffling and dealing skills. Tiffany held my gaze as she efficiently shuffled and dealt. As she set the cards down, she slowly brought her right hand to her mouth. She extended a long manicured finger, and slipped it slowly between her full lips. Her lips parted slightly as her tongue snaked out and traced a long wet path down the lucky digit. Again, her lips sucked in the finger all the way to the knuckle. Slowly, ever so slowly, she withdrew the finger as her teeth lightly scraped it's considerable length. Tiffany's eyes never left mine as I stared hungrily at her beautiful mouth. Unable to help myself, I grabbed the front of my slacks and squeezed my aching cock. I was now helpless, and needed relief from my intense arousal. The growing stain on the front of my tan slacks caught Tiffany's eye, and her contented chuckle showed her experience as a malicious cock tease.

He's mentioned that he would like to come to work with me and watch me fuck and suck other men. I wouldn't mind, but there's no place for him to hide in a motel room. I think he might be shocked at how crudely and roughly some of my clients treat me during a session. There's no way I'd bring a client home, so I guess this will stay a fantasy.

Lisa's screams increase once again as Layla adds more pressure to the sweet circles that she is making on Lisa's throbbing clit. Layla decides that she has abused her sorority sister long enough and that she has earned her reward.

Jay glances around the bar and then reaches his hand out to grab me. "Please, Mike, calm down. If you don't want to, that's fine. I understand. She just wanted me to ask you," he blurts out quickly.

"Hi!" Brittany said a little bit stunned.

Ann’s moans grew louder as she approached orgasm. Brandy, sensing her being close, lifted up Ann’s light top exposing Ann’s beautiful large breasts, her dark brown nipples fully erect. Brandy leaned down to lightly flick each nipple with her tongue causing a distinct shiver through Ann’s body. “Suck on them Brandy…you know how I like it,” Ann implored.

“What kind of kinky ideas?” he asked innocently. His pupils were dilating and pheromones were being subtly released into the air. His black silk shirt was unbuttoning until just the right amount of bronze skin showed.

"What do you two think you're doing?" she asked, a note of displeasure in her voice. "Jill, I'm surprised at you. Both of you go to your rooms and I'll come up in a minute. We're going to have a long talk about this."

"Oh, thank you so much," Xandri said, sighing in relief. "Oh um…no pockets."

Lifting his hands up the length of Tina's bare back, Tony pulled her towards him until her demure, swaying titties were rubbing against his dark, muscular chest.

Monday, James went to school, I went to work, throughout the day my mind was not on my job, how could it be? I knew James very well, now that he set his mind on achieving a good grade he would probably get an 'A'. I left work a little early and visited a nearby Lingerie store; I picked out some very sexy underwear and a black chiffon robe.

I was squirming and trying to resist, but my aunty's skill with a cock in her mouth could not be denied.

Forgetting the alcohol and heading straight to the phonebook, Elisabeth began leafing through it. Finally she found what she was looking for: ESCORT SERVICES.

The shaving cream felt nice on my skin, after all this is one place I had never used it. Once the gel was rubbed to a full lather, she began swiping away my hair with a straight razor. My cock, which was pulsating and hard as it could get – was now limp as a noodle. A fact that didn’t go unnoticed by her.

"We're dropping him off at the Airport on the way home." Peter interrupted patiently. "You'll see!"

centaur mare: Ohh...I’m sorry Sir! Please?? *places her hands back at her sides and stares up into your eyes...her pupils dilating as the small fear shivers through her, straight to her pussy, making it tingle*

"You bastard!" She slammed the phone down, almost breaking. Not satisfied, she pointed her finger at the phone, and it suddenly exploded.

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I'd gone on to tell her that many women found anal sex to be very enjoyable and some even preferred it to vaginal sex. She'd asked whether it would hurt and I replied that the first few times might hurt a little but if the experience was nice, tender and loving she may grow to enjoy it. I had assured her that this was what I had in mind if she agreed to try. I also said that I thought it important that a woman should have several orgasms so as to be relaxed for the experience - so she could look forward to a few more.

"Please, Tony, Please! I don't want to do it! I can't... I am scared." I replied.

"Mmm…depends. More during the summer than any other time." She took a big swig from the bottle and smiled. "Did you drink when you were my age?" she asked.

"You'll enjoy me much more if you can do that."

"So you plan on what; grabbing a bottle of Boone's Farm, dressing in grubs, and trying to pick up the girl of your dreams in an alley?"

Like all parties, this one needed a lot of attention. This would be the third gangbang that Bill would participate in and his first to plan. A lot could go wrong. He needed to have a back-up plan should the two “guests of honor” bomb on him. It would be a “poker” party with chips, beer and a few “black on white” gangbang movies. Skin flicks would be playing no matter what kind of party they had. GB parties seldom went as planned. It wasn’t always the “guests of honor” that chickened out. Women would probably not agree with him, but Bill believed that a GB was tougher mentally on the studs than the sluts. “All the Bitches really had to do was be available, and the guys would do all the work.” he thought. Guys spent their entire lives worried that they might sport a hard-on in the showers with their buddies. Now, they not only had to get a “woody” in front of the other guys, they had to keep it hard and be able to cum at the optimum moment. Not too soon and not too long. It was embarrassing to have some whore on her knees with her tongue sticking out, waiting for you to give her a load down the throat and you can’t cum, or your dick goes limp. The other guys in the circle will never let you forget it. “Limp Dick” would be your new nickname. Worse yet, was the fate worse than death that had almost gotten Bill a few years before. He and a few guys were loading up on bean dip and beer. Later in the evening, he was in a four man, one white wife “fuck-a-thon”. Bill had her bent over double and was slamming all nine inches of his cock in her 10 inch white cunt. Her hard ass was pounding the shit out of his lower abdomen where the bean dip was fermenting with the beer and mixing into a gas so toxic that he could have sold to the Pentagon. He just made it outside with only seconds to spare. “Yes, the whores have the easy part, ” he thought.

Looking towards my sister as she sat staring at the screen, I noticed that she had tucked her legs up under her arms, hiking her robe up around her waist. From where I sat I had a clear view of her neatly shaven snatch, still puffy and red from the punishment my dad's large cock had done to it earlier. Gina sat oblivious to the fact that I had given up looking at the screen and was now blatantly staring at her kitty.

We returned not to the room where we played cards, but to her lounge, where a horse shoe settee was in front of the fire, it was large and could easily seat nine people comfortably. This would be a lovely spot in the winter time with a roaring fire blazing in the fireplace. She sat down and patted the settee for me to come and sit by her side."Come and sit here Duncan."

It didn't take long to strip her out of her clothes and lift her onto the bed. She was surprised that I didn't enter her right away but I told her that patience was a virtue and the wait would be worthwhile.

He spent his youth in boarding schools in Great Britain and France where he acquired sexual skills that are almost legendary. The Brits and French had given him a lust for any type of sexual pleasure and he was intent on sharing his view with anyone willing to explore.

"So hurry up already!"

Trisha looked into Chanelle's eyes and saw that the woman had eased in her fury.

Suddenly I realised I was staring and turned back to face the wall. The sight of this girl had made me even hornier now and I knew that I just had to cum or I’d explode! I was about to turn off the shower and head for the locker room when I heard a gentle whimper behind me. I turned quickly to see the girl, eyes closed, blatantly fingering her own cunt. Her head was tipped back, her full lips were parted and one hand was buried between her open legs, moving quickly leaving no question as to what it was doing there. I gasped audibly and her eyes flew open and her cheeks coloured a dusky pink.

She shrugged and grasped J.'s cock, wiggling her little hand to stroke him.

"Father?" I inquired. "You're doing Faye's father?"

Slowly I began to rub her sticky cunt, my fingers slid with ease along her slit. I opened her glistening labia exposing to my look and touch her bud, which was swollen and shining with her juices. I moved so I was standing between her legs. Tentatively I pulled on her leg – she did not stir. Using a little more force I slid her across the bed so that her ass was on the edge. I knelt down, draped her legs over my shoulders, bowed my head and began to circle her clitoris with my tongue. She stirred and moaned but did not awake. Trembling with fear, I circled my tongue faster around her clitoris - still she did not awake.

"Please come near and sit." So I stood, my bare feet never feeling the imperfections in the wood floor or the plainness of my looks as this moment. Though maybe trying to dazzle him would have been even more disastrous. The spotlight found my face and worked it way down my lankiness. The light unrolled itself over my head, around my shoulders and coated me completely. "Are you trapped in this body, trapped in this place?"

Once inside she kicked off her shoes and leaned against her recliner that was close to the door.

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He sat up facing her on the couch with his cock now jutting out. He looked directly into her eyes. Though he lacked experience he thought her eyes said don't stop. He decided to go with his interpretation, which was to strike while the iron was hot. He stood up and pulled his boxers down and off then began to gently stroke his cock as he had been doing when she first came in the room. He could clearly see her nipples through the nightgown now and that her chest had grown pale crimson.

"Have you ever been with a woman before?"

Tashun's words echoed in my head as we entered the elevator for a quick ride down to the fifth floor. The sign read RECORDS. I led Randi into a storage room filled with file cabinets and tables stacked with papers.

Taking him by the hand I lead him into the room then I slowly undid his shirt, then his pants. As his pants dropped down to the floor I was facing a stiff 7" penis that saluted me by rising up another inch. Taking it into my mouth I lovingly kissed and licked until it started to vibrate with anticipation.

Many of the guests' costumes were wildly outlandish. Mike, Dan, and the others pointed out some of the hotter women as they laughed and talked excitedly about what might come to pass later. As Mike looked over toward a "naughty nurse" that Dan pointed out his sight was pulled to another woman walking past. In fact, it seemed that wherever Mike looked his vision was quickly pulled in the direction of some passing woman.

"It was a group of people like us after the war, looking to save the species. That's the only reason we're not allowed."

"I know, I just feel so weird talking about it, but I need some release!"

"Put down your weapons Yankees, get up, put your hands on your heads and stand very still. If you do not comply you will killed instantly, do you understand?"

You looked disoriented and even more vulnerable than before. You so wanted to please me, but it was hard to open up that much and answer the questions. I seemed to know what was deep within you more than you did yourself, and know how to compel you to open completely, and let me all the way in to your emotional core. You hesitated, and I kissed you softly again, reassuringly.

She reached down to grab my dick, taking it in her hand and squeezing it.

He sat a little box on the table. It had a red light on it. I realized that I was looking at the remote to the vibrator that we had inserted in Shelly’s pussy as in the instructions. It was on and Shelly was getting turned on as well.

I pulled my legs up to give her more access. She buried her tongue into me and a finger in my ass. In a moment, I was coming. What a way to wake up. She looked up at me, with my juices all over her face and said, “Ok, you’re all clean now.” We both started laughing and got up. Don was standing in the doorway, just looking at us.

Paul ignored my presence in the room for a moment and moved over to the bed. "Susan" he whispered, hoping I wouldn't hear "I don't think my mum's really interested in the size of my cock, do you?"

During her pregnancy, the absence of her military husband had depresseded her and she had been crying every day when her father ordered her to come and stay as the delivery date loomed. She had and it was nice being home and in her old room with the protection of her parents once again. She did however sense a coolness between her parents and was surprised that her mother went out some evenings dressed rather provocatively, at least for a woman in her 40's, and returned quite late and dishevelled.

"Yes I'm Tracy, pleased to meet you Bobby and this is Kevin." The guy came forward and we shook hands. I have a built in radar and for some reason I got bad vibes off him right from the beginning. Tracy seemed to be friendly and very cheerful. She was slim and very shapely with a bit of a tan so she had obviously spent some time outdoors. I was actually a bit concerned with the knowledge of my crew but we would wait and see. In the back of my mind I had the feeling that training Tracy might not be that hard to take. Anyway, we packed up their bags on a cart and took off back to the city and chatted about their trip here.

It was now my turn to blush and I tried to cover my naked breasts with my hands. He said, “Oh, please don’t. You’ve got a stunning body. It would be a shame to cover it up.” His husky voice alerted me to his earlier arousal and the feelings that swept through my body when I realised the reason for his arousal almost physically shook my body. In all honesty, I thought I was going to have an orgasm standing there in the shallows of the water. My emotions were out of control. I wasn’t sure what was happening or whether I could walk back to my towel on the sand.

"I have a idea for a new book, I would like you help on this one if you would like to. Also we have to come up with a name for you as co-author." he said.

After that the words were muted, try as she might she couldn’t hear what was said, though she did figure out that the visitors were a couple, she could make out a male and a female voice! And she did hear him come back down the hall, still talking to them quietly, leading them into the kitchen! At least he was leaving her in peace, he must be keeping her presence a secret so she vowed to make not a sound herself!

We used to argue amiably about who had started chatting to whom online, but I'm still sure it was him who made the first move. Matt approached me exactly as he would have a potential business client--polite, friendly but doggedly tenacious. It worked, because he had a charm that kept me talking to him even as I found out he was married and had two school-age children--everything I usually refused to have anything to do with, online or anywhere.

"If it's okay with you Diane, how about if I come back another time for dinner. I think you two probably want to be alone now."

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Time seemed to slow as my head spun from dizziness and the coldness that was slowly moving through out my body. I felt for sure that I was done for, but with one last effort (and some perfect timing), I threw one final punch directly for his face, hoping to knock him down once more.

"Do I have to wait for your birthday for another shot," I asked. "Do I get a smack for each year.

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"That would be great. Let's do that. Just as friends. You were right that the romance idea wasn't smart. But I'd love to spend more time with you. I'll give you a call. Okay? How about this weekend?"

"Now do you want to come with me and your mother for some Chinese?"

I just nodded, trying not to drool. “You think it shows enough of my ass?” you asked, surprising me yet again. I had thought you’d want one that was less revealing, but seeing my face, you winked and said, “Yeah, it doesn’t show enough, does it?.”

I tried to console her and she pushed me angrily,

We arrived at McCarren Airport around noon on Sunday to begin a five night stay. As we walked out of the terminal building to the taxi queue we were hit by a hot wind blowing through the tunnel formed by the buildings and the raised roadway that goes to the drop off areas for the various airlines one floor above us. The air temperature at the time was 110 degrees F. This was no surprise as we had felt this same hot wind on several other occasions.

"Do you and Bill..."

She's a member of an S&M club that we visit occasionally. When I'm being cruel, I refuse to allow her to lift her skirt to show off either her brand, or her pierced and padlocked clit. No panties allowed, of course.

"Now, pet, whatever shall we do about this raging hard-on I've developed?", he said as he smiled at her.

It was a wonderful experience and I had never had it's like before. This time was truly making love, and with Molly, it was an incredible experience. I knew that this was the one that I wanted to spend my life with. I made plans that weekend to propose to her once I found a ring and set the time and place.

Normally when I did it late at night, as I’ve grown a liking to over the last month, I tend to work it in and pretty much just leave it in. I still make sure to keep a dark colored towel around which I use every time, but it’s nothing like what goes on in the bathroom. What I’ve taken a liking to is getting myself loosened up, then taking the soap bottle and using it as a butt plug. I’m not sure it works as well as a butt plug should, but one thing I do know is that it’s a real challenge to get it in and then sit in my computer chair while it’s lodged into my ass. For the first few minutes of me sitting there, I have some pretty funny looking posture. It eventually finds a place to stay in there. From there, I’ll pay some attention to my dick. I’m a big fan of Literotica, EasyGals, and if I’m running out of things to look at, I’ll go to TheHun.

I stand there; watching my pet hold her precious prize so close to your face. I always smile as I watch how you admire and adore my cock … your master’s cock. Tonight is no exception. Then slowly you begin to lick and suck upon the cock that is entrusted to you.

Eventually, impelled by a fearful curiosity, Madeline took off every stitch of her clothing and slipped the gown down over her head and her arms, the silk caressing her skin with a sensuous smoothness which had her shuddering at the garment's disgusting lasciviousness. It was as if she was dressing herself in actual bodily sin. Yet surely, no man could take any pleasure in the sight of a female who permitted herself to be displayed in such an immodest manner?

The words reverberated through each girl’s mind. They replayed it silently as if to catch a hidden meaning. Jenny’s mouth opened, but no sound came out.

By now my pussy was on fire and I need to cum so badly but Joyce wouldn't let up on my pee hole, so I just went with the flow (no pun intended). I said to her " I can't hold it any longer" this sent her over the edge, she was now fingering her pussy flat out and licking me dry at the same time. Then all of a sudden she pushed hard on my bladder and the floodgates opened. First it started as a dribble then it turned into a flood, I could have never believed how good it felt, I only wish I had discovered this dirty little deed earlier in life.

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"Oh sure!" she smiled and unwrapped her lithe body from my frame.

I shrugged, having not really given it much thought beyond knowing that I was worth far more than $1100.00. "I dunno. What are you offering?" I teased playfully.

Along the way I cut down the alley behind Club Cuffs. There were several cars lined along the back of the building and a few people walking toward the entrance. I continued down the alley and made my way to the church.

Toni started the water and there was only a little water in the tub, as I got in first. This when things started to take a twist, she got in, but did not sit, she placed her feet on either side of my body and moved up so the hairiest pussy I had ever seen stood before me. Taking my tongue, I burrowed through the forest and licked the outsides of her lips, every now and than taking her softness into my mouth and sucking, her taste was sweet and was so moist. As I reached her clit, she told me she had to pee, but I was not letting her go this easy, I took a finger and reached behind her seeking out her anal bud, when I got there, I slowly entered to my first knuckle at which she protested and said that was wrong and she had never had that done before. I kept my ministrations on her rear as my tongue worked faster on her clit, all at once she started shaking as orgasm after orgasm racked her body.

“You’re beautiful,” she said softly, and I closed my eyes, feeling her fingertips moving slowly over me, and I believed her.

She took my arm and I escorted her into the dining room. The maître'd was expecting us, and led us to a table on the edge of a small dance floor at the far end of the room. Two couples were slowly dancing between courses to the music provided by a small orchestra on a balcony above the dance floor.

"Do you like them baby?" She asked.

We drove for an hour to reach the meeting place. They had hired a martial arts studio for the night. On consideration it was the perfect place. The studio offered a large open area and floor mats to soften things for us. There were showers for afterwards and seating for those not participating in the actual events. The place would also be sound proof and offer little chance of anyone looking in from the street.

“So what?”

Maybe I had misjudged this guy? I went for it. “What do you mean all talk? So far all I said was Hi?”

"do you want anything?" she asked.

About 5 minutes later, I feel that I'm about to cum. I begin to tap Lori on the back to tell her, but as I do, before I can speak, she starts to jerk me off even faster than before! Without warning now, my cock squirted about 10 shots of cum into the air as I let out a loud moan from my first ever hand job. I then lean over, hoping that I did not shoot my cum all into Lori's face without warning. Thankfully, however, I see that my cum has shot right onto the television, with only a little dripping off Lori's hands.

The women both looked scared and lonely, waiting. I wished I could help them, but what could I do, not even being able to help myself. A small group of people gathered and looked into the bedroom through the glass. The door opened and the foreign man who purchased the first women entered the room. The young women tied to the bed began to wiggle and cry, although we could not hear her, her distress was plainly visible. I turned my back to the glass not wanted to watch the terrible sight in front of me.


"Excellent!" He exclaimed. "Come, there will be a celebration."

I scream in disgust, "Ooh Brunella, you are such a slut!!! God, I thought you were innnocent, but here you are, fondling on the tits of the Devil!!! God, such a whore!!!"

"Well we can't complain, we fuck our daughter," Dad said with a smile, as he turned me over and slid his cock into my hot, wet puss. My pussy eagerly swallowed up his cock.

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He grabbed some ice from the fridge, wrapping it in a paper towel. He leaned over the sink and pressed it to his eye. Damn that hurt! Already his eye was beginning to swell enough that he couldn't keep it open all the way.

"You poor thing," she started off saying. "Now that you're here you cop the brunt of Mark's sexual fantasies. It doesn't bother you does it? While he means what he says, he would stop if you asked him. There is no malice behind it, you know."

I offered KC a chance to come back to my room and get eaten so she could get off. She claimed she orgasmed several times already (how the fuck would I know the difference?) and she needed to go home and greet her kids as the came home from school. What a great Mommy- lousy wife, but great Mommy.

'Amanda you don't know what you are missing, really. Getting fucked was brilliant and made me feel as if I was a woman, not a young girl anymore.'

I turned the ceiling fan on and twisted the dimmer switch. While the fan whirled quietly in the background, the softened light added a hazy glow. I didn’t want to show him everything. Just enough to get him to come to the door. I could handle the rest once I had him where I wanted him. I opened the window to my left to let some air in. I also wanted him to hear the music. After all, what good is a floorshow without the proper accompaniment? I had already positioned the speakers so they faced the windows but were invisible from the outside. A gentle breeze blew in, causing the plastic grip on the pull cord to clatter on the windowsill. I pulled the cord slightly and tied it into a slipknot to make it stop. My mouth was dry, and my tongue felt heavy. Patience was not one of my virtues. I wanted to just open the front door and yell into the darkness, “Will you just get in here!”

I shall talk to you soon. I miss you like ca~razy.

“You’re the one who wanted to wash the car dressed like Daisy Mae--don’t wimp out now. You’ve got to learn to finish what you start, you little tease!”

"It's very moist, it's very aromatic, aunty," said Lucy, her voice now quiet, almost hiss-like. "So aromatic," she added. "Smell it!"

“Are salaries that high in derivatives?” I asked.

"Well, I've spoken to some of your other teachers and they haven't noticed the same problems. It only appears to happen in my class. And no one else I've spoken to has noticed that little bulge in your pants, like I do every single day."

"Relax," Sylvia whispered.

"Turn around" he said, more gently this time. He inspected me as if looking over a second hand car. He gave nothing away as he looked.

“You want to have sex with me?” she asked and an amazed look came into her eyes.

Callie nodded. "Yeah it's ok Mom. Trust me. I'll be fine."

Dan tried to roll her over onto her stomach but she stopped him. "No, no, baby. You can't just dive right into this. We need some lubrication." She picked up a bottle of Aloe Vera gel that was sitting on the nightstand. "Hmm. I wonder what you use this for," she said, teasingly. "Sunburns, I suppose. Here, put some of this on your fingers and lube me up."

Mia collapsed on top of Tom and they both laid in a daze. They kissed tenderly both in awe at the fire they had for their new playmate.

"What was the message, hon?" I asked.

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'How about if they go through to her lounge, she could sit on the sofa, open her legs wide and say something like it's my turn now?'

After a few minutes of roaming your sexy ass as we kissed, your hand slid down between us to grab my cock. As if planned, we both let out a "Mmmmmmmmmmm" at the feeling. Kneading your sexy ass only seemed to spur you on as your hand made its way under the g-string and took me in your hand for the first time.

I grinned at her and pulled her close letting her feel my swelling dick against her stomach.

He had stopped sucking me and was getting very agitated in his movements. His cock was pretty long, maybe nine inches, so it was a good thing I had my hand wrapped around it. I slid my hand down closer to his nuts so I could get more of him in my mouth, almost to the point of gagging. I pumped him faster and sucked harder and I could feel his pecker swell and throb as he got closer to shooting.

Miraculously, Jeremy got a chance to try his plan sooner than expected. Shane played baseball every weekend and usually his mom went to the games with his dad, but this weekend she’d brought work home and wouldn’t be able to attend. Shane’s sister had a game of her own on Saturday so Mrs. Cooper would be home alone for most of the day.

Arrows fell like deadly rain as Owa and nine other orcs hurled themselves and the ram at the gate. Around them attackers fell left and right as the deadly barbs fired by the desperate defenders found target after target.

"Make love to me baby!" My mother said with a fierceness I have not seen in her before.

Charlie looked at his watch. "Goddamn, Sonny," he said, "you have any idea what time it is? We better get our asses home or our old ladies are gonna have a fit!"

"Suits me. I'll ask Laura and give you a call. Last chance, sure you don't want to meet Sonia?" he asked as he rose to leave.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!” she hissed as the first sting invaded her senses.

Holly turns to Shauna. “That was fucking fantastic. I’ve never fucked a nose before.”

I used this opening as a chance to ask her something very personal about how tight she was. "Didn't you and Ted ever make love?" I asked after commenting about her unique channel.

"Todd lowered me to the table on my back and kneeled on the seat. My eyes had a close-up of his hard penis as it moved to my mouth. It looked pretty much like I'd imagined. I was hesitant as he pressed it against my lips, but finally my mouth opened and it pushed inside. It tasted all salty and weird. His hands held my head and his hips pumped it in and out of my mouth. When he tried to go in too far I gagged, that was the worst part. But after a few times he knew how deep I could take him and he slid in and out smoothly. I wrapped my lips tightly around the shaft, and licked and sucked. I had no idea what I was doing. While he was moving in my mouth his hands were playing with my tits and nipples.

"You look great this way. For someone's who is not turned on, your pussy looks awfully wet." I look at him and he smiles mercilessly back at me. I close my eyes trying to quiet my noisy, spinning mind. I remind myself what is going on.

Then Ritha turned 180 degree and her vaginal mount was projecting profusely, only millimeters away from my face. I stared on that and pressed my lips to it. Aha! The smell was so good.. My hands finally stopped over Ritha's vaginal mount. My palm pressed through the silkiness of her panty and found it wet. I inserted my hands in the waistband of her panty and pulled down it slowly to reveal one of the best hairy cunts I had ever seen. Her pubic area was lengthy and covered with thin hairs.

"Watch how much better this is," Jazzy said, bending deeper and slowly drawing the entire nipple into her mouth, closing her lips around the base, but not biting. Without pulling her head back, she simply sucked a bit, gradually increasing the vacuum, tugging the nub away from the breast.

You look up at him, and he looks down at you. How can this bastard do it? He's getting a blowjob that no two women could deliver, and he looks like he's reading the funnies. You bear down harder on his cock and begin to snake the middle finger of your right hand toward his anus. With that, his dick begins to pulse in your mouth. The place, the time, the scene (and your hands up your pussy) have all brought you to the brink of control again. And the increased pressure in your throat is more than you can bear.

Kenny moved between her legs again. He touched the folds of her pussy with the tip of the vibrator, tracing every curve. As Shay closed her eyes, she felt the tip of his tongue touch her hood. It was so cold from the ice he held inside his mouth. Her hips pushed up to him wanting the cold ice to counteract the warmth from the peppermint oil. The contrast was wonderful. Shay was also aware that the warmth was coming from deep inside her too. There was no cooling that area.

Evie remained standing next to the man, now gently rubbing the small of his back. I could see that his cock lost none of its hardness following the uncomfortable and obviously somewhat painful invasion.

Leaving the still figure behind in the twin bed across the room, Ashley quietly tiptoed out the door and locked it behind her. She waved at the few other early risers, after all 10 am Saturday morning was pretty early at college, and smiled when the warm sunlight hit her face as she left the dorm. She got a couple of hellos on her way to the dining hall and quite a few appreciative glances, after all Mother Nature had been kind to her and while she wasn't model gorgeous, she had an elegant grace of her own. Her long blonde hair fell in loose curls past her shoulders and only needed a few extra highlights in winter when the sun didn't do it for her. She was 5'9" with a slim figure but enough curves that her 34 B breasts and cute round ass didn't look out of place. Her blue eyes turned gray with the weather or from intense emotions, but now they were light and happy as she looked for friends to eat breakfast with.

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Sabine carefully pried the bottle from his loose grip before he could spill and silently placed it on the stand to her side. She saw him turning into her, raising his arm like he was reaching for her. She quickly took her pillow and offered it to his arm, and he took it into his chest in her place, hugging the soft pillow peacefully. This was truly amusing. She wondered if he was really so foolish. Passing out drunk in her presence with no worries at all. He should know better; she had no problem with killing him in his sleep. So why wasn't she? She wondered if it was because she was too tired, and then the realization that there was growing dampness in her pussy angered her. Had she really been aroused by his presence? She wasn't sure, and she wasn't sure why she wasn't smothering him with a pillow right now. She didn't understand what had made her reach for his face, and before she could figure it out she was ever so carefully prying off his mask, careful not to wake him.

"With his free hand, he gently lifted my fingers from his penis and guided them toward Katie. I was trembling, but thrilled by what he wanted me to do. Letting Josh pull me to the side, I knelt squarely facing Katie's backside. He placed my fingertips against her pussy, letting me feel the motion of his finger penetrating her. Katie squealed at the feeling of the extra touching. I almost retreated. But Josh persisted.

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He swore. "Like this?"

He flicked that wonderful lingua in and out of my pussy like it was the head of a penis and my juices flowed begging for more. I had four strong orgasms just from his tongue and we were only starting.

"Isn't that being a little general?"

"GET ON with it girl," Nicola chided me and clipped her palm across my bottom.

Karen decided to take some action and snatched the remote from Philip and turned the TV off again. “You spiteful bastard Philip…you’ve really hurt David showing him that!” she said. Philip started to argue about whether it was he showing it or her starring in it that had hurt David.

Dianna followed, her body totally dominated by the passion blazing inside her. Ricky led her through the kitchen and up the stairs to Matt's room. Once they were in the bedroom, Ricky again pulled her into his arms and covered her lips with his.


As I drink from the bowl, I notice what I have suspected for the last few days. I am growing a muzzle. I can still sip from the bowl. In the not too distant future, I will need to lap the liquid from the bowl.

For a moment there was a little gleam in her eye. Was she thinking it, as I was still half-thinking it to myself?

Janine wriggled down my body and started kissing my cock.

We sat up for a couple of hours and talked. She had just lost a boyfriend but she sounded almost relieved. We talked about my life and my work in the boating industry and about a few stories of trips and experiences I have had. I'm only four years older then her. She was twenty four and I'm twenty eight. She worked in the Chicago warehousing division of her fathers company as an accountant and would go back there when this holiday was over. She was very smart and impressive and I finally suggested she get to bed and we would talk over breakfast in the morning. We both went to bed and I was soon asleep.

"That's correct. Now the day care center in the office building at my insurance company gives me no worries and that's because the parents are able to visit their children on breaks and can also check on them via an intranet link on the company's computer network. It's the center that your wife works at that makes me nervous. It's not that I don't trust the employees but you just can never be completely sure of anything, you know what I mean? Over that last several years there have been so many stories in the news about abuse at day centers, sexual and otherwise, that I feel the need to be extremely careful. If some one makes an accusation it doesn't have to be true to ruin your reputation. And if something happened and a parent was to sue me they would not only destroy the day care center but also my real estate business. Can you see where I am going with this?"

"I know Mike." She sighed. "It seemed such a good idea to assign a dedicated and caring woman detective to investigate abuse cases. And since she's pregnant, its a safe place to utilize her investigative skills. After all, she's never first on scene. The uniforms and the precinct detectives are always first. She's as good as we knew she would be. Her case closure rate is astounding, not only convictions but she's decisively cleared several innocent people. But..." she raised one eyebrow and looked at Mike.


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In computer terms:

She could also hear Luke panting, imploring her to quieten down.

Would you like me to remove the rear windshield Crystal, so that we can feel the wind in our hair?”

It was different now. It would never be the same again. After we had finished dinner, he lit a fire in the fireplace and did what I had never imagined him doing. We sat and talked as the fire lapped playfully at the dry logs. As the night tip-toed by, I learned more about him than all the times before. He told me about his childhood on a tiny farm in Ohio. How he use to go to a canal, on hot summer days, and swim in the crystal clear water, the trees on the sides, creating a green canopy above him. He even told me how, in the light of a harvest moon, hidden in a woods, he had lost his virginity to a neighbor girl home from college and finding him more interesting than he had been when she had left but a few months earlier.

Doug got out first and was brushing his teeth when Cassie stepped out with her hair wrapped up in one towel and another tied modestly around her body.

"Do you think of me when you're doing this to her Daddy," she rubbed her nails gently through is graying blonde hair, pulling his head deeper and deeper into her moist lips.

Miss Hartley began softly stroking her cheek... "Nicole, I haven't been able to take my eyes off of you for the past three months. I'm dying to touch you, kiss you all over..."

"Please, honey....pleeease. Don't. Please, stop. I don't want this anymore. I'm sorry. Anything for you, but please stop. Please don't cum inside of me like this. Baby, please stop. Please, baby......pleeeeaaaaase." I could feel her body quiver as she quietly began sobbing in pain and sorrow.

10.“Lapdance in Schwarz”

"There's a fair bit here too," Dianne said, gently pushing her breasts at him.

I try to apologize...but You've already forgotten. Your eyes are a mixture of evil and lust.

She shrugged and lowered her eyes now embarrassed. "I won't tell," she promised as she moved to unlock the door.

The following morning, having conspired to miss the alarm and panicking to make nine o'clock, I was devastated to see Eve's chair pressed into the desk, her screen black and lifeless. Leaning over the back of the chair, our boss Graham imparted the news that Eve would be working from home the rest of the week. My heart sank.

I roll forward driving my cock deep into Sis' virgin vagina and ripping through her maidenhead. She screams with joy.. "Oh fuck me brother .. fuck me hard!!" as my cock begins pounding her virgin womb.

I lay on the bed and pulled her to me.As we kissed, I began to play with her tits. Caressing them, then tweaking her nipples until they were like little hardened cocks jutting out from her chest.

Accepting the implied dare, I reached under her shirt, and grabbed her breast. I rubbed my thumb over her nipple. "Can I kiss them?" I asked.

I'm so sorry my dick isn't as big as his...

Gregg looked down at me and smiled a little as I sucked the rest of the cum from his softening cock. "Damn you are a whore aren't you?"

His son Malik, ever the social animal, had splashed on some cologne, deposited his fake ID into his breast pocket and headed out to survey what the Myrtle Beach nightlife had to offer.

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They got up and got ready to go to Rockefeller Center. As they arrived by train on 6th Avenue and 50th St they passed by Radio City Music Hall. Then they spotted the tree. It was really tall. Buffy and Angel had never seen a Christmas tree like that. People everywhere were walking, standing or sitting around Rockefeller Center. As time went by they ate. Buffy dragged Angel to a spot so they could have a perfect view of the tree for the lighting.

The apartment was huge, much larger than her own. A large living room spread out from the entrance. A spiral metal staircase wound up the corner of the room to a loft area above; that had to be the bedroom, she thought. Seated on a leather couch beside a large coffee table were two other women. Both were attractive and young; one a petite brunette with thick rimmed glasses and an olive complexion, the other a taller blonde with a body to die for. Both looked up at her as she came in.

Jean turned to her husband with her mouth agape and her eyes bulging, playing the drama queen to perfection. "Nathan, it is a school day, isn't it?"

But she wasn't going to throw herself at just anyone, and in her methodical way, she began to lay the groundwork for her introduction to sex. After practicing with her girl friend, and learning the basics of sex, Julianne was ready for the next step. Early in the spring of her junior year, Julianne met Clayton Denny at a drama festival at the local college. Clayton was a sophomore at the college, very handsome, very nice, very cool, and Julianne liked him just about the first time she saw him. She knew it wasn't love, but she knew instinctively that he would be the one to take her virginity.

Despite his weakness, Heracles was still a man. He had the necessary apparatus in a very large scale and would respond to the women helping him in and out of bed. Malis and the other women could and did fondle his tool and rub themselves against Heracles' body. Malis, or one or more of the other women, might share Heracles' bed at night.

Sylvia said, “My last boyfriend only wanted sex. At first we talked about books and movies, but eventually he just wanted to do it all the time.”

After a while most everyone had left and there were just a few of us sitting on the couch. Kathryn told me she was feeling cheated. I was really exhausted but wanted to help her feel as good as I did. I undid her blouse and bra and started sucking on those luscious nipples. I guess I just love sex no matter who its with because this felt so good to me too. I got down on my knees and went to work on that sweet pussy. She was so worked up from the earlier events that it didn't take long to bring her to a roaring climax much to the delight of the remaining guys. That was it for this party but I'm sure that Greg is already planning something equally outrageous at another time.

"Yessssssssssssssooooogoood," I exclaimed as I felt him push into my wet, waiting depths.

And an early part of the curriculum was a study of prostitution throughout history, from Biblical times to the present, and the ways that it enslaved women. What it meant to me was that I was seeing my life with Uncle Bill in a whole new light, and I wasn't happy with what I saw.

"I don't know what to think," I answered.

Before she even knew what was happening, Joanne was cumming hard, shaking and spasming as her world went black. She slumped on the desk and didn't feel Mr. Johnson slamming into her cunt even harder as he neared his orgasm. She woke up when he pistoned into her, pushing her into the desk, bruising her hips. She was held down and couldn't move but she knew that it was no use.

The pretty waitress turned red. "Oh sorry. I thought you were a couple. Well I better go before I make a fool out of myself some more."

Joel reached inside his pocket. "Oh yeah, that twenty quid I owe you."

"Don't be so naïve!" Emma exclaimed amusedly, leaning over and kissing Charlotte on the mouth. "I'm sure you'll have no difficulty in working out which they are."

I smiled back, "I think we had better change the locks, don't you?" She stopped for a second, and then she began to laugh. Her whole face lit up with it. As our lips touched I knew that she would be all right. I knew that we would make this work.

Collen realeased his cock and stood up on the bed. Straddling him she placed her feet on either side of his shoulders. Todd looked up the insides of his mothers toned thighs to see her pussy lips were swollen and wet. From this vantage point her large breasts swaying, her cunt moist, she looked like a sex goddess to him.

Her blushed deepened. “I said that I have no need for one, not that I haven’t ever had one.”

"Yes, baby, yes, now you have it. Now Miranda is going to fuck you like you have never been or did fuck before." And with that, her hips began crashing into my backside, with deep, hard, strong thrusts, and I was learning (very quickly I might add) how to respond with my own movements to not only harmonize with hers but to actually increase their pleasure to me.

As soon as the night started, I knew Tracy was not interested in getting her butt cheeks humped, sitting on my face, or any other kind of sexual activity I missed. She wanted to hang out and talk. At about 11:30 pm she said that she was going to take a shower then head to bed. I decided to call my friend Colin. I was not tired, and I needed to get my mind off the situation at hand. The phone was a good distraction.

He lay me on my back on his bed and we kissed again. I told him I needed him to fuck me really badly. He positioned himself between my legs and placed his big cock against my opening.

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Tracy looked at Miss K's revealed chest and licked her lips, looking at the delicious globes under her chest. "Nice top there."

Teri appeared from the hallway, hearing that Carol was staying. She approached her from behind and hugged her again.

His body is pushed against me again, his lips claim mine and his fingers slip down into my hot wet slit. I groan and grind my hips against him, forcing his fingers deep inside of me. The hint of danger, the possibility of someone watching, even of my attacker watching drives me to dizzying heights of arousal.

'Mm, seven?'

The woman was huddled against the wall clutching a blanket tightly around her body. Michael came out of the bathroom with some tissues and a small towel. He knelt down and held the tissues out to her. She visibly flinched at his outstretched hand. "Natalie, Connor is gone. I'm Mike, we had lunch together once?" Natalie slowly raised her eyes. Even through her tears she looked beautiful. Michael pulled the sofa chair closer and she sat.

"Why? Don't you want to see your wife get pounded by a real man?"

“But I thought you liked it deep” she teased.

I walked toward him nonchalantly with my arms piled high with books and my cock throbbing. His friend walked off and I could see out the corner of my eye that Henry was watching, as I passed him I turned my head slightly and saw he was staring at my cock. So I knew but didn't know what to do about it.

We piled into my Subaru Impreza and took off... me following her directions. I was acutely aware of her naked thighs inches from my left hand when I changed gear. We stopped at a couple of shops where I was instructed to wait in the car while she filled the back seat with various carrier bags. Our last stop was at a shopping mall well out of town and on the way back I could resist temptation no longer. My hand dropped onto her thigh and began to work its way under the skirt. Dolores laughed softly and spread her thighs a little to give easier access.

"This could get to be a habit," I said, but I'm not as young as I used to be and I'm feeling well and truly fucked in more ways than one. "Yeah, you and me both," said Phil.

Turning on the shower, I held my hand underneath and adjusted the water until the temperature was to my liking, normally I would have liked to of taken a nice bubble bath as I've done in the past, but that was time consuming, and today I didn't have that sort of time. Hoping into the shower I took my Mom's shampoo and squirted some in my hand and began scrubbing it into my hair, as the scent of fresh apples from the shampoo wafted in the air. After scrubbing my hair clean and rinsing out the suds, I reached for the bottle of conditioner and, after reading the instructions on the bottle, squirted some into my hand and scrubbed it into my hair.

Jason suddenly remembered what he had read in the books and ordered her to release him.

Despite all that the boys were extremely good-natured and as they had grown up their strong friendship had given them both a sense of confidence and total trust in one another.

I was toweling off and was drying my hair blindly, when I suddenly smelled coffee. Than I felt my flaccidness engulfed, my scrotum tightened as a pair of warm soft lips enveloped me. Unwinding the towel from my head, there was Roo below me. With her free hand she waved towards the coffee cup sitting on the vanity.

I pulled her to me for a kiss, my spikes digging menacingly into her ample breasts. "It's a present for Karen." I said, kissing her and continuing in a more menacing tone, "And from now on, my name is 'Daneth Trantor,' understand?"

She nodded at my (amazingly) still hard cock, still straining my waistband.

“When…” I stopped I didn’t want to say it out loud.

"It's time for you to assume the position." And you told me after how you did it. "I climbed up on my bed, slowly, feeling how my panties hampered my movements, aware of your eyes on my bare bottom. I climbed up on my bed and placed myself over my pillows, so that my bottom was raised and vulnerable. I hid my face in the bedding as I felt the anticipation coursing through me, tingling as I felt the cool air on my soon to be firey bottom."

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"I told them around 6." Gabby answered.

I had decided that the day that I grew a spine I would dedicate my soul to her existence. My mind screamed the words that I might have spoken to her if ever I worked up the nerve to speak to her. This would never happen, because I was safe in the shell that I had built. My assumption was that I would spend the rest of my life just wishing that I had spoken with her.

"Take off them jeans," he told me.

I'm not very good at all this fantasy stuff... I'm not the most sex-driven guy in the world but I still hold this little hope in my heart (and maybe in my head somewhere) that sometime I could share the most wonderful and amazing day and evening together with somebody who returned all I felt for them and who gazed at me the same way as I did at them. It would go something like this...

I'm telling you this so you may understand why I was so excited. Here I am in my late Thirty-(ish) years of life and the only sex life I have ever had has been my fingers and dildos. I have lots and lots of sex toys as well as a collection of other phallic items. I have a collection of porn that would rival any sex addicts. I have files and files of dirty filthy nasty sex stories that I have read and liked so much that I cannot delete them.

Next thing I knew, I oh-so confidently, casually, filled my hands with Robin's perfect ass cheeks. My God, they were magnificent! Instantly, she pressed into me, mashing her breasts exquisitely against me. A moment later her lips found mine and we began to kiss, urgently. Mindy, seeing this, began to kiss my shoulders and neck, and let her hands slide around and she took my rock hard cock into her hand, through my cotton long johns, squeezing insistently.

I adjusted my position, grabbed the top string and pulled, feeling the tension give way as the action released the pressure from her breasts. Darlene rolled her head to my side and said, "Ah, that's better, move my hair out of the way, too, before you start, OK?"

Brutus, the hulking black buck who helped out with the horses, was constantly hanging around the kitchen and Melanie had seen the way Dahlia flirted with him. She wagered, in fact, that Dahlia did a lot more than just flirt with the huge black stud.

That was completely off the wall. It took me a moment to collect myself enough to speak. I wasn’t totally sure whether or not I had just wet myself. The stranger waited patiently.

* * * *

The detective told me that Bill could listen in but he was to wait in the kitchen and to not interfere with his questioning of my wife. Then he told me, "Look you have to be very careful now. Maybe I should give you some protection."

He didn't think he could do it, but was convinced when she again squeezed his balls. He started lapping away at the hairy foul tasting opening. "Mmm, that's it" she chanted. She rubbed her slit on his mouth spreading her juices thoroughly. Her hairy lips tickled his chin and nose. This brought her of in a earth shattering orgasm squirting her salty juices into his mouth. "Drink it boy!" she yelled at him. "Drink my cum, you little shit!" He had no choice and swallowed her offering. She sat down fully on his face and enjoyed the last seconds of her orgasm. He was suffocating under her hairy crotch, but Gemma couldn't care less. "Ahh, I needed that" she smiled. "Why don't you lick me clean, son" Jack didn't dare to refuse and started to clean up the remaining slime from her pussy and ass.

Hannah was still lying on the sand, enjoying watching the others, but her pussy wanted something a bit more substantial. She looked over the fire, and was surprised to see Bradley still asleep apparently. She wandered over to him in just her skimpy bikini bottoms and straddled his midriff. He continued to snore.

With schoolgirl enthusiasm she said, "Professor I could be the test subject. I could huh couldn't I?"

As each question ran through his mind; he imagined Simran doing each act in turn, sucking him, swallowing his cum, and taking his cock into her choot (cock box) and gaand (ass)...

She got quiet, and her breath shortened into soft blowing gasps, her brow furrowed in concentration, her hands clamped down on the arms of the chair. She was coming, I began to thrust again, three fingers this time, crashing into her body, filling her, fucking her hard.

"Fine, is that it?" my sister replied snottily.

He pushed his full length into her and she yelled. "OH GOD!" She screamed. The weight of his body on Ali was amazing. He slowly pumped in and out of her. Her nails dug into his back. Their breaths were fast and shallow. The world began to disappear. Wyatt began to pump faster and faster. Their moans were pleas at this point. Ali brought her hands up and grabbed a hold of his upper arms. Her hips rose and fell with each of his thrusts.

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She got up, I got up, and if we hadn't swerved south to get to my place, the bus would have passed us. (Indeed, it did, but we couldn't see it.)

"Yeah, I usually don't date assholes."

"He is but a man. I am done with males; courageous or not, they are not like us", sneered Simona. Awana smiled:

I dropped to her chest, panting and sweating. We kissed gently and she smiled at me. "Can we do some more?" She asked.

"No, girl," he chuckled. "I'm simply going to clean you properly," he smiled.

Fate played its next card the following day on the campus. I was walking between lessons when I overheard a guy telling his buddy how those little blue love-pills had kept him going all night long with his girlfriend, and that three of the little devils were well worth the ten dollars that he had paid to the local dealer. Then, almost immediately, I received a text message from Mom telling me that Grandfather had just called her to say how much he was looking forward to seeing me next week. I go up to his place in the back-of-beyond about three times a year, for a week at a stretch, in order to get some peace and quiet during revision times. It was at that very moment that the idea came to me like a thunderbolt out of the blue. As crazy as it sounds now, at the time I thought it would be perfect. If I could secretly administer some viagra pills to Grandfather and, as a result, cause him to make a simple, yet obvious, pass at me, that would surely prove my argument. Grandfather is the most gentle man on earth who, I am certain, has never had a bad thought in his head. But with the two of us alone in his quiet retreat, I might just be able to get him to do something that he would never normally dream of doing in a million years.

“Thank you daddy, bye mummy see you soon”.

"Tommy, I am so sorry, I didn't know about your promotion and I couldn't hear what you were telling me over the phone because of the party in the back ground," she said.

As I hung up the phone I suddenly had the vision of Charlie over the years, watching his little daughter fingering herself whenever reading or doing her schoolwork.

Time after time, they comment that a supposedly true story is just some fantasy someone has made up.

She picked up her gift and started to walk out when Paula appeared wearing the same thing she had on last night; cut off jeans which showed her ass and a tank top cut off so that you could see the bottom of her tits. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I wanted to fuck both of them.

"I don't think so, girl," said my wife, and she started to zip me back up.

WET_N_WICKED: Nothing.

It surprised me when his hand retreated, I didn't want him to stop, but he must have thought my lack of resistance was tacit approval for more. He brought his thumbs to the sides of my waist band, inserted them and then pushed down. He had the waist so low the top of my dark bush was clearly visible and the rocking motion from me would be required to proceed.

My hand moved up and began to massages his sack as I began shoving his hard member down my throat once more. He began to gently fuck my mouth. I began to suck harder and move his cock in and out of my mouth faster only pausing for a moment as I held him down my throat. He looked down as he watched his cock disappearing and reappearing between my lips.

"What do you want to do?" Cathy asked.

She looked down and saw her naked body, wondering why she had slept in this way, until the memories of the night before filled her mind, of 7's seduction and the orgasms she had brought the Captain to. She had had her wish granted, and been given a good fucking, even if it was with another women.

I had been contracted as delivery captain on a transatlantic run back to the BVIs in a new sailboat, and it promised to be a challenging voyage. The problems I saw were several. First, there are always breakdowns in a new boat. A shorter shakedown cruise would have been preferable, close to land where spare parts and repair facilities are close by. Second, the owners would be aboard as delivery crew. I've seen problems with this setup before, where the owner's ego and the necessity of having a single captain collide. Despite my misgivings, I needed the money and the pay was good.

"I know," she continued. "I know. I find it hard to believe myself. Three kids."

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Stifling a sob I carried on, “I should return the complement by sucking his cock”.

"Great, how about we do a little swimming the Saturday and that way you can set up the perfect scene." Chris said.

"Gringo, you are being silly! I give you all my love but I need friends!"

He has always wanted this opportunity. He's finally found himself in the position to teach his daughter while giving in to the lust he has for his own little girl. Your sweet, tight little pussy felt so good on his incestuous cock. His fingers leave your ass and dive underneath again to your dripping cunt. He strokes your lips softly, groaning in pleasure at their smooth, hairless texture. Two and then three fingers again thrust into you and you cry out and fuck back against his hand.

After several months, Ann asked me why I hadn't asked her out. There was enough comfort for me to break down and tell her the whole story. For hours I vented and cried, finally letting go all of the pent up anger and frustration I had inside. There were several more nights like that, with Ann patiently listening, encouraging softly, and holding me.

"I need to talk to you, Jordan. Please. Can I come in?"

"That's right. It's just fucking. There is nothing more to it. It's like mutual masturbation. Just getting pleasure for yourself. Releasing the tension."

"God, they are so hard and tight - lean back so I can taste them" Christy laid down on the couch and Rachel knelt on the floor next to her. First she took one breast in her mouth, sucking the nipple to the back of her throat. Then she moved to the other one. Her own breasts we so hot - she undid the clasp on her bra with one hand, and as she suckled Christy's breasts, she wriggled out of the shirt and bra.

"Yes" said Linda, "A few do and they don't have a problem with it."

"Oh Paul! I can't believe you're still hard. You need to cum don't you baby? I want to feel you fill me up but I don't know how much more of your big hard cock I can take. I'm not used to this kind of incredible fucking."

"She's acted like this before. Once I accidentally walked in on her and one of the stage hands while we were filming. There were literally 200 people nearby and she decided she HAD to get fucked then and there. More guts than I would ever have," Jennifer said.

Her orgasm was being held in suspended animation by his rolling and gyrating cock, her aching sex mouthing around it and trying to clamp onto it.

"You know you want it. Bad girls always do."

"Ummmm – is it noon already?" Anita's hand found the alarm clock on the nightstand next to her bed and switched it off. She turned over and lay on her back, stretching luxuriously.

"Now don't you go now. I know them Mountain Boys."

A few minutes later, I was back outside, lying beside the pool on my chaise lounge. I read for a little while, but soon the heat got to me and I jumped into the pool. I swam a few lengths and paddled around for about 20 minutes and then got out to lie in the sun. I'd forgotten my towel up on the deck and went up to get it. The deck is about three feet above ground level and although the neighbours can't see into my yard, one or two of them can see us if we're on the deck. I've been living in this house for almost 20 years and there is a neighbour who lives kitty-corner to our yard that gives me the creeps. He's been watching and staring at me during the summers ever since we moved here. I've never spoken to him but I know he watches me. There's nothing wrong with his appearance, it's just the way he's always looked at me; it's like he's undressing me. I've gotten used to him over the years and today, I just didn't think about him.

"I am so fucking hot!", Debbie exclaimed her eyes were riveted on Sheila and me. "It looks so good to see your hard cock slide in and out of Sheila's cunt. Oh look how wet she is. Your dick is dripping in her cunt juice. Oh God! I'm going to come!"

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I didn't mean to be loud or abrupt, but I could picture my career path burning before me. My boss had several executives flying in from the West Coast, and he had tasked my department with putting together a slick and detailed production report for his meeting.

Alan wasn't a geek or anything, and many of her friends thought he was very good-looking, but he wasn't a member of the high school elite, and they disdained him. He was on the school newspaper all of his four years in high school, and that crowd had never been considered among the coolest. His famly didn't have less money than hers, but he didn't live on the Hill, and he didn't drive a fancy car. (Chad had a BMW.) He wasn't on student council, nor did he play any sports. On top of all that he was a relative newcomer to the town. Sure, he had lived here since he was ten years old, but many in the in-crowd had been in school together since kindergarten.

Mazikin knew what he was doing. Hercules was the son of the god Zeus. He was half human and half god. His mother was a mortal female named Alcmene. Mazikin knew what power flowed in the blood of a demigod as powerful as Hercules.

"I know honey," he said sadly, coming towards me. "You are growing up so damn fast now and I kick myself for not being there for you!" His eyes roamed over my body, clad only in my usual short tee shirt and panties. I could feel his eyes taking in the swath of white material between my legs.

"Yes," I answered.

Until Rick came along, that is, and swept her off her feet!

She stopped talking and started screaming. I could have hung up the phone and opened the window and still heard her. I wasn’t far behind. I had been teasing myself with my fingers, never quite touching the really sensitive part. But when I heard Donnie go off, I had to follow. I rubbed myself off, circling around and around my clitoris while my other hand continued to pleasure my pussy. God it was GOOD! I heard myself screaming. Then I heard Andrew laughing.

“That’s the great thing about spring break,” said Tammy, “you’re a zillion miles away, and you know you’re not ever going to see these people again, so you can be uninhibited. I started flirting with this guy on the beach, and two hours later we were screwing in my motel room.”

Its funny how life is really, for here just mere inches away was a lady who he knew next to nothing about, and yet already his mind, and eyes took stock. Kathy wore a long well tailored cloth coat which regrettably covered her form, and hid the soft curves he knew were hidden beneath, and yet he still noted her nice high heels and the soft turn of her ankle. His heart momentarily raced at the sound of Kathy crossing her legs for he was without a doubt a leg man. There was just something about that sweet sound of nylon rubbing against nylon which always triggered a primal urge within him, and although he could not see her legs he knew they were great. It was also about this time that he noticed much to his regret her wedding ring. That tiny symbol of gold and diamonds which sparked his fantasies and barred him from pursuing.

"Hmmm, Oh Uncle Joe I see your friend there is all ready to come out and play. Why don't we go into the living room." she whispers to him.

"Well, we've got to get you to the hospital, I'm a little concerned about your lungs. You can also get some food, a shower and we might even be able to find you something else to wear. I'll need my coat back then" Again, she winked.

She slowly lead me through the room. We stopped at each student's easel and Ms. Purdy examined their work. She made a few comments to some of the ladies but didn't criticize anyone until we reached Cynthia at the back of the class. Usually she coats her criticism with sugar, that is, she is friendly and tactful when suggesting ways the student can improve. This leaves them feeling good about their efforts, despite the problems. This time however, she was harsh.

“Kate, I was thinking that you could follow me back to my place and I could pack an overnight bag with a few changes of clothes to get me through Thursday. That way, I could keep you company without anyone seeing an extra car in your driveway. I mean, I thought about having you to my place, but I know that the boys and Brian will be calling you, and you want things to go as they usually do when the guys are up in the mountains.”

She smiled. “Of course not. I already knew what you were doing before I even came in.”


The briefs finally followed the jeans to the floor. The breath caught in my throat as i was finally allowed to see You. Again that quick, but wicked smile crossed Your lips. You rose from Your seat and stepped closer to me...all the while rubbing and stroking the full length of Yourself.

The chair she sat on was a black, leather couch, like the one's Rachael had seen on TV and in movies. She felt stupid half-sitting, half-lying there with her hands clenched together in her lap while the psychiatrist-lady grabbed a clipboard and sat down opposite her. "So," she said, in what Rachael supposed was supposed to be a non-judgmental voice. "You're Rachael?"

"Alright lady. Just do a I say and you won't get hurt." Tony said as he grabbed her.

“Sally, don’t stop nowwwww! Suck my pussy. Oh, you suck my pussy soooo gooooood! Kim moaned.

My pulsating dick touched her womanhood and I really don't think she realised because there was no look of surprise from her at all – just playfulness. I controlled her body on top of mine, inadvertently enjoying the feel her ass on my dick, thinly covered by my boxers. When the tickling became too much for her, she collapsed uncontrollably on my body and in doing so moved my boxer shorts down just enough to release the head of the monster within. So there she was lying on my body, exhausted with her vest riding high enough for me to feel her cunt around my left leg and the head of my dick on her stomach. My hands were still wedged between her armpits. She looked up at me and then said something about me winning and pleaded with me to let her go. Just as I was about to release her, she attempted to tickle me. It was not my turn to move uncontrollably as I tried to resume my tickling position on her. We moved around a lot. At some point, my dick popped out and as mom was back on her knees supporting her weight. I feared the worst and tried to escape but mom surprised me with her strength. She pinned me down but not before placing all her weight on my hips. I could feel the raging hard on and was even more surprised to find mom completely oblivious to it and just concentrating on the fight at hand. She slid about trying to keep me down and at one point it happened. I felt mom's pussy. It felt wet and inviting. In all the moving and her attempts to put more weight on me, she had parted legs wide and my dick was right at the entrance if not through the outer lips.

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* * * * *

I couldn’t believe all the boxes of her things she had got in her car. After about 10 trips loading it in my truck, I came to the last box.

This I new was as much for the lifeguards benefit as it was for me and I didn’t mind a bit. When my cock was back in her mouth she began moaning and squeezing my balls while jamming my cock down her throat.

The hat went around the room until everyone had a number. “OK, open your paper and look at your number. Now find the person in the room with the same number as you. You will be required to strip them, and they will be required to strip you. We will start with the number ones. Come on down to the front number ones!”

“You used devices on me. I didn’t like that. Your turn comes now.”

"You're are right about the "what needs to be done", what we are going to work on now is how to do it right. As oversexed as you claim to be I don't think your experience has given you the chance to develop the finer skills for seduction and your own pleasure, so our lessons will continue through the day. The first thing you need to learn is how to do a striptease. What you did before was just undressing to music. I am going to demonstrate the right way to seductively strip for a person be they male or female. When I have done the striptease, I am going to demonstrate, it has always resulted in some of the best sex I ever had. What I want you to during the demonstration is to sit there with your legs apart. Actually one of the rules you must follow today is to never cross your legs. They must be together or floating apart like now. Another point is that whenever you feel in the mood you may touch, fondle or caress any part of your body. Now where is that reggae CD I loaned to you. It has the perfect beat and mood for stripping."

Anita smiled up at her. "You've got the healthiest attitude toward business I've ever heard of."

I remained in a chair in the corner, where I'd been since I'd come home from school. We had spent most of our lives together, literally — in class, after class, on weekends and holidays, and, as I've said, all the time she was pushing me to try harder, to be better. That's who she is: bossy, pushy, ambitious. Or is she? It was in the middle of a sleepless night, after playing and replaying a thousands times her words 'I love you' that it occurred to me that maybe she isn't bossy and pushy, maybe, in insisting that I work harder, she wasn't giving vent to a bossy personality but simply expressing her devotion to me: she wants the best for me and she was willing to work hard to make the best come true. "Look, Fred …"

We dressed in silence, watching each other. She didn't clean up. She wanted to stay wet, to feel that we had just made love. She wanted her pussy to wet her panties. It was a reminder of me. If she could have done it, I think she would have preferred to have my sperm leaking out of her pussy at that moment.

He shrugged and she mouthed the word "Sure."

As she continued to masturbate me in my pants, I reached in the top of her top and put my hand inside it to feel the skin of her tits. Her skin was just like cool marble, so smooth. As I traveled farther in, I felt the puckering around her nipple. And then that hard little bullet itself standing up so hard for me. I asked if her boss was coming back anytime soon, or if we could enjoy this exploration a bit further. She said he was gone for the day, she was here just to learn the new stuff, so if I felt like continuing, by all means, I should.

“Nuh uuuh, I have other plans my untamed beast," I said as I backed up and stood back over his hips. I turned around to face his feet. I lowered my pussy over his cock and slipped his man meat deep into my pussy. I pushed myself up and down with my feet, on his hard stiff rod. I leaned back and put my hands on his chest as his cock slid in and out of my pussy.

Falling onto my face on the floor I clawed at the rug as this thick fuck tool tore me open, my mouth open in a scream as this raping rod plowed so deep into my love channel that my cervix began throbbing in pain as well. Certainly I must have blacked out with the pain, because as I came to I felt myself laying upon a bed, my legs dangling over its edge, my head cradled in my lovers lap, my slick wet thighs trapped inside two muscular thighs as this animal of a man with the gargantuan cock prepared to further invade my aching fuck hole.

Belinda's mom was inside the house, making dinner and she looked out at her daughter and best friend. From the moment her little girl had set foot inside the house, she'd known something was wrong. It was always simple to tell when Belinda was out of sorts, her normally sunny disposition vanished in an instant. Still, not wishing to pry, she decided to wait until her daughter confided in her. Over the last few months, she'd become one of her daughter's confidantes and didn't want to break the bond of trust that had developed between them.

When he turned those devastating eyes on her, she could have sworn he could see past the costume, past the soft flesh of her body straight into her heart, and for a moment she felt the quickening of fear in the pit of her stomach and the tiniest spark of heat in her loins. She would have sworn he was immune to such reactions himself...if she not seen the slight widening of his eyes when he found out she was a woman. Their next run-in sealed the way she judged the Batman for the rest of their lives. Selena's former pimp, Stan, had taken it upon himself to kidnap her younger sister in a desperate attempt to lure Selena back to kill her.

Another rhythm develops. All three bucking their hips simultaneously so all three of your holes are filled at the same time; all three holes vacated and empty at the same time. You let go, giving your body completely to them now.

She could hear noises - banging, ripping, sawing. That last sound chilled her to the bone. It went on and on, for hours it seemed. At one point, the intruder came over and tenderly covered her with an old afghan she'd kept thrown across the back of the couch. "It is a bit chilly in here," he said softly.

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Katherine was all alone with her thoughts, fantasies and a perfect view of her spread open body. She looked at the mirror and was aroused by her helplessness. Then she thought of my reappearance and the initial thrust of my cock deep into her quivering pussy or perhaps even her tight ass. She'd never climaxed so many times or been so sexually drained - and now it was going to start all over again. Her body seemed to hold no secrets from him she thought. He had had her cumming at will. Already her insides were juicing. How long before he'd return?

"Get the fuck out of here," Annie spat back, giving her sister the finger.

She looked so beautiful with her face filled with lust. I just dropped my shorts, pulled up her dress and plunged my cock in where she had pulled her skimpy little panties to the side. I felt my cock fill up her pussy, and the feeling was so intense I had to hold on so I wouldn't cum immediately.

* * * * *

"Like I'd believe my best friend's brother had a 9-inch cock? Especially after all the puny peckers I've been with." Ann said.

It danced around with first one, then another of the dancers. Male and female, it made no difference. It seemed like eternity before the dancer got around to me. The face was in shadow and yet, his body was familiar. If only I could have placed it. But I was captivated by the dance and rational thought was not an option.

"She is beautiful," I noted.

Annie was so excited knowing Betty was going to ask her to do more than jerk him off. She took a deep breath and answered, "Yes."

"Tess told you all that stuff?" "Unh huh, and that's not all, one other night while we were asleep and the folks were playing cards, they did it again."

Next thing I know I’m on my knees again, unzipping this guy’s pants and fishing out his cock. He looked a little like the actor Vin Diesel, but younger and cuter. I'm expecting his cock to be big but I’m still shocked. He’s as thick as Earl, and even a bit longer, right around that foot-long mark. Gigantic, curved, brown, and unlike Earl’s, even thicker at the base than at the head, sort of like a snake. Elena’s kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt, whispering things into his ear that made him grin ear to ear. His chest and arm muscles were unbelievable. Tattoos all over, and an incredibly chiseled stomach. I’m licking him from base to shaft, juggling his big come-filled balls in my fingers, and stretching my mouth around his enormous tool.

More uncomfortable silence.

I began to push the dildo into her ass slowly, taking the time to make sure she felt every inch of it invade her colon. My mouth continued to work on her clit, and I sucked on her with a little more force. Her ass took the dildo completely, and I kept only enough outside of her to pull it back out. I started slowly but soon I was fucking her ass hard and fast and she was loving every second of it.

They both just started laughing and then the big guy pulled out a large knife. I remember Becky telling about seeing one like it. He looked at me and said, "Get the fuck out of here before I cut you to pieces, grandpa." He was right, I was a grandpa.

He ran the head of his cock up and down my slit, teasing me, driving me crazy. Suddenly I felt his hand smack my ass, grabbing it hard afterwards, reaching under with his other hand to rub my clit between his fingers. I groaned loudly, he knows I love it when he's rough with me.

"Bobby and I have some things planned for tonight," Paula said. "We came out here to be alone."

Though I usually think about my sister, I never tell anyone because they’d think I’m a sick-o. Of course I know there “are” people out there who screw their own family, but I never hear anyone saying anything. I think its because they don’t want anyone thinking their weird or anything. I wouldn’t blame em though.

'Erm, I can rearrange the furniture if you like?'

"No, no, no," I muttered as my eyes suddenly grew to the size of saucers as inch after inch of his dark meat filled my pink cavity.

"Well he's a great partner, but I wouldn't say that I don't think about other guys..." Mandy said as she seductively looked over the top of her glass at Andrew.

There were two men and a woman having sex, and Beth was mesmerized. They had seen this in several other movies, but in this one the men were bi-sexual. They alternated between fucking the woman, and sucking on each other’s cocks.

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Stevie was standing at the side of the bed holding a tray laden with breakfast goodies, though looking at her, she was the most attractive thing on the menu. She was dressed in a crimson satin robe, tied loosely at the waist. It came to mid thigh reminding me once more what mind blowing legs she had. As she bent to lay the tray on my lap I was treated to the sight of her magnificent breasts; the nipples puckered and hard.

Nobody was around, no cameras, no speakers, it was perfect. I gently shook her chest, as she gave a slight moan as she returned to normal.

I took them bent down in front of her puss, looking right between her legs, and she stepped in. I pulled them up around her hips and now she was dressed.

“Ready for what?” Marlee asked curiously, intrigued now that the game seemed to finally be afoot.

"Oh Matt, that was the best" she stammered as we rolled into the spoon position and I held her in my arms.

Ann Marie was insatiable now, and on the ride to the green, she made me reach into her panties to feel how wet she was. She was dripping, so I gently slipped my finger inside of her. That was it. She actually had an orgasm on the way to the eighteenth green. When we drove up to the green Billy was pouting as he approached his put. He said "How about a kiss if I sink this put?...come on, it's a twenty five footer" Ann Marie looked at me, then right into Billy's eyes and said "If you sink that twenty five foot put, I will take you back to our hotel room, put your cock in my mouth, and suck it until you cum."

"No tip?" Another $100 was placed into the envelope. This time Ann accepted it.

"Take your hands away."

"Fidel cannot be the President of Cuba forever. He is old." I spoke in a whisper.

They ate dinner in the nude laughing about what her father and his wife would think if they knew what they had started. After dinner, Sarah took Herman's hand and led him to the bedroom.

"What happens Wednesday?"

Given new confidence by me obviously enjoying the treatment, Melanie whispered into my ear: "Close your eyes darling – and return to your dreams... let me take care of you this time." And I was more than willing to do as she had suggested when I felt her thumb and index-finger close around my one nipple and her lips around my other. It was a sweet eternity Melanie dedicated to my nipples but before too long I started to feel too horny to be satisfied with this kind of attention. I reached out buried my hand in her mane, gently forcing her to look at me as I said "Hmmm – that feel wonderful .. would you mind doing that a little further down?" And with a chuckle my sweet torturess slid further down, kissing and licking her way along my tummy till I finally with a gasp and an intense shiver of pure delight felt her lips making the first hesitant contact with the burning skin between my legs.

It was 1973 and I had broken up with Roy's sister and gradually saw less and less of Roy. As time went on and I developed new relationships with women I decided that for all practical purposes my time with men was at an end. It was time to settle down and concentrate on my future as a straight male.

After a couple of years into our marriage (and moving to the US) I started to discover wonderful websites like indiansex4u, wifelovers and voyeurweb and really slowly and steadily started liking the idea of exposing Hina to other men. Of course knowing her nature and upbringing, I never had the courage to bring up the idea to her. One summer I got an idea and brought up the idea of a vacation in a Caribbean resort to her. We had not taken a vacation in a while so she responded positively. Over the next few months I made careful arrangements to choose a resort that allowed topless women and finally booked a resort in the Dominican Republic.

"I just had to show that big shot guy to his room."

"Not after they see her, they won't."

Because I was so tired after my drive Julie told Vicki to let me have a good night's sleep and we would all talk in the morning.

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