Friday, September 22, 2006

Boys Puberty Sucking Dicks

"Christ, Maxine, good thing I didn't leave you with anything else."

She hasn't felt this good in years. Having fantasies like this were mounting as the years went on and now they are going to be fulfilled in her married daughters house with men half her age.

“Hey the only way you’ll sleep Sally is if get to sleep Julie!”

"I've never returned a birthday gift, and I'm not starting now. I'll be fine, this whole initiation is making me unbelievable hot, I feel like a slut so I might as well act like one."

'Imagine, one of Jamie's friends coming home with him from uni,' Aaron began. 'A nice, fit, muscular young guy,' he continued, warming to his theme. 'Of course, he'd fancy you,' Aaron began to dress the bones of his fantasy at the same time ploughing deep and hard into his excited wife's quim. 'You know he lusts after you of course,' Aaron went on. 'And you decide to tease the boy…'

"Well alright Miss Becky, this might hurt a bit, but I've got a grease gun that needs primin'. With your assistance, we'll get it ready to deliver the grease." He almost laughed out loud at that one himself, "But if you try your hardest to forget the pain, you may like it."


"I didn't. Will have to ring them in a minute." he answered.

As I turned round, Susan was stood in the doorway, she wanted to ask where I kept the frying pan.

He said if he couldn't give me everything I needed he would let me have another man as long as it was just for sex and not love. I wondered how he would be able to tell the difference when we were in bed having sex?

Still smiling at me, she pulled my briefs down and licked up the drops of pre-cum leaking copiously from my now very hard cock. She wrapped her delicate hand around my cock, looked up at me, and said words I will never forget as long as I live, "Roger, fuck my mouth".

"You planned this," I said, moving my hand to unbutton the top button of her shirt.

I blushed from head to toe - no one had ever told me that before. We swam for awhile more then sat poolside and talked. While we did I started to put tanning lotion on my shoulders and arms.

"Well I've got six days to get it right and maybe prolong those wanks a bit." I tried to once again make light of what was rapidly becoming a sombre analysis of a sex life that hadn't even begun yet. But admittedly, as we spoke, I was developing a nervousness inside that I knew was a result of a fear that I, and I'm sure like many men - try to keep held at a deeply subconscious area. I was always of the understanding that the more you thought about these things then the worse they became - anxiety breeding anxiety and all that.

When there was a knock at the door, I opened it a little, thinking Daddy Tom would pass some clothes through. Instead he came in. Anxiousness welled up in my stomach as I saw Daddy Tom's eyes move up and down my nearly naked figure, starting at my feet, moving up my long but awkwardly naked legs, resting for a minute at the white fabric of my panties, then up further to my tapered waist. His eyes rested for a minute on my tits, where I could feel the tingle that told me my nipples were getting hard. I was sure he could see the pink buds through the thin white fabric of my bra, so I avoided his eyes. The dressing room was small, and Daddy Tom's warm athletic body was only inches away from me.

Gently massaging her pussy in this way, she lifted one of her feet and pressed the sole into my crotch.

"Are you afraid now?"

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