Monday, October 02, 2006

Big Dick Tracy Video

The young man was in awe of her womanly curves as he watched his sex coated cock slide in and out between her pussy lips. He had her bent over on her knees with her legs together. He had one foot on the floor and the other on the bed, so that nothing would obstruct his view. He held on to her hips as he kept his fast stroke.

Immediately I stopped her saying, "No, not this way."

"Would like to now?"

It was such a power trip -- doing it right out in the open night. There were three vacant lots on that side of the beach house, so no neighbors would see. There was the off chance that someone might be walking down on the beach but the sound of the surf would cover Nikki's moans.

“I think you do baby.” Quietly. “I think I shall have to punish you.”

I backed into the dressing room, not wanting to show my ass to them again. I picked up the other suit and checked the size with the one I had on.

Where to start? Well, one of the fables seems to be that shoe salesmen spend a lot of time dreaming of girls displaying themselves while trying on shoes. That sounds like an easy place to begin. I slipped into white panties and bra a really nice rust colored skirt, full and buttoned down the front. The tailored green blouse, an extra button left open, gave me a fresh, flirty look, I thought. My pantyhose were a warm, rich medium tan with a sheen that would glimmer over my thighs. As an after-thought I added a scarf tied loosely around my neck. I slipped my hands deep into the slash pockets of the skirt and examined the new me in a full-length mirror.

Steph was still trying to sort this out when she felt hands on both ankles. Instinctively, she kicked out against them but found they were incredibly strong. It was almost impossible to move at all. As she fought against the grip, she felt a thumb from one of the hands massaging the bottom of her left foot. Instead of being her usually incredibly ticklish self, the motion was soft, well centered, and felt, well, pretty damn great.

"See honey," she said, "I've been training my ass for your cock. I've got it in almost all the way. Take it out for me, OK...and you can fuck my ass, I know you can. Aren't you proud of me? We don't have to wait 'til Friday."

“Is that Tad for tadpole or is that Tad for little one?” she asked Marcie tauntingly.

"Natasha, come in here for a sec, will ya?", he said to the 36 year old divorcee he had hired to type and answer phones for him. She had no idea what was on his mind, but she was about to experience it.

"White lady give good cock-sucking, but need jig-a-jig yes?"

"See you at noon," Tommy said.

Joey had a thick cock, about 7” long. It was dark and had a big blue curvy vein running along the side. I had sucked bigger cocks and new this wouldn’t be a problem. I got off of my knees to sit in the chair. Joey followed and put his stick in my mouth as I sat. I began giving him the blow job of his life. He fucked my face as fast as he could and I didn’t miss a stroke or choke a bit. My tits were swaying with every stroke he put to my face. Grabbing and pulling my hair. I fucking loved it. I hadn’t seen tom for a minute and wondered where he was. I looked up and Tom had climbed onto the table. He was stroking his cock, looking at Joey like it was time to get even. He grabbed Joey’s head and forced his long cock into his mouth. He acted like he didn’t like it at first. But before too long. Tom was making Joey choke, and slobber all over. Long strands of saliva even reached down to my face. There I was. Sucking my Joey’s cock as I sat in the chair, while Tom was fucking Joey’s face right above me. I could see everything perfectly. Where the fuck was my husband. I am glad he’s not here any way.

“Please Daddy, yes… please…” Sarah moaned turning again to kiss me.

We rolled over without his cock slipping out. Now I was able to fuck him. I decided to fuck him as fast as I could to make him cum. He was holding my breasts to keep them from bouncing up and down so much. I could hear him starting to groan and assumed he would soon be cumming. I gyrated on him even faster and could feel his cock jerking in my pussy. He was groaning very loud and finally yelled at the peak of his orgasm. I’m sure Bill could hear him in the other room and I was glad our children were in school.

‘I… no…’

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